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Township of

Maghull. School (see page 5). By an indenture dated 13th April 1839 and enrolled in Chancery 26th April 1839, School. Richard Alison granted to the Rev. Richard Loxham and six others a piece of land, part of a close formerly called the Sound Earth, but then better known as the Lion Field, in Maghull, and John Formhy and Helen, his wife, granted to the said Richard Loxham and six others the fee-farm rents amounting to 11l. 188. 1d., described in the Report of 1828, upon trust to hold the land and school buildings to be erected thereon in connection with the National Society, and as a school for the instruction of poor children of both sexes resident in Maybu!) and the neighbourhood thereof, on Sundays in reading in the Church Catechism and in the principles of the Christian religion, and on working days in reading, writing, common arithmetic, and other branches of useful learning, and upon trust to apply the fee-farm rents towards the stipends of the master or masters, mistress or mistresses, of the school.

No information has been obtained as to the period between 1827 and 1839, when there was apparently no school, nor does it appear how John and Helen Formby were in a position in 1839 to make a fresh conveyance of the fee-farm rents, which they had conveyed 12 years previously to the Rev. George Holden and others.

New trustees were appointed by an Order of the Charity Commissioners, dated 5th June 1883, which also vested the lands and hereditaments belonging to the Charity in the Official Trustee of Charity Lands. Of the trustees then appointed there survive the Kev. Canon T. B. Hollinshead Blundell, the Rev. James Gerard Leigh, and Robert Mawdsley; but Mr. Leigh is rector of Walton, and Mr. Mawdsley resides in Halewood, and neither takes any part in the management of the school.

The management is actually exercised by Canon Blundell, Mr. Hocter, the vicar, and five laymen.

The school premises consist of the National School and a master's house, which, being now too sinall for the schoolmaster, is let for 101. yearly. The schoolmaster collects the fee-farm rents for Mr. Hocter, from whom he receives 10s. for bis trouble. The balance and the rent of the cottage are paid into the general account of the school, which has an average attendance of 190.

The following is a Schedule of the fee-farm rents now paid :


Names of Proprietors of Lands liable.

Names of Occupiers.

Names and Description of

Sums Paid.

Properties Charged.

High pastures


1 George Wood's executors

Selves 2 Rev. T. B. H. Blundell

Self 3 George Arkle

Henry Moon 4 John Almond

Self 5 Wm. F. Meadows

Self 6 John Townshend

Wm. Prescott 7 R. C. Welsby

John Sherman 8 John Townshend

John Foster 9 John Sumner's executors

Edmund Sumner 10 Edward Wigual

Wm. Prescott 11 Liverpool Select Vestry

Joshua Cropper 12 A. Ballard's executor

James Silcock 13 Peter Berry

James Silcock 14 Thomas Webster's executor

Catherine Webster 15 Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company Selves 16 Edwd. Whalley's executors

John Pimbley 17 Wm. Taylor's executors

John Pimbley 18 | Saml. H. Cuckson

Self 19 John Rankin

Capt. Gerard 20 Elizabeth Ashcroft

Self 21

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Selves 22 Liverpool Select Vestry

Selves 23 Jas, J. Durant

Self 24 Richard Woods

Hy. Harem 25 Rev. J. F. Hocter


£ s. d. 0

4 41 4 2 6 0 14 104 0 2 6 09 8 0 4 10 0 4 10 0.5 0 0

5 l 1 26 1 2 1 0 11 8 0 8 11 0 5 76 0 7 6 07 5 0 1 01 0 3 0 0 1 10 0 1 6 0 4 10 0 1 101 0 4 01 0 1 6 0 0 71



Railway land
Moss Side House

Lime Cottage
Glebe Land

11 18 11

The 1201., with od 30th April 1867, to the 1321. 8s. 11d. Consols,


Poor's Money (see page 6). Township of By an indenture vated ihe 26th January 1846, reciting that the wharf mentioned in Maghull. 'the Report of 1828 had been sold for 1201., which had been deposited in the Ormskirk

Savings Bank in certain names at the request of the inhabitants of Maghu!, it was Money. declared ihat the ] 201, should be held by the rector of Halsall, the perpetual curate of

Maghull, and the chapelvardens of Maghull (who were the parties to the indenture) and their successors, upon trust to call in the 1201, when they should think proper, and to place out the same upon niortgage, and that the trustees, or the major part of them assembled at a inceting to be held on the Friday before Good Friday in the vestry of the chapel at Magbull at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, should distribute thc annual proceeds of the trust money among such poor persous of and belonging to Mayhull, and in such manner as they should think proper; and it was declared that the rector of Halsall, the perpetual curate of the Chapel and Chapeiry of Maghull, and the chapel. wardens of Maghull, should always be the trustecs of the Charity

The 1201., with 31. Os. 2d. accrued interest, was paid under an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated 30th April 1867, to the Official Trustces of Charitable Funds, in whose name these sums were invested in 1321. 8s. 11d. Consols, now producing 31. 12s. 8d. yearly.

The incoine is distributed annually by the vicar and churchwardeus of Maghull (the rector of Halsall taking no part in the administration) on Good Friday in the church after morning prayer, in sums of 3s. among 24 poor people selected by thein, being mainly widows and aged women, some of whom are in receipt of Poor Law relief. The money is taken to those who are not members of the Church of England and do not attend at the church.

Pimbley's Charity. Pimbley's Benjamin Pimbley of Maghuil, by his will dated 17th May 1891, and proved at Charity. Liverpoo! 23rd May 1885, bequeathed to the churchwardens of Maghull church 2001.

free from duty, to be by them invested in the names of the church wardens on either inortgage, Liverpool Dock or Corporation securities, or any other secure investment, the interest to be received by them and expended by them every Christmas in coal and clothing and distributed among the deserving poor belonging to and residing permanently in Maghull.

The bequest was subject to the life interest of testator's widow, who died in January 1900, and was paid under an Order of the Charity Cominissioners dated 11th September 1900, to the Official Trustees of Charitable Furds, in whose name it was invested in 1671. 178. Liverpool Corporation 31. 10s. per cent. Stock, producing yearly 51. 178. 4d.

At the date of the Inquiry one quarter's dividend had been received, which had been distributed in January by the churchwardens among 28 persons, each of whom was given a hundredweight of coal, costing one shilling. The recipients were of all denominations, and the church wardeps stated that some of tliem received doles from the Poor's Money

as well. Township of Melling

Township of Melling witu Cunscough. withCunscough.

School (see page 7). School

A new school was erected on the School Acre in 1814 at a cost of 4501., and an infants' school was added in 1890 at a cost of 3401. The master's house became so dilapidated in 1875, that it became nccessary to erect a new one, also on the same site, at a cost of 4001. The old schoolhouse and master's house were then put in repair and have since been let as labourers' cottages. The money expended in all these cases was obtained by public subscription.

New trustees were from time to time nominated by the surviving trustees after 1821 as prescribed by the decd of that year, but only one deed conveying the trust premises to new trustees was executed, and that in 1861. Doubts having arisen as to the legai position of the acting trustees appointed aster that date, the Earl of Lathom, the surviving trustee under ihe deed of 1861, requested the Charity Commissioners to hold an Inquiry into the matter. A public Inquiry was accordingly held at Halsall by Mr. Walker Skirrow, an Inspector of Charities, into this, among the other charities of

the parish, in December 1890. Scheme of 'In the result of this Inquiry Lord Lathom applied to the Charity Commissioners for 1892. a Scheme, which was established on the 6th December 1892. By this Scheme the real

estate is vested in the Official Trustee of Charity Lands, and the Charity, under the


name of the Melling-with-Cunscough Educational Charity, is placed under the manage. . Haisall, ment of eight trustees, of whom three are representative, appointed by the vestry of Mollir

MellingMelling-with-Cunscough, to hold office for six years, and five are coöptative, holding with office for seven years, and being persons residing or carrying on business in or near the Cunscougi. township; but the Scheme nominated as ccöptatire trustees for life the persons who

School were then the acting trustees. The school of the Charity is to be conducted as a public continued elementary school, the trustees appointing and dismissing the teachers, and, subject to the regulations of the Education Department, fixing their qualifications. All money

ether from fees or otherwise in respect of the school, is to be applied wholly
for the purposes of the school.
The present trustees arc --
Representative :

James Taylor,
Edward Service,

Major Clark, all appointed by the vestry on the 29th September 1899.
Coöptative :
The Rev. T. B. H. Blundell, rector of Halsall, appointed by the Scheme for

The Right Hon. Edward George, Earl of Lathom, appointed 7th October 1899.
Edward Brownbill, of Moorfield House, Melling, appointed 19th January 1900,
The Rev. Joseph Sturdy Gardner, vicar of Melling, appointed 21st June 1900.
Edward Woodhead of Elton, near Maghull, appointed 20th September 1900.

The appointments of the Earl of Lathom and Mr. Brownbill were approved by an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated 27th February 1900, and that of Mr. Gardner was approved by an Order dated 7th August 1900. That of Mr, Woodhead has not yet been approved.

The property belonging to the Charity is as follows :






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A. 1. | A freehold plot of land in Melling, formerly 7

known as the School Acre, numbered 358, il
359 and 360 in the Tithe Survey, and with
the following buildings thereon:-

The Schoolhouse - - .
The schoolmaster's house ·
A cottage and outbuildings . .

the residne being let as farm land -
2. | A leasehold plot of land in Melling, held for 0

the residue of a term of 999 years, created
by an indenture dated 15th August 1709,
and numbered 234 in the Tithe Surrey.

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All repairs are done at the cost of the Charity, and amount to 101. a year on the average. Tithe on the whole property, payable to the rector of Halsall, amounts to upwards of 21. 16s. yearly, and property tax of 11. 5.3. is paid under protest. Rates amounted to 31. ls. 4d. in the last halt-year. There arc no paid officials and no charges for collecting rents, &c., all of which are paid to the vicar, who acts as honorary treasurer and correspondent. The net income is, therefore, somewhat under 401., and this is paid into the general account of the school, the average attendance at which is about 110.


Township of Melling. with-Cung


Poor's Stor;k (see page 9).
No trace of any payment in respect of this Charity after 1828 has been discovered.
It must, therefore, be reckoned as lost.

Richard and

Richard and John Tatlock's Charities (see page 9). The sum of 30s. is paid annually by Captain Hughes of Sherdley Hall, St. Helen's, in respect of the same land as is charged with the 20s. for the use of the schoolmaster.

The late vicar, Mr. Glazebrook, used to distribute this money at Easter, with the assistance of the church wardens, among 10 or 15 poor persons of both sexes, in sums varying from 1s. to 58. In 1900, according to his account-book, he had distributed only 28. 6d. before his death on the 10th of May.*


Formby's Charity. Caroline Formby, of Melling, widow, by her will dated 16th July 1849, and prover at London 2nd July 1850, bequeathed to the minister and churchwardens of the church or chapelry of the township of Melling 1001. free of legacy duty, upon trust to invest in their names, or in the names of trustees to be appointed by them, on such securities as the minister and churchwardens should deem proper, and to lay out the income in coals and distribute thein at their discretion amongst poor inhabitants of the township selected by them.

The bequest is represented by 1031. ls. 10d. New Consols, standing in the names of the Rev. Joseph Sturdy Gardner, Thomas Sumner, and Richard Prescott, to which they were transferred on the 18th December 1900 by Herbert Ernest Glazebrook, sole executor of the last will and testament of the Rev. J. K. Glazebrook, the last survivor of the previous stockholders.

Mr. Glazebrook appears by his accounts to have added the income, which is 21. 16s. 8d., to other poor funds belonging to the church, which he distributed at Christinas. Adiong other things included in the distribution were coals to the value of 41. to 121. annually, given in doles of 12 to 20 hundredweight.

At the date of the Inquiry the present vicar had five quarters' dividends in hand, out of which 11. 158. was due for the costs of transferring the stock, and the residue was owing for coals distributed in January.


Ackers's Charity. William Ackers, of Bickerstaff, by his will dated 18th August 1831, and proved at Chester 9th February 1832, bequeathed 101. to the poor belonging to the township of Melling, the legacy to be placed out at interest, and the interest to be distributed in bread by the chapelwardens on Christmas Day, Easter, and Whit Sunday yearly to the poor that attend regularly Me!ling Chapel.

The bequest was deposited in the Liverpool Savings Bank in the name of “ the Ackers Charity," and the annual income is 5s, 6d. Owing to the smallness of the amount, the income has been allowed to accumulate for a number of years at a time, .but at one time it was given annually at Easter in bread to some of the recipients of the Tatlock Charity. Since 1889 the bread distribution has been abandoned, and from then until 1897 there was no distribution of any kind, owing, as appears from the accounts rendered to the Charity Commissioners, to the death of one and the severe illness of the other of the two trustees, who had till 1896 been the trustees. In that year James Taylor and Richard Prescott, then the church wardens, took over the management of the Charity, and they distributed 11. 16s. 80. in the following year, in sums of cash.

Since 1897 the income has accumulated, and at the date of the Inquiry there was lös. 6d. in the savings bank awaiting distribution.


Assistant Coumissioner.

April 15, 1901.

The remainder of the 30s. was paid in August 1901, by Mr. Glazebrook's executors to Mr. Gardner.

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