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TETANUS, cured by electricity, WATSON, Dr. his account of a
214. Caftor-oil ufed for this
diforder, 356,

THAMES, river, poetical encomi-
um on, 118.

TIMES, the prefent, fatirically cha-
racterifed, 202.
TOADS, fome particulars in natu
ral hiftory of that animal. 530.
TOLERATION, reflections on, 488.
TOUCH, that fenfation philofophi-
cally investigated, 1.
TRANSLATION, remarks on, 26.

curious vegetable fly, 210. His
obfervations on a remarkable
cure by electricity, 214.
WEATHER, Jemarkably mild in
the weft of England, when the
reft of the island underwent a
very fevere froft, in 1762, fee




AN GOENS, his extraordinary
learning, at fourteen years
of age, 552.
VENUS, tranfit of, expected in
1769, account of, 418.
VIRTUE, defined negatively and

WEEDS, moft effectual method of
destroying them in farmer's
grounds, 97. Remarks on,

99. PAC

6.6 16.)

WELSH poetry, fpecimen of, 23
WESSELING, his account of his

edition of Herodotus, 463.
WEST, the late Mr. miftaken in
his cenfure of Mercator's chart,

WHISTON, Mr. turned out of his

profefforfhip for herefy, and an
infidel appointed to fucceed
him, 489.
WIFE, fee Husband.
WILCOX, Mr. his account of fub-

terraneous infcriptions, 269.
WILLIAMS, George, a livery-fer-
vant, fome account of, 149, the
note. His notable queries con-
cerning the Trinity, 150.
WILLOW, bark of, cures the ague,
WRIGHT's Chart defended against
the late Mr. Weft of Exeter,
419, 421.

pofitively, 514.
VOLTAIRE, his character beft,
judged of from his private
letters, 526. His fufpicious
manner of denying imputed au-
thorship, 529.



TAR, god of, poetically de-
fcribed, 299. His attend-
ants, ib.

WARRANTS, general, from a fe
cretary of state, for feizing per-
fons and papers, arguments re-
lating to, 143, &c. Illegality
of, 458.


WASPS, curious account of, 208. YETSER, ftrange ftory of,


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