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193 Letters of the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montague, 2 vol. fered, 4s


194 Letters from the Mountains, 3 vol. boards, 135 1807-Mrs. Grant's Letters are equal to Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's in Wit, Tafte, and Obfervation, and give an interefting Defcription of many Parts of Scotland 195 Letters from Liverpool, Chefter, Corke, Killarney, Dublin, &c. by S. Derrick, 2 vol. boards, 38 1767 196 Letters on the Manners of the Ancient and Modern Inhabitants, Commerce, Agriculture, and Government of Egypt, by Mr. Savary, 2 vol. boards, 10s 1786 197 Three Letters on the Prefent State of Italy, in 1687, 18

1688 198 Complete Collection of Letters in Wilkes's Cafe of the Middlefex Election, feed, 18 68 Berlin 1759 199 Letters from Ruffia, with Anecdotes of the Court of Petérfburgh, in 1735, 25

1775 200 Letters on Patriotifm, a Patriot King, and on the State of Parties at the Acceffion of George I. boards, as 1749 201 Letters from feveral Parts of Europe, and the Eaft, 2 vol. 58

1753 202 Letters concerning the Prefent State of Poland, zeat, 23

1773 203 Life of Ambrofius Merlin, his Prophecies and Predictions interpreted, and their Truth made good by our Eng lith Annals; being a Chronographical Hiftory of all the Kings, and Memorable Paffages of this Kingdome, from Brute, to the Reigne of our Royal Sovereign King Charles, 4to. 1/ 118 6d 1641

104 Sir William Cavendish's Life of Cardinal Woolfey, 75 6d

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205 Lives of the moft noted Highwaymen, Footpads, Houfe Breakers, Shop-lifts and Cheats, by Capt. A. Smith, 10s 6d


206 Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Ludlow, Commander in Chief, in Ireland, 2 vol. 48

Vivay 1698 207 Marquis Langallerie's Memoirs of the Secret Intrigues of the French, Spanish, and Bavarian Courts, zs 1708 208 Life of Sir Thomas Smith, Knight, Principal Secretary of

State to King Edward VI. 5s

209 Life of King James II. 28 6d

210 Life and Reign of King Richard II. 28 6d

bound, 256d


1703 168x

211 Lives of Savage, Drake, and Blake, by Dr. Johnson, half

212 Merrit's Life of the Young Rofcius, boards, 25



213 Lives and Characters of all the Greek and Latin Claffic

Authors, 2 vol. 5s


214 Life of Alderman John Barber, City Printer, fewed, 3s ód


Contains a Secret Hiftory of the Excife Bill and other curious

215 Clarke's Hiftory of the Glurious Life, Reign, and Death of Queen Elizabeth, front. includes Portraits of Elizabeth, Burleigh, and Walfingham, 25

216 Life of Cardinal Richlieu, 2 vol. port. 58

1695 217 The Lives of feveral notorious Counterfeits, 35 1686 318 The Exemplary Life of James Bonnell, Efq. AccountantGeneral, of Ireland, portrait, 1s 6d

1707 219 Lloyd's Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings, and Deaths of the Royalifts, fol. 10s 6d

1668 220 Lives of all the Earls and Dukes of Devonshire, by Grove,


221 Lives of the Roman Poets, by Crufus, 2 vol. 4s 222 Walton's Life of Hooker, 1s6d

1764 1733


323 Life of Lord Herbert of Cherbury, Jewed, 4to.

38 68


224 Life of Major John Bernardi, 28

225 Life and Death of Sir Edmondbury Godfrey, port. 35 6ḍ


226 Life of Colonel James Gardiner, 38


227 Life of Richard, Earl Howe, by Mason, boards, 35 6d



228 Life of James, Duke of Ormonde, portrait, 58 229 Life of St. Terefa, of Jefus, Virgin, Foundrefs of the Difcalced Carmelites, 28

230 Life of Gordon, ot Glencat, 13 Years in the Scotch College at Paris, wherein the Abfurdities and Delufions of Popery, Baianifm, and Janfenifm, are laid open, 6s

231 Life of Father Ignatius Loyola, 38


Perm. Sup. 1616
Doway 1610

232 Lives of the Saints, by Villegas, 7s 6d 233 Lyfon's Magna Britannia, a Hiftory of each County of Great Britain, numerous cuts, Vol. I. 4to. boards, 313s


This Volume contains Bedfordfbire, Berkshire, and Bucking bambire

234 Leycefler's Commonwealth, 4to. 58


235 Crofthwaite's Maps of the Lakes, 4to. balf-bound, 38 68 236 Account of Livonia, and of the Marian Teutonic Order, 25 6d

237 De Lanfegue's Hiftorical Geography, boards, 35 6d



· 238 London and its Environs Defcribed, 6 vol. half bound, 128 1761

239 Maton on the Natural Hiftory, Picturefque Scenery, and Antiquities of the Western Counties of England, 2 vol cuts, boards, 1 58

239 The Same, 2 vol. no cuts, 128

240 Machiavel's Florentine Hiftory, 28



241 Hiftory of the Rife and Fall of Mafaniello, the Fisherman of Naples, portrait, 38 6d

242 Relation de l'Empire de Maroc par St. Olon, cuts, 28


Paris 1695

243 Defcription of Manchester, Sewed, is 6d Manchefter 1783 244 Manby's Picturefque Guide, through Monmouth, Glamorgan, and Brecknock, cuts, extra bound, 10s 6d

Briftol 1802

245 Magna Charta, cum Statutis, tum Antiquis tum Recentibus, b. l. 12mo. 58 R. Tottel 1576

146 Tryal and Sufferings of Mr. Ifaac Martin in the Inquifition

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in Spain, 25 6d


247 Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Macky, Efq.


Numerous MSS. notes, by Dean Swift.

Served, 38


248 An Account of the Conduct of the Duchefs of Marlborough,

249 Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerufalem, 5th. edition,


108 6d 250 The Western Martyrology, or Bloody Affizes; with the Life and Death of George Lord Jeffreys, foiled, 39 6d


251 Maps of all the Counties of England and Wales, 5s 1742 252 All the Articles and Claufes, relative to the Marine in the Treaties between Great Britain, and other States, 28 1760

253 Hiftory of Manchester, by Mr. Whitaker, 2 vol. h. b. Ós 1773 - 254 Bp. Burnet's Memoirs of the Dukes of Hamilton, fol. 38 1677 255 Memoirs of Europe towards the Clofe of the 18th. Century, 13 6d

1710 - 256 Memoirs of the First Settlement of Barbadoes, and others of the Caribee Iflands, is 6d

257 Memoirs of Charles I. and the Loyalifts, portraits,

158 Memoires de M. de Voltaire écrit par lui-même,

English Translation, mat, 58


boards, 38


with an


259 Memoirs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Acceffion to the

Union, 25

1741 260 Mercure Britannique, par M. Du Pan, 5 vol. boards, 108 1798

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261 Negotiations of Mon. Mefnager, at the Court of England, towards the Clofe of the laft Reign, zs

262 Medulla Hiftoriae Anglicanae, as



263 Memorable Accidents, and Unheard of Tranfactions, 38

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264 Mirabilis Annis, 1661. Ditto, 1662, front. a Collection of furprising Sights in Heaven and Earth, Accidents and Judgments, 128

265 Military Defcription of the Chief Towns in Flanders which were befieged during the late War, viz. Lifle, Tour nay, Mons, &c. 4to. 28 6d


266 Narrative of the Difinterment of Milton's Coffin, 2d. edit.

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Served, 28


267 Montagu on the Rife and Fall of Ancient Republicks, neat,


1759 #68 Life of General Monk, late Duke of Albermarle, by Dr. Skinner, 38

1725 269 Dr. Moore's View of the French Revolution, 2 vol. bds. 78

1795 270 De la Motraye's Travels in Europe, Afia, and Africa, maps, and cuts, by Hogarth, 2 vol. fol, 1/75


271 Description of the Monuments in Rofs Church, Herefordfhire, is 6d Monmouth 1799 272 Prefent State of the Morea, anciently Peloponneffus, with a Defcription of Athens, the Islands of Zant, Strafades, Herigo, by T. Randolph, 4to. 7s 6d

1689 273 Muller Voyages et Decouvertes des Ruffes le long des Côtes de la Mer Glaciale et fur l'Ocean Oriental, 2 vol. b. b. 59 Amb. 1766 274 La Genealogie des Illuftres Comtes de Naffau, avec la Def cription de toutes les Victoires de le Prince Maurice de Naffau, portraits and cuts of Battles, fol. 125

Leyden 1620 275 Narrative of the Feigned Vifions, Counterfeit Revelations and False Miracles of the Dominican Fathers of the Convent of Berne, 38

1683 276 Extraordinary Narrative of Three Women who lived 37 Days under an Avelanche or Mountain of Snow, 3s 6d


277 The Negotiations of Count D' Avaux, 2 vol. 35, neat


178 Tour thro' Orkney and Shetland, by P. Neill, M. A. boards

4s 6d

Edin, 1806 1754 280 Account of the Source of the Nile, tranflated from the Por

179 Companion through the Netherlands, 1s 6d

tuguese, is 6d Reprinted 1708 281 An Hiftorical Treatife of the Travels of Noah into Europe, Containing the First Inhabitation and Peopling thereof, done into English, by R. Lynche, 4to. fac fimile title.


382 Obfervations on Iceland made in 1772, by Sir Jos. Banks, Bart. Dr. Solander, F. R. S. Dr. Lind, F. R. S. and Dr. Van Troil, neat, 58

283 Ockley's Account of South West Barbary, 7s 6d



384 Hiftory of the Saracens, 2 vol. Jerved, 158 1757 285 The Conqueft of Syria, Perfia, and Afia, by the Saracens, by Simon Ockley, M. A. 39

1708 286 Owen's Britannia Depicta, Maps of all the Roads, Towns, Villages, &c. in England, 4to. 5s

1724 187 Collection of Debates of the Parliament of 1680, 25 1681 288 Paterfon's Travelling Dictionary, neat, as 6d 1796 289 Paris Delineated, from the French of Mercier, 2 vol. bds. 78

290 Recollections of Paris, in 1802-3-4-5, by J Pinkerton, portrait, 2 vol. boards, 128



191 The Moft Remarkable Tranfactions of the Two Last Parliamenta, Held at Westminster and Oxford, front. 386d


292 Dr. Paxton's Treatife concerning the Nature of Government, is 6d


293 Dobfon's Life of Petrarch, 2 vol. ferwed, 10s 6d 294 Peerage of England, as



2 vol. 75 6d


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296 Sir William Petty's Political Survey of Ireland, 297 Pennant's Hiftory of London, 4to. bds. il 10s 298 Picture of Palermo, by Dr. Hager, boards, 3s. 6d 300 Potter's Antiquities of Greece, 2 vol. neat, 195 301 The Principles of Politic Law, by I. I. Burlaınaqui, zs





302 Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, by Fufeli, 4to. bds. 21 28 1805 303 Cafes of Polygamy, Concubinage, Adultery & Divorce, g 304 Puffendorff's Introduction to the Hiftory of Europe, meat, 28 305 Putter's Germanic Empire, by Doraford, 3 vol. b. b. 128



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