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Thursday in the months of January and July respectively, unless the Trustees shall appoint some other days for the holding thereof.

13. Notice of every Meeting shall be given in writing Notice of to each Trustee four clear days at least before the time Meetings. appointed for holding the same, except as to Adjourned Meetings, as to which the notices shall be given immediately after the adjournment. The notices may be delivered at or sent by post to the residence of each Trustee. 14. Special Meetings of the Trustees may at any Special

Meetings. time be called on the requisition in writing of two or more Trustees, and the Meeting shall be convened by giving four clear days' notice in writing to each Trustee, which notice shall specify the object, time, and place of meeting. No business shall be transacted at a Special Meeting other than that which shall be mentioned in such notice. 15. At every Meeting any three of the Trustees shall Quorum and

election of form a quorum. The Trustees may from time to time

Chairman, appoint a Chairman and Vice-Chairman to act as such during the pleasure of the Trustees. If no such appointment shall be made, or if neither of them shall be present at any Meeting, the Trustees shall elect a Chairman for that Meeting, and in the event of an equality of votes on the election of Chairman the question shall be decided between the persons proposed by lot. 16. The acts and proceedings of a majority of Power of a

Majority. votes at any Meeting properly held shall be binding on the whole of the Trustees, but the Trustees or the majority of them present at any subsequent Meeting duly held shall have power, from time to time, to alter or rescind any resolution or direction which may have been come or given at any previous Meeting, provided that seven days' notice in writing shall be given in manner aforesaid, to each Trustee, of any motion to alter or rescind any such resolution or direction.


Casting Vote. 17. The Chairman of every Meeting and Committee,

in the event of an equality of votes, shall have, in addition to his original vote, a second or casting

vote. Power to 18. It at any time there shall not, after the space of a Adjourn.

quarter of an hour from the time appointed for holding any Meeting, be a sufficient number of Trustees in attendance to form a quorum, the Trustees or Trustee who shall be present may adjourn the Meeting until some subsequent day, of which four days' notice shall be given to each Trustee in manner aforesaid. The Trustees may adjourn any Meeting as they may think

fit. Power to 19. The Trustees may at any General or Special appoint a

Meeting appoint from their own body, as there may be occasion, three or more Trustees to be a Committee, for the purpose of making any inquiry or performing any duty which, in the opinion of the Trustees, would be more efficiently executed by a Committee, Committees

shall report their proceedings to the Trustees. Minutes and

20. The Trustees shall provide a Minute Book, wherein Accounts.

shall be entered a minute of their proceedings at every Meeting, which minute shall be signed by the Chairman of such Meeting, or of the next succeeding Meeting, and in which book shall also be entered the Reports of the Committees appointed by the Trustees. The Trustees shall likewise provide all necessary account books, wherein shall be entered an account of the receipts and

payments on behalf of the Charity. Clerk.

21. The Trustees may from time to time appoint some fit and proper person to be Clerk to the Trustees during their pleasure, at such annual salary as they shall think fit, not exceeding six per cent. on the income

of the Charity for the time being. Duties of

22. The duties of the Clerk shall be (1) to summon Clerk.

the Meetings of the Trustees; (2) to attend such Meetings; (3) to attend and give information to any Committee of the Trustees ; (4) to keep the accounts of the Charity, and to furnish and send duplicate or true

copies thereof in manner directed by the Charitable Trusts Acts or otherwise for the time being by law required; (5) to preserve, subject to the direction of the Trustees, all vouchers for payments made on behalf of the Charity ; (6) to enter in the Minute Book the minutes of every Meeting of the Trustees and the reports of every Committee that may be appointed; and (7) to perform all such duties appertaining to the office of Clerk in respect of the Charity and the management thereof as the Trustees shall direct or are by this Scheme directed.

23. The Trustees may continue to employ their Bankers. present Bankers, Messrs. Drummonds, of Charing Cross, or may appoint as their Banker or Bankers some responsible Joint Stock Banking Company, with whom shall be deposited all the moneys of the Charity, and they shall change such Banker or Bankers at any time if they think fit. 24. All payments on account of the Charity shall be As to pay.

ment and made by cheques or orders of at least two of the

signature of Trustees and countersigned by the Clerk (if any), and Cheques. no such cheque or order shall be signed or countersigned except under the authority of an order of the Trustees at a Meeting duly convened, provided that the Trustees may make provision for small and casual payments by giving the Clerk from time to time a cheque for petty cash for such amount, not exceeding £10, as they may think necessary, and for which he shall account or otherwise making such payments. 25. The Trustees, after payment of the necessary Surplus

Income to be expenses of the Trust, shall divide the income of the divided into property into two equal parts, of which one part shall moieties, be placed at the disposal of each of the Standing Committees hereinafter mentioned.

26. For the purpose of applying the moieties of the Appointment income mentioned in Clause 25, two Standing Com- Standing

of two mittees of the Trustees shall be appointed. One of such Committees. Committees shall consist of the Church of England Trustees, and the other shall consist of the Noncon

formist Trustees. The quorum of each Committee Meet

ing shall be two. Application 27. Each of the said Committees shall apply the fund of Income.

at its disposal under Clause 25 in the purchase and distribution of Bibles and such religious books as shall be selected separately by each Committee, including, if

desired, the Book of Common Prayer. Binding and 28. The Bibles and other books shall preserve as to distribution of Books.

bindings and inscriptions the same general appearance as heretofore, and each Committee shall determine the manner in which such Bibles and other books should be

distributed by it. Applications 29. Applications for grants of Bibles and other for Bibles and religious books shall be invited in such way as each invited. Committee shall determine. Applications from parishes

situate in the Counties of York, Cumberland, Westmorland, and Buckingham shall receive prior consideration from the Committees, but without prejudice to their right to make grants elsewhere, notwithstanding such application, if in their discretion they think proper to

do so.

Scheme to be printed.

30. This Scheme shall be printed and a copy be given to the first and other Trustees on appointment. A copy shall be deposited and kept with the Books of Account and other documents belonging to the Charity. Every Trustee and other person interested therein shall be at liberty to inspect the deposited copy and to take copies thereof, and of any part thereof, upon making application to the Trustees or their Clerk, at such reasonable times and subject to such reasonable conditions as may be fixed and prescribed by them.

Schedule of

THE SCHEDULE. £49,328 6s. 1od., £2 10s. per Cent. Consols.

£3,274 45. 3d., £2 155. both standing in the names of the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds,



Notice to Church of England Applicants.

A new Scheme for the Regulation and Administration of this Charity has been established under an Order of the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division), dated 5th August, 1898, and it has been decided, in consequence of representations made by Nonconformists, that half the funds of the Charity, after payment of necessary expenses, shall be distributed by a Committee of Church of England Trustees, and half by a Committee of Nonconformist Trustees. The Church of England Trustees had proposed and have agreed to this as an equitable settlement, considering the position and views of Lord Wharton.

The Scheme requires that “each Committee shall apply the fund at its disposal in the purchase and distribution of Bibles and such religious books as shall be selected separately by each Committee, including, if desired, the Book of Common Prayer."

For the present, grants by the Church of England Trustees will be limited to Bibles and Prayer Books, without the addition of Reward Books.

Under the new Scheme, no Parish or place will be entitled to special preference. [But see Scheme, Clause 29.]

The Church of England Trustees will give careful consideration to all applications, but, with the diminished income at their disposal, their grants in future to parochial clergymen must necessarily be on a reduced scale, and can be made only to those parishes which seem most to need the assistance of the Charity.

Circular to Nonconformist Applicants.

PHILIP, LORD WHARTON, who died February 4th, 1696, conveyed by deed to Trustees certain estates in Yorkshire, the yearly income from which was to be devoted to the distribution of Bibles and other books.

It has been decided by the Nonconformist Trustees that for the present the amount at their disposal, about £600, shall be employed in the distribution of Bibles alone in the Counties of York, Cumberland, Westmorland, and Buckingham, among young people connected with Nonconformist congregations and Sunday-schools.

It is beyond the purposes of the Trust to supply Bibles for general use in Sunday-schools. Lord Wharton's expressed intention in presenting to young people a well-printed and well-bound copy of the

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