A Collection of Letters, Statues, and Other Documents from the Ms. Library of Corp. Christ. Coll

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Page lv - House their belief, as Protestant Christians, that no civil or ecclesiastical polity was ever so devised by the wisdom of man as not to require, from time to time, some modification from the change of external circumstances or the progress of opinion.
Page xliv - The articles agreed upon by the bishops and other learned and godly men, in the last convocation at London, in the year of our Lord MDLII., for to root out the discord of opinions, and establish the agreement of true religion ; likewise published by the king's majesty's authority, 1553.
Page 301 - ... things which thou didst give them, so we for our time may fruitfully use the same, to the setting forth of thy holy word, thy laud, and praise; and finally, that both they and we may reign with thee in glory, thro Jesus Christ our Lord.
Page lv - ... the year when the Stamp Act became a law, he was a vestryman of both Truro and Fairfax parishes, in which Pohick in the country, and Christ Church in Alexandria, were the respective places of worship. In that year his name is appended to a declaration, with others, that he would " be conformable to the Doctrines and Discipline of the Church of England, as by law established.
Page lvii - ... of the civil and ecclesiastical establishments of this realm. " The University is a body recognized by the law of England as a lay corporation, invested with important civil privileges, and on that account resting on no secure foundation which is not in harmony with the social system of the state. Your petitioners therefore humbly beg leave to suggest, that, as the legislative bodies of the United Kingdom have repealed the Test Act, and admitted Christians of all denominations to seats in Parliament...
Page lii - That young students in divinity be directed to study such books as be most agreeable in doctrine and discipline to the church of England...
Page l - ... to wit, that, by a public ordinance and decree of the body of that our University, passed by a grace with you, it may be decreed and ordained, that from henceforth no man shall have granted unto him the degree either of Bachelor in Divinity, or of Doctor in any Faculty, Divinity, Law, or Physic, unless he shall first, and before the propounding of his said grace to the body of the University, in the presence of the ViceChancellor or his deputy for the time being, subscribe to the aforesaid three...
Page lvi - House the expediency of abrogating by legislative enactment every religious test exacted from members of the University before they proceed to degrees, whether of bachelor, master, or doctor, in arts, law, and physic.
Page 402 - A MANUAL OF FAMILY PRAYER; comprising Three Weekly Courses of Morning and Evening Devotion. With Collects for the Feasts and Fasts. By the Rev. A. HORSFALL, MA 2s.
Page 301 - O Lord, we glorify thee in these thy servants our benefactors, departed out of this present life...

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