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The New Annual Register for 1819. FRAMLINGHAM; its Agriculture, &c. in- £1, ls. cluding the Economy of a Small Farm ; by Edward Rigby, Esq. M.D. F.L.S. 35. 6d. Brookshaw's Horticultural Repository; ANTIQUITIES.

being Delineations of the best varieties of Neale's Antiquities of Westminister Ab- English Fruit with descriptions ; coloured bey; by J. P. Neale, royal 4to. 168. plates, No. III, IV. 58. each.

The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, illustrated by

A Practical abridgment of the Laws of a Series of Engravings; by John Britton, Customs and Excise, corrected to August F.S.A. 4to. £1, 18s.

1820 ; by Charles Pope, Controlling Sur.

veyor at Bristol, 8vo. *£1, 15s. An Analytical Calculation of the Solar

A Treatise on the Law of the Prerogatives Eclipse, for the 7th September, 1820 ; by Rights of the Subject ; By Joseph Chitty,

of the Crown, and the Relative Duties and D. M'Gregor, 8vo. 3s.

jun. Esq. 8vo. £i, ls. BIOGRAPHY. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Reli.

The Medico-Chirurgical Transactions ; gious Connections, of John Owen, D.D. published by the Medical and Chirurgical Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and Dean of Society of London, Vol. XI. Part I. 8vo. Christ Church, during the Commonwealth ;

9s. plates. by Rev. W. Orme, 8vo. 12s.

The Quarterly Journal of Foreign MediBiographical Illustrations of Worcester ; cine and Surgery, and of the Sciences conby John Chalmers, Esq. 8vo. 15s.

nected with them, No. VIII. 35. 6d.

A Treatise on Dyspepsia ; or Indigestion. The Æneis of Virgil, translated by Charles By J. Woodforde, M. D. 2s. 6d. Symmons, D.D. of Jesus College, Oxford, A Treatise on the Plague, designed to Svo. 2 vols, 21s. Second edition.

prove it contagious, from facts, by Sir A. EDUCATION.

B. Faulkner, M. D. 8vo. 12s. The Boys' School ; or Traits of Character Outlines of Midwifery, developing its in early life; by Miss Sandham. 3s. bds. Principles and Practice, with 12 lithographic

Select Fables ; with Cuts Designed and engravings, by J. T. Conquest, M. D. Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, F. L. S. 12mo. 7s. 6d. and others, previous to the year 1784 ; with

MILITARY LAW. a Memoir, 8vo. 155.

A Collection of the Charges, Opinions, More Minor Morals; or an Introduction and Sentences of General Courts Martial, as to the Winter Family, with Aunt Eleanor's published by authority, from the year 1795, Stories interspersed. Price 5s. 6d. boards. to the present time ; to which are added, in

English Stones, second Series ; by Maria troductory observations respecting the Power Hack, 8vo.

of the Crown, over Officers and Persons The World Described in Easy Verse ; officially connected with the Receipt and illustrative of the Situation, Manners, and Distribution of Military Pay and allowance, Produce of all Nations; by W. R. Lynch, by Charles James, late major of the Roya! 8vo. 5s.

Artillery Drivers, 8vo. £i, 5s. The School Fellows, an Instructive Tale for Girls ; Second Edition, by Miss Sand. Time's Telescope for 1821 ; or a Com ham. Price 4s. boards.

plete Guide to the Almanack: containing an

explanation of Saints and Remarkable Days; Pyne's History of the Royal Residences; Astronomical Occurrences ; Naturalists' with 100 coloured Engravings, representing Diary, and an Introduction on British the State Apartments, 3 vols 4to. 24 gui. Ornithology. 12mo. 9s. neas, or 36 guineas Large Paper.

The Beauties of Mozart, Handel, Pley



el, Haydn, Beethoven, and other celebratThe Rudiments of Linear, Plane, and ed composers; by an Eminent Musical Solid Geometry ; by N. J. Larkin ; with Professor. 4to. £1, 11s. 6d. 50 Wood-Cuts, 12mo. 4s. 6d.

A Humorous History of New York, from

the Beginning of the World to the End of The History of the Reign of George III. ; the Dutch Dynasty ; containing, among by Robert Bisset, L.L.D. 8vo. 6 vols. £3, many surprising and curious Matters, the 33.

unutterable Ponderings of Walter the





Doubter, the disastrous Projects of William Eleanor; or the Spectre of St Michaels, the Testy, and the chivalric Achievements a Romantic Tale ; by Miss C. D. Haynes, of Peter the Headstrong, the Three Dutch 5 vols 12mo. £1, 7s. 6d. Governors of New Amsterdam; being the only authentic History of the Times that Jack Randall's Diary of Proceedings at ever hath been published; by Diedrich the House of Call for genius, foolscap. 48. Knickerbocker ; Author of the Sketch Britannia's Cypress; a poem on the laBook. 8vo, with plates, 10s. 6d.

mented death of his late Majesty, George A History of New York, from the begin. III. foolscap. 12mo. 5s. ning of the world, to the end of the Dutch Wordsworth’s Excursion, 8vo. Second Dynasty ; by Diedrich Knickerbocker. Edition. 14s. 8vo. 12s.

Edward and Almanda, a poem. 2s. 6d. Retrospective Review, No. IV. 6s. Choicest Flowers of English Poetry; or

Literary Beauties and Varieties ; or Inter- the New Poetical Bouquet. 3s. 6d. esting Selections, and Original Pieces, in The Harp of the Desert ; containing the Prose and Verse, 18mo. 78.

Battle of Algiers, with other pieces ; by The Indicator, Vol. I. by Leigh Hunt. Ismael Fitz-Adam, formerly able Seaman 8vo. Is.

on board the

· frigate. 5. 6d. A Treatise on the Art of Brewing, ex- Poems; by the Author of the “ Arab.” hibiting the London Practice of Brewing 1s. 6d. Porter, Brown Stout, Ale, Table Beer, and various kinds of Malt Liquors; by Fredrick Speeches of Messrs Brougham, Denman, Accum, M. R: F. A. &c. 12mo. 9s. and Dr Lushington, on the Queen's case.

A Treatise on the Art of making Wine 6s. 6d. from native Fruits ; exhibiting the Chemical

TOPOGRAPHY. Principles upon which the art depends ; by A General History of Yorkshire ; by T. Fredrick Accum, 12mo. 38.

D. Whitaker, L.L.D. Part III. fol. £2, An Inquiry concerning the Power of 25. Increase in the Numbers of Mankind; be- The History and Antiquities of Stoke ing an answer to Mr Malthus' essay on Newington, in Middlesex, with Engravings; that subject; by W. Godwin, 8vo. 18s. by William Robinson, Gent. F.L.A. Au

Raccolta di massime e pensieri, da F. C. thor of the Histories of Tottenham, Ed. Duporey. 6s.

monton, &c. 8vo.

Notes on Rio de Janeiro, and the SouthZoological Illustrations; or, Original ern parts of Brazil, taken during a resiFigures and Descriptions of new, rare, or dence of ten years in that country, from interesting animals, selected principally 1808, to 1818; with an Appendix, by from the classes of Ornithology, Entomo- John Luccock, 4to. £2, 123. 6d. logy, and Conchology; by W. Swainson, F. L. S. M. W. T. No. I. 4s. 6d.

Narrative of a Journey into New Britain,

in the Plain of the Missouri, in North Eccentricity; by Mrs M‘Nally, daughter America ; by Mr Elles, 8vo. 9s. of the late Rev. R. Edgeworth, of Lissard, Modern Voyages and Travels, No. II. Ireland, 12mo, 3 vols. £1, Is.

of vol. IV. 3s. 6d.




EDINBURGH. The Application of Christianity to the Application to Explain the Phenomena of Commercial Affairs of Life, in a Series of Nature, and the Processes of Arts and Discourses ; by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Manufactures ; by James Millar, M.D. Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow, 8vo. 125. Svo. 8s.

Erskine's Principles of the Law of ScotMelmoth, the Wanderer, a Tale ; by the land; the Eleventh Edition, with CorrecAuthor of Bertram, &c. 4 vols 12mo. £l, tions, Notes, and an Appendix ; by John 8s.

S. More, Esq. advocate, 8vo. 155. The Trial of Robert Surrage, John Letter to the Right Honourable the Dempsey, John Beck, Joseph Elliot, Ma- Lord Provost, from Captain Brown, Sulachi Clinton, and Patrick Lynch, before perintendent of the Edinburgh Police, on the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, the Subject of the late Investigation into on the 7th November 1820, for Murder ; the Police Establishment, 8vo. 2s. as taken by Robert Chalmers, Joint Agent An Essay on the Principles of Evi. for Pannels, and revised by Pannels' Coun. dence, and their Application to Subjects of sel. ls. 6d.

Judicial Inquiry ; by James Glassford, Esq. Lectures on the Philosophy of the Hu- advocate, 8vo. 18s. man Mind; by the late Thomas Brown, A Course of Mathematics, Vol I. conM.D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in taining the Elements of Geometry, and the University of Edinburgh, 4 vols 8vo. Plane Trigonometry ; by Professor Leslie, £2:12:6.

8vo. The Elements of Chemistry, with its Remarks on the Internal Evidence for

the Truth of Revealed Religion ; by Tho- Letters to a Young Clergyman; by Stemas Erskine, Esq. advocate, 12mo. 25. venson M'Gill, D.D. Professor of Divinity

Memoirs of the late Rev. James Scott, in the University of Glasgow, Second Edione of the Ministers of Perth, containing tion, Corrected and greatly Enlarged, Extracts from his Diary, &c. by the Rev, 12mo. 6s. boards. Contents, Letter 1. W. A. Thomson, one of the Ministers of On Pride. 2. 3. On Vanity. 4. On Worldthis City, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

ly Policy. 5. 6. On Uncharitableness and The Luckless Drave, and other Poems, Party Spirit. 7. On Levity. 8. On the with Anecdotes of the Witches of East Love of Company and Solitude. 9. On In. Lothian; by the Author of “ Verses on dolence. 10. On Indiscretion. 11. 12. On Dunbar Church.” 2s. 6d.

Spiritual Indifference.


New Foreign Works, imported by Treuttel and Wurtz, Soho-Square, London. Boué, Essai géologique sur l'Ecosse, 8vo. Mémoires des negociations du Marquis 12s.

de Valori, ambassadeur de France à la cour Pouqueville, Voyage dans la Grece, 4. de Berlin ; accompagnés d'un Recueil des vols. 8vo. avec fig. £2, 12s, 6d.

lettres de Frederic le grand. 2 vols 8vo. Temminck, Manuel d'ornithologie, nouv. edit. augmentée, 2 vols. 8vo. £1, 2s. Karamsin, Histoire de Russie, Tom.

Ferrand, Histoire des trois demembre. VIII. 8vo. · 9s. ments de la Pologne, 3 vols. 8vo. £1, Collection des Mémoires pour l'histoire de Ils. 6d.

France, avec des Notices et observations Pièces inédites de Voltaire, 8vo. 9s. par Petitot, Séconde Series, Tom 5 et 6.

12mo. 6s. 8vo. 18s. Walckenaer, Histoire de la Vie et des Collection des Mémoires relatifs à la Reouvrages de Jean Lafontaine, 8vo. 15s. volution Francaise, avec des Notes par

D'Agincourt, Histoire de l'Art par les Barrier & Berville, Vol. I. & II. Mé. Momumens, Livraison XXIII, folio. £2. moires de Madame Roland, 2 vols. 8vo.

16s. £4. One more Livraison will complete the Aug. Lafontaine, Henri & Amélie, ou work.

l'heritage inattendu. 2 vols 12mo. Ss.

· pap. vélin.



Sngar.--The market for sugar has for some time continued in a dull unsatisfactory state. Appearances within these few days, however, indicate more activity, and rather an advancement in price. As the stock is much reduced, and no supplies to be looked for of any importance during the next months, it may be fairly inferred, that sugar will advance in price. At the present rate of the market, it can never pay the planter, and consequently his debts to the mother country must remain undiminished, (perhaps increased) and his demands for all kinds of stores and supplies be greatly reduced, thereby further depressing the commerce of this country. The season for exportation being past, the demand for refined goods is exceedingly limited. Cotton.-The market for this article is in a languid state. The importations have been very considerable, which, added to the very large stock formerly on hand, leaves a supply still superior to the demand. While this continues to be the case, the market must remain without any material improvement in price. A considerable quantity has, we understand, been purchased of late in London, and shipped for China, where it will no doubt bring a better price than in the British market. currence shews, in a strong light, the derangement of this branch of trade, when we perceive cotton that has been brought from the East Indies to Britain returned from thence to China, as to a better market. Coffee. The market for coffee for some time continued very dull. There has been, however, a little improvement of late both in the demand and in the price, but whether that is to be permanent, or prices still further to increase, it is not easy to determine. The transactions in the European market must entirely regulate this. Corn.--The grain market continues very flat and dull, and sales can with difficulty be effected at reduced prices. The present prices cannot nearly defray the cultivator of the soil. The fruit market, in every kind, also continues very dull. Oil and tallow are still on the decline, and the markets heavy. Brandy is advanced in price, and maintains that advance. The market for geneva remains stationary. The price of rum has sunk unusually low, in consequence of wliich, some demand has been evinced chiefly, we pre

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sume from speculation. It is scarcely possible that this article can sink lower. At the present value it will not pay the planter the expense of making, and the loss to those who are forced to take it in payment in the colonies, and ship it to this country, in order to meet their engagements, must be severe.

The manufacturing districts are decidedly more prosperous, and for the labouring population, compared with this period last year, the improvement is very considerable. We would fain hope, that this improvement would be permanent, and that no such severe distresses as those which have been experienced, will again visit the manufacturing part, or indeed any part of our population. The advices from some foreign markets are more favourable, and it is to be hoped these will progressively improve. Still new markets are those from which the greatest and most extensive relief can be procured. These are in our power, and we hope will not be much longer unoccupied.

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SUGAR, Musc.

B. P. Dry Brown, cwt.
Mid. good, and fine mid.

Fine and very fine,
Refined Doub. Loaves,

Powder ditto,
Single ditto,
Small Lumps
Large ditto,

Crushed Lumps,
MOLASSES, British, cwt.
COFFEE, Jamaica cwt.

Ord. good, and fine ord.
Mid. good, and fine mid.
Dutch, Triage and very ord.

Ord. good, and fine ord.
Mid. good, and fine mid.
St Domingo,
PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib.

Jam. Rum, 16 0. P. gall.

Grain Whisky,

Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red, pipe.
Spanish White, butt.

LOGWOOD, Jam. ton.

FUSTIC, Jamaica,

INDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb.
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak,
Christiansand (dut. paid)
Honduras Mahogany

St Domingo, ditto
TAR, American,

PITCH, Foreign, cwt.
TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home Melted,
HEMP, Riga Rhine,

Petersburgh Clean,

Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.

MATS, Archangel, 105.

Petersburgh Firsts, cwt.
ASHES, Peters. Pearl,
Montreal ditto,

Pot, OIL, Whale,

tun. Cod, TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, lb.


COTTONS, Bowed Georg.
Sea Island, fine,


Demerara and Berbice,
West India,

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Course of Exchange, Nov. 10.--Amsterdam, 12 : 6. Antwerp, 12: 8. Hamburgh, 37: 6. Frankfort on the Maine, 155. Paris, 3 d. sight, 25: 70. Bourdeaux, 26:0. Madrid, 36. Cadiz, 36. Lisbon, 501. Oporto, 501. Gibraltar, 30%.

Leg. horn, 461. Genoa, 43. Malta, 45. Naples, 385. Rio Janeiro, 54. Dublin, 64 per cent. Cork, 65.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £0:0:0. New Doubloons, £3 : 15: 6. Foreign gold, in bars, £3: 17 : 104. New dollars, £0:4 : 104. Silver in bars, stand. £0 : 4 : ill.

ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 23d of

September, and the 24th of October, 1820, extracted from the London Gazette.


Anderson, J. London, merchant

Martin, T. Bristol, linen-draper Austin, T.J. Gregory, and J. Husson, Bath, haber- Meakin, w. Eceleshall, Staffordshire, grocer dashers

Miller, G. Watling-street, carpet agent Avison, J. Bridghouse, Yorkshire, grocer

Morley, D. Cockspur-street, boot-maker Bidmead, J. D. Chalford, broad-cloth manufac- Morton, A. Lower Thames-street, fish-factor turer

Nation, J. Gosport, victualler Bidwith, T. Bagginswood, Stotesden, Shropshire, Norris, C. and R. Bury, cotton-spinners farmer

Parkes, w. Birmingham, lime-dealer Bonser, H. Belle Sauvage-yard, Ludgate hill, vic- Paull, H. Old Change, carpenter tualler

Payne, J. D. Reid, and T. Hall, Norwich, bomBosher, W. Aldersgate-street, wholesale jeweller bazeen manufacturers Calvert, J. Hedden, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner Perkins, R. Lymington, Hants, grocer Castley, R. Friday-street, Cheapside, warehouse- Pitt, J. Cirencester, wool-stapler

Portlock, R. Andover, coach-maker Clarke, G. St John's-street, shoe-maker

Redhead, J. M. Rotherhithe, merchant Clayton, P. Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, saddler Reynolds, W. late of the ship Orient, master maCope, W. Chillington, crate-maker

riner Emson, R. Lexden, Essex, brewer

Roach, J. Plymouth Dock, stationer Fiegehen, J. G. jun. Wood-street, Cheapside, glass. Sabine, H. Fenchurch-street, druggist dealer

Seaman, C. and G. Etheridge, Norwich, goldField, J. Pickett-street, Strand, linen-draper

smiths Forster, W. Strand, silversmith

Shirley, R. Bucklersbury, carpet-manufacturer Gidley, E. Dover-street, Piccadilly, dress-maker Small, w. jun. Lower East Smithfield, butcher Gilbert, M. and R. Tideswell, Derbyshire, linen- Smith, T. H. Chancery-lane, tailor drapers

Smith, J. jun. Ramsgate, carpenter Griffiths, G. Cursitor-street, jeweller

Smith, J. H. Bristol, auctioneer Grumwell, F. jun. Leeds, cheesemonger

Smith, J. Balkmile, Yorkshire, flax-spinner Harris, J. and C. Cooper, Bristol, wool and cloth- Stannard, W. Norwich, manufacturer factors

Stickland, S. Budleigh, Salterton, Devon, dealer Hart, G. Cheltenham, stone-mason

Sutton, J. sen. Barleston, Leicestershire, butcher Herbert, W. Overbury, Worcestershire, farmer Thomas, J. and J. Cabell, Oxford-street, linenHoughton, G. Hercules-buildings, Lambeth, car- drapers penter

Thompson, J. Norwich, merchant Jeremy, C. Acre-lane, Chapham, linen-draper Thornton, H. Rood-lane, upholder Jones, T. and E. Powell, Wrexham, grocers Tunnicliffe, G. and J. Stone, grocers Koster, T. Liverpool, merchant

Waldie, J. and S. Dalston, manufacturers Latham, J. Abingdon, grocer

Westron, M. Wellington, Somerset, mercer Lee, J. Horsleydown-lane, Southwark, lighterman Willet, G. Owen’s-row, Islington, picture-frameLeech, J. and J. Hinchcliffe, Cateaton street, maker wholesale hosier

Wilson, J. Swanton, Morley, Norfolk, farmer Leigh, R. Stanley, dealer in ale and porter Winwiek, J. Bathwick, Somerset, money-scrivener Lovelock, S. Bristol, baker

Wooleot, C. F. High Holborn, window-glass cutter Mardon, W. East Budleigh, Devon

Young, T. Cheltenham, fish-monger Marfitt, R. Pickering, currier

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