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"All former editions of the Greek Testament were surpassed by that of John James Wetstein. The learned Michalis says that it is of all editions of the Greek Testament the most important, and the most necessary to those who are engaged in sacred criticism, and Dr. Marsh, the translator of Michalis, and, perhaps, the best judge now living of the merits of such a work, calls it by the emphatic appellation of "the invaluable book."--Butler's Hora Biblica. 17 Novum Testamentum Græcum, e. Codice M. S. Alexandrino a Woide, good copy, sewed, uncut, but wants 2 leaves, viz. second of 2 I, and first of 3 K, 11. 14s.

Lond. 1786

The above is a fac-simile or imitation of the famous Alexandrian M. S., and is finely printed on imperial paper.

18 Psalterium Polyglotton, Heb. Gr. Arab. et Chald. cum tribus Latinis interpretationibus et glossis, a Justiniano, a fine copy, very neat in calf extra, 31. 18s. Genoa, 1516

"The above is the first polyglot Psalter ever printed. Besides containing the Heb. Arab. Chald. and Greek, it has Latin versions, glosses and scholia, which last occupy the 8th column. Copies in fine condition are very scarce."---See Dibdin and Dr. Clark. It is likewise curious from being the very first Polyglot work ever attempted. 19 Auli Gellii, Noctes Atticæ, a little stained, but quite perfect, handsomely bound in brown calf, 41. 14s. 6d.

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Venet. ap. And. Catharensis, 1477

This is a rare and beautiful work.---See Dibdin and Clement. As long ago as at the Pinelli sale, a copy sold for 6l. 16s. 6d.

20 Aulus Gellius, good copy of a rare edition, with a curiously engraved title page and colophon, neat in calf, 11. 11s. 6d. Venice, Jo. de Tridino, 1496

This edition appears to have been unknown to De Bure and Harwood. Fabricius and Ernesti have supposed that the edition of 1509, by De Tridino, was the first edition which contained the summary or arguments of the eighth book which is lost. This early edition, bowever, of 1496, contains them.

21 Augustini Sancti Liber Epistolarum, good and very large copy, 91.9s. Argent. typ. Mentellianis, circa 1470

The above is the EDITIO PRINCEPS, of great rarity, and little known.---See Santander, who does not refer to any copy having ever occurred for sale in any public or private library.

22 Augustini S. Aurelii de Civitate Dei, libri 22, cum commentariis Th. Valois et Nicolai Trivet, in the original vellum

37 Biel (Gabrielis) Inventarum generale, super quatuor libros
sententiarum, good copy, in the original pannel binding,
11. 1s.
Lugd. 1514
38 Bonaventuræ (Sancti) Meditationes vitæ et passionis Jesu
Christi, good copy, though slightly stained in some places,
elegant in calf, 81. 88.

Augusta Vindelicorum, Gunth. Zeyner, 1468 Santander styles this edition "infiniment rare," and observes that it is much more precious on account of its being the very first work printed in the city of Augsburg, which bears a certain date and name of printer.

39 Bonifacii Decretalium Compilatio, cum glossis, with ornamented capitals and curious wood cuts of genealogies, a little wormed, otherwise a fine specimen of early printing, Paris, ap. Uld. Gering et Rembolt, 1506


40 Ciceronis Opera, 2 vols. fine copy, neat, 31. 3s.

Lutet. ap. Bad. Ascen. 1527
EDITIO SECUNDA; and the first edition printed and edited by Badius

41 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cum Commentariis Aldi Manutii,
10 vols. bound in 4, a very fine set, neat in vellum, excee-
dingly scarce, with the original portraits, &c. of the Al-
dusses, 51. 5s.
Venet. ap. Aldum, 1582
Renouard says "when this edition is found complete and in good con
dition, it is much sought after." The Dedication of the Timæus,
in this edition, is addressed to the famous Crichton, which Dr.
Kippis seems not to have known when he wrote the life of that re-
markable man in the Biograph. Britannica.

"The dedication is exquisitely pathetic." Bibl. Dict.

The work is a re-union of the Aldine editions which had been printed separately, and the last of importance which issued from the press of the younger Aldus.

42 Ciceronis Opera Omnia, cum Notis et variis Lectionibus, cura Lambini et Gothofredi, 4 parts in one, a remarkably fine copy, with a copious index and numerous marginal references, neat in white vellum, scarce, 11. 18s. Chouet, 1634 The above is a scarce and very finely printed book. Each page is in double columns; by which means, and being printed in a small but distinct type, the whole of this learned author's works are comprised in this one volume. The title is within a curious and fine wood engraving compartment. The present copy formerly belonged to the celebrated Steph. Blancardus, whose name appears neatly written on the title page, with the date 1674.


Dibdin, in his Classics, says that Gothofredus has notes of former commentators, but especially of Lambinus, whose critical abilities (says the same ingenious bibliographer), well fitted him for the office of editor of Cicero.

43 Ciceronis Epistolares Familiares, cum Notis et Commentariis Scoppa et Robortelii, old morocco, 12s. 6d. Paris, 1549 44 Cæsaris (C. Julii) Commentarii de Bello Gallico, EDITIO SECUNDA, morocco extra, gilt leaves, 161. 16s.

Venet. ap. Jenson, 1471

This edition was unknown to Fabricius, but is stated by Clement to be "more beautiful and magnificent than the edition of Sweynheym and Pannartz, 1472, and also equally rare."

The present copy is so exceedingly beautiful that a finer one, it is presumed, if one so fine, can hardly be expected to exist.

45 Castelli Lexicon, vol. 1, good copy, but wants the title and preface, 11. 18s.

46 Corpus Juris Civilis, cum D. Gothofredi et aliorum notis, 2 vols. fine set, very neat in calf, 51. 58.

Amst. ap. Bleau et Elzev. 1663

A beautiful and celebrated edition, which contains the notes of some authors not in other editions.

47 Chrysostomi (S. Johannis) Sermones de patientia Job, et aliquot de pœnitentia, latinè, Lelio Tifernate interprete, a remarkably fine copy, elegant in calf, 91. 9s.

Norimberga, 1471

This edition is of the greatest rarity, and has the advantage of being the first with a certain date, which proves the antiquity of its impression. Santander.

48 Cocceii Opera Omnia, Theologica, Exegetica, Didactica, Polemica, Philologica, with plates, 12 vols. EDIT. opt. a fine set, very neat in white vellum, 91. 9s.

Amst. 1750

49 Chronicon Nurembergense, cum figuris et imaginibus ab initio Mundi, good copy and perfect, except a few leaves of the index wanting, which are neatly supplied by M. S., calf extra, 91. 9s. Nuremberg, Koberger, 1493

This book contains upwards of two thousand wood cuts, engraved in a most spirited manner; and in this copy they are all coloured. It is altogether a remarkable volume, being the history of the world, both sacred and profane, from the earliest time to the period of its


date. In the Bibl. Spenc. no less than nineteen pages are occupied in the description of this truly singular book.

50 Codex Theodori Bezæ Cantabrigiensis, Evangelia et Apostolorum Acta Complectens, quadratis literis Græco-Latinis. Edente T. Kipling, S. T. P. IMPERIAL PAPER, a most splendid work, 2 vols. a fine set, half bound russia, 6l. 18s. Cantab. 1793

The types employed in printing this superb book, were cast for the purpose of imitating the character of the original M. S. which is in the public library at Cambridge. Only 250 copies were printed. 51 Cartusien de Precipuis Festivitatibus et Dynckens puel de Passione dni. nri. Jhesu Christi, 2 vols. in one, Gothic Letter, in the most beautiful condition and original binding, 101. 10s. No date, but lettered on the back 1455

The imperfect shape of the letters and the very rude stile of printing, with want of pages &c. is sufficient proof that those two rare works were executed in the infancy of printing, but most probably the date on the binding is somewhat erroneous.

52 Clementis Alexandrini Opera, Gr. et Lat. â Heinsio et Silbergio, good copy, 1l. 1s. Paris, 1629

The Parisian edition of 1629 is well printed, and is, upon the whole, a very respectable edition of a very learned and judicious writer." Bibl. Dict.

53 Concordantia Majoris cum Declinabilium (or Concordance to the Vulgate Bible) utriusque Instrumentum cum indeclinabilium Dictionum, Black Letter, scarce, neat in vellum, 18s. Basil. ap. Froben, 1521 54 Diodorus Siculus, Wesselingii, 2 vols. a remarkably fine set, with very large margins, handsomely bound in calf, 71. 7s. Amst. 1746

"The splendour and critical excellence of all editions" says Harles, "are eclipsed by this of Peter Wesseling, which contains every thing to be found in preceding ones: and besides a learned preface, useful notes and various illustrations of the author, presents us with the readings of various M. S. S. and very full and perfect indexes."

"It is now very rare and dear." Dibdin.

55 Dionysii Harlicanassis, Antiquitatum Romanorum, libri decem, a Lappo Birago in latinum sermonem traducti

a few leaves at the end slightly wormed, otherwise a fine copy, handsomely half bound, 31. 138. 6d.

Tavisii, Bernardinus Celerius de Luere, 1480

This edition is exceedingly rare. It appears that the beautiful and extensive library of Earl Spencer, and some other choice collections do not contain a copy. It was printed 66 years before the EDITIO PRINCEPS in Greek. A Copy was sold, as long ago as at Dr. Askew's sale, for 51. 10s.

56 Daniel Secundum Septuaginta ex Setraplis Origines, very fine copy, uncut, 18s.

Rom. 1772

A work held in high estimation by our most profound scholars.

57 Demosthenis Opera Omnia Græce, cum Ulpiani comment. some of the leaves a little stained, otherwise a good copy, neatly half bound, 21. 2s.

Paris, ap. Dupuys et Benenat. 1570

"This edition is a beautiful and excellent one, taken chiefly from the first of Hervagius." Dibdin.

58 Demosthenis Opera, Wolfiis, cum commentariis Ulpiani, first edition, 3 vols. in one, fine copy, neatly half bound in green morocco, 11. 6s. Basil. ap. Oporin. 1572

The above is a Latin translation of the works of Demosthenes, by Wolfe, and was intended as a companion to his edition of the same author in Greek.

59 Dion Cassius, Gr. et Lat. Leunclavii, good copy, old calf, Hanov. 1606

17. 10s.

"This is a very valuable work, with the critical notes of Leunclavius, and the version of Xylander, published by the same editor." Dibdin.

A copy was sold at Bridges' sale for 21. 9s.

60 Dactyliotheca Smithiana, curâ A. F. Gorii, with 100 plates of Heathen Deities, Roman Emperors, &c. finely engraved, 2 vols. a very fine and large set, calf extra, 31. 3s.

Venet. 1767

Joseph Smith, Esq. the proprietor of the gems from which these engravings were made, was British Consul at Venice; and the work is dedicated by the publisher, J. B. Pasquali, to King George the third, of whom a fine portrait is prefixed, when about 27 years of age. 61 Eusebii Pamphili Preparationis Evangelicæ lib. XV. et Demonstrationis Evangelicæ lib. X. gr. EDITIO PRINCEPS, 2 vols. in one, a most beautiful copy, with remarkably

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