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afternoone and commawnded six awlters to be pulled downe in the bodye of the churche and wente from the churche into a chamber wher certayn images were and cawsed them to be broken and upon complayntes made unto the vysytors of Sir Haryson inceptor in artes and felowe ther for incontynensye proved he was expulsed hys fellowshyppe and the presydent Mr. Hunt discharged of hys offyce and Mr. Badcock had an excommunicacon set uppe for hym wherunto he appered within ii days and was discharged.

XXVII, XXVIII, xxix, xxx MAII.

On the monday they went agayne to Jesus College and ther spente all that daye in examynynge the presydente's and Master's accounts etc. and in debatinge the matter for ther ferme for the which sute was made by Mrs. Sherwoode, Gosnell, and Amcotts of the same howse. All tuesday and Wendsday in conference of thynges that thei had don at Christes College and wente not abrode unto no college and on thascension day D. Redmayne · preached in St. Mary's Churche for tharchedeacon wher all the vysytors were present.


On fryday after dyner they wente agayne to Peterhowse and gave not di. howres warnynge and they fyrst examed Townley and Pylkyngton's matter for the plate that was stolen and so came home thorow Pembroke hall and herde a pece of the probleme betwixte Sir Mayhew and Hall.


On the saturday thei came thither agayne and herde the gryeffes and matters of complaynte betwyxt the Mr. and Felows and Fan, Mores, Longe and Tomlynson were browght in and sworne before the vysytors as wytnesses against the Mr. All the week after unto fryday thei sate at Christes College abowte that matter and other, in the which tyme the wytnesses were examyned som by one vysytor and som by another.


The fryday before Whytsunday the Byshoppe of Elye wente to Ely by water and came agayne the Wendesday nyght after. On the tuesday the Byshoppe of Rochester rode to Some and ther taryed and came agayne on fryday at nyght. Mr. Cheke rode to Stoke the same tuesday and came home the fryday before dyner.


The Saterday all v commyssyoners sate untyll viii of the Clocke at nyght from viii in the morninge thei sente for D. Redmayn fyrst, and then for D. Madew for to answer in the sacrament, and both the proctors, but only Mr. Grendall was with them in communication.


The Trynyte sunday lykewyse from betwyxt viii and ix of the clocke unto v at nyght.


The Munday at xii of the clocke thei wente unto Clare Hall and there sate untyll it was past v of the clocke and expulsed both the Mr. Rolande Swynbourne and Mr. Pulley one of the Felows and Bachelor of Dyvynyte. And so wente every man home unto his supper.


On the tuesday thei sate all the day at Christs College and amongste other thynges debated the matter of the bedells offyces and lyvynges and sent for the regents of the iiiith yere that would not paye their disputations.


On the Wendesday Corpus Christi eve they sate lykewyse at Christ's College and there were before them x or xi of Clare Hall for the purgation of Mr. Heskyns thei sent also for Doctor Madew and also to every college for the names of those that

shulde replye unto the sayde D. Madew answerynge on the morow to these ii conclusions.

1. Transubstantiatio non potest probari scripturæ verbis neque inde necessario colligi neque veterum ante mille annos orthodoxorum consensu confirmari.

2. In cœna nulla est alia Christi oblatio nisi mortis ejus commemoratio et gratiarum actio.


On the thursday being the accustomed day of Corpus Christi all the Vysytors save my lorde of Elye dyned with Mr. Cheke in the Kynges College Hall where also dyned my lorde Markas of Northampton and at one of the Clocke began the dispute in divinite apon the foreseyde questions in the philosophy schools and so continued untyll v my lorde Markas and all the Vysytors abydynde from the begynnynge unto thendinge. D. Madew answered in his cope, D. Glyn Mr Layngdale, Segyswyke, Yonge, and Parker of Trinity College repliinge in ther sylke hoodes my lorde of Rochester holpe D. Madew and as he saw cause so he made answer unto every one of the repliars and soluted the arguments shewing very myche learninge to the greate comforte of thawdiens. [Albanus Langdale, Thomas Segiswicke, John Yonge, Thomas Parker. The said L. of Rochester determined the Questions Scholastico more.]


On the fryday thei satt all at Christs College and called before them the Vykar of steple Murdon which refused to say this article of the crede, descendit ad inferna. thei called also before them Mr. Gyll, Garlande, Kempe, and others and gave them an othe to be examined apon the Mr of Peterhowse matter. Allso they sent for D. Glyn and ther concluded with hym that he shulde answere the Munday after and defende the contrary parte of the former conclusions. My Lorde Markas dyned that day with my Lorde of Elye.


On the Saterday thei sate allso at Christs College and called before them D. Redmayne and Mr. Hammond schole Mr of the grammer schole in trinyte college.


On the sonday they met nott. And at one of the Clocke in thawfter noone Mr. Sherwood gave over hys offyce and Mr. Flued was chosen by the more part of the Regentes and non regents the Vyc. and Proctors only being in the scrutanye every man gevyng his voyce in wrytyng and after his admission the bedells began equal divisyon.


On the munday being mydsomer day at one of the clocke D. Glyn defendyd the contrary parte of the forseyde questions and Mr. Perne, Mr. Grendall and Mr. Gest and Mr. Pylkyngton replyinge to the same, My Lorde Marques, Lorde Vaws, Sir Nych. Throgmorton and Mr. Brackenbery with divers other gentlemen being present and so continued untyll vi of the clocke that day all dyned with my lorde of Elye and supped with the Provost.


On the tuesday there was another disputation uppon the forsayde questyons which Mr. Perne defended and continued from ix of the Clocke untyll it was past xii, whear at all the vysytors with the forseyde lordes etc. were present and dyned with my lorde of Elye at Christs College. The repliars at the seyde dispute were fyrst Mr. Parker Mr. Pollarde Mr. Vawasor and Mr. Yonge when all the replyars had don My Lorde of Rochester was appoynted by the rest of the vysytors and the noblemen to determine the truthe of the seyde questyon every man of them standynge bare hedded all the tyme of determinacon which was an whole houre, The senyor Proctor fyrst requestynge openlye that this myght be don amongste them all I sey the vysytors which my forseyde lorde dyd by manifest scryptures and con

ferences of the same with thawthoryte of the most awncyent doctors both wyse learnedly and godly concluding that there was not transubstantiation to be proved nor gathared by scrypture or awncyent doctors in the sacrament as touchynge the fyrst, nor yet that there was any other oblation in the sacrament of the supper of our lorde but a commemoration of his death and a thanksgiving as touchinge the seconde. On the same day after dynar the matter of Peterhowse betwyxt the Mr. and the Felows was called uppon and ther was a great nombre browght in to purge the Mr. but he was not purged that day.


On the morrow which was Wendsday at iii of the clock Sir Kemp, Assheton and Ebden Felows and the Mr. with his compurgators viz. Mrs. Burbanke, Croseley, Langdale, Smythe, Cosyn, Manley and Parker Bach. of Divinite and Mr. Shirwood Pollarde Kabye Mrs. of Arte etc. after a long debatement of the matter betwene the Mr. and the iii forseyde felows before vysytors came in all together and purged hym of his incontynensye and slawnder of the same that he was accused of, All the day before they were in hande with an ordre for the bedles and proctors having and makynge books of the same but itt was six of the clocke and paste or they made an ende.


On the thursday thei sate all day at Christs College and had before them at the Vykar of Allhallows request the Mr of Jesus which College they awarded to paye unto the Vykar vis viiid. by yere and the Vysytors receyved the fyrst noble to the Vykar's behoofe presently and vis for lacke of a replyar. The Master also of St. Johns being Vyc. was awarded to paye the seyd Vykar yerely. . . . ... Ther was also with them the Master and certeyne of the felows of Peterhowse viz. his accusars. Ther was allso before them dyvers of Clare Hall, and Doctor Glyn wyth whom my lorde of Rochester reasoned myche touchynge the forseyde questyons but prevayled nothing.

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