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of criticism in matters of religion, 29. DARKNESS, remarkable inftance of, 213.

DAVAL, Mr. his account of the fun's distance from the earth, 417.

DAWES's account of the plague at Aleppo, 211.

DEITY, will and power of, whether those terms have diftin&t meanings, 498, the note; alfo 523.

DENMARK, account of a strange

"fect in that country, 244. DE SIND, baron, his celebrated remedy for the glanders, 188.. DESOLATION, poetically defcribed, 300.

DEVONSHIRE, earls and dukes of, memoirs of that family, 3238. Countess of, her character, 34. William, first duke of, his notable fray at the French opera, 36.

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DIALOGUE on freedom of fenti

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HENRY VII. the worft of princes, K thechifm, 508.

AR FOS, the gardener, his ca

454. HERVEY, lady Caroline, her pa

negyric, 205. HIERRO, ifland of, account of the

wonderful water-tree thère, 62. HOLWELL, Mr. his apology for his tracts on Eaft-India affairs, 77. HORNSBY, Mr. his difcourfe on the parallax of the fun, 427. HORSES, the refpect due from man to that noble animal, 189. Juft cenfure of a late flagitious horferace, ib. HURRICANE in the Weft-Indies,

poetically defcribed, 110.. HUSBAND, in what cafes the act of, legally binds the wife, 192. In what not binding on the wife, 1931 In what the husband bound by the act of the wife, 194. Wherein not, ib. HUSBANDRY, the New, advantages of, 45.

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KINNERSLEY, Mr. his electrical
experiments, 261.
KUSTER, his critical examen of
Gronovius's edition of Herode-
tus, 462.



And, manner of recruiting
when worn out, 95.
LANDHOLDERS, not aggrieved by
the land tax at 4 s. in the pound,
LANGUAGE, that of the apoftolie
writings cenfured and defended,
119. Its rudeness no objection
to its divine infpiration, ib.
This notion controverted, 120.
feq. Character of an inspired
language, 128.

Law, reflections on the profeffion
of, in regard to public liberty,
LAWS, merely political, how far

a man has a natural right to
break them, if he chufes to fuf-
fer the penalty, 504, the note."`
LAWYER, the principal men in
parliament on conftitutional de-
bates, 459.
LAYMAN, his peculiar theory of
religion, 2z6.

LIB, Juries judges of, both as
to law and fact, 456. Cafe of,
refpecting, members of parlia-
ment, 457.

LIFE, importance of laying down
a certain plan for the conduct
of, 332

LONGITUDE, real difference of,
between Greenwich and Paris,

LORD, fatirical defcription of one,
273. Weighed against a bard,
LORETTO, owes its grandeur to
an afs, 219.
LOVE, the violence of that paffion
exemplified in the ftory of a
Canarian lady, 67.
LOVERS, affecting ftory of an un-
fortunate pair, from a poem en-
titled the Sugar-Cane, 112.
LUCERNE, proper culture of, 47.
LUTHER, Martin, invidious repre-
fentation of his character, 135.

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connection with the throne of
Ruffia, 309.
MEDICINE, requifites for a pro-
found fkill in, 551. Advice to
ftudents in, ib.

MIND, the various operations of
confidered, 1-21.
MIRACLES, Rouffeau's opinion of,
498. Their reality not to be
determined by the human capa-
city, 499. Pretended miracles,
or natural magic, various ways
of performing, ib.
MODERATION, ftriking arguments
for, 543-

MONASTERIES in England, fpe-
cious account of the national ad-
vantages accruing from them,
139. Extravagant reprefenta-
tion of the national misfortunes
and guilt incurred by diffolving
them, 140.
These pretences
refuted, ib.
MORO, abbé, his theory of the
earth, 484.
MOTION, laws of, 265. Whether
they could have been made dif-
ferent frem what they are, 523.
Deducible frem one fimple prin-
ciple cftablished by Newton,
MOUNTAINE, Mr. his defence of

Mercator's chart, against Mr.
Weft's pofthumous work, 421.
MOWERS of grafs, &c. an im
provement in the pofture in
which they ftand to their work,
recommended, 43.
MOWING Wheat recommended,

Musk and Cinnabar, propofed to
be one of the best medicines for
the bite of a mad dog, 472.
MYSTERIES, Chriftian, the com-
mon fubjects of ftage-plays in
the 13th and 14th centuries,
217. Droll anecdotes of, 218.



curious remarks in, NEGROES, poetical intercef.

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in behalf, 116.
Their dances defcribed, 117.


PERAS, English, nature of,
and defects, pointed out,

ORATORS of ancient Greece, re-
marks on, 126: Of Rome, 127.
OSSIAN, the authenticity of his
poems doubted, 23.


PAPISTS, their religious books,

of whatever kind, never to
be countenanced by protestants,
532. Prefer infidels to here-
tics, 533.

PARALLAX of the fun, determined
from obfervations of the late
tranfit of Venus, 425. Dif-
courfe on this fubject, 427. 1
PARENTS, fuch as traffic with the

honour and virtue of their chil
dren, ftigmatized, 203.
PASTURES, Artificial, what, 41.
PEMBERTON, Dr. his difcourfe

on the Locus for three and four
lines, recommended, 427.
PERCEPTION philofophically con-
fidered,. 15.
PHILOSOPHERS, apology for fuch
whose sentiments do not coin-
cide with Chriftianity, 29.

their zeal for truth
confidered, 506. Ought never
to interfere in theological fub-

jects, 523.


POLYPUS in the Nofe, how form
ed, 546.

POLYCARP, remark on his martyr.
dom, 243.

PRIESTS, their domineering fpirit-
pointed out, 408. Their per-
fecution of a modern sceptic a-
nimadverted on, 409.
PRIMO-GENITURE, fucceffion in,
bad effects of, 151.

PRINCES, their piety often fatal
to their fubjects, 506, the note.
PRIVILEGE of parliament, extent
and limits of, 456.
PROSPECT, Weft Indian, poeti-
cally defcribed, 115.
PSALMANAZAR, George, his at-
count of himself, 364, feq. His
laft will, 365. His birth and
education, 370. Begins his im-
postures abroad, 377. His con-
nection with Innes, 444. Ar-
rives in England, 447. Pub--
lishes his famous hiftory of For-
mofa, 449. Studies at Oxford,
450. Farther adventures, 451.
Turns author by profeffion, 452.
Engages in the 'Univerfal Hif-
tory, ib. His penitence, 453.
PUTREFACTION, experiments re-
lating to, 293.

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EFORMERS from popery, ex-

PIPA of Surinam, account of, 530. R poftulation with, fuppofed,

PLAGUE, account of the late
dreadful 'one at Aleppo, 212.
Remarkable inftances of perfous
efcaping the infection, 213, 214.
PLAYS, licenfing of, an execrable
fcheme, 247. By whom pro-
jected, ib.


POLE, cardinal, his good charac-
ter, 131. His family, birth,
&c. 134. Is elected to the pa-
pacy, but is thrown out again,

on the part of the papifts, 409..
REINHARD, Mr. his enquiry into
↑ the laws of motion, -522.
RELIGION, the Chriftian, import-
ance of a good history thereof,
408. Account of a late work
- of that kind, 409.
RESIDUAL Analytis, its prefer-
ence to the doctrine of Fluxions,
&c. 91. Not fuperior to the
fuxionary Calculus, 93.

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SOCIETY, Royal, cenfured for their
conduct relating to their Philo-
fophical Tranfactions, 205. Ac-
cufed of pretending to prophe-
cy, 207. Charged with timi-
dity, and a falfe veneration for
great names, ib.
SONG of Solomon, a paftoral dra-

ma, or defcription of a real.
marriage in seven eclogues, 162.
Objections to this opinion an-
fwered, 165. Commentary on
the third eclogue, 167. New
tranflation of ditto, 168. An-
notations, 169-

SOUL, its fpirituality philofophi
cally confidered, 29, Its union
with organized bodies confider-
ed, 540.
SPAIN, fatirically characterized,

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SPEECH, origin of, in general,'


SPY, an abfurd title for books,
STAR-Chamber, its origin, 454
STIRLING, Mr. his account of a

remarkable darkness in Ame-
rica, 213.

STONE, Mr. his account of the
cure of agues by, the bark of the
willow, 215.

STYLE, figurative, entirely found-
ed in nature, 122.
SUN, diftance of, from the earth,
417. Eclipfe of, Ap. 1, 1764,
account of, 422. Parallax of,
determined, 424. Difcourfe on
the parallax, 426.

SURINAM, toad of, fome account
of, 530.

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