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CHURCHILL, his numbers defici.
AMPBELL, Colin, his ground. ent in harmony, 101. Con-

less complaint againit Ge- demned for injuriously defaming
neral Monckton, 158.

his country, 204. His peculiar
CANAR Y islands, account of, 54. independency, 271.. His hy-

Conquest of by Betancour, 55. mourous pi&ture of himself, 274.
Manners and customs of the pre- Harsh picture of him by another
feat inhabitants, 63.

hand, 276. Diffected, ib.
CAPACITY, legal, for purchases, CHURCHMEN more solicitous about

&c. analyfis of, in all its the forms than the essence of re-
branches, 191.

ligion, 489. Hold schism to
CASTOR-Oil, its medicinal virtues, be worse than infidelity, ib.

353. Particular diseases cured Civita Turchino, subterraneous
by it, 354

apartments discovered there, 269.
CATARACT of the Eye, new in- CLAVIARIA Sobolifera, account

ftrument for the cure of, 547. of, 210.
CATECHISM, the Gardener's, 508. Clergy, how far they ought to
CAVENDISH, Mr. John, kills Wat take upon them the fuppreftion
Tyler, 32.

Sir John, of bad books, 505. Not to in-
murdered, ib.

Charles, terfere in the province of the
his exploits, 34. His death, 35. civil magistrate, ib
Cepedes, Madam de la, her cha. COLCHICUM Autumnale, medicinal
racter, 160.

use and effects of, 349.
CERINTHUS the heretic, his te-

Remarkable cures by, 350, 351.
nets opposed by St. John, 53. COLOUR, ideas of, how far attain.
CESAR ES, excellent regulations in

able by blind men, 9.
their police, 257:

COLUMBUS, panegyric on, 109.
CHESTERFIELD, lord, his witty Common Sense, what, 512. Man.
argument againg licensing plays,

kind guided by it in every thing

but religion, 513 1 and why,
CHILDREN, medical caution in re- ibid.

gard to the management of, CONSTITUTION, civil, of Great
234. Story of a sect of fana-

Britain, encomium on, 302.
tics who piously murdered their CONWAY, general, his dismiffion,
children, 244.

how far ot moment to the pub.
CHOLIC, of Devonshire, Poitou, lic, 155; and to the army,

and the American islands, com- 156.
pared, 184. Observations on, CORDELIERS, their strange squab.

ble with the Dominicans, 219.
Christ, reasons for his submit. COURTIERS, remarkable instance
ting to the ceremony of baptism,

of their servility, 502.
82. Universal tenour of all his CREDULIT Y philosophically con-
ministry, ib. Great extent of

sidered, 17.

The inseparable
his knowlege of mankind, &c. companion of imposture, 365.

Illustrated in his conversa- CUBSTORF, Mr. his epiłle to
tion with Nicodemus, 84. Re.
marks on his transfiguration, ib.
On his burial, 359:

CHURCH of England, candid re-

minister, 86. Necessity of re-
forming her liturgy, 87. Eng On elocution, 28. On the abuse
comium on, 3015


Kirkerf, 542.

prefentation of, by a diffenting D'Arnarks on translation, 26.


of, 213

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ed, 300.

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of criticism in matters of reli- performed by, 214, New ex. gion, 29.

periments in, 2612 DARKNESS, remarkable instance Eloquence, enquiry into the

principles of, with regard to inDAVAL, Mr. his account of the spired writings, 120.

Not el fun's distance from the earth, fential to human speech, 124. 417.

This opinion controverted, ib, DAwes's account of the plague at ENGLISHMEN, their literary chaAleppo, 211.

racter, 25 Deity, will and power of, whe.' EQUILIBRIUM, laws of, 265.

ther those terms have distinct meanings, 498, the note; also

F. 523 DENMARK, account of a 'Arange PERGUSON, Mr. his account of feat in that country, 244.

the transit of Venus expect. DE SIND, baron, his celebrated ed in 1769, 418. Of the eclipse remedy for the glanders, 188.

of the sun April ist, 1764, DESOLATION, poetically describ


FERMENTATION of alimentary DEVONSHIRE,' earls and dukes of, mixtures, observations and exmemoirs of that family, 32- periments on, 288-297. 38. Countess of, her character, 'FITZGERALD, Mr. his method of 34.

William, first duke of, his leffening the friction of engines, notable fray at the French opera, 267. 36.

France satirically characterized, DIALOGUE on freedom of senti.

203. ment, 510.

FRANCISCANS, humourous ac-between a hermit and count of their variance with the

Dominicans, 219 DOMINICANS, droll account of Free-Thinking, Christianity-in

their quarrel with the Cordeli. debted to, for its establishment, ers, 219.

511. Dry Belly-ach, observations on, FRICTION of engines, method of 184-187.

lessening, 269. DUCHALL, Dr. his amiable character, 278. His indefatigable

G. industry and application, 282. DUN, Mr. his account of the EORGE I. infolence of his to

German attendants, owing Jupiter, 419,

His refutation to the servility of the English of Mr. Welt's censure on Mer.

courtiers, 502. cator's chart, 419.

GLANDERs in horses, preservative

electary for, 189. E.

GLASS, Mr. his account of the

Canaries, 54. Journey up the

Pike of Tenerife, 57. Affront,

ed by an insolent friar, 69. EARTHQUAKE, Weft-Indian, poe- GOLD-FISH increase of, for the tically described, in.

table, recommended, 556. EDWARDS, Mr. his discovery re- ĠOSPEL, how and wherein liable lating to shadows in water, to be misrepresented, as a wick

ed book, 493: ELECTRICITY, remarkable cure "GOSPELS, when, and in what or

&c. 553•

EARTH, Raspe's theory of,

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is 264



ed, 271


of, 454

HEAT VII. the worst of princes, Kthechifm, 508.

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der penned or published, 50. INDEPENDENCE negatively definThat of St. John pot merely historical, but also a polemic INFORMATIONS filed by the at. tract, 53.

torney-general, account of, 453Grain, experiments relating to Judge Hale's opinion, as to their

the fermentation of, 292. legality, ib. Their oppreffive GRONOVIŲs, his edition of He

tendency, ib.

Dreadfal - Lo rodotus censured, 462.

bookfellers and printers, ib.

ISLANDS, theory of the formation H.

of, 481. New ones, whence

produced, 482. AMILTON, Dr. his demon- ITALY satirically characterized,

ftration of mechanic powe 203 ers, 265.

JUDAS Iscariot, our Saviour's HARVEST, some observations on choice of bim defended, 84:

the improper posture of mowers JURY, trials by, tise and progrefs

rectified, ib. Hemlock, its medicinal virtue tried at Vienna without fuccefs,

K. 550.

Arros, the gardener, his ca

thechism 454 HERVEY, Jady Caroline, her pa

KINNERSLEY, Mr. his electrical negyric, 205,

experiments, 261. HIERRO, island of, account of the

Kuster, his critical examen of wonderful water-tree there, 62.

Gronovius's edition of Herodos HOLWELL, Mr. his apology for

tus, 462. his tracts on East-India affairs,

L. . 77 HORNSBY, Mr. his discourse on And, manner of recruiting the parallax of the sun, 427.

when worn out, 95: Horses, the respect due from man LANDHOLDERS, not aggrieved by

to that noble animal, 189. Just the land tax at 4 s. in the pound, censure of a late flagitious horse. 75.

LANGUAGE, that of the apoftolie HURRICANE in the West-Indies, writings cenfured and defended,

poetically described, 110., 119. Its rudeness" no objection HUSBAND, in what cases the act to its divine inspiration, ib.

of, legally binds the wife, 192. This notion controverted, 120. In what nok binding on the wife, feq. Character of an inspired 193, In what the husband language, 128. bound by the act of the wife, Law, reflections on the profertion 194. Wherein not, ib.

of, in regard to public liberty, HUSBANDRY, the New, advant

459. ages of, .45

Laws, merely political, how far

a man has a natural right to 1.

break them, if he chufes to fufe

fer the penalty, 504, be note. ENNY Salisbury, her story, 475, LAWYER, the principal men in

JESTING, philosophically in- parliament on constitutional de vestigated, 433. ICNATIUS, ' remarks on his mar. LAYMAN, his peculiar theory of tyrdom, 24+

religion, 226. 3



race, ib.


bates, 459.

Russia, 309.

of, 332


for, 543:

LIBF1, Juries jadges of, both as connection with the throne of

to law and fact, 456. Case of, selpecting members of parlia- MEDICINE, requisites for a proment, 457

found &ill in, $51. Advice to LIFE, importance of laying down students in, ib. a certain plan for the conduct MIND, the various operations of

confidered, 121. LONGITUDE, real difference of, MIRACLES, Rouffeau's opinion of,

between Greenwich and Paris 498. Their reality not to be 422.

determined by the human capaLORD, fatirical description of one, city, 499. Pretended miracles, 273. Weighed against a bard, or natural magic, various ways

of performing, ib. LORETTO, owes its grandeur to MODERATION, striking arguments

an ass, 319. Love, the violence of that paflion MONASTERIES in England, fpe

exemplified in the Atory of a cious account of the national ad. Canarian lady, 67:

vantages accruing from them, Lovers, affecting story of an un- 139. Extravagant representafortanate pair, from a poem en

tion of the national misfortunes titled the Sugar Cane, 112. and guilt incurred by diffolving Lucerne, proper culture of, 47. them, 140. These pretences Luther, Martin, invidious repre- refuted, ib. sentation of his character, 135. Moro, abbé, his theory of the

earth, 484.,' M.

MOTION, laws of, 265. Whether

they could have been made difACKNICHT, Dr. his ac- ferent frem what they are, 523.

count of Christ's burial Deducible frem one simple princontroverted, 359.

. ciple established by Newtong MAGIC, natural, the effects of,

524. how easily mistaken for miracles, MOUNTAINE, Mr. his defence of 500.

Mercator's charty against Mr. MAGISTRATE, civil, how far he West's posthumous work, 421.

ought to interfere in suppressing Mowers of grass, &c. an imbad books, 503 ; and in what provement in the posture in manner, 504, 505.* Not to in- which they stand to their work, terfere in the province of the recommended, 43. clergy, ib.

MOWING Wheat recommended, MAHOME T's sleeve, 512.



45.' : MANURÉS for land, various forts Musk and Cinnabar, proposed to

be one of the bett medicines for MARRIAGES among the Jews, of the bite of a mad dog, 472.

Barbary, how folemnized, 163. MYSTERIES, Christian, the comMATRIMONY, Scheme for encour- mon subjects of stage-plays in ing, 79.

the 13th and 14th centuries, MEANNESS personified and poetia 217. Droll anecdotes of, 218.

cally characterised, 202. Measles, convertible into the

N. small pox, 446. MECHANICS, curious remarks in, EGROES, poetical interces, 222, 263,

fion in their behalf, 116. MECKLENBURCH, family of, its Their dances described, 117.

Oo 2


of, 41.

dom, 243.


POLYPUs in the Nose, how forme 0.

ed, 546.

POLYCARP, remark on his martyrO Pande delene har o mate of

and defects, pointed out, PRIESTS, their domineering spirit 386.

pointed out, 408. Their perORATORS of ancient Greece, re- fecution of a modern sceptic a

marks on, 126: Of Rome, 127. nimadverted on, 409. Ossian, the authenticity of his PRIMO-GENITURE, fucceflion in, poems doubted, 23.

bad effects of, 151.

Princes, their piety often fatal P.

to their subje&s, 506, the note.

Privilege of parliament, extent Apists, their religious books, and limits of, 456.

PROSPECT, West Indian, poetibe countenanced by proteftants, Fically described, 115. 532.

Prefer infidels to here- PSALMANAZAR, George, bis actics, 533

count of himself, 364, feq. His PARALLAX of the sun, determined

laft will, 365. His birth and from observations of the late

education, 370, Begins his im- transit of Venus, 425. Dif- postures abroad, 377. His con

course on this subject, 427; nection with Innes, 444. ArParents, such as traffic with the rives in England, 447. Pubhonour and virtue of their chil

lishes his famous history of For. dren, ftigmatized, 203.

mofa, 449. Studies at Oxford, Pastures, Artificial, what, 41.

450. Farther adventures, 451. PEMBERTON, Dr. his discourse Turns author by profession, 452. on the Locus for three and four

Engages in the Universal Hic lines, recommended, 427. tory, ib. His penitence, 453. PERCEPTION philosophically con- PUTREFACTION, experiments re

lating to, 293. PHILOSOPHERs, apology for such whose sentiments do not coin

0. cide with' Christianity, 29.

UADRUPEDS, their characte

ristic properties, 548. confidered, 506. Ought never to interfere in theological sub

R.", jeets, 523 Pipa of Surinam, account of, 530.

from popery, exPLAGUE, account of the late poftulation with, supposed,

dreadful one at Aleppo, 212, on the part of the papifts, 409. Remarkable infances of persous REINHARD, Mr. his enquiry into etcaping the infection, 213, 214.

: the laws of motion, -522. PLAYS, licenfing of, an execrable RELIGION, the Chriftian, import

scheme, -247. By whom pro- ance of a good history thereof, jected, ib.

408. Account of a late work Pole, cardinal, his good charac

- of that kind, 409. ter, 131. His family, birth, RESIDUAL Analysis, its prefer

Is elected to the pa. ence to the doctrine of Fluxions, pacy, but is thrown out again, &c. 91. Not fuperior to the

Auxionary Calculus, 93.


fidered, 15.

their zeal for truth Q



&c. 134.

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