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1246 Grantham (Sir Thomas) The Prisoner against the Prelate: or a

Dialogue between the Common Goal and Cathedral of Lincoln Mitchell (in Verse), no frontispiece, calf extra small 8vo. n. d. (1650)






8vo. 1814

1249 Gray (T.) Works, with Life by Rev. J. Mitford, 4 vol. portrait,
half morocco, uncut
foolscap 8vo. W. Pickering, 1836

Gray (Mrs. H.) Tour to the Sepulchres of Etruria in 1839, numerous Bunstead's illustrations, calf gilt

crown 8vo. 1840

Gray (T.) Poems, with Life by Rev. J. Mitford, portraits,
morocco, g. e.

1250 Gray (T.) Correspondence with Rev. N. Nicholls, and other Pieces Walfor

hitherto unpublished, edited by Rev. J. Mitford,

green morocco, g. e.

foolscap 8vo. 1843 Gray (T.) Catalogue of the Antiquities, Houses, Parks, &c. in England and Wales, interleaved

Greek Tragic Theatre, containing Eschylus by Potter, Sophocles by
Francklin and Euripides by Wodhull, 5 vol. half russia, Svo. 1809
Green (J. H.) Catalogue of the Works of J. Callot, port. 12mo. 1804
between Velvet Breeches and Cloth Breeches,



foolscap 8vo. n. d. E. Parsons


black letter, woodcut on title, fine copy in green morocco, g. e. very small 4to. John Wolfe, 1592 1255 GREENE (R.) HISTORIE OF ORLANDO FURIOSO, one of the twelve Peeres of France as it was played before the Queenes Maiestie, Ellis & White title mended,

RARE (see Mr. Halliwell's autograph note), half
small 4to. S. Stafford for C. Burby, 1599


black letter, slightly cut in headline, else fine copy, in green morocco,
broad borders of gold, g. e. by C. Lewis, VERY SCARCE
small 4to. W. Stansby for J. Smithwicke, 1616
1257 Greene (R.) Notable Discovery of Coney-Catchers' Cozenage as well
as the Cozenage of Collieries, first printed in 1591, edited by
J. O. Halliwell, 1859-Defence of Coney-catching A.D. 1592,
being a Reply to R. Greene, edited by J. O. Halliwell, 1859-
Greene's Ghost-haunting Conycatchers by S. R. 1626 (attributed
to Rowlands), edited by J. O. Halliwell, 1860, 3 vol. crown 8vo.
Only 26 copies printed.



1258 Greene's Groats Work of Wit bought with a Million of Repentaunce.
Reprinted from the extremely rare edition of 1596, by J. O.
Halliwell, only eleven copies printed,

half morocco, uncut

crown 8vo. 1870.
1259 Gregory (O.) Mathematics for Practical Men, plates, calf, 8vo.
(1260 Gregory (O.) Memoirs of John Mason Good, M.D. portrait,

(1200 @Thalf calf

1261 Gresset (J. B. L.) Œuvres, 2 vol.


Sage Quaritch Do.

VELLUM PAPER, portrait and unlettered proof plates, blue morocco.
extra, silk linings, g. e.

Svo. Paris, 1811


1825 Mitchell

Nattali The


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Westell Sotheran, 1263 1264

attali & Bond

1262 Greswell (W. P.) Annals of Parisian Typography, LARGE PAPER,
facsimiles of devices, red morocco, g. e.
royal 8vo. 1818
Grey (Sir G.) Polynesian Mythology, plates crown 8vo. 1855

Grey Head for a Green Pair of Shoulders, or Young Clergyman's
Guide to Preferment, half calf gilt
8vo. n. d.
1265 Griffith (A. F.) Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica, woodcuts,
calf extra

royal Svo. 1815

/ 6

Svo. Lugduni, 1536

black letter, full-length portrait of Eirekur Ravde the Discoverer of 4 7 6 Greenland and woodcut of Walrus, small 4to. Skalhollte, 1688

Quarteh 1266 Grillandus (P.) de Hereticis et Sortilegiis, &c.

red morocco, g. e. by Derome


1267 Gronlandia edur Grænlandz Saga,

*** Excessively rare. Not in the British Museum and unknown to
Brunet. It is a work of great historical importance, and contains an
Account of the Discovery of Greenland, the Destruction of Skalholt
by an Eruption of Mount Hecla, &c. &c.

Bumstead 1268 Grosart (A. B.) Lord Bacon not the Author of The Christian Paradoxes being a Reprint of "Memorials of Godliness and Christianity by Herbert Palmer," with Introduction, Memoir and Notes, photographic portrait of Palmer, half morocco, uncut, Svo. 1865 *** Printed for private circulation only.


Walford 1273


670. 1.6


Walford 1269 Grose (F.) Guide to Health, Beauty, Riches and Honour, with nu

merous additional printed advertisements (several very curious),
selected by Dr. Bliss, as equally worth noting as those by Grose,
calf, scarce
8vo. 1785

Do. 1270 Grose (F.) Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, old calf gilt,


scarce, 8vo. 1785-Provincial Glossary and Proverbs, 8vo. 1790 (2)
Grote (Mrs.) Memoir of Ary Scheffer, port. and facsimile, 8vo. 1860
Grotius (H.) Joseph, a Tragedy, with Annotations by F. Goldsmith,
2 portraits by Cross, fine copy in old calf
small 8vo. 1652

Grotius (H.) on the Truth of Christianity and Supplement of M. Le

Clerc, with Annotations, &c. by S. Madan, calf gilt 8vo. 1814
Guarini (Cav. B.) Pastor Fido, plates, Parigi, 1727-Tasso (T.)
Aminta, plates, Roma, 1662, calf, g. e.
24mo. in one vol.
Guercino (G. F. Barbieri detto) Drawings in His Majesty's Collections,
2 vol. engravings by Bartolozzi, Dalton, Basire, Zocchi, &c.
half russia
royal folio. 1764
Guicciardini (F.) il Sacco di Roma, green morocco, g. e. by Thompson
of Paris
12mo. Parigi, 1664
Guicciardini (F.) Istoria d'Italia, 10 vol. portrait, 8vo. Milano, 1803
Guidott (T.) Discourse of Bathe and the Hot Waters there, plates,
wormed, sold with all faults
8vo. 1676
1279 Guidott (T.) Discourse of Bathe and the Hot Waters there, plates,
calf extra, g. e. by Riviere
8vo. 1676
1280 Guidott (T.) Discourse of Bathe and the Hot Waters there, with Lives
of the Physicians of Bathe, 2 parts in 1, plates 8vo. 1676-77

Maurice 1274


E. Parsons Maurice 1276 1277 1278



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1281 Guizot (M.) Histoire de la Révolution d'Angleterre depuis l'Avène-
ment de Charles I jusqu'à la Restauration de Charles II, 2 vol. Maurice
in 1, calf gilt
8vo. Paris, 1826-27




16 1287




Gutch (J.) Collectanea curiosa, 2 vol.
calf extra, g. e. by C. Lewi

1291 Gutzlaff (C.) Sketch of Chinese History, 2 vol. portrait, half morocco
12mo. New York, 1834
crown 8vo. 1850



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Gunpowder-Treason. Another copy, plate added,
Diatribæ, 1680

T. Barlow, plates bash

small 8vo.


1679—Bagshaw (H.) A. R. Imit

small 8vo.

in one vol.

small 4to. 1673

Gunter (E.) Works, plates

Gurney (T.) Brachygraphy, Second Edition, engraved throughout


12mo. n. d. (1752) bash.

8vo. Oxford, 1781 Quaritch



10 b 1297 Gwynn (J.) London and Westminster improved, portrait and plans, with MS. additions and plan, by John Gwynn, and 3 autograph letters to Sir W. Tite added

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Guyot (A.) Earth and Man, woodcuts

Gwilt (J.) Notitia Architectonica Italiana, plates, 1818-Rickman (T.)
on English Architecture, from the Conquest to the Reformation, Rinell
plates, calf, Liverpool, 1817

8vo. in one vol..


Gwilt (J.) Account of St. Paul's Cathedral, plates, privately printed, Mitchell'
1823-Gwilt (J. and J. S.) Project for a National Gallery, plates,
"Not Published," 1838-Gwilt (J.) Elements of Architectural
Criticism with Appendix, plates, calf gilt, 1837, imp. 8vo. in 1 vol.
Gwilt (J.) Anglo-Saxon Rudiments


1829 A. R. Fin

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lis & White 1298 Habington (W.) Castara, both parts,
FIRST EDITION, Malone's copy with his MS. notes, half morocco,
small 4to. 1634


Bumstead 1299 1300



Cash 1303 1304 Quariteh



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Runell 1302 Haghe (L.) Sketches: Belgium and Germany, tinted lithographs, half
morocco, royal folio. 1840-Portfolio of Sketches: Belgium and
Germany, tinted lithographs, half morocco, royal folio. 1850 (2)
Hakewill (J.) on Elizabethan Architecture, plates

Ilis White

*North's copy sold for £1. 18s., and the Gordonstoun for £1. 17s.
Hackett (J.) Select and remarkable Epitaphs, 2 vol. calf, 12mo. 1757
H[addingto]n (Earl of) Forty Select Poems, 2 vol.
old gilt tree-marbled calf

12mo. 1769 2

1301 Hafiz Ahmed Hassan's Pilgrimage to the Caaba and Charing Cross,
photograph portrait, presentation copy from the author with his
autograph letter
crown 8vo. (1871)

4.2.6 110





8vo. 1835 HAKLUYT (R.) PRINCIPAL NAVIGATIONS, VOYAGES, TRAFFIQUES, AND DISCOVERIES OF THE ENGLISH NATION, made by Sea or 2015 Overland, 3 vol. black letter, with the rare suppressed Voyage de Cadiz, russia folio. 1599-1600 1305 Hale (T.) Account of several new Inventions, with the Proceedings relating to Mill'd-Lead, 2 vol. in 1, calf extra 12mo. 1691 HALFPENNY (J.) GOTHIC ORNAMENTS IN YORK CATHEDRAL AND FRAGMENTA VETUSTA, or Remains of Ancient Buildings in York, 2 vol. plates, russia, g. e. royal 4to. York, 1795-1807 HALL (Arthur) QUARELL WITH MELCHISEDECH MALLERIE. Letter sent by F. A. touchyng the proceedings in a priuate 26 quarell and vnkindnesse betweene Arthur Hall and Melchisedech Mallerie, Gentlemen, to his very friende L. B. being in Italie. With an admonition to the Father of F. A. to him being a Burgesse of the Parliament, for his better behauiour therein, black letter, fine copy, but six leaves admirably facsimiled by Harris, red morocco, g. e. EXCESSIVELY RARE, and the only copy that has occurred for sale by auction small 4to. (H. Bynneman, 1576) One of the rarest volumes in English Literature, all the copies having been destroyed by the order of Parliament, with the exception of fourteen which had been previously distributed. A long account of this memorable quarell is given in the Journal of the House of Commons, from which it appears that Arthur Hall, the first translator of Homer into English, and at the time Member for Grantham, was the Author of this work, which was declared to be derogatory to the Speaker and other Members, charging them personally with drunkenness. For publishing it he was expelled the House, committed to the Tower for six months, and fined 500 marks. Independently of its great rarity it possesses the greatest interest as illustrating the manners and customs of the young men of Family in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth. It is also full of curious gossip respecting the then Taverns and Ale Houses, especially in the neighbourhood of St. Paul's and Lothbury. It mentions as popular literature the Romances of Bevis of Hampton, Knight of the Swan, Four Sons of Amon, Amadis, Orlando Furioso, Esplan


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dian, Valentine and Orson, Olgarden the Dane, &c. Many portions
are highly amusing, and the tale of John the Servingman, the curious
Anecdotes of Father Peto, Hobs' Journey to Bartholomew Fair, the
Author's Progress with the Earls of Sussex and Leicester to Shooting
Matches, and their Visit to Sudeley during the Queen's Sojourn with
Lord Chandos, &c. will always be read with considerable interest.

1308 Hall (Bishop Joseph) Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes. First three Bookes

of Tooth-lesse Satyrs, 1602-The three last Bookes of Byting Satyre, Quarter 1599, red morocco, g. e. by Clarke and Bedford 16mo. in one vol. 1309 Hall (Sir J.) Essay on the Origin, History and Principles of Gothic Architecture, LARGE PAPER, proof plates, half morocco, uncut, top edges gilt

royal 4to. 1813


1310 Hall (P.) Picturesque Memorials of Salisbury, plates

Salisbury, 1834

1311 Halliwell (J. O.) Nursery Rhymes of England, with illustrations, 12mo.
1844-Nuga Poeticæ, 12mo. 1844

1312 Halliwell (J. O.) Catalogue of his Chap-Books, Garlands and Popular
Histories, woodcuts, calf extra
crown 8vo. 1849

(2) Ellis White


** Printed for private circulation only.
1313 Halliwell (J. O.) Brief Account of Theological Manuscripts in his
Library, privately printed
4to. Brixton Hill, 1854
1314 Halliwell (J. O.) Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, 2 vol.
calf extra

1315 Halliwell (J. O.) The Theatre Plats of three old English Dramas


8vo. 1855 Walford

(Battle of Alcasar, Frederick and Basilea, and Dead Man's Fortune) Pickering

suspended in the Fortune Theatre, facsimiles, half morocco, uncut

royal folio. 1860

***Printed for private circulation only.

1316 Halliwell (J. O.) Notes of Family Excursions in North Wales, AR. Smite

privately printed, 2 copies

square royal 12mo.


1317 Halliwell (J. O.) Rambles in Western Cornwall by the Footsteps of
the Giants

1318 Halliwell (J. O.) List of Old-Book Rarities in his Library,
half morocco, uncut

square royal 12mo. 1861 Molini

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square royal 16mo. 1862


Penny Merriments and Histories printed at Glasgow 1695-98, Haz lett |

only 25 copies printed, half morocco, uncut

A.R. Imit

1319 Halliwell (J. O.) Account of a singular and unique Collection of early

16mo. 1864
1320 Halliwell (J. O.) Extracts from ancient Subsidy Rolls of Stratford-
upon-Avon, only 10 copies printed,
half morocco, top edge gilt

small 4to. 1864

1321 Halliwell (J. O.) Nominal Index to his descriptive Calendar of the
Ancient Records of Stratford-on-Avon,


half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt

8vo. 1865

Only 25 copies printed, of which 15 were subsequently destroyed.

1322 Halliwell (J. O.) List of Works illustrative of Shakespeare, Stratford, Pickering

the Drama, printed by him for private circulation

crown 8vo. 1867

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