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Maurice 1328


Jage Pickering




1323 Halliwell (J. O.) Dramatic Records respecting the Office of Master of
the Revels, only 11 copies printed, half morocco, uncut Svo. 1870
1324 Halliwell (J. O.) Curious Paper on Office of Revels in the Time of
Q. Elizabeth, only 20 copies printed,
half morocco, uncut

1325 Hall-Stevenson (J.) Crazy Tales, calf

1326 Hamilton (Comte A.) Memoires du Comte de Grammont,



Mitchell 1327 Hamilton (Comte A.) Memoires du Comte du Grammont avec des

Notes par Horace Walpole, 3 portraits, and drawing in indian ink
of" La belle Stewart," calf
4to. 1783


Nattali Bond 1331 1332

crown 8vo. 1872

foolscap 8vo. 1769

*** T. GRAY THE POET'S COPY, with a Key (two pages) in his neat

12mo. La Haye, 1741 28

Hamilton (A.) Mémoires du Comte de Grammont, portraits,
calf gilt
8vo. Paris, 1812
Hamilton (Count A.) Memoirs of Count Grammont with Personal
History of Charles II and Boscobel Tracts, portrait of Nell Gwynne,
calf extra, g. e.
post 8vo. 1853

1330 Hamilton (Elizabeth) Cottagers of Glenburnie, 8vo. Edinb. 1808—'
Hamilton (J. R.) Spring, a Poem, with author's autograph inscrip-
tion, 12mo. 1839


4to. 1809

Hamilton (W.) Ægyptiaca, russia, with royal folio atlas of plates, hal,
Hammon (H. I.) Architectural Antiquities of Crosby Place, London,
plans, illustrations, sections, &c.
folio. 1844
1333 Hamonière (G.) Grammaire Russe et Dialogues Russes et Français,
2 vol. in 1, half calf extra
8vo. Paris, 1817-16
1334 Hancarville (P. F. Hugues dit d') Recherches sur l'Origine, l'Esprit
et les Progrès des Arts de la Grèce avec le Supplément, 3 vol.
plates, russia, joints, g. e.
4to. 1785

Harding (J. D.) Sketches at Home aud Abroad, tinted lithographs,
half morocco
royal folio. n. d.



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This Edition, totally unknown to Bibliographers, is without place or
printer's name. It was probably the first issued, and no doubt privately
printed by Sir John Harington before the license was subsequently
granted (30 Oct. 1596) to R. Field, who then issued the edition of
1596, which was reprinted in the same year. This ludicrous, witty and
satirical work, written on the occasion of the author's invention of the
water-closet for his house at Kelston near Bath, caused the author to
be banished from the Court of Q. Elizabeth. So rare are the editions
that Mr. Singer doubts whether Swift or Sterne ever saw a copy of the
work. Field's Edition of 1596 is marked £20 in the Bibliotheca





the Metamorphosis of Aiax, woodcuts and Blacke Saunths with 99
music, title and last leaf mended, sold with all faults, morocco, g. e.
by C. Lewis, EXTREMELY RARE if not UNIQUE Printed 1596

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1337 Harington (Sir J.) Metamorphosis of Ajax; a Cloacinean Satire: with


**Only 100 copies printed.


Harington (Sir John) Nugæ antiquæ, portrait of Princess Elizabeth
from an original plate engraved in 1554
12mo. 1769
1339 Harle (W. L.) A Career in the Commons, with autograph letter from
the author, half calf gilt
1340 Harleian Miscellany or Collection of scarce Pamphlets and Tracts,
12 vol. calf
8vo. 1808-11
Harmer (T.) Observations on various Passages of Scripture, with



Harriott (J.) Struggles through Life, 2 vol. half bound, 12mo. 1808

(3): Westell

Harris (G.) Civilization considered as a Science, 8vo. 1861 1343 Harris (J.) Lives of James I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell, Charles II and Hugh Peters, 6 vol. ILLUSTRATED with numerous portraits, Ellis White views, &c. russia, g. e. 8vo. 1758-72 Harris (J.) Hermes, calf Hartford (Frances Countess of, afterwards Duchess of Somerset) Correspondence with Henrietta Louisa Countess of Pomfret, 3 vol.( portrait, calf gilt crown 8vo. 1806) 1346 HARTSHORNE (C. H.) SALOPIA ANTIQUA,

8vo. 1786)



LARGE PAPER, india proof plates, red morocco, super extra, broad borders of gold, g. e. by Hayday; from Mr. Eyton's library imperial 8vo. Camb. 1841 1347 Harvey (W.) Proof Illustrations to Northcote's Fables and of the ornamental Letters and Vignettes, india proofs, royal 8vo. 1828 Walford 1348 Haskoll (W. D.) Assistant Engineer's Railway Guide in Boring, plates, 1846-Engineers and Officials, 1856 8vo. (2)

the Anatomy and Apology. To which is added Ulisses upon Ajax, Nattali & Bon
portrait and woodcut, Mr. Eyton's copy in morocco super extra,
g. e. by J. Mackenzie

crown 8vo. Chiswick, 1814


7 5 1352


12mo. 1850 Westell


Additions by A. Clarke, 4 vol. portrait, calf extra 8vo. 1808 Maurice

1349 Hatchett's Account of Old and New Sarum,


half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt crown 8vo. Salisbury, 1834 Westell

1350 Hawkins (F.) Youth's Behaviour, with new Additions and a second

Part. To which is added a Collection of Proverbs by R. Codrington, Quaritch
4 parts in 1, portrait and 2 plates, calf extra 16mo. 1663-64
Hawkwood (Sir John) The Honour of the Taylors or the famous and

renowned History of Sir J. Hawkwood embellished with Verses fabri
and Songs. To which is added a brief Account of the Company
of Merchant Taylors,

small 4to.

black letter, woodcuts, fine copy in russia, g. e.
This scarce Romance of Chivalry suggested to Sir Walter Scott his
Quentin Durward.

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B. F. Stevens 1353 Haydon (B. R.) Lectures on Painting and Design, 2 vol. woodcuts






Nattali 13. 1361


Mitchell 1355 Hayward (Sir J.) Life and Raigne of Edward VI, engraved title (con-
taining portrait of Edward VI) by R. Vaughan, and portrait of
Hayward by W. Pass, vellum
small 4to. 1630

1354 Hayward (Sir J.) of Supremacie in Affaires of Religion, 1624-Scott
(T.) Aphorisms of State, Utrech, 1624-Catholike Moderator,
date cut off-M[assinger] (P.) Life of Elius Seianus, Paris. 1628
-Raleigh (Sir W.) Prerogative of Parliaments, Midelburge, 1628—
Diurnall Occurrences in Parliament (1628), 1641-Discourse
concerning the Successe of former Parliaments, 1642-Glamorgans
(Earl of) Negotiations in Ireland, 1645, calf gilt, small 4to. in 1 vol.



རིན་ 1356 Hayward (Sir John) Life and Raigne of King Edward VI, with the
beginning of the Raigne of Queen Elizabeth, frontispiece, con-
taining portraits of K. Edward and Q. Elizabeth by Marshall, and
portrait of the author by W. Pass, fine copy, with the autograph of
Matt. Towgood, brown calf extra, g. e.
12mo. 1636
Hayward (T.) Quintessence of English Poetry, 3 vol. 12mo. 1740
Hazlitt (W.) Liber Amoris or the New Pygmalion,
uncut, scarce


Westell 1362 1363 1 Mitchell 1363

8vo. 1844-46 16

12mo. 1823

1359 Head (R.) Proteus redivivus or the Art of Wheedling, portrait,
calf gilt
small 8vo. 1675

1364 Hearne (T.) and W. Byrne, Antiquities of
views, calf extra

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Hearne (T.) Collection of curious Discourses written by eminent

Antiquaries upon several Heads in our English Antiquities,
LARGE PAPER, plate, red morocco extra, joints, g. e.

royal 8vo. Oxford, 1720
*** This copy sold for £2. 3s. in the White Knights sale.
Hearne (T.) Collection of curious Discourses, 2 vol.
Hearne. Lives of those eminent Antiquaries J. Leland, T. Hearne,
and A. a Wood, 2 vol.

Svo. 1771

LARGE PAPER, portraits and plates, calf

1365 Heath (J. B.) Account of the Grocer's Company, plates,
calf extra

royal 8vo. Oxford, 1772
Great Britain, 2 vol. in 1,
oblong folio. 1786-1807

1360 Head (R.) English Rogue: and other Extravagants, 4 parts in 2 vol.
portraits and plates, part III wants title, sold therefore not subject 1/3
to collation, calf

small 8vo. 1680


8vo. 1829

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* Privately printed for presents only. Quartel 1366 Heath (J. B.) Account of the Grocer's Company, plates, half calf extra, uncut, top edge gilt **Privately printed for presents only. 1367 Heideloff (C.) Nürnbergs Baudenkmale der Vorzeit, part I and II, plates, royal 4to. Nürnberg, 1839-43; and 1 other

royal 8vo. 1851

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1368 Heideloff (C.) L'Ornementation du Moyen Age, 2 vol. in 1, plates.
half morocco, uncut, top edge gilt
4to. Paris, 1845-46

1369 Helden Buch herausgegeben von F. H. von der Hagen,

1370 Heliodore, Amours de Theagénes et Chariclée, 2 vol.
FINE PAPER, proof plates, French red morocco, silk linings, g. e.
16mo. Londres (Paris), 1743

Svo. Berlin, 1811

1371 Helyas Knight of the Swan, a Romance of Chivalry,



crown 8vo. 1827 1372 Henderson (A.) History of Ancient and Modern Wines, woodcuts, half calf extra

4to. 1824

Henderson (E.) on Astronomy, plates

12mo. 1848

Henderson (John, the Bath Roscius) Life and Theatrical Transactions,
autograph of Wm. Lewis

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1376 Hennepin (Father L.) New Discovery of a large Country in America,
with a Continuation, 2 vol. in 1, map and plates,
calf extra, g. e.

Svo. 1777 Westell

Svo. 1698

At page 29 is the original rare plate of the Falls of Niagara which was
copied by Lyall.

800. 1851 Walford


} Quaritch

VERY FINE LARGE COPY, brown antique morocco, super extra, by Pratt 4to. Apud inclytam urbem Londinum in ædibus Pynsonianis, 1521 This first edition of Henry VIII's celebrated answer to Luther is of very great rarity, as it was printed by the royal author to make presents to the great personages of the time. The edition printed the next year was for general use and sale. It is well known that Pope Leo X bestowed upon the King, for writing this book, the title of "Defender of the Faith," though he very soon after threw off the papal tyranny. Strype in his Memorials says he only once had seen a copy of Pynson's rare edition.

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1378 HENRICI VIII AD SAXONIE PRINCIPES de coercenda abigendaque
Lutherana Factione et Luthero ipso Epistola. Item Ducis
Georgii ad eundem Regem Rescriptio, fine copy in morocco, g. e.
very scarce, unknown to Lowndes
small 4to. Lipsiæ, 1523
1379 HENRY VIII, LETTERS wherin he made answere unto a certayne letter




1377 HENRICI VIII Assertio septem Sacramentorum adversus Martin, Bumstear

Lutherum, ORIGINAL EDITION, title within a woodcut border, and
large initial letters by Holbein,

These Letters are translations from the original Latin Epistolæ printed
by Pynson in 1526 and 1527, but the Preface is very different.

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of Martyn Luther and also the copy of the foresaid Luthers letter, Quarter black letter, fine copy in morocco, super extra, covered with blind

tooling, g.e. by Hayday, VERY SCARCE small Svo. R. Pynson, n. d.

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Quaritch 1380 HENRY VIIITH'S ROYAL WARDROBE. In this Booke is conteigned al
manor of the Kyng hys Majestes Guarderobe stuff remaynyng and /2
being within his highnes CASTELL AT WYNDESOR in the saulf
custody keping and charge of William Tildesley Perticulerly sur-
veid, viewid and geven in charge in due order unto the said Wil-
liam by the Kyngs commanndement by Nicholas Bristowe his
highnes Clerke. 34 Hen. VIII. THE ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT,
1542, with additional notes of the state of the said Wardrobe on its
being delivered unto the keeping of Rauf Rowlandson, 5 Eliz. 1562,
interleaved with a fair transcript

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A very curious and interesting record, containing particular descrip-
tions of the HANGYNGS OF ARRAS, illustrating the Siege of Jeru-
salem, Assuer and Hester, Charlemagne, Mountalbon, &c. &c.
HANGYNGS OF TAPESTRYE, illustrating the Siege of Troye, Hawk-
ing and Hunting, the History of David, the Story of Ladyes, &c.
Clothes of Estate, Chairs richly embroidered, Cushions, Sparvers
(four pieces of which were stolen at the burial of King Henry VIII),
Testers, Carpets, Beds, Counterpoynts, and sundries.
Inventory of "Stuff receyvid owte of the standyng Guarderobe at
Westminster, by thands of John Rede 20 Nov." 34 Hen. VIII.
Inventory of Furniture, etc. received from Sir Anthony Denny,
Keeper of the King's Palace of Westminster, by Humfrey Orme,
keeper of the Standing Wardrobe in the Tower of London, for the
use of the King (Edward VI) by command of the Lord Protector,
9 July. 1 Edw. VI.

This is a very interesting record, describing the various pieces
embroidered with the King's Arms, the King and Queen Jane's
arms together crowned within a garland of Roses, the History of
Joseph, of the 12 Months, of David and Absalom, of our Lady
and Angels playing upon Instruments, of the Acts of the Apostles,
etc. The CLOTHS OF ESTATE, garnished with precious stones;
the CARPETS and CUSHIONS of gold, silver and silk needlework,
with Queen Anne's Cyphers, the letters H. and A., roses of red
and white, etc.; a carpet of arras "with woodewithes and men of
Inde with the Dukes Armes in thre places;" a cushion embroidered
"with Scallop Shells with Quene Katheryns Cognizance and this
worde, I like as he loveth," etc. etc.

Barnstead 1381 Henry VIII. A necessary Doctrine and Erudition for any Chrysten

Man, set furth by the Kynges Maiestye of Englande, &c. black
letter, old red morocco, g. e. 16mo. T. Berthelet, 1543-Henry VIII,
Assertion of the seven Sacraments against M. Luther, portrait,
12mo. 1688


half bound morocco
64 pages folio. in one vol.
These Manuscripts are worthy of publication, the marginal notes made
subsequently as to the state and disposal of the different articles are
very interesting-certain cushions used by the King and Queen (Philip
and Mary) at the Church door at Winchester, a bedstead altered for
King Edward VI, various articles specified as having been given to
Lord W. Howard, then Lord Admiral, Sir Edward Waldegrave, Sir
Henry Jernegan, and others.

1382 HENRY (Rev. Philip) AUTOGRAPH DIARY, inserted in an interleaved
copy of J. Goldsmith's Almanack for 1673, russia 32mo. 1673

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