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Europeans, who have been here between Twenty and Thirty Years, without being able ever to fet their Feet on any Spot of this delightful Ground. There is but one Man here, and that's the Emperor. Al! Pleafures are made for him alone. This charming Place is fcarce ever feen by any body but himfelf, his Women, and his Eunuchs. Tfie Princes, and other chief Men of the Country, are rarely admitted any further than the Audience-Chambers. Of ail the Europeans that are here, none ever entered this Inclofure, except the Clock-makers and Painters, whofe Employments make it neceflary that they fhould be admitted every where. The Place ufually affigned us to paint in, is in one of thofe little Palaces above-mentioned; where the Emperor comes to fee us work almoft every Day; fo that we can never be abfent. We don't go out of the Bounds of this Palace, unlefs what we are to paint cannot be brought to us; and in fuch Cafes they conduct us to the Place under a large Guard of Eunuchs. We are obliged to go quick, and without any Noife; and huddle and fteal along foftly, as if we were going upon fome Piece of Mifchief. 'Tis in this Manner that I have gone through, and feen, all this beautiful Garden; and entered into tha. Apartments. The Emperor ufually reficles here Ten Months in each Year. We are about Ten Mil. s from Pekin. All the Day we are in the Garden; and have a Table furnifhed for us by the Emperor: For the Nights, we have bought us a Houfe near the Entrance to the Gardens. When the Emperor returns to Pekin, we attend him; are lodged

G 4. there there within his Palace; and go every Evening to the Frincb Church [*].

I think it is high Time both for you and me, that I fhould put an End to this Letter; which has carried me on to a greater Length than I at firft intended. I wifn it may give you any Pleafure; and fhould be very glad if it was in my Power to do any thing more confiderable, to fhew you the perfect Efteem I have for you. I mail always remember you in my Prayers; and beg you would fometimes remember me in yours, I am, with the greateft Regard,


Tour moft obedient.
Humble Servant,

A T T I R E T,

[4] Here follow Fourteen or Fifteen PagM in the Original, which treat only of the Author's private Affairs, or of the Affairs of the MiHion, without any thing relating to the Emperor's Garden; and ar; therefore omitted by the Tranflator.






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TO promote the Sale of this Piece, Mr. Dodsley was for dedicating it to fome reigning Toaft; but it was thought more for his Intereft to fend it into the World, with the Motto infcribed on the Golden Apple adjudged to Fe/ius -, for then a Thoufand Goddefles might feize it as their own.

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