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villa cant. et suburbiis ac feriis ejusdem indebite venditas contra statuta regni et qd. habeat plenam potestatem puniendi tales personas sic delinquentes et quod habeat in proprios usus tales merchandisas sic indebite venditas absque aliquo computo proinde reddendo dno regi et successoribus suis.

Item qd cancellarius etc. habeat potestatem scrutandi tam in die quam in nocte in villâ Cant. suburbiis ac feriis ejusdem omnes personas suspectas scilicet publicas mulieres pronubas vacabundos et alios de malis suspectos et etiam puniendi per prisonamentem vel bannitionem et hujusmodi, et qd. maior ballivi etc. sint assistentes cancellario etc. si requisiti fuerint ad scrutationem vel punitionem*.

To the Mayer and burgesses of
the town of Cambridge.

AFTER our right hartye commendacions. Thuniversity of Cambridge hath made sute unto us for certeigne of their priveleges to be confirmed and other new grauntes to be gyven by his highness unto them And for so much as you have made suppoon to us for the stay of their requestes and as yet hath declared no cause thereof we have sent to you their requestes to thentent you shall peruse the same and retourne your reasons yf you have any to the contrarye in writyng before the xviiith day of this pnt month. Or els we shall ferther procede to the grauntyng or denying of the same as shalbe thought to us convenyent. thus fare ye well. From Hampton courte the ivth day of January 1547°

Yr. Loveing Frend


"This graunted closely without the knowledge of the townesmen by Quene Elizabeth, as by her charter, in libro qui inscribitur Statuta Academiæ fol. 35." This and the preceding note are in the handwriting of Archbishop Parker.-ED.




ITEM. that all authorytes Jurysdyctons and lybertyes heretofore graunted exercysed and used wythin the fayres of mydsomer and Styrbrydge and either of them by the Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the university or any of them or their deputyes or assynes shall and may from henceforthe hollye appertayne to the the sayde Mayer and baylyffes by vertue of the Kynges lettres patentes thereupon to be had mayd and obteyned yn and opon the same In recompense whereof the sayd mayre baylyffes and burgesses shall yerlye paye to the sayd unyversyte xli.

It. that the sayd mayre and baylyffes shall not take of anye Carte loade of ootes commyng to the sayd Fayre above iid.

It. they shall take for every Carte loade of oysters iiiid.

It. For every bushell of mustarde seed ob for groundage and tolle and for fyndyng of the mesure to mete the same withall.

It. Whereas before tyme they have usyd to take of every Ale boothe for the utteryng of brede and Ale of some viid of some more of some lesse we are contentyd to take of some iid. and of the beste not above iiiid. and for that to commande everye vytalor to kepe lawful mesure.

It. yf that anye offysers take anye more monye for anye of the thynges above lymyted then the same taker so offendyng to be punyshed by the mayre and the reaves of the sayd towne for the tyme beyng.

It. yf anye laye personne being no scholare nor scholare's servante mayghne or kyll anye scholare or scholare's servante then the forfeytinge of all his goodes and also tharraygnement of hys bodye shall be had before the mayre accordynge to our grauntes.

It. yf anye scholare or scholare's servant for any murder or felonye be commytted to prysone in the custody of the bayliffe of the tolboothe by anye of the Justices of the pease of the university then the keepers of the sayd prysone shall have his accus

tomyned dewtyes and fees of suche scholares and scholare's servants lyke as they have of freemen and of all other strangers.

It. that the Proctors by themselves or by their lawful deputies and not by their servants onlye may serche at there lybertye as well by daye as by nyght for all common women within the towne and suburbes onlye exceptyd and provyded that they shall not meddle with persones suspecte of felonye whyche hathe alwayes pertayned to the mayre and the orderyng of vacaboundes by especial statutes ys assygned to the sayd mayre baylyffes and constables.

It. As consernyng poste horses the mayre and baylyffes do not dysagre to the same so that it may be especially declared what sorte of scholare's servantes shall not be chargyd to the


It. yn lyke wyse they do not dysagre as consernynge musters so that yt may be in lykewyse declaryd what sorte of scholare's servants shall not be callyd to the same musters.

Provyded alwaye that the charge of fyndyng and apparylyng Showldyeares that from tyme to tyme shall be appoynted to serve the Kynges majestye in his warres or other his affairs may be ratablye sessyd and borne as well by scholares and scholare's servantes as by freemen and other inhabytants of the towne accordyng to the composytion.


To the right wurshypful and our locyng Frends the vicechancellor and the unyversytie of Cambridge.

NEGOTIUM non solum arduum ac difficile verum etiam infinitum et inexplicabile vestra causa sumus aggressi, ut vestras et oppidanorum controversias componeremus. Et quidem existimamus nos quamvis sæpe definita et præcisa interlocutione, multas

aliquando quidem odiosas, aliquando vero magis irritabiles et querulas, quam graves eorum querelas ac petitiones tenedia quasi bipenni præcidimus: tamen, ut in arbitriis fere fit, neutri nos placuisse parti. Quid egimus Inclusa pagella docet. Quibus linea subducitur*, eorum lituræ sunt, et quæ volunt expungi. Nos non omnino iniquum quoque illud esse arbitramur, ut quietis causa fiat, si vobis ita videbitur. Reliquimus tamen vestro arbitrio delenda judicetis an secus. Ad cætera quæ non notantur lineis ipsi coram nobis assenserunt. Si hæc formula pacis placeat, primum deligite inter vos domi, qui accuratius hæc pertractent, et deinde si fieri potest, quæ nunc in summa dicuntur, tractata inter vos latius, et ad jureconsultorum rationem deducta, signis vestris invicem firmanda curate. Quod si semel fiat, nullusque sit qui dicat contra de libello petitioneque vestra nihil erit hic hæsitationis. Sin displiceat hæc ratio componendæ discordiæ, relinquimus vobis omnia integra. Bene valete. Londini xxi° Feb. A.D. 1547°.




1. THAT no common Pultar or taker take up or grosse any victualls in Cambridge markett or within v myles of the towne by the virtue of any commission Except it be fisshe for the Kinges Mties household or others or other suche victualls sold as merchandise in Stirberch or mydsomer fayres.

2. That no Mr. of College nor student or schollers nor Phisitians Surgeons Bedells horse be taken post.

3. That no Muster be taken of Scholler or scholler's servante or any other person priveleged by of the universitie be mustered * These parts are printed in italics.

before any commissioners of the Muster for the shire or towne of Cambridge but only by lettres or other commission directed to the vicechancellor or some of the universitie.

4. That the Vicechancellor for the time being the Mrs of the Kinges College Trinitie College and three colleges moer whom the Kinges Mtie shall appointe shalbe Justices of the peace and have all such authoritie as other Justices of peace have. And yf the universitie willeth and requireth Sessions they shall agree

unto it.

5. That the Vicechancellor may command the Proctors or other officers of the university to serche for hores bawdes and other suspect and vagabond persons both by day and nyght as in times past they were wonte. And all that be so taken to be punyshed at the discretion of the Chancellor etc. according to the graunte of King H. the vith and the lawes and statutes of this Realme.

6. That the vieu sight and punyshment for forfaicth of all silk clothes pewter vessels and other merchandises shall apperteigne to the universitie according as it did before to thaward made that twoo of the towne and twoo of thuniversitie should jointly do the same

7. Item that in the Chancellors vicechancellors or commissaries court they may use the Civil lawe or the lawe of the realme in cases according as heretofore they have been accustomed and according to the composition. And that thos courtes from henceforthe be courtes of Record and that they have one day or twoo in the weeke certayne to kepe theer courte on as the said Judges shall appoint and that the parties requiring they may make all their petitions aunswers and other such processes in wrytyng and delyver copies thereof accordyng to the fourme of the civil lawe or chauncery.

8. The Mayor and the Towne of Cambridge shall wryte a letter to my L. Grace and the Counseyle declaring the sutes of the universitie compreste in theis bill as it is now corrected to be necessarie and reasonable

9. The said Mayor and Towne shall pay yearlie to thuniversitie at the feast of St. Barthelmewe St. Michael tharchaungel

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