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off-shoot from the Presbyterianism that has long prevailed in Scotland.

INSTRUCTIONS, 1693. “As the said Lord Wharton should by any writing under his hand direct." -TRUST DEED.

Notwithstanding the appointment of trustees, Lord Wharton still kept the administration of the Charity in his own hands; and in the following year he put into writing, as the result of further consideration and experience, minute Instructions to the trustees respecting it.

The length and extreme minuteness of these Instructions show at least the importance which he attached to the properly carrying into effect of the Charity, and his anxiety for its continuance on the lines he laid down, They were probably put into form by his chaplain, William Taylor. By these Instructions, bearing date April 24th, 1693, he directed, out of the clear yearly rents, issues, and profits which should from time to time arise out of Synethwaite and other lands in the said

deed mentioned, as follows: 1,050 Bibles,

ist.—That 1,050 Bibles, with the Singing Psalms bound up therewith the Sing• with, shall be yearly provided, of the English translation, published ing Psalms.

by authority, in a large duodecimo, with a fair print, well bound in calves' leather, with strong brass clasps, each Bible not exceeding the price of 2s. 6d., or near thereabouts as can be bought, at best

hand, with ready money. 1,050

Cate- 2nd.—That the like number of Catechisms shall be yearly provided, chisms.

now intituled, “The Grounds and Principles of Christian Religion contained in a short Catechism, with the Proofs thereof out of the Scriptures,” the same to be well bound in sheep's leather, not

exceeding the price of 2s. 6d. per dozen, or near thereabouts. Stamp on the 3rd.—That an inscription by a stamp be on the middle of the outoutside cover. side cover of each Bible and each Catechism, and each of the two other

books hereby appointed to be provided with these words : By the will of Philip, Lord Wharton," and adding under the same the year

of our Lord in figures, in which each of the said books are given out. On the inside 4th.—That in the inside of the upper out-cover of each of the said

Bibles there shall be some words in a printed paper, to be pasted on, to this or the like effect, videlicet: “The reading Psalms, in the English translation in the Bible, are to be learned without book, by the child to whom this Bible is given-namely, ist, 15th, 25th, 37th, 101st, 113th, 145th, in figures, and not in words at length."


5th. The bookbinders having advised that the Bibles and other The books to books will be much more serviceable if they lie six or eight months lie six oreight in quires unbound to sweat, rather than that the same should be

quires. bound immediately after they are had out of the press, I desire and appoint that the same be provided accordingly in October, so as to be bound timely before they are to be put up in boxes to be sent to the respective persons who are entrusted to deliver the same. The said 1,050 Catechisms being to be delivered about the second or third Tuesday in July. 6th.—The said books to be delivered out yearly, at such times Qualifications

of the chilas are hereafter appointed, by such person or persons respectively as

dren. my Trustees for the time being, or the major part of them, shall respectively nominate for that purpose to such children who can read, of poor people, of good report, in the cities, towns, or places hereafter appointed, as the said person or persons so nominated upon their own knowledge, or upon good testimonials or enquiries to their satisfaction, shall have reasonable ground to hope that the said books will not be embezzled or abused, but made use of for the good and benefit of every of the said children-one of the said Catechisms to be delivered upon or about the second or third Tuesday in every July, yearly, to each such child, and one of the said Bibles to be delivered to each such child upon or about the second or third Tuesday in every October after, as shall have made some good progress in the learning of the said Catechisms, without book, to the satisfaction of the person or persons who deliver the said Catechisms to the said child, or to some other child, which the said person shall think fit in case the said child which receives the said Catechism shall die, or shall not have made a progress therein to his satisfaction.

7th. --That they who respectively distribute the said Bibles and The child's Catechisms to the children shall cause the name of such child to name to be

written upon whom a Bible and Catechism is given to be writ in a fair, legible

the inside of hand on the inside of the upper out-cover of each of the said the cover. Catechisms, as also upon each of the said Bibles, where the Psalms are mentioned which are to be learnt without book.

8th.—That at the delivery of the said Bibles notice to be given that The Bibles, upon or about the second or third Tuesday in October, in the year &c.,


delivered in following, the said children must produce their Bibles and Catechisms

October, and at a place appointed, and then that a reward of twelve pence shall be is. given to given to the parent or other person who hath the care of the educa- the parent of tion of each child who shall give the best account of his or her improve the child who ment in reading the Bible and repeating the Catechism and the said

Improved. Psalms. And that also other books, well bound up in sheep's leather, shall be then given to the said child whose parent or guardian will undertake to instruct such child therein. The said reward to be given







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to so many children as is hereafter appointed in the respective places

following. Numbers to gth.—That there shall be 100 such Catechisms and 100 such Bibles each place.

delivered each year to so many several children of poor people of the city of York; and likewise, that there shall be delivered, yearly, to so many several children of poor people of the several towns and

places of the county of York, as followeth, viz. :Yorkshire. Doncaster

20 Bibles North-Allerton .. 10 Bibles Pontefract


Beadle (Bedale)

Burroughbridge.. 10


Thirsk ..







Westmorland. And to so many several children of poor people in-

Appleby, in the county of Westmorland 20 Bibles

Cumberland. And in Cumberland-

Carlisle ..
Penrith ..

30 Bucks.

And to so many several children of poor parents of the several towns and places in the county of Bucks, hereinafter named, viz. :Wenslow 10 Bibles Chesham .. ..

10 Bibles Aylesbury

Chipping Wycombe 10

Great Marlow

Beaconsfield alias Amersham His tenants to And to 80 many several children of poor people, in the places or be preferred. towns hereafter mentioned, always preferring the tenants of me and

my heirs, namely :-
Woburn (Wooburn)

10 Bibles.
Winchendon and Waddesdon
Helaugh and Catterton

30 York.

And when the children of said Helaugh and Catterton shall be supplied, if there shall be any remainder of the said thirty Bibles, more than there are fit objects to distribute the same to, the remainder shall be distributed to so many several children of poor people in Bilton, in the said county of the said city of York, and in the lordship of Aske, and in Easeby .. 10 Bibles Hartford ..

10 Bibles And in the three manors in

Swaledale .. 60 Bibles Kirkby Stephen .. 40
Russendale 30 »







And in the lordship of
Langdale, Teaby, Bretherdale and Preston Patrick

30 Bibles.
And in the manor or lordships of
Shapp, Reagill, Slegill, Bampton, Carhullen, and
Long Martin ..

50 And in the lordships of

Dean, Whinfell, Broughton, and Birkby And in Calbeck .. 16 Bibles Croglin

• 4 roth.—That when there shall not be so many poor children as are when objects fit objects to deliver the said numbers of such Catechisms and not sufficient, Bibles unto, in the said cities, towns, or places, there shall only so the Trustees many tens of Bibles and Catechisms be delivered as shall be found may send the

books to any there to be fit objects for the said charity; and in such places other place. where there are only ten Bibles and Catechisms to be delivered, as before, in any one place, and fit objects shall not be found there for the same, they shall be disposed and given to the poor children in any other town or parish, with the like rewards as before; and the residue of such Catechisms and Bibles, which shall not be delivered in the cities, towns, and places aforesaid, shall be yearly delivered in such other cities, towns, or places where there shall be fit objects for the same, as my said Trustees, or the major part of them, for the time being, shall think fit, with the like rewards.

11th.-That about two months before the second or third Tuesday Enquiry to be in July, in each year, the respective persons intrusted by my said made by the

distributors. Trustees for the time being, or the major part of them, do take care to make good enquiry for the choosing and nominating of children (who can read) of poor indigent parents, and for the writing fair entries of the Christian names and surnames of the children to whom the said Bibles and Catechisms are intended to be given, together with the age of each such child (or near about their said age) and the names of the father or mother, or person with whom any such children live, and the places of their babitations, if it be in a city or great market-town; the said fair entries of the said names and surnames of the said children to be kept by the said respective persons (so intrusted as aforesaid) for their own use; and in case any of the said children shall, after their names having been entered as aforesaid, happen to die, before the books shall be delivered out, the person or persons appointed to deliver the said books shall cause books to be delivered to other such child or children, in any of the said places or towns respectively; and true copies of all and every the said fair entries of the Christian names and surnames of all and every of the said children, as aforesaid, shall, within a few days, be transmitted and delivered unto such of my said Trustees for the time being as shall desire the same; or unto such person or persons as they, my said Trustees, shall appoint the said names to be sent unto.

Distributors 12th.—That some convenient time or times, before producing of to give other the said books in October, in the said next year following, the person books.

or persons so employed for the delivery of Bibles and Catechisms must inform themselves particularly how the said children have profited in reading their Bibles, and learning their Catechisms and the said Psalms, without book; and that they the said person or persons shall give to one child of every ten children in each city, town, parish, lordship, or places aforesaid, who they shall find to have

made best proficiency in reading their Bibles and repeating their Alleyne's Catechisms and the said Psalms, one book intitled, “A Sure Guide Sure Guide. to Heaven” (or to that effect), by JOSEPH ALLEYNE, and one book, Lye's Cate-intitled, “The Principles of the Christian Religion," comprehended chism.

in a short Catechism, drawn forth into distinct propositions, by THOMAS LYE, M.A. (or to that effect); and to the parent or guardian of such child, who shall have made such proficiency therein, any sum not exceeding twelve-pence, or coals to that value ; and if the said person or persons so intrusted to nominate the said children, and deliver out the said books, as aforesaid, shall happen to die, my said Trustees shall appoint some other person or persons

for the purposes aforesaid. Bibles and

13th.— The Bibles be given out by ten or several tens for so many Catechisms to be given out

children in each of the said cities, towns, places, or parishes, or in by tens. any other city, town, place, or parish; together with the like number

of Catechisms which are to be given out with the said Bibles, which limitation of giving out the said Bibles and Catechisms by tens will in many respects be more for the ease of my Trustees than if the said Bibles and Catechisms were given out in broken or unlimited numbers, in respect that thereby the rewards, both to the children and to the persons who deliver out the Bibles, and inquire after the proficiency of the said children, will be more at a certainty, and the computes for providing the books and other the rewards to the children, as also the rewards to the said persons who shall give out the said Bibles and rewards to the children, will be made with more ease, and the accounts and proceedings on the whole Trust will be the better regulated, and stated with less difficulties than if the said Bibles were delivered out in other numbers.

Bibles, &c., to 14th.—That the Bibles and Catechisms be packed up in boxes, be packed ten in each box. by so many, or so many tens of each, in each box, and sent to the

person or persons who are entrusted to deliver the same, together

with one of the said Lye's Catechisms, and one of the said Alleyne's is. in each box books to every ten Bibles ; and that one shilling be sent in the said as a reward. box for every ten Bibles, to be paid to such child as shall make best

proficiency as abovesaid, or to the parent of such child, for coals, as And 2s. 6d. abovesaid ; and that 2s. 6d. for every ten Bibles shall be then sent in for the distri.

every of the said boxes to the person or persons who is respectively butor's trouble.

entrusted for the nominating of the said children and inquiring after their proficiency, who shall desire or will accept the same.

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