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heretofore been made herein we marvell that thys presydent shulde now begin for whyche purpose we have wrytten these letters unto yow not dowting but yow wyll consyder the same as appertayneth and thus fare yo well.


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After my hartye commendations Ye shall understonde 'that the Kynges majestie hath appoynted me to have the guydynge and rule of hys vangarde ynto Frawnce and hath wylled me to have in a redyness all such hable persons as I can make as well of myne owne handes as of syche offyces as I have at this present

under hys majestie. And for as myche as I am Stuarde of your university of Cambrydge I require and pray yow with all dylygence to advertise me by your letters what nombre of hable men ye can make me to serve his hyghness and how many of them shalbe able archers on foote and how many byllmen, And that ye doo in any wyse forsee that ye appointe none but tall and able men to serve the kynge hys majestie accordingly and thys to doo after soche sorte as ye may deserve thankes at my hande for the same. Thys fare ye hartely well from Newmarkett thys shroft tuesdaye. I wyll none of yow but all footemen

Your frende



To Master Doctor

Edmundes Vicechaunceler
of Cambredge.

Master Vicechauncellor after my right harty commendations Ye shall understande I have been advertised howe diverse of the regents of that universitie who shuld rule and be good example to other have this Lente last paste very dissolutely used themselves in eating of fleshe which fault howe it hath been punyshed here I am sure ye have herde wherin I have been noted a gret avauncer and setter forth of that punyshment, Which rumor albeit it be not trewe and that in dede the Kinges maj. himself with thadvise of the rest of his counsayl did ernestly prosecute as theffecte hath shewed in sum that mysordre, Yet nevertheless by cause thoffense is gretter in scholers thenne in other and specially called to the state of Regents I cannot quyetly passe

There is no date of the year to this letter. The Duke of Norfolk was High Steward of the University from 1539 to 1554. His Grace commanded in France in 1544, which is probably the date of this letter.-ED.

over and neglecte this enformation having so apparant and manifest truth as it hath being brought to light sondry wayes as this berer canne enforme youe unto whom I praye youe give credence therin, Wherefore I praye you travayle with me for reformation which I would have soo used as the matur might be punished without encrease of the slaunder which might doo hurte to the hol universitie. And therfore I have divised and thought good that ye shuld secretly speke with such as be noted faulty and enducyng them to confesse ther faulte and paye sume fyne by your discretion to be taxed to the use of the university soo to dismisse them without farther publishing of ther names, Wherein I wold ye used such temperance as the payne wer not contempned ne the partie grieved above his estate. But I wyl have it in any wise punished for I wyl not suffer the universitie with these dissolute maners to be corrupte. Landes have not been geven ne lectures founded for any such evel purposes. If thoffenders wyl have pitie of themselves and thir own fame and soo privelye and secretly with youe submitte themselves to punishment I wyl gladly bear with them but otherwise this charitable way not regarded I wyl procede to an open inquisition and note the faulte wher I finde it I am not desirous to know ther names but oonly to understand from youe that by payment of the taxation the matur is punished, Wherof I praye youe certifie me as shortly as ye shall have doon any thing in it.

The last yere by consent of the hol universitie I made an ordre concernyng pronunciation of the Greke tonge appoynting paynes to the transgressors and finally to the Vicechaunceler if he sawe them not executed, wherein I praye youe be persuaded that I wyl not be deluded and contempned. I did it seriously and wyl maynteyne it. If youe see the transgressours punished I have cause to be contented, but otherwise I entende in your and in the proctours persons to use myne authoritie geven me by the universitie wherunto I trust ye will not enforce me. To be chaunceler of the universitie is oonly honour which by contempt is taken awaye and I wyl be ware to geve any man cause to contempne me. What enformation I have I wyl not wryte, but by that I shall see from henceforth I wyl byleve that is past. How


necessary it is to brydle the arrogance of youngest the experience of your yeres hath I doubt not taught youe and it wold much greve me privately to have any varyance with youe with whom I have had soo olde acquayntance. Which cannot be if ye suffre them not by tolleration to hope more of youe thenne ye wold avowe they shulde. The Kinges Majestie hath by the inspiration of the holy goost componed all maturs of religion which uniformitie I pray god it maye in that and in all other thinges extende unto us and forgetting all that is past goo forth in agrement as though ther had been noo such matur; but I wyl withstande fansies even in pronunciation and fight with thenemye of quiet at the first entree, Wherefore I praye youe Master Vicechaunceler loke ernestly on these matures and geve me cause by your industrie to rejoyse in the universitie and oonly to care for acquyeting our materes with the towne wherein I trust we shal have good spede by the grace of God who sende youe hartely well to fare. At the courte the xyth. of Maye

Your assured loving Frende



SUMMA expensa hoc anno per D. Heynes ut obtineret nova privilegia, scilicet. Ut Vicecancellarius semper habereter pro justiciario pacis, et ut oppidani infringentes privelegia punirentur pœnâ pecuniariâ, et ut antiqua privelegia confirmarentur.

Quæ non erant concessa, attingebat summam Liiili. xia iiid. ut in compoto 1534, procuratoribus Magistris Rydley et Wilkes quibus tradita fuit cista communis habens in se CCLXXIX. iiiis. ¡¡d. ob. qu. redactum ad CLXXxxiii. xs. 8d. q.

* There is no date of the year to this letter; it must have been written in 1543, in which year Dr. Edmondes was Vice-Chancellor. It has been printed by Strype.

A 1535. Procan. D. Craiforth Procurat.

A 1536. Procanc. D. Malet Procurat.

J. Madue

ad cxLvii. 18. 14. q. Hoc anno D. Legges visitator regius accessit ad achademiam et res decimarum tractata pro anno sequenti.

Ao! 1537. Procan. D. Malet Procurat.





ad exxiii xiiis id. ob. q. Hoc anno D. Lee et Layton visitatores. Hoc anno bullæ papisticæ deferrebantur Londinum. Item D. Craiford et senior Procurator Mr. Aynsworth iverunt Londinum pro relaxatione primorum fructuum et ultra summas allocatas in compotis achademiæ expenderunt totam summam xarum. prius collectam à collegiis.


ad iiivi xixs. 4d.

Hen. Malet

H. Joliffe

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Rob. Stokes

A 1539. Procancel. D. Buckmaster Procurat.

fuit 32. xiiiis. vid. in cista relicta.




Ao 1538. Procanc. D. Buckmaster Procurat.



dacta summa cista communis ad 30. xixs iid. Hoc anno
Mr. Swynborne et Aynsworth Londini degebant pro de-
fensione privelegiorum.




Ao 1540, .

in cista relictum xiili. xiis. iid. ob,

A. 1541. Procancel, D. Edmunds in cista viili, viis xid. ob. et


una cuppa, etc.

Ao 1542. Procancel. D. Standishe.

Ao 1543. Procancel D. Edmondes Procur. Briggs et Sandes. Allocatis allocandis universitas debet dictis procuratoribu xxxis. vid. ob. et sic vacua cista traditur Mrs. Cumberforthe et Waklyng Procurat*.

* This account of the state of the university chest is written on the back of the letter from Dr. Haynes to Dr.

p. 35.

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