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Junior Proctor.

One of the Commissioners "for religion, the detection of heretical books, etc."


Harvey H. LL.D..

Leeds Edw. LL.D. . . . In 1562 Master of Clare Hall.

Madew J. D.D. .

Mere John.


Mowse W..

Maptyd Lawr. B.D... Master of Corp. Christ. on the cession of Matthew Parker in 1553.

Peacock Thom. B.D...
Perne Andr. D.D.


Rust Mr...

Late Master of Clare Hall from which situation he was ejected in 1553 and died in 1556.

ORMANET NICHOLAS . . An Italian Priest, the Pope's Datary. His name does not occur in this journal; he is invariably termed THE DATARY. He was one of the Visitors. President of Queen's College ejected 1559. ... Master of Peterhouse, Vicechancellor during the Visitation. Fox says, "He was a man meetest for the purpose" [the exhumation and burning of Bucer's bones] "both for the office he bare, and also by the testimony of Christopherson he was deemed to be the most Catholicke of all others." He however conformed to the Protestant creed on Elizabeth's accession and retained his Mastership.

Paget Lord

High Steward of the University.

Pierpoint Edw. B.D... Late Master of Jesus ejected in 1553. Died


Pole Reginald

Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, and
Chancellor of the University.


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An esquire Bedel, writer of the following journal, died in 1558.

Late Master of Trinity Hall ejected in 1553.

Senior Proctor.

One of the Commissioners "for religion, the detection of heretical books, etc."

SCOT CUTHBERT B.D.. Master of Christ's College. He was one of

the deputation sent by the Senate to Oxford to dispute against Cranmer and Ridley. Bishop of Chester, and one of the Visitors.

Sedgewicke J. D.D. . . . Regius Professor of Divinity, in which office he succeeded Bucer. He was one of the deputation sent by the Senate to dispute against Cranmer and Ridley, and also one of the Commissioners "for religion, the detection of heretical books, etc." Public Orator and Fellow of King's College. Master of Clare Hall. Having been ejected from his Mastership in 1549 he was restored in 1553 and finally ejected in 1558. Chaplain to Scot Bishop of Chester, whom he succeeded as Master of Christ's College*, and was ejected from his Mastership in 1559.

Stokes J.

Swynbourne Roland.

Taylor W. D.D.

Thurlbye D.D.


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Young J. D.D. .

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WATSON THOMAS D.D.. Late Master of St. John's, Bishop of Lincoln. Deprived of his Bishoprick 1559. One of the Visitors.

Bishop of Ely. Deprived of his Bishoprick in 1559.

One of the Commissioners "for religion, the detection of heretical books, etc."

One of the Commissioners "for religion, the
detection of heretical books, etc."
Master of Pembroke College ejected from
his Mastership in 1559. He was Vice-
chancellor in 1554 and one of the depu-
tation sent by the Senate to Oxford to
dispute against Cranmer and Ridley.

See an account of his appointment and admission to the Mastership,



ON thursday fayre and a greate frost. It. the masse at ix, and xxxvii pense offred by the regents. It. Mother Lyming buryed in S. Benetts at x of the clocke. It. the cownte of the common

hutche at one. Whene Mrs. Maptyt and Parker and Swynborne subscrybed to Mr. Barkys acownte, and ellse nothynge fynisshed, but only the chaplyns acownte. It. Cowntye day at the Castle.


On fryday greate froste and a greate myste. It. Congregatio Regentium et non horâ nonâ. And first a grace offered that Mrs. Swinborne and Mapted myght be auditores cista communis cum D. Harvye et Mro. Yale. It. that ratio cistæ communis differatur in hujus diei septimum proxime futur. It. after this congregatio regentium tum ex statuto pro Bedellis when the non regents were dissolved, and when we had delivered upp owr stavys the Senior Proctor demawnded of us whether we wolde submitt owr selves to the statutes and thereuppon took pen and inke and called a scruteny of the regents who fownde Mr. Muryell not mete toccupye thoffyce and therefore dismissed hym withowt his staffe. It. hora iii sepultura Mri Garnet de Collegio Reginali in ecclæsiâ S. Botolphi Wher we sunge dyrge by candle lyghte. It. the Vic. Mrs. Yale Chapman and Rust sate in commission at the hall and bownde iiii of Lowleworth in recognizance of xli. to set upp a roodlofte before Whytsontyde. And there was none appearance of the towne but only Grygge for eatinge the pygge. It. Mr. Vic. went to my L. of Chester to Xts college at v and drank an apple and nutts with hym. It. Cheven condempned in 68. 84. to the taxors and vs to the prisoners aulmes.


On Saturday frost and fayre. It. the dirge masse at viii and Mr. Dale preached in the myd masse; and after masse and sermon

the Vic. consulted with all the heads in the quere and commanded that Mr. Muryell shuld have his staffe delivered and continue in offyce untill candlemass. It. that single bere shulde be sold for xviiid. the kilderkyn to Christmas and after christmas for xxd. It. that I shulde have the gawgershype notwithstandinge any lawes wryten or to be wryten, or any labour made by Mr. Hollande, Burwell, Wylde, or any other, and it was halfe howre past xi or thei made an ende. It. barley sold in the market for xxiiis. viiid, and for xxiiii, Rye and whete for iiiis the busshell.


On Sonday froste and colde wynde. It. the dirge masse at viii and my lord of Chester (Doctor Scott) preached in trinite parysshe at ix, wher a poore felow stoode with a payre of beades in his hande all the sermon tyme in the mydd pase before the quere dore. Unto whom my lorde spake in the sermon tyme and called hym heretyke, and at the beade tyme the curatt red unto hym an abjuratyon and detestacion of all his heresyes and tooke an othe to be catholick &c. and after dyner Mr. Clayton and I wente to the scholes and perused the state of trinite hutch and fownde all even. It. old mother Dodson buryed in lytle S. Maryes.


On munday S. Andrew a lytle rayne with a thaw and greate mist. It. generalis processio regentium et non et omnium studentium in ecclæsiâ S. M. et quilibet in habitu, wher D. Yonge preached for the stablysshement of the prymacye, callinge them. wycked Prynces and governors that of late yeres usurped that rowme and authorite to be hed of the churche. viii Doctores present besides my L. of Chester. It. the Mayre lykwyse with thaldermen and baylyffs with all the crosses and curates of parysshes and above xxiii regents &c in procession. It. the Vic. dyned with my Lorde, and Mr. Clayton and I gave upp trinite hutch unto Mrs. Girlington, Larkyn, and Malym before D. Walker and Mr. Edwards auditors. It. Ione Ellys buryed in S. Benetts this afternone. It. Mr. Dale of the quenes college

sent for me after ix at night to stay one that had bowght (as he seyde) his pupylles Russell Runawaye's book. It. the bell tolled this night for Mowle.


On tuesday rayne a lytle and greate myst. It. the Vic. herde bothe divinite lectures, and after that examined Xtofer Adysons wyfe and the partys whome I yesternight stayed at the q. college in Xtofer Adysons shoppe, and at iii the Vic. assisted with D. Harvy and Mr. Yale examined this matter further, and then apoynted tappere agayne to morow at iii in the scholes. It. thaccownte made of Darlington and Exeter. It. Hasener and I bownde to Flynte for Owen Wylson in XLti. markes to pay 17. at Whytsontyde next.


On Wendsday rayne and dark wether. It. the Vic. was at the scholes agayne from viii to x, and betwyxte bothe the divinite lectures he had all the regentes of the first and seconde yeres before hym beinge assisted with Drs. Yonge and Segewyk and the proctors and moved and exhorted them to com to lectures. It. at xii W. Awgar convented Buttres for takinge and sellinge his sones cote and was commawnded to paye over and above that he lente thereon vis and viiid. It. Billingforthe and Bowser geven uppe this daye. Whyche was not geven uppe these iii or iiii yeres. It. the acownte of the common hutche was agayne gon in hande with, the Vic. Dr. Harvye, Mrs. Swynborne, Maptyd, and Yale beinge audytors and contynued at it with candle lyght until it was very dark. It. Mr. Dales and Hary the booke sellers matter in hande agayne. Mr. Yale spekinge in Mr. Dales and Mr. Drurye in Mr. Harys behalfe, but commawnded tappere agayne on Saterdaye. It. Mr. Wakefilde began the hebrew grammar the Vic. beinge his auditor.


On thursday fayre till iii in thafternone, and then rayne plentye. It. we sate agayne on the cownte of the common

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