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Works in Foreign Languages
Manuscripts, Missals, &c., several

33 Works in the English Languare... SUPPLEMENT or APPENDIX, con

taining works in various languages,

both Foreign and English. Bibliography, Typography, &c. various sizes....

404 Medals, Medallions, and ancient Greek, Roman, and I'nglish Coins, &c....

415 Manuscript lolls, &c.......


No. No. 301 4070 4256 390

Walker, Printer, Durham,

Descriptive Catalogue,





Books in the Learned and numerous other Foreign Languages,

including a choice collection of Polyglot Bibles, Testaments, Works on Biblical Literature in general, scarce and valuable Editions of the Classics, and numerous Articles of great rarity and value, executed in the very Infancy of the Typographical Art.



1 IBLIA Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia Vetus Testamen

tum, Hebraico, Græco et Latino Idiomate; Novum Testamentum Græcum et Latinum, et Vocabularium Hebraicum et Chaldaicum Veteris Testamenti, cum Grammaticâ Hebraicâ, necnon Dictionario Græco: Studio, Operâ, et impensis Cardinalis, Francisci Ximenez de Cisneros. Industriâ Arnoldi Guilielmi de Brocario artis impressorie Magis. tri, 6 vols. a fine set, calf, very neat, 581.

Compluti. 1514-17 This celebrated Polyglot Bible of which Cardinal Ximenez was the pro

moter and patron, is commonly called the Complutensian. The Cardinal employed various learned men to compose it, and gave in those days 4000 Crowns, for seven M. S. S. of the Hebrew Bible. The entire expence of this magnificent production amounted to 50,000 Ducats, which was cheerfully defrayed by his liberality. This valuable work has the Hebrew, Latin and Greek in three distinct columns and a Chaldee Paraphrase, with a Latin Interpretation at the bottom of the page; the margin being filled with the Hebrew and


Chaldee radicals. Of its intrinsic value, the learned Mills speaks in
high terms. From the bull of l'ope Leo affixed to the work, it ap-
pears that about 600 Copies were struck off, a small number ex-
claims Clement, and not sufficient for public Libraries! Michælis
informs us (vol. 2, pt. 1, p. 442) that it is wanting in many of the
public libraries in Germany, and was not for many years even in
that of Gottingen. The late Munchhausen gave an order to his com-
missioner to bid as high as 900 florins (near £.80 sterling) for a set.
According to the preface of the Antwerp Polyglot, it appears to have

been rare even at the end of the sixteenth century.
The present is an uncommonly fine and beautiful set, and includes the

Lexicon, which is still more rare than the rest of the work.---See
Dibdin, Dr. Clarke, Clement, &c.

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2 Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 6 vols. large folio; and Castell's

Lexicon, 2 vols. also large folio, with fine portrait of Wal-
ton by Lombart, und many other plates by Hollar, finely
ruled throughout with red lines. Likewise Walton's Intro-
ductio ad Linguarum and the Considerator considered, 2
vols. 12mo, very scarce. In all 10 vols. neat in calf, 401.

Lond. 1637

This is what is called a royal copy: it is cut very large, and is in ex

cellent preservation.

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3 Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 6 vols.; and Castell's Lexicon, 2

vols., with heads of Walton and Castell, and all the plates
by Hollar, a beautiful set, cut large; together with Wal-
ton's Introductio ad Linguarum and the Considerator con-
sidered, 2 vols.; and the Targum on the Books of Chroni-
cles, published by Wilkins. In all 11 vols. viz. 8 large folio,
2 12mo, and 1 4to, neat in calf, 451.

ib. 1657 This set of the Polyglot is what is called a Republican copy, having the

original dedication to Oliver Cromwell and his Ministers, &c. which,
on the coming of Charles II. was cancelled, and very few copies in
this state having been circulated, they are therefore exceedingly
scarce, and consequently much valued by the curious,

4 Biblia Polyglotta Waltoni, 6 vols. large folio, with fine head

of Walton, and plates by Hollar; a good set, cut large;
four leaves of which, in the early part of the Book of Job,
have small parts admirably supplied with fac-simile M. S.
so as scarcely to be distinguishable from the letter-press, and
may perhaps be considered rather as an ornament than other-
wise to the work, 281. 10s.

ib. 1657 The present is also one of the rare copies called republican.

5 Biblia Sacra Polyglotta Waltoni, vols. 2, 3, 5, 6, and the

prolegomena &c. of the first. The fifth volume contains the whole of the New Testament, with a fine portrait of

Walton by Lombart, and other plates, 121, 12s. Lond. 1657 In the above invaluable edition of the Holy Scriptures, by Dr. Brian

Walton, there are nine distinct languages used. The work is also enriched with prefaces, prolegomena, treatises on weights and measures, geographical charts, and chronological tables. There never was but one edition, although the slight variations, occasioned through the cancelled leaves of the preface, gives rise, as before stated, to the terms of Republican and Loyal copies. Of the intrinsic excellence of this work the most eminent bibliographers have spoken in the highest terms of praise; and as it has been so often described, this notice shall be concluded with the following emphatic extract from Dibdin : to whom, as well as to Dr. Clark, Clement, &c. the

reader is referred for extended and very interesting accounts. « On this immortal work the voice of criticism bas been uniformly favou.

rable: no praise can transcend its merits.” 6 Biblia Hebraica, cum Vers. Lat. ac Not. Munsteri, 2 vols.

a few leaves in the first volume slightly wormed, otherwise

a fine copy, in vellum curiously embossed, 41.4s. Basil, 1546 7 Biblia Hebraica, ac Novum Testamentum Græcum, et Apo

crypha, cum versionibus interlin. a Montano, a large fine copy, in the original pannel binding, with the sides curiously rolled, 21. 18s.

Aelobrogum, excud. Pet. de la Rov. 1609 “ The most useful of all Hebrew Bibles, for a person who understands

any thing of Latin, is the Bibl. Heb. Interlin. of Montanus ; as this work has a very literal translation interlined with the original: the Latin word being exactly over the Hebrew to which it belongs, the learner is in no danger of applying a wrong sense to any word in

the text."-.-Bibl. Dict. 8 Biblia Sacra Latina, Vulgatæ Editionis, with marginal refe

rences, and the Apocrypha and New Testament, complete in one thick volume, black letter, rare, 31. 3s.

Nuremberg, per Ant. Koberger, Die 24 Mensis Martii, 1500 This fine specimen of early Typography has the initial letters tastefully

inserted in colours; it is a remarkably good copy, very neat in the

original pannel binding. 9 Biblia Germanica.—The Holy Bible in the German language,

3 vols. bound in one, a very fine copy, in the original pannel binding, with brass knobs, very rare, 21. 10s.

Hanov. ap. J. Hamborch, 1590

This is altogether a remarkable book. The titles of the 3 vols. are beau.

tifully printed in large ornamented red and black letters, and surrounded with very curious wood engravings on scripture subjects. The whole work is printed throughout in compartments; the initial letters large, and finely cut: besides this, it has 169 very fine and large curious wood engravings throughout the several volumes, which comprise the Old and New Testament, together with the

Apocrypha. 10 Novum Testamentum Græcum, a remarkably fine large copy, 2 vols. in one, very neat in calf extra, 21. 2s.

Lutet. ex officina R. Steph. 1550 11 Another Set, particularly fine, and handsomely bound in 2 vols. red morocco extra, 21. 12s. 6d.

ib. 1550 The above two copies are “the splendid and critical edition of R. Ste

phens, which has so justly excited the admiration of the curious and learned. It contains various readings in the margin from 16 M. S. S. including the complutensian edition, and the text is allowed to be not only more correct than the foregoing editions, but to be the parent of all subsequent ones. Its exterior splendour and intrinsic excellence have not only been acknowledged by every bibliographer, but its celebrity has placed Stephens, the editor as well as printer, on a footing with the most distinguished literary characters in Europe."---Dibdin.

12 Novum Testamentum Græcum; una cum scholiis Græcis a

Gregorio, beautiful copy, calf neat, completely interleaved with fine wove writing paper, 18s.

Oxon. 1703 13 Another Set, very fine, in old calf, 158.

ib. 1703 14 Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum variis lectionibus, &c.

curâ J. Millii, beautiful copy, with frontispieces and head pieces finely engraved from designs by Sir J. Thornhill;

LARGE PAPER, very neat in vellum, 31. 3s. ib. 1707 “This is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent publications that ever

appeared; and if we except the edition of Wetstein, probably the

most critical and important one of the sacred Text.Dibdin. The present is printed on fine thick paper, and copies of this description

are very scarce. 15 Novum Testamentum Gr. cum variant. lect. et comment.

curâ Wetstenii, 2 vols. a beautiful set, elegant in russia, marbled leaves, 101. 10s.

Amstel. 1751

16 Another Set, particularly fine, 2 vols. new and very neat in white vellum, 91. 9s.

ib. 1751

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