A Manual of the Diseases of the Eye

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Lindsay and Blakiston, 1872 - 620 pages

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Page 618 - A MEDICAL VOCABULARY; or, an Explanation of all Names, Synonymes, Terms, and Phrases used in Medicine and the relative branches of Medical Science.
Page 617 - Lectures on Obstetric Operations : Including the Treatment of Haemorrhage, and forming a Guide to the Management of Difficult Labour. By ROBERT BARNES, MD, FRCP, Obstetric Physician to St. George's Hospital. Third Edition.
Page 618 - THE VETERINARIAN'S POCKET REMEMBRANCER: containing concise directions for the Treatment of Urgent or Rare Cases, embracing Semeiology, Diagnosis. Prognosis, Surgery, Therapeutics, Detection of Poisons, Hygiene, <•. Post 18mo., 3s.
Page 375 - By the operation which I am about to propose to you, these inconveniences are avoided. It is very simple, and may be performed easily and quickly. " I introduce a Beer's cataract knife at the outer and lower margin of the cornea where it joins the sclerotica. The point of the knife is pushed obliquely backwards and downwards until the fibres of the sclerotica are divided obliquely for rather more than one-eighth of an inch. By this incision the ciliary muscle is divided, whilst the accumulated fluid...
Page 618 - Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. MR. JOSEPH MACLISE, FRCS SURGICAL ANATOMY. A Series of Dissections, illustrating the Principal Regions of the Human Body. Second Edition, folio, cloth, 3. 12s.; half-morocco, 4. 4s. „. ON DISLOCATIONS AND FRACTURES. This Work is Uniform with "Surgical Anatomy; "folio, cloth, 2.
Page 617 - THE LAWS AFFECTING MEDICAL MEN: a Manual by ROBERT G. GLENN, LL.B., Barrister-at-Law ; with a Chapter on Medical Etiquette by Dr. A. CARPENTER. 8vo, 14s.
Page 564 - ... rascally novels brought over to England after the marriage of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, the third son of Edward the Third, with Violante, daughter of Galeazzo, Duke of Milan. Dafydd ab Gwilym has been in general considered as a songster who never employed his Muse on any subject save that of love, and there can be no doubt that by far the greater number of his pieces are devoted more or less to the subject of love. But to consider him merely in the light of an amatory poet would be wrong. He...
Page 618 - A MANUAL FOR HOSPITAL NURSES and others engaged in Attending on the Sick by EDWARD J. DOMVILLE, LRCP, MRCS, Surgeon to the Exeter Lying-in Charity.
Page 310 - Iritis. — Respecting the frequency of iritis in infants, there can be no difficulty in admitting that it is amongst the rarest of the symptoms of hereditary syphilis. I am sure, however, that it often escapes notice. The absence of the sclerotic zone, and the very small amount of local symptoms which it causes, taken with the fact that young infants usually keep their eyes shut, will account for this. In...
Page 563 - The near point of vision is generally about 3| inches from the eye. As parallel rays are generally brought to a focus on the retina when the eye is at rest, the far point for good eyes is infinitely distant. Owing to the small size of the pupil, rays from a point 20 inches or more distant are practically parallel.

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