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On the fryday thei sate all daye at Christs College and called fyrst the Vyc. before them that he shulde assemble the Heds of Howses for a rewarde for the regester And at the congregation which was at ix of the clocke the Heds agreed upon xxti. Marks to be gathared of the Colleges for the seyde regester Mr. Rogers, they obteyned also ii patents for the schoolmaster and hussher of trynite College xxti Marks and xx nobles of Mr. D. Redmayne the Mr. And at that congregation was admitted D. Sands v Bach. of divinite ix Mrs. of Arte and iiii Questionists and abowt v of the clocke the Vyc. and Proctors gave the Vysytors a posset viz. a gallonde of Ipocrace and a pyke.


On the Saterday which was St. Peter's day thei sate as before and met at viii of the clocke the Mr. of St. Johns Vyc. and certayne of the companye were before them for election, trinyte College for a pension for Mr. Carre Mr. Parker for deferryng his answer the Vyc. Proctors and bedelles dyned with them Mr. Rogers had his xxti Marks gathered by one of the bedles and payd hym.


On the Sonday at ix a clocke yn St. Mary Churche my lorde of Rochester preached concernyng the fornamed questyons, they met all at ii of the Clocke in thawfternoone at Christ's College and ther was D. Redman and D. Glyn and yonge bachelars to make sute for a congregation to procede Mrs..


On the munday viz. Vypers they sate at Christes College untyll i of the Clocke and had before them the Mr of trynite college and certayne of the company suing for pensyons and then they came to the commensment and herde a pece of the law acte and all the divinite acte.


On the commensment day lyke wyse at Christ's College whether Roffens. wente bothe dayes withowt bedle thei sat unto the begynnynge of the law acte and sent to the proctors that thei shulde not begyn it untyll thei came, In the tyme of the Phi. acte thei sent a byll unto the proctors in this forme Ye shall swere that crastino die solv. bedellis illam pec. summam quam Regii commissionarii vobis assignabunt and ther they continued all unto the latter ende of the divinite acte from thense ther was called a congregation to the scholes where Sir Bayes was admitted and immediately created even ther that nyght the vysytors gave for a byll to the bedelles of a taxation what all degrees shulde paye at ther admyssyon.


On the Wendsday the bedelles gathared accordyng to that byll in the mornynge and then was called in agayne and corrected and the sumes for Mrs of arte browght from xx to xiiis. iiiid and bach. of dyvynyte from xx to xvi viiid that day thei called before them all the Mr Presidents, and Doctors of every howse and red unto them the statutes and ordynaunces of every howse and delivered bylls to every Mr. of felows and scholars to be placed they had allso iii bach. of divinite of St. Johns before them that refused to paye after the new taxation and compelled Mr Dursy to pay his dispt. New statutes wer given to trynyte College and red openly ther and altered thorder of the felows senyoryte puttynge owt sum of the senyors and plasynge yonge men in ther steed.


Finis Visitationis.

On the thursday thei abowte vii of the clocke at Christes. College and had very many matters before them and wer ernestlye sued unto for chaungynge of divers scholers and felows owt of one college unto another. They gave rewards to Mr. Proctors, bedelles and to dyvers other, Abowt one of the clocke

my lorde of Ely tooke his leve towardes Elye by bote and all the vysytors accompanyenge hym to Jesus grene and ther departed Mr. Cheke rode that nyght to huntyngton and his wyffe with hym they delivered a byll to Mr Sherwood of his pensyon and a nother to the bedelles subscribed with ther hands de solutionibus faciendis eisdem of ther stipends to be alleywed of the colleges and of degrees taken.


On the fryday ther was a congregation wher at the new injunctions geven by the vysytors unto the colleges and universite were openly red by the minor proctor Ther was no absentia mensis gotten for the new regents Mr. Maptyt, Tonson, West, and Pachet graces to be bach. of Div. Petrus Perusius to be incorporated. J. Dyrkyn to be actuall bachelor of arte and he with iii bach. of divinite and Bownde 'prct. in physycke admitted presently. The terme was dissolwed that day being 5. Julii.


On the saterday the Vyc. delivered a new seale unto the proctors which cost the gravynge besydes the sylver xxx and he commawndyd a sygnificant to be wryten concernynge thelectyon of my lady Margarets lector.


On the sunday that signific. set upp on the schole dore and on St. M. Churche to signifie my Lady Mt lector to be voyde and the thursday after appoynted for a new reder.


On the munday Martin Busar came into the towne and laye at Christ's College and the next day rode to my lorde of Elye D. Redmayne began his lector in common scholes apon the fyrst Psalme and so red agayne on the tuesday. On the Wendysday after ix of the clocke he was lykewyse purposed to rede but lett and sente for sodenly by the Vyc, with all other the hedes that

were present at the scholes to go to barnwell after the Mayre to stay a multytude of peple that wer uppe to pull downe B. Smythes close which wer gathered together in the mornynge with a drom to the number of an Cth or there abowts the Vyc. and Mayre met twyse that day in S. M. Churche abowt that matter and at length were hardly pacyfyed.

On the tuesday warnynge was geven in all colleges that the companyes shulde go to ther books and talke of no newes concerning upprysynge.


[The author Mr. Vavisor.]

CARCER et exilium mulctæ plagæque minæque
Præmia sunt doctis sola relicta viris.
Non hac ad musas iter est resipiscite vos qui
Vovistis veterum solvere jura patrum.
Aut ruet in miseram præceps Achademia cladem
Cogeturque alium quærere musa locum.



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