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Kerslake 706 Comic Latin and English Grammars, 2 vol. plates by Leech

Searle 707 Comic Nursery Tales (Cinderella, Tom Thumb, Sleeping Beauty, Red
Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Robinson Crusoe, Puss in Boots,
Hop o' my Thumb, and Jack the Giant Killer), 9 pieces in 1 vol.
with humorous cuts, calf gilt

square 16mo.

n. d.

Fo. 709 Maurice 710


Quaritch 708 COMINES (P. DE) MEMOIRES, Nouvelle Edition revue et enrichie de 14 14
Notes et un Recueil de Traités, Lettres, &c. par MM. Godefroy,
augmentée par M. L'Abbé Lenglet Du Fresnoy, 4 vol. with the
portrait of and dedication to Marechal Saxe, ILLUSTRATED with a
set of the portraits of Odieuvre,

LOUIS XVITH'S COPY in red morocco, silk linings, gilt marbled edges,
with the Royal arms of France in gold on sides 4to. Paris, 1747

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Commines (P. de) Memoires,
old French red morocco, g. e.

crown 8vo. 1840

Mitchell 713
Quantch 714

712 Condivi (A.) Vita di Michelangelo Buonarroti,
calf extra

Nattulit Bond 715

24mo. Leide chez les Elzeviers, 1648

Comte (Achille) Organization et Physiologió de l'Homme,
fourth edition, with atlas of coloured plates

Paris, 1842
711 Condé (J.) Histoire de la Domination des Arabes et des Maures en
Espagne et en Portugal, 3 vol. half calf gilt
8vo. ib. 1825

Extremely rare.
Mumstead 718 Confessions. Harmony of the Confessions of the Faith of the Christian

and Reformed Churches. To which is added the Confession of the
Church of Scotland, russia, g. e.
small 8vo. Camb. 1586

Westell $19 Conformity between modern and ancient Ceremonies, slightly wormed

8vo. 1745



Svo. Pisa, 1823


Coney (J.) Architectural Beauties of Continental Europe, india proof / 18
plates, half morocco
royal folio. 1831
Coney (J.) Engravings of Ancient Cathedrals, Hotels de Ville and other 517
Public Buildings in France, Holland, Germany and Italy, INDIA
PROOFS, half russia
atlas folio. 1832

Coney (John) Ecclesiastical Edifices of the Olden Time, 2 vol. etchings

6126 1

avec une Introduction par J. W. Holtrop

of views, ground plans, &c. of cathedrals, churches, monasteries, abbeys, &c. half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt royal folio. 1842 Quarteh 716 Confessionale ou Beichtspiegel, reproduit en Facsimile par E. Spanier, imperial 8vo. La Haye, 1861 3 19 Ellis & White 717 Confessyon of the fay the of the Germaynes exibited to the mooste victorious Emperour Charles the V. in the Councell or assemble holden at Augusta 1530. To whiche is added the Apologie of Melancthon translated by Rycharde Tauerner, black letter, wormed, purple morocco extra, g. e. small 8vo. R. Redman, n. d. (1536) Bright's copy sold for £10.

720 Confused Characters of conceited Coxcombs or a Dish of traitorous
Tyrants, reprinted from the Edition of 1661 by J. O. Halliwell,
only 26 copies printed, half morocco, uncut
small 4to. 1860



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114 727



721 Congreve (W.) Love for Love, a Comedy, half calf gilt
722 Congreve (W.) Memoirs and Will
723 CONGREVE'S AUTOGRAPH. The Englishman (by Sir R. Steele), with the Bumstead
very rare autograph of "W. CONGREVE" the Dramatic Writer on
12mo. 1714

8vo. Leipzig, 1824 Maurice


8vo. 1826

Conybeare (W. D.) and W. Phillips, Outlines of the Geology of England Mitchell
and Wales, coloured map and sections, calf extra crown 8vo. 1822
Cooke (E. W.) Fifty Plates of Shipping and Craft, fine etchings,
half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt


folio. 1829

Cooke (G.) Views in London and its Vicinity, LARGE PAPER, proof Mitchell plates, 1826-34-Coast Sketches, proof plates, 1830 half russia, g. e. 5/3729 Cooke (John) Greenes Tu quoque, or the Cittie Gallant, as it hath beene Ellis & White divers times acted by the Queenes Maiesties Servants, woodcut portrait of Greene as Bubble,

folio. in one vol.

morocco extra, g. e. a scarce edition, unknown to Lowndes

small 4to. Thomas Dewe, 1622
The only other copy believed to exist is that in Bridgewater House."—-
MS. note by Mr. Halliwell.
royal folio.

Cooke (W. B.) Pompeii, 2 vol. plates
1827 Quantch
COOKERY AND PHYSICK in 2 Parts. The first Table maketh a Discovery Tribuer
of all Things which are to be eate or dranke and the second Table
of all those Things which are for cureing of Distempers,
MANUSCRIPT RECEIPTS, curious and valuable

folio. SEC. xvii

730 15 781


724 Conversations-Lexicon, 10 vol. calf gilt



2.11 732 Cooper's Chronicle (iucluding Lanquettes),

Conybeare (J. J.) Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry,
calf extra


4to. 1695 Corner Svo. 1730 Arthur.


Nattali &B.

733 Cooper (A.) Studies from Nature, 5 etchings on india paper 4to. 1824 Molini


Cooper (C. P.) et P. Royer-Collard, Lettres sur la Cour de la Chan-
cellerie d'Angleterre, 8vo. Paris, 1830-Cooper (C. P.) on the Public
Records, 2 vol. 8vo. 1832

Corfield (W. H.) on Sewage

black letter, autograph of Thomas Stafford, red morocco extra, Harleian
gold tooling, g. e.
small 4to. 1565

(3) Sage

8vo. 1870

CORVATE (THOMAS). Coryats Crudities hastily gobled up in five Ellis Minte

Moneths trauells in France, Sauoy, Italy, Rhetia comonly called
the Grisons country, Heluetia alias Switzerland, some parts of high
Germany, and the Netherlands; Newly digested in the hungry aire
of ODCOMBE in the County of Somerset, & now dispersed to the
nourishment of the trauelling Members of this Kingdome. With
Posthume Poems of the Author's Father. Large copy (Sby 6 inches)
slightly wormed, with engraved title containing portrait of Author
by Hole (points cut off and backed), cancelled title entitled "Three
crude Veines," and all the plates, russia, joints, g. e. rare.
Printed by W. S. 1611. Prefixed are " Panegyricke Verses upon
Author and his Booke," by Nevill, Sir J. Harrington, Lewknor,
Philips, Sir D. Digges, Dr. Donne (including a Macaronic), Bp.
Corbet, Chapman, Bastard, Drayton, Davis of Hereford, &c.
Mr. G. Smith's copy sold for £39 10s.







736 Coriate (T.) The Odcombian Banquet dished foorth by Thomas the
Coriat, and served in by a Number of Noble Wits in Prayse of his
Crudities and Crambe too. Asinus portans Mysteria,

morocco extra, g. e.

small 4to. T. Thorp, 1611

A collection of "panegyricke verses upon the Author and his Booke,"
by Ben Jonson, L. Whitaker, H. Nevill, Sir J. Harrington, J. Donne,
R. Corbet, J. Owen, T. Bastard, T. Farnaby, M. Drayton, J. Davis,
H. Peacham, &c. &c.

A.R. Smith 737 Coryats Crambe, or his Col Wort twise sodden and now served in with ///

other Macaronicke Dishes as to the second Course to his Crudities,
morocco extra, g. e.
small 4to. W. Stansby, 1611

Mattali & Bond 738 Coriate (Thomas) Traveller for the English Wits' Greeting. From the
Court of the Great Mogul, Resident at the Towne of Asmere, in
Easterne India, woodcuts, autograph of Sam. Ireland,
the reprint, red morocco




small 4to. 1616

Cornaro (L.) Discorsi della Vita sobria, scarce, but imperfect at end
32mo. Pariggi, 1640
4to. 1663

Corneille (M.) Pompey, a Tragedy, half morocco

Translated by Mrs. Philips, who added the Songs between the Acts to
lengthen the Play.


fine copy in red morocco extra, g. e. by Niedree, 12mo. Bruxelles, 1657

Salkeld 742 Corner (G. R.) Account of ancient Inns of Southwark, plates, privately


(M. J.) New Plan of

Thames, plates, the original very rare prospectus (1824)-Cowper
(B. H.) Account of Milwall (Isle of Dogs), 1853-Lowe (G.)
Roman Theatre of Verulam, plates, 1848-Wright (T.) Uriconium,
plan and woodcuts, with author's autograph letter, 1859,
calf gilt

8vo. in one vol.

! Bohn 743 Cornwall. Case between Sir W. Clayton, Bart. and the Duchy of Corn


wall (Constitution of the Duchy), printed for presents only, 8vo. 1834
714 Cornwall (Barry, i.e. B. W. Proctor) Marcian Colonna and other Poems,
with author's autograph inscription, half calf gilt, 8vo. 1820--Corn-
wall (Barry, i.e. B. W. Proctor) Mirandola, 1821-Coleridge (S. T.)
Christabel, &c. 1816-All the Talents, 1807, 8vo. in one vol.
half calf extra


crown 8vo. 1842


745 Cornwallis (Jane, Lady) Private Correspondence,
citron morocco extra, g. e. by Hayday

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741 Corneille (P.) L'Imitation de Jesus-Christ traduite et paraphrasée en 2 2 Vers François,



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26716 Correspondence of the London Corresponding Society, n.d.-Declaration A.R. Smith

of the Principles and Views of the London Corresponding Society,
folio broadside, 1795-Duties of Citizenship (1795); and other
scarce Tracts printed for the L.C.S. in the volume





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Cortes (M.) Arte of Navigation, Englished by R. Eden, black letter, Quaritch
woodcuts, R. Watkins, 1589-Garcie (P.) Grand Routier de la Mer,

cuts, Rochelle, 1584-Bourne (W.) Arte of Shooting in great
Ordnaunce, black letter, T. Dawson, 1587,
limp vellum

small 4to. in one vol.

26748 Cortez (H.) Despatches translated, with Introduction and Notes by Bohn

G. Folsom

8vo. New York, 1843


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royal folio. 1822

754 Cottingham (L. N.) Descriptive Memoir of his Museum of Mediæval Ellis & White

Architecture and Sculpture, 1850-Catalogue of L. N. Cottingham's Museum by H. Shaw, woodcuts, 1850-The Auction Catalogue sold by Foster and Son, woodcuts, 1851, half morocco extra, 4to. in one vol. 3755 Cottle (J.) Account of St. Mary Magdalene Church, Taunton, plates

royal 8vo. 1845

756 Cotton (H.) Memoir of a French New Testament in which the Mass Ellis &White
and Purgatory are found in the Sacred Text. Together with Bishop
Kidder's Reflections on the same, John Benett's MS. annotations,
with collations of Sir W. Tite's copy, half morocco

8vo. 1863

749 Cory (J. P.) Ancient Fragments in Greek and English, 1828-Van
Drival (Abbé E.) Grammaire comparée des Langues Bibliques,
plates, Paris, 1853-Ballhorn (F.) Alphabete, Leipzig, 1853; and
various Tracts on Hieroglyphics, Arrowheaded characters, &c. in the
volume, calf extra, uncut, top edge gilt


Cory (J. P.) Ancient Fragments in Greek and English 8vo. 1832 Quarteh

3 vol. in 1

Cory (J. P.) Metaphysical, Mythological and Chronological Inquiries, other an
foolscap 8vo. 1833-37
Cotman (J. S.) Etchings of the Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, Stewart
plates, half russia
royal folio. Yarmouth, 1818

Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, with Descrip- Hitchell

tions by D. Turner, 2 vol. in 1, india proof plates, russia, g. e. by C. Lewis





757 Coverdale (Bp. M.) Certain most godly, fruitfull and comfortable
Letters of such true Saintes and holy Martyrs of God as in the late
bloodye Persecution here within this Realme gave their Lyves for
the Defence of Christes holy Gospel,
black letter, woodcut, half russia

J. Bohn

759 Cowper (W.) Poetical Works, with Notes and a Memoir by J. Bruce,
3 vol. portrait, with autograph note from Editor,

fcap. 8vo. 1865


small 4to. John Day, 1564

758 Coverte (Captain R.) Voyage and Travels with a Discovery of a great umstead
Emperour called the Great Mogull, a Prince not till now knowne
to our English Nation

black letter, calf extra, g. e. by Riviere

small 4to. 1612

Scarce. Inglis's copy sold for £3. 10s., and Jadis's for £3. 3s.


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! Bolm




760 Cowper (W.) Table Talk and other Poems, portrait and numerous illus-
trations by Harrison Weir, Wimperis, Gilbert, &c. 8vo. n. d.
761 Cowper (W.) Life and Letters, with Remarks on Epistolary Writers
by W. Hayley, 4 vol. portrait, half morocco, 8vo. 1812-Cowper (W.)
Private Correspondence, 2 vol. portraits, calf extra, 8vo. 1824 (6)
Coxe (E.) Miscellaneous Poetry, with author's autograph inscription,


crown 8vo. Bath, 1805

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Cranley (T.) Amanda : or the reformed Whore (in Prose and Verse),
by F. Ouvry,

half morocco, uncut, presentation copy from the Editor, with his auto-
graph inscription
small 4to. 1869

** Privately printed for presents only.

Illis White 764 CRANMER (Archbishop T.) CATHECHISMUS, That is to say, a shorte In- / 15



black letter, woodcuts, SECOND EDITION (in the same year without
errata), fine large copy, with rough leaves, in the original binding, g. e.
with silver clasps, EXTREMELY RARE,

struction into Christian Religion,
black letter, woodcuts, FIRST AND EXCESSIVELY RARE EDITION, with
the errata, morocco extra, g. e. blind-tooled in the old style

16mo. Imprynted by Nycolas Hyll for Gwalter Lynne, 1548

. Bohn 772 fo. 773 774


16mo. Imprynted for Gwalter Lynne, 1548 ***For an account of the variations of these two editions issued in the same year, see the printed "Bibliographical and Literary Account of Cranmer's Catechism drawn up from two copies of the original in the possession of Sir W. Tite."


Cranmer (Archbp. T.) Catechism, with the same in Latin by Justus.
Jonas, woodcuts
8vo. Oxford, 1829
Crantz (D.) History of Greenland, 2 vol. maps and plates,


8vo. 1767

768 Craven (Lady Elizabeth) Modern Anecdote of the ancient Family of the


Cresy (E.) Illustrations of Stone Church, Kent, plates
Crimes of the Clergy and Scourge of Ireland, frontispiece,
uncut, scarce

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foolscap 8vo. n. d.

calf extra, g. e. by Zaehnsdorf


Fo. 769 Crebillon Fils (C. P. Jolyot de) Euvres: Lettres de la Marquise de /

M*** au Comte de R***, 2 vol. 1739-Lettres de la Duchesse de
*** au Duc de ***, 2 vol. 1769-Le Sopha, 2 vol. plates, Pekin,
1749-Tanzaï et Néadarné, 2 vol. plates, Pekin, 1758-Le Cousin
de Mahomet, 2 vol. plates, Constantinople, s. d.—Angola, 2 vol. in 1,
Agra, 1763-La Nuit et le Moment, plates, Amst. 1764,



32mo. 13 vol. in 12

Maurice 770 Crébillon (P. J. de) Euvres, 2 vol. portrait and plates by Peyron,


8vo. Paris, 1799

Bulsford 771 Cresy (E.) and G. L. Taylor, Architecture of the Middle Ages in Italy,

plates, 1829-Goldicut (J.) Heriot's Hospital, india proof plates, n.d. half russia

folio. in 1 vol.

Cresy (E.) on Bridge-Building, plates, half morocco royal folio. 1839

folio. 1840

Svo. 1823/10


19 7

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