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convene a lyke nomre of our universitie of Oxforde for that purpose where we be mynded also thaime to be to entende therunto and by ther advises and judgementes to take such ordre and direction in that matter as may be to the pleasur of God the avauncement of the truthe and the repressyng and the removing of errours and seditions to the quiet and tranquillite of this our realme and our subgiettes in the same. Wherfor faylle ye not to accomplyshe the premysses as ye tendre our pleasur. Geven under our signet at Enfelde the fourthe daye of Maye 1530 on Wenysdaye.

The names of them whiche I dyd apointe.











THEY lawfully keep courte there as wythin the suburbs of Cambridge beyng the clarks of the market and having cor

rection of wayghts mesures and vytell within the same fayre.

We do therein no nother

wyse than the mayre and hys brothern do and as we may by the composition.





We may so do by the Kings grawnte and we desyre to

know from whom the Proctors have taken away ony thyng that ys able and the party shall be restored and the proctors punyshed.

1. FYRST the Procteres commyssary and other offycers of the seyd unyversytie kepe a Courte wythyn the fayre called Styrbyge fayre without auctorytie.

2. Item they hold plea wythyn the said courte of contractes and trespasses made as well within the said fayre as wythowte.

We here the attaynts when

3. Item they heare and determine a scholer is thone parte for all pleas personalle as well betwene schollers

contracts and trespasses don within the town and suburbs by the ordre of cyvyll law but the causes of vytell we judge after the Kynges law.

and schollers servants as also foryns and other the Kinges subiectes before their commyssary wythin the same fayre courte, by order of Cyvyll lawe by wytnesse or otherwyse in derogation of the Kynges Crowne.

4. Item they make proclamation in the same fayre before the proclamation of the Mayre of Cambryge wyche Mayre

They may so lawfully do as by the Kynges letters patents as conservators of the peace and havyng thority of vytalls

which are fyrst sold wythin ys lord of the said fayre.

the fayre.

5. Item the Vicechancellor and scholars of the seyd universitye by ther proctors usurpe and take upon them to searche all manner fyshe as well saltefyshe as other fyshe, peanter heyres, gyrche webe, Sylkys, Fures, beddes and all upholstrye warys. Spycys. Rape

seede, musterde seede, fustyans, worstede, bayes, honye, Sope, ware brought to be soulde by the wey of merchandise within the seyde fayre and wyll have the forfetture of the same premysses oftentymes, though yt be able, withowte any auctoryte.

6. Item the seyde Proctors usurpe and take upon them Gawgynge and take of every merchauntman that bryngeth for gawgyng than the Kynges Salmon to the fayre to be soulde for

So we do by virtu of the Kynges wryte dyrecte unto us and as clarke of the market and yff any man take more

lawes suffer they shall be re-
formed and corrected.

gawgyng of every laste xiid. Item for
everp laste Oyle gawgyng xiid. Item
for every laste Sope weyeng and gawg-
yng xijd.
Item for every laste honye
wayeng and gawgyng iiiish wyche ys.
brought to the seyd fayre to be soulde
by the weye of merchaundysse.

This is uncertayne and we

7. Item the seyd Proctors toke for a

say and thynke that no syche fyne of iii laste of good and able Scottes

thynge is done by the Proc

tors and yf yt can be proved there shall be restitution made to the parties.

salmon xxsh. Item the seyde Proctors toke for a fyne vish. viiid. for a salmon barell that was suffycyent and able and

It is slawndlyowsly spoken after that gave the owner lybertie to

for to say this was don and

sell hytt within the fayre.

name no man.

They take not iiiid. for sygne, and whatsoever they take of vytellers is by agreement of the party for brek

ynge thassyse of breade and


Of the busshell they take

accordyng to the Kynge's charter and the composition. And that measure that is

sealyd one yere shall lacke of his true contentes the nexte

Item the taxars of the seyde university usurpe and take of every vytualar that setteth uppe any sygne within the seyde fayre for settyng uppe of the same iiiid and compel them to paye the seyde iiiid.

9. Item they take for every carte lode Ottes brought to be soulde within the seyde fayre iiiid. Item for sygnyng and markyng of a measure called a busshell they take sum tyme xiid. sum tyme xvid.

They take hyt as amercment for sellynge of unlaw

for markyng of the same, and that measure that ys marked one yere they will not able the nexte yere but take every yere xiid. or xvid. for markyng the same. 10. Item they take of every person keping a hostrye within the seyde fayre of sum iiiid. of sum viiid. of sum xijd. Item they take of every vyteller that the false mesures usyd and sellyth ale within the seyde fayre for Item of every of the every barell ijd. sayde vytellers for sealyng of every ale measure id every yere, though yt be sealed and marked byfore or elles do agree otherwyse with them.

ful and unreasonable penyworthys of horsemete, and lykewyse of the alewyves for

contrary to the Kynges lawes.

yere in a pynte and sum a quart or els they will able hytt.

That can not be provyd yf yt could yt shall be redressed.

We take no more than we may do by the Kynge's charter and by the composition and he that can prove hymselfe hyndred shall be restored.

We claim nothing of ryght

but of the gyft and curtesy of the party as to clarke of the market to set a reasonable price therof.

Only of curtesy and by the free offer of the party.

11. Item for every yardwande sealing they take id. yerely though it be marked in the yere presydent they will not admyt the olde markes and sealyngs of the sayde measures but take yerely newe fees for sealing of the same measures.

12. Item the Taxars take of every viteller burgeys of Cambryge that bryngythe by water ony manner corne or grayne for merchandysse muskylls oysteres or other merchandysse of vytell that ys measured by the busshell onse in the yere at Cambryge brygg iiiid. Item of every foryne for every manner grayne and other merchandysse that ys measured by the busshell onse in the yere iiiid.

13. Item they take also of every carte lodon wythe oysters iiiid. Item of every bote lodon with russhes di. Cthe russhes at every tyme that he cometh.

14. Item the seyde Taxars take for a fyne of xl barells beare browght to be

We do herein as we may do by the Kynges chartor.

It was don for perjurie commytted by the sayde Slegge and Foyster.

It was done by the consent of Slegge that was partie.

soulde in styrbryge fayre one barell of beare and viiid. in moneye.

It was because thys man was a forestaller,

15. Item they kepe wythin the towne of Cambryge a cyvyll courte wekelye and holde plee of all manner contractes and actyons personell as well between forens as between burgeyses and forens and determyne the same by the order of cyvyll lawe in derogation of the kynges


16. Item they did excommunicate Mr Slegg late mayre of Cambryge bicause he wold not exhybytt at their commawndmente, and their banysshemente one Thomas Slater a burgeys of Cambryge and sargeant to the seid mayre. Item they did excommunycate Mr Foyster late mayre because he wold nott cum at their commaundment to take order for the syse of bread and ale as they seyde.

17. Item where Wylliam Rycherdson of Barnwell burgeys of Cambryge was condempned to Mr Slegge in a certeyne some of money by the dewe order of the kynges lawe and commytted to warde for execution, the Vicechancellor takyth uppon hyme to delyver the partye so condempned owte of pryson withowte thassent of the partye playntiffe and seyeth he hathe auctorytie so for to doo.

18. Item Mr Blythe of the Kynge's hawle and Mr R. Masterman late Proctors of the seyd unyversytie toke for a fyne of the baylyff of Cambryge for because that he bought of hys ney

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