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RuAZEŚ, memorable saying of his,' Society, Royal, censured for their

concerning physicians, 551. conduct relating to their PhiloROSELLE, marquis de, ftory of, sophical Transactions, 205. Ac-. 515.

cused of pretending to propheROUSSEAU, Mr. his inconsistency cy, 207. Charged with timi.

in pretending to be a Christian, dity, and a false veneration for 489, 491. His natural dispofi

great namęs, ib. “tion Itrongly tinctured with fin. SONG of Solomon, a pastoral dragularity, &c. 492. His notion ma; or description of a real. of miracles, 498.

marriage in seven eclogues, 162. RUM, poetical encomium on, 115: Objections to this opinion anRussian empire, fucceffion and fwered, 165: Commentary on

claims to, on the demise of Pe.. the third eclogue, 167. New ter the great, 308. Consequent translation of disto, 168. Anrevolutions thereon, 309–316. notations, 169

Soul, its spirituality philosophie, S.

cally considered, 29, sts union

with organized bodies considerAffron, see Colchicum..

ed, 540. Sr. CHRISTOPHER, iland of Spain, satirically characterized, described, 107,

203., SCHOOL-Boy, his bon mot, on Ba- SPEECH, origin of, in general, laam's ass, 544

429. SCOTLAND, kings of, their al-" Spy, an absurd title for books, lowance when they came to 534. London, 217.

STAR-Chamber, its origin, 454. SE A-Scurvy, new medicine forSTIRLING, Mr. his account of a the cure of, 297.

remarkable darkness in AmeSeeing, that faculty philosophically considered, 8.

STONE, Mr. his account of the Semi-Virgilian Husbandry, what, çure of agues by the bark of the

willow, 215 SENTIMENT, freedom of, assert.' STYLE, figurative, entirely found

ed, in a dialogue between an ed in nature, 122. English lord, and a Portuguese Sun, distance of, from the earth, count, 510.

417. Eclipse of, Ap. 1, 1764, Shadows, of things floating in account of, 422.

Parallax of, water, fingular discovery relat: determined, 424. Discourse on ing to, 264:

the parallax, 426. Short, Mr, his determination of SURINAM, toad of, fome account

the difference of longitude between the royal observatories of Greenwich and Paris, 422. Se

T. cond paper on ditto, 425. Shower, poetical description of ALIESIN, the famous Wellh one in the Caribbee islands,

rica, 213.


of, 530.

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bard, account of, 23. Spe

cimen of his poetry, 24:. SMALL-Pox, hypothesis for totally TENERIFE, its famous pike deeradicating, 546.

scribed, 57. Molt proper place SIGNS, natural, relative to our in the world for an observatory, sensations, considered, 5.





TETANUS, cured by electricity, Watson, Dr. his account of a

214. Caftor-oil used for this curious vegetable fly, 210. His
disorder, 356,

observations on a remarkable
Tramės, river, poetical encomi- cure by electricity, 214.
union, 118.

WEATHER, remarkably mild in
Times, the present, satirically cha- the west of England, when the
racterised, 202,

rest of the island underwent a
TOADS, some particulars in natan very severe frost, in 1762, fee

ral history of that animal, 530. Borlase.
TOLERATION, reflections on, 488. Weeds, most effectual method of
Touch, that sensation philosophi- destroying them in farmer's
çally investigated, 1.

grounds, 97.

Remarks oe,
TRANSLATION, remarks on, 26. 99.

WELSH, poetry, fpecimen of, 23.

WESSELING, his account of his

edition of Herodotus, 463.
TAN GOEN, his extraordinary West, the late Mr. mittaken in

learning, at fourteen years his censure of Mercator's chart,
of age, 552.

Venus, transit of, expected in WHISTON, Mr. tupped out of his
1769, account of, 418.

professorship for heresy, and an
VIRTUE, defined negatively and infidel appointed to succeed
positively, 514.

him, 489.
VOLTAIRE, his character best Wife, fee Husband.

judged of from his private Wilcox, Mr. his account of fub.
letters, 526. His suspicious terraneous inscriptions, 2697
manner of denying imputed au- WILLIAMS, George, a livery-fer-
chorship, 529.


some account of, 149, 158

note. His notable queries cono

cerning the Trinity, 150.

Willow, bark of, cures the ague,
AR, god of, poetically de-

the late Mr. Welt of Exeter,
WARRANTS, general, from a fed 419, 421.

cretary of state, for seizing per-
fons and papers, arguments re-

lating to, 143, &c. Illegality

ETSER, strange story of,
WASPs, curious account of, 208.


ants, ib.

of, 458.


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