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circulation, and begin by confessing, South Downs, Leicesters, Denters, that there is some foundation for what and other such wool-gathering terms, Morgan asserts about Connaught. The you could hear nothing, but disserta, people of that ancient kingdom, are tions on the contents of the last Numnot much more civilized than the ber, and we are inclined to attribute Scotsman, though they are not alto- the decay of the ribbon system in the gether deficient in knowledge on some county of Galway, to that circumstance. valuable points. For instance, no Even in Sligo we are on the rise, in country is superior to them in the spite of the oratorical opposition alludscience of punch-making, and in the ed to by Odoherty. Mr Alexander liberal arts of smuggling and private Bolton of the Sligo Journal, informed xstilling they may vie with the most us, some time ago, that this Counsellor polite nations, even those of Roserea, spoke against us in prose, and was not Înishowen, or the West of Cork. A attended to,--that he spoke against us people with such fine capabilities can. in verse, and was not attended to,

not long remain immersed in Cim, that he spoke against us, in that ammerian gloom; they want but a stimu- phibious dialect, which is neither lus to push them forward into the light; prose nor verse, the dialect of which and our Magazine, gradually breaking he is the mighty master, and was not | in on them, is the very best adapted attended to. We think we heard this engine possible for the purpose. So sentence somewhere before ; but when convinced of this is the Belfast Society ther we did or not, we must only say for discountenancing vice, that they that we wish Phillips well,--that we have made application to us for liberty think he shewed pluck in his turn-up to reprint our Magazine on ballad pa- with the Edinburgh, some years ago, per, with the intention of diffusing it when it was in full wind, and the among the profanum vulgus of Western prime ruffian of the ring, and that we Ireland, to the entire demolition of the are sure, as soon as he gets a little Shepherd of Salisbury plain, Parley sense, (and he is not much above the porter, the Two Wealthy farmers, forty,) he will be a friend to us after the Hop Step and Leap in the Garden all. of Eden, and other such injurious com Ulster, as every body knows, is so positions ; and we are now actually ne much allied to the land of Cakes, that gociating the matter. When the af we are naturally loved there with no fair is finally adjusted, a branch society common affection by all classes, except will be established in Galway, to co by some unfortunate Whig people, who . operate in this laudable undertaking, sadly infest that fiue province. In under the title of the Galway Associ- Londonderry, we are the diamond of ation for promoting the interests of the Diamond, * or as Southey says, the the human race, and Blackwood's “ Gem of the gem, the living eye of fire.” Magazine. We are somewhat read in From Ship-gate to Bishop's-gate, we Roscommon; Dick Martin is distribu are devoured as eagerly as the rats and ting us in those regions, impervious to mice, and such small deer, were swalthe awful mandates of the law itself, lowed under the government of Evanyea, even in the depths of Connemara, gelist Walker, in the siege of 1689. among his rude, though ingenious We suspect (on official matters we dare vassals; and the influx of strangers not speak decidedly) that the late into Ballinasloe, at the annual great visit of Sir Henry Torrens to his nawool-fair has made our name glorious tive city, was in some way connected in that district, where, indeed, Doctor with Ebony; but, dear public, do not French had already used his best in, on any account mention you had this fluence to disseminate us. At the last piece of news from us. The archiepisfair it was truly edifying, to see every copal city of Arinagh, (which we are coach, car, chaise, jaunting car, and truly sorry to see so respectable a geojingle, bringing up its complement of grapher as thet reverend J Goldsmith, men, each with his Magazine in hand, instructing his brother barbarians of and the effect it had on the mutton- Cockney-land, to pronounce Armar,) pate graziers was amazing. Instead of patronizes us in a degree not to be the usual hubbub about Merinos, sneezed at. The romantic promenades

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* A handsome square in Londonderry.
of In a geography, published for the sixty-first time, says its title page, p. 166.


of Dobbin's walk, are to be heard me polis, where we are progressing dash-
lodiously resounding to the dulcet ingly under the superintendence of
strains of A, while from the Black Hodges and M'Arthur. It would take
Bull, the Dog and Duck, the Coach us an amazing, quantity of columns,
and Horses, issue the soul-stirring lays to give even a sketch of all the circles
of Odoherty, and Dr. Scott. At into which we make our way in the
Belfast we are Lords of the ascendant. city of Dublin. The castle, the
Dr Neilson cannot be too much com- university,--the royal Irish Academy,
mended, for introducing us as a regu. -the Dublin Society,--the bar,—in
lar text book into the institution, and short, every aggregation of decent or
the manifest improvement of that se learned men are rapturous in our ap-
minary, is no doubt attributable to us. plause. We never should be able to
We now hear of no radical toasts, no get through the proofs of attachment
questionable sentiments coming from showered on us by these good people,
any one connected with that learned with Irish profusion. A distinguished
body, and who but we can claim the person, it would not be delicate tomen-
merit of this desirable alteration? In tion names,) lately invited us to spend
the town itself, as well as in the dea a month in a certain great house, offer-
pendant region of Ballymacaret, we ing at the same time, in the hand- 1
are the circulating medium of intellect. somest manner, to confer on us the
There is nearly as great a riot on the honour of knighthood. We confess
day of our appearance at the Nelson our vanity was not a little tickled at
Club, as that which we have so gra- first with this offer ; and we spent
phically described in our last address some minutes in scribbling on a dozen
to you, my public, as occurring on a si- of visiting cards, the name of Sir
milar occasion in the West country, i.e. Christopher North, just to see how it
Glasgow. How could it be otherwise, would look ; but good sense soon re
if Belfast be, (as that competent au- sumed its wonted sway. We are too
thority miladi Morgan asserts,) the old, we think, to pick up new titles ;
Athens of Ireland ? This claim, how and theʼrecollection of Sir T. C. More
ever, we candidly confess, we do not gan, * Sir Arthur Clarke, knight of the
admit without considerable hesitation. Baths, + Sir Denis O'Neil, # and some
George Falkener, we remember, was others, flashing before our eyes, quite
in the habit of maintaining that Attica put an end to the project. We, of
was the Cork of Greece ; an assertion course, declined it with all the polite-
he used to ground on the celebrity of ness of a Louis Quatorze.
Attic salt, which he shrewdly brought We, however, are seriously thinking
forward as a proof, that in the older of taking the diploma of L.L.D. offered
time, the city of Minerva must have us by Trinity. Southey has turned
been as famous for curing provisions Doctor, and why should not we? Be-
as in our day the goodly city of Saint sides Johnson, another great periodical
Finbar. Honest Peter Paragraph's writer got this degree from the Irish
word is, on a literary question, as good University. We are there in high re-
as Glarvina's, if not better ; for in his pute-fellows, scholars, sophisters

, and department, the outside of books, he freshmen, men of standing and gibbs was a much more accurately learned are all stewing at us. In the courts man, than she in hers, which lies on you meet us-in Botany Bay we stare the inside ; and we have heard a pretty you in the face—at commons the clatsmart controversy between a man of tering of the knives cannot drown our Belfast, and a Corcegian, on the supe- name-in the park you find us under rior validity of the decisions of these every tree—even in the seats of the illiterate literati. In this it is not our muses we are not unknown. We apo intention to meddle, as we have good pear under the scarlet of the Doctorsfriends in both these rival flowers of the sheepskins of the bachelors, the the North and South.

gold-bedizened gowns of the filii noPassing into Leinster, through bilium--the tasselled velvet of the Drogheda, where we are in passable fellow-commoners--the bombazine of repute, we come at once to the metro. the pensioners-and the coarse stuff

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surgeon knighted by a Lord Lieutenant.
+ An apothecary knighted by a Lord Lieutenant.

A piper knighted by a Lord Lieutenant, (the Duke of Rutland.)

may be

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mof the sizars. Just to show the esti- wage war with boyish petulancy, nation we are held in, we shall mere- against the superiors and the disei

liy quote an extract of a letter from a pline of the university; though, were professor of that university, respecting we in the mood, we might easily en late fellowship examination. large on those points. Our chief

As I predicted, the fellow, quarrel with it is, that to it ship was decided by a knowledge of your clearly traced the origin of that horriin learned work. The successful man missed ble perversion of language which has -2. little in other branches, but he was facile become so characteristic of Ireland, as o princeps in Blackwood.

The to be distinguished by the name of x last question was quis est homo qui stravit Irish Oratory. The mighty corrupters

penitus Revieweros Edinenses ?' One answer of human speech, who are the great ed, Dux Wellingtonus in pugnâ Waterlooensi. Bene sane, said the examiner, sed lights of that

school of eloquence, (there indirectè tantum. Quis eos cominus pros

is no need of mentioning names,) were -travit? Tu autem Domine ? -addressing all trained to their hostility to comis the second, who said, Nathaniel Gulielmus mon sense, and the English tongue, 73. Wraxallus, Baronettus, an answer which in the historical society and the maa excited much merriment. The third was lady was daily becoming more contanas unfortunate, in attributing it to Thomas gious among its members. In this Morus poeta, apud vicum vulgo dictum point of view, we think its suppression Chalk Farm cum pistolibus suis, on which a has been of incalculable benefit to the titter was heard among the fire-eaters; rising speakers of Ireland ; and we laugh, and whispered something about fash hope, that no clamour will induce the in the pan. But when it came to the suc

new provost to restore this depot of – scessful candidate, he confidently and sono

tattered trope, and murdered metasurrously sung out, - Christophorus Northus, phor, (to speak in the style of the so* Armiger,' which was decisive. It required ciety,) although he might obtain a all the sternnese of academical discipline to little transient popularity by so doing. hinder the audience from bursting into a We know we are speaking against ourshout of applause at the truth and acumen of this answer."

selves, for it is pretty generally under

stood, in the best informed circles of the After this, we need not say any college, that one of the first acts of the thing farther on this head. We must, historicals, on their revival, would be however, before we part with T. C. D. to establish a medal, to be annually return our thanks to our worthy corres bestowed on him who would propondents, Dr Barett and Mr. Hincks, nounce the most eloquent oration in for their valued papers, and the ama our praise; but, in spite of this douLis zing good-humour with which they ceur, we must give our vote against

saw themselves in print. Hincks, in- awaking the slumbers of the society. deed, has left college, but he is doing In the four courts, it has been rehis best for us in Ardtrea, and spreads marked, that if the green-bags of the ing our fame among the Bestians of young lawyers could be scrutinized by Donegal. Time only can tell whether the searching eye of a secret committhe new provost (Þr Kyle) will fa- tee, it would be discovered, that even your us as pointedly as the late one; the fullest of them owed no small but as he is a learned and loyal gen portion of its plumpness to the cirtleman, we are inclined to think he cumstance of containing one of our will. Just, en passant, we may drop numbers ; and, that it forms the entire him a hint.

We perceive some of the supellex of no small proportion. We Irish papers bothering him to restore are quoted continually in the speeches the historical society, suppressed by of counsel; and, it has been insimulhis predecessor; and we, on the con- ated, (irreverently perhaps,) that we trary, recommend him to let it re are occasionally to be found lurking main, as it is, among the things that on the bench. Apropos of that, Lord are not. It was rather a queer appen- Norbury has said not a bad thing dage to

grave university. We are about us last week. A gentleman, whose not now going to speak of the constant name we forget, was abusing, in good danger of its members, (in general set terms, that worthy individual, the very young men, of no experience, and Feu Lord Maire de Londres, in Lord warm passions,) launching into for- Norbury's presence. Wood, my Lord, bidden and discreditable regions of says he is a man of dark and danpolitics, or of its continual tendency to gerous designs ;--Hic niger est, as Ho

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race would say--a very black manindeed, Adjutant. In Burr we are as well my Lord; and yet he is a mere block known as the Duke of Cumberland's head, an ass. All your charges, replied pillar, on which, by the way, we have his Lordship, cannot be true; if he a pretty poem by a native of the banks be, as you say, a Black-Wood, so far of the Brosna, which may hereafter from being an ass, he must be a prime see the light. We have a brisk sale wit. Of course, we have heard better in Kilkenny-so much so, indeed, that things, but it is a very fair average to the old boast of that elegant city, viz. pun, and quite superior to the run of that they have fire without smoke, wathose you hear in the late farces, al- ter without mud, sky without fog, and ways excepting those of our good friend streets paved with marble, they have Theodore Hook.

added as a proud distinction, and a poWe beg leave to assure Sir Richard pulation universally reading Blackwood. Phillips, that there is such a county, As we have mentioned Kilkenny, we in Ireland, as Wicklow, although that must request Mr John Pinkerton to worthy knight thought proper to in- be so kind as to give this city a place form the Quarterly Reviewer of Mau- in the next edition of his Map of Irerice and Berghetta, that no such shire land : we know his having omitted it existed ; and we can still farther as has given just offence on the spot ; sure his knighthood, that it is one of and we remember reading a pithy letter the most beautiful and romantic re on the subject, in the Literary Gazette, gions in the world. As the natives by a native. are no great clerks, we do not dissemi In the jolly province of Munsternate freely among them; but no party, which, after all, is the stronghold of gebent on exploring the beauties of this nuine Irishism,

,we have


friendlovely county, is considered as perfect, ly spots, but we must pass them over unless among the delicious stores of currente calamo. In Limerick, Alderhams, neats tongues, spiced beef, cold man Watson writes us that we are doing turkies, and other such amiable solids pretty well, both in the old city, and and the no less to be extolled in the more flashy brick-buildings of hampers of liquids sweet, from laugh- Newtown Pery. The only point on ing champaigne down to the honest which the corporators and anticorpoextract of malt-a supply of our Ma- rators agree, is admiration of our gazine be not safely stowed away. We Miscellany, a circumstance not a little are thus read through the woods of flattering to us. Through Tipperary the Dargle, along the lands of Tinne we range tolerably well, though, we hinch, under Lord Powerscourts lord- confess, not in the barony of Middlely waterfall, in the glen of the Downs, third, where the inhabitants have taand all up the much sung vale of Ovoca. ken it (we know vot why) into their The custom is to appoint a reader of the heads, that we have been mainly inMagazine, while the rest of the party strumental in occasioning the present amuse themselves in demolishing the depressed rate of potatoes. We request vittel and drink, thereby gratifying, some of our friends in that quarter, at the same time, body and mind. It Lord Donoughmore for instance, to is a pleasant sort of a plan, though we relieve us from this odious and unjust

we cannot help feeling some suspicion. John Bull of Waterfordbowels of compassion for the reader. (what a magnificently sounding name Odoherty assures us that he had fre- that is ! low applicable, either to an quently volunteered that office; but Englishman or an Irishman !) John verily, as the newspapers say, this re Bull of Waterford gives us a good acport wants confirmation.

count of that city. The Waterford At Maynooth we are not read, merchants, he says, who were formerwhich is strange, particularly, as at ly proverbial for being very busy doanother Roman Catholic college, that ing nothing, are all now very busy of Carlow, we sell nearly a hundred reading Maga. copies. There must be something The kingdom of Kerry is the seat rotten in the state of Maynooth, and of literature; the very peasants, like we request Lord Fingal to look into it those of Hungary and Poland, being without delay.

able to address you in Latin. You We must be brief with the rest of may be sure then, that we are peculiar Leinster. In Tullamore, the capital favourites. All over the country, city of the Bog of Allen, we are popu- from Listowel, as you go through the lar, notwithstanding the dissent of the classical city of Tralee, and thence to


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the lakes of Killarney, we spread like many more too long for enumeration, wild fire. Down even to distant Nee- who are all from that great metropolis of den, following the course of the Ken- beef and butter; they are already conmare--the deep embayed Mayne, as secrated to fame. They have made us Spenser calls it-our name is held in amazingly popular in that city; so that honour. Dingle rejoices in us--and we arealmost the only book now read by some copies have even made their way the Corcegians. Like their own salinto the leonum arida nutrix-Iveragh mon, we never go out of season there. -the birth-place of the great Daniel What the Chaldee was to Scotland, O'Connel. Through the negligence, the Luctus over Sir D. Donelly was of the bibliopoles in Kerry, we are ge to Ireland, and particularly to Cork. nerally a month late in the kingdom ; It was like Aaron's sceptre—it swala and the natives are laughing at the lowed up all other topics of conversajokes of October, while they, in more tion. Go where you would, from the favoured lands, are rejoicing over those red forge to Deuroche's cross, you of November. It really, sometimes, would see the population merry or is a great inconvenience to be born à mournful, according as the jocose or degree or two of longitude out of the pathetic mood prevailed over Number way. But when we do arrive, the face XXXVIII. Asudden flood of criticism of the country seems gladdened ; it is seemed to have burst on Cork, as raa kind of holiday.

pidly as a swell in the Lee. We have Beal fires for our jubilee,

read much more stupid papers in the Upon a hundred mountains glow. Edinburgh than were then spoken in As they are a learned people, our

that city in common conversation. learned articles tickle them the most. With a natural partiality, they preA credible gentleman assured us, that ferred Dowden to Lord Byron, and he was at a party a short time ago in Jennings to Wordsworth ; and though Castle-Island, where one of the com we do not quite agree with them, we pany being called on for a song, gave own that much may be said on both the Latin translation of Chevy Chase, sides. At the philosophicals there, it which enriched a couple of our laté is needless to say we are adored; numbers, beginning with “ Persæus proof of it, we shall just mention, that ex Northumbria,” and never pulled the customary fines for absence are albridle till he came to the last line, ways remitted if the absentee can show “ Sit nobis finis bona," to the great that he was detained by the unavoiddelight of the company. We are not able business of reading Blackwood. over popular at Killarney; for the Their institution delights in us; at guides, &c. of that place find that their library we are devoured; in the

when one of our numbers is in a boat, Minerva rooms, which, by the way, the visitors can hardly take an eye off we can recommend as an admirable it; Upper and Lower Lake, Mucross, establishment, Higginson is fatigued and all the other lions of the place, to death in answering demands for us; being quite unheeded. We are not to and on the day of our arrival, the imblame for this: we can assure the Lake patient subscribers press round BolSchool of Ciceroni, that were we to see

ster's shop, any one attending so exclusively even Thick as autumnal leaves that strew the to ourselves among such scenes, we

brooks should certainly, addressing him in In Vallombrosa. the words of the head of another kind There is a certain learned Glasgow of Lake School, exclaim,

gentleman, (we rather think he is a Up, up, my friend, and quit your book ; provision-merchant; but in this we though, to be sure, there would be no speak with hesitation, for we would need, we flatter ourselves, of bidding fain avoid saying any thing but what him (as in the poem we quote) to clear is quite right), who, a few weeks ago, his looks, after the perusal of our visited “ the beautiful city," and was heart-enlivening lucubrations. so impertinent, to say the least of it,

In Cork-but what shall we say of as to abuse us in the hearing of cerCork, except to confess our obligations tain of our friends the inhabitants. to it for giving us some of the best We hereby give that profound buttercontributors we have ? There is no dealer a word of friendly caution-to need of mentioning the names of Dow. keep a tight rein on his tongue in fuden, Jennings, Holt, Fogarty, and ture, more particularly in quarters VOL. VIII.

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