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through a Troop of Creditors, are moft likely to have the fame Succefs when they face an Enemy.

What then fhall we fay to a Britijh Army, in

which there are perhaps Half a Dozen Officers,

all Gaming-proof, with empty Purfes, and ftarved Hopes, who fear neither God nor Devil, have felt the worft that Man can do, and have laid in a Fund of Defperation fufficient to anfwer the Exigencies of an whole Campaign though it were commanded by Hannibal himfelf? And fhall we renounce fuch Advantages as thefe, in which the Interefts of Europe are concerned, to gratify popular Prejudice and Cla:mour? I take Gaming, confidered in this Light, to be the beft Inftrument for enabling us to fulfill our Treaties on ihe Continent.

Another great Advantage of Gaming is, that, like Charity, it is the conftant Reconciler of Differences, and the chief Uniter of Mankind: Here Company meet without the leaft Regard to Age, Condition, or Party: Fortune's Veterans mix with young Adventurers, and teach them the Path to Honour: The Courtier and the Patriot cut in together, equally complain of Grievances, and want Supplies: No Man's Principles are queftioned, if his Credit be uncontefted; for Money is indifferent to Parties, and

freely lifts itfelf on either Side.


To conclude; let me offer one Argument, which

perhaps will weigh more with our Opponents than

• either either Reafbn or Juftice; and'that is, the Impoffibility of fucceedjng in their Attempt. This is no Time to expect Succefs in Projects that have been fo often baffled. What hath the Wifdom of the Nation effe&ed by its Laws, or the Fury of the Rabble by its Clamours? The Rulers have cimfpired together, and the People imagine a vain thing, Vain indeed! They had better therefore renounce their Oppofition while they can do it with a good Grace, and fay at once with the Great Durandarie,

{YJ Patience! and jbuffle the Cards,

\c\ Vide Don Quixote.

Vol. I. O THE


Pretty Gentleman;

O R,



From the falfe Ridicule exhibited under the Charadter of


Firft Printed in the Year 1747

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