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Javens, J. and G. St James's-walk, Clerkenwell Roberts, S. Cheltenliam, druggist
Jent, T. Piccadilly, chinaman

Rutter, J. Winterton, Lilcolnshire, merchant
Johnson, W. Heybridge, Essex, salt-manufacturer Sarson, J. Kingsland, stage-coach proprietor
Kenworthy, J. Saddleworth, Yorkshire, dyer Scurr, J. Doncaster, linen-draper
Keates, W. Bishopsgate-street, hosier

Schwieso, J. C. and F. Grosjean, Soho-square, Kew, R. and T. Thomason, Castle-street, White harp manufacturers chapel, horse-dealers

Slade, W. Leeds, corn-merchant Klotz, M. Brighton, merchant

Smith, E. and j. Sanderson, Howden, Yorkshire, Knowles, J. Liverpool, innkeeper

tailors Landon, T. Hartford, salt-manufacturer

Smith, E. Green Lettuce-lane, tea-dealer Larkworthy, J. Exeter, comb-maker

Smith, A. Lime-street-square, merchant Lethbridge, J. Carmarthen-street, Tottenham Sprigens, J. Chesham, Buckinghamshire, draper court-road, carpenter

Spence, J. Princes-street, Westminster, corn-dealer Leigh, J. Upper Thames-street, coal-merchant Stephenson, A. Ingram-court, Fenchurch-street, Ledieu, J. Richmond-buildings, Soho, jeweller cotton-manufacturer Little, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linen-draper Thwaites, S. Staplehurst, tallow-chandler Lonnon, W. Ringwood, butcher

Tillotson, J. Warley, Yorkshire, cotton-spinner Lovenbury, M. Bradford, Wilts, victualler

Town, T. Yalding, Kent, miller
Lynch, M. Whitefriars, carman

Trehane, $. Exeter, silversmith
Maas, H. Provost-street, City-road, merchant Trent, G. Bourton, Dorsetshire, maltster
Marsden, T. Pimlico, horse-dealer

Turner, T. W. Brentford, potter
Melton, M. sen. and T. Melton, Highgate, builders Tweed, T. and R., Great St Helen's, millers
Mossenton, R. Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Usherwood, T. jun. Tonbridge, farmer

Watson, T. James-street, Manchester-square, Myrtle, W. Brighthelmstone, Sussex, hatter

grocer Norris, T. Bishopstone, Wiltshire, shoe-maker Wail, C. Coventry, mercer Norman, J. Lucas-street, Commercial-road, mas Watkins, P. Bristol, oil and colourman ter-mariner

White, H. Strand-lane, printer Oakes, J. King's Arms-buildings, Cornhill, com Wilkinson, A. Liverpool, wine-merchant mission-broker

Wilson, R. Clement's-lane, broker Orme, J. Wigau, Lancaster, money-scrivener Willcock's, T. Holborn, umbrella-maker Patey, A. late of Plymouth, now of West Teign Wilson, J. jun. Staincliffe, Yorkshire, merchant mouth, builder

Wood, T. Trowbridge, Wiltshire, clothier Paulden, w. Maeclesfield, Cheshire, linen-draper Wood, H. Ropemaker-street, Cripplegate, coachParker, A. Cheltenham, builder

smith Peachy, J. Oxford-street, linen-draper

Woolven, T. Andover, Southampton, linen-draper Price, R. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, corn Wright, J. Hart-street, Bloomsbury, upholsterer factor

Wragge, F. F. St George's, Gloucestershire, dealer Ralph, R. and W. King, Ipswich, maltsters Yates, R. W. Manchester, cotton-twist dealer

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ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st and

30th November, 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Alexander, G. farmer and cattle-dealer at Haik Sym, D. spirit-dealer in Glasgow burn, parish of Rothiemay

Williamson, G. J. & W. catile-dealers, AberdeenAnderson, R. wright and builder, Glasgow

Brown, J. merchant-tailor in Biggar
Clyne, J. woollen-draper in Leith

Craig, R. & Co. millers and grain-dealers in Partick
Douglas, J. draper in Dumfries

Baird, A. merchant in Inverkeithing; a dividend
Dunn, merchant or trader, and ship.owner in on 14th December

Hunter, R. cowfeeder and cattle-dealer in Glag. Gibson, J. of the Halbeath Company, Fifeshire, gow; à dividend on 19th December residing at Halbeath

Nicol, w. bleacher at Gateside; a dividend on 2d Gordon, J. merchant in Aberdeen

December Hall & Hanılyside, wood-merchants, Fisherrow Pitkethly, J. builder in Leith; a dividend on 1th Hyndman, A. cooper and fish-curer, Greenock

December Smith, James, Farthing.rush, residing in Barnbar Wilson, Sam. manufacturer in Glasgow ; a first

roch, corn-merchant, and dealer in wool and corn and final dividend on 26th December

METEOROLOGICAL REPORT. WINTER has seldom approached with more mildness than it has done this season. At the beginning of November, the thermometer ranged between 35 and 45, and frequently, in the course of the month, between 45 and 50. It sunk to the freezing point only four times, and rose as often above 50. The average temperature is exactly 5 degrees higher than that of November 1819. Spring water is also about 2 degrees higher. The Barometer, with a few exceptions, has always been above the meridian height, and the mean daily range is little more than one-half of what it was last year.

The quantity of rain is considerably below the mean monthly amount, and of this quantity the greater part fell between the 19th and 26th. In consequence, however, of the cloudy state of the weather, the amount of evaporation is small, and the average of Leslie's Hygrometer is nearly 2 degrees below that of November 1819. The point of deposition, according to Anderson's formula, is, for the same reason, a little higher than the mean daily minimum temperature. The relative humidity is also high, the mean quantity of moisture in the atmosphere being about nine-tenthis of what would have produced complete saturation. The wind during the month scarcely ever exceeded a moderate breeze. temperature at 10 morning and evening is again a little higher than that of the mean maximum and minimum ; but the difference is so small, that it cannot in any sensible degree affect the general coincidence between these results, so frequently noticed in former reports. The same remark is applicable to Anderson's theory of evaporation.

The average

.........., 10 P.M.

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, Extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees Mean of greatest daily heat,

45.7 Maximum

21st day

53.0 .........cold, 37.4 Minimum,


27.5 ........ temperature, 10 A.M. 42.2 Lowest maximum, 15th,

38.0 41.3 Highest minimum,


47.0 ..of daily extremes,

41.5 Highest, 10 A.M.


59.5 ............10 A.M. and 10 P.M.

41.8 Lowest ditto


34.0 .4 daily observations, 41.6 Highest, 10 P.M. 20th,

51.5 Whole range of thermometer,

249.5 Lowest ditto


32.5 Mean daily ditto, 8,3 Greatest range in 24 hours, 10th,

16.5 temperature of spring water,

44.9 Least ditto,



Inches. Diean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 48.) 29.722 Highest 10 A.M.


30.245 .......... 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 18.) 29.740 Lowest ditto,


29.320 .......... both, (temp. of mer. 48.)

29.731 Highest 10 P.M.


30.175 Whole range of barometer,

Lowest ditto,


29.375 Mean ditto, during the day,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 16th,

.500 night,

Least ditto,


.000 ................. in 24 hours,



HYGROMETER. Degrees HYGROMETER. Degrees. Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 14th,

14.0 Rain in inches,

Lowest ditto, 95th,

1.0 Evaporation in ditto,

Highest, 10 P.M. 10th,

21.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto, 25th,

2.0 Leslie. " Mean, 10 A. M.

6.1 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 8th, 19.0,. ......................... 10 P.M.


Lowest ditto, 14th, 31.0 both 6.2

Highest 10 P.M. 20th, 50., Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A.M. 38.8

Lowest ditto, 10th, 26.0 .......... 10 P.M.


Relat. Hum.Highest, 10 A.M. 25th, 98.0 both, 38.2

Least ditto, 14th, 73.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


...... Greatest, 10P.M.25th, 97.0 ............ 10 P. M. 88.6

...... Least ditto, 10th, 61.0 both,


Mois. 100, Greatest, 10 A.M.8th, .............Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M..171

Least ditto 11th, 127 ........................................................ 10 P.M. .165

............ Greatest, 10 P.M. 20th, .243 .................................................... both, .168

............ Least ditto, 10th, .109 Fair days, 20; rainy days, 10. Wind west of Meridian, 14; east of meridian, 16.

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



Ther. Barom

Ther. Wind.

Ther. Barom. Ther.


Nov. 1{E.41

.156 E. 13 } w.


2 M.301

17 M.33


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7{ E. 46

M.35 29.113 M.43 Showery.

M.26 29.653 M.35


Frost morn. E. 32 .562 E. 39

fair day. .248 M.40 Fair.

.153 M.40

E. 38 .350 E. 42

E. 40

Dull, but Frost morn.

202 E. 41

M.35 .180 M.19

N. W. fair day.


.422 M.40

E. 40 .443 E. 48

E. 39

Rain morn.

.490 E. 41
M.35 .516 M.54)

19 dull day.

M.34 .494 M.421


.536 E. 44 )

E. 41 .565 E. 44
M.35 .436 M.14) Showery.


270 M.451 S.

Rainy day.

S.W. .228 E.42

E. 46

.168 E. 49
.310 M.42
Dull, but

Fair, but 6


.236 M.51

N. W. fair,
E. 41

S.W. dull.
.365 E. 15

E. 53 .256 E. 52

Fair and M.34 .328 M.45) Rain morn.


.375 M.51
.640 E. 48

S.W. mild.
dull day.

E. 45 .376 E.48
M.42 .781 M.19

Cble. Fair.

.338 M.46


Rainy day. E. 50 .882 E.50 )

E. 13

.258 E. 45
.882 M.471E.


.294 M.411 Fair, but 9


N.W. Idull.
UE. 45
.903 E. 46

L. 40 .384 E. 44

Frost morn.
.954 M.46
rain morn.

,508 M.41 W.


E. 44 .999 E. 45 )
dull day

fair day..

.435 E. 43 M.29 .999 M.41



.410 M.45 W. 11

Fair, but 26

E. 36 .968 E. 42

E. 46
.530 E. 44

M.34 .770 M.44
Rain foren.

.686 M.44)

E. 42

.598 E. 41
fair aftern.

E. 43 .716 E. 45

Mild and
M.29 .526|M.39

N. Ditto.
.694 E.41


M 353 .925 M.43
E. 44 .999 E. 43

M.29 .788 M.10

Dull morn.

M.31 .999 M.42)
.788/E, 39 S

rainy day.

E. 37 .986 E. 41
.801 M.37 'w.
Frost morn.

.914 M.47)
.801 E. 38 )

N.W. fair day.


Average of rain in inches, 1,139.

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E. 40%


13{€. 57 14{£.37 15{\8.33

N.W. Frost mora.

Fair day.


E. 39

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guson, ret.

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Ens. Johnson, Lt. vice Lenn, 10 R. V. Brt.

2d Nov, The King has been pleased to nominate the Rev.

J. G. Bedinfield, Ens. James Wallace, minister of the gospel at Mary

49 Capt. Mitchell, fm. 92 F. Capt. vice Ellis, port, to be assistant and successor to the Rev. Dr

h. p. York Chass.

do. David Lamont, minister of Kirkpatrick, Durham,

50 Lieut. Patterson, Captain vice Mitchell, presbytery of Dumfries, and stewartry of Kirkcud.

7 R. Vet. Bn.

19th Oct. bright.

Ensign Tudor, Lt.

do. The King has been pleased to present the Rev.

J. B. Ross, Ens.

do. John Glegg to the church and parish of Bervie, or

J. S. Torrens, Ens, vice Nicolls, 72 F. Inverbervie, in the presbytery of Fordown, and

26th do. county of Kincardine, void by the death of the

Ens. Vassall, fm. 38 F. Ens, vice Torrens, Rev, Robert Croll.


do. The Rev. D. Cannan has been admitted to the

51 Lieut. Elliott, Capt. vice Beardsley, ret. pastoral charge of the united parish of Mains and

9th Nov. Strathmartine, vacant by Dr Nicol's translation to

57 W. J. P. Gore, Ensign, vice Brown, prom. St Leonard's.

26th Oct. 59 F. Fortune, Ensign, vice Douglas, res.

25th Mar. II.-MILITARY.

65 J. Donnithorne, Ens. vice Mathison, dead 3

22d Dec. 1819
Dr. Gds. Lt. Griffiths, fm. h. p. 79 F. to be Qua.
Mast. vice Cochran, h. p. 19th Oct. 1820

Surg. Mackesey, fm. 62 F. Surg. vice
Burrell, dead

12th Oct. 1820 6 Caulfield, Capt. by purch. vice Fer

9th Nov.

67 Ensign Elliot, Lieut. vice Baynham, dead Cornet Langley, Lt. by purch. do.

7th Dec. 1819 do.

71 C. W. Webster, Cornet by purch.

Impett, Lieut. by purch, vice Horton, 81 F.

5th Oct. 10 Dr. Lieut. Cartwright, Capt. by purch. vice

16th do.

G. Strangways, Ens. by purch.
Floyd, 11 Dr.

Cornet, Earl of Wiltshire, Lt. by purch.

Ens. Nicolls, fm. 50 F. Ens. vice Enery,

res. do,

26th do. do.

74 T. Wood, Cornet by purch.

C. A. Vallancey, Ens. by purch. vice Arbuthnot, 4 F.

19th do. 11 Capt. Sir H. Floyd, Bt. fm. 10 Dr. Maj.

79 2

Ensign Campbell, Lieut. vice Morrison,

do. by purch. vice Childers, prom.

9 R. Vet. Bn.

26th do. 14 H. Ross, Cornet by purch. vice Gooch.

19th Oct.
A Brown, Ens.

do. prom.

81 Lt. Horton, fm. 74 F. Capt. by purch. vice 21316 Lt. Baker, Capt. by purch. vice Bt. Maj.

Bowles, ret.
Weyland, ret.

5th do. Cornet Tuite, Lt. by purch.

Ensign Oakley, Lieut. vice Armstrong, do. 10 R. Vet. Bn.

19th do. Sir T. W. White, Bt. Cornet by purch. do.

E. Harrison, Ens. Bt. Lt. Col. Wilson, Lt.-Col. by purch. 17

do. 81 vice Werge, ret.

25th Mar.

Lieut. Carroll, Captain vice Tumer,

10 R. Vet. Bn. Bt. Maj. Sale, Major by purch. do.


Ensign Reade, Lt.
Lt. Robinson, Capt, by purch.

Cornet Raven. Lt. by purch.

R. R. Harris, Ens.

do. 89 W. Thomas, Ensign, vice King, prom. J. Vernon, Cornet, by purch, vice Kierulf, prom. 24th Sept.

Ist Aug. 1814

92 Capt. Noel, fm. h. p. York Chass. Capt. # Gr. Gds. Lt. & Capt. Higginson, Capt. & Lt. Col.

vice Mitchell, 49 F.

26th Oct. by purch. vice Colquitt, ret.

2d Nov. 1820 Ens. and Lt. Long, Lt. and Capt. by purch.

Rifle Brig. Ist Lieut. Hope, Capt. vice Chawner,

4 R. Vet. Bn. do.

9th do.

2d Lieut. Otter, 1st Lieut. Greenwood, fm. h. p. Ens. &

de. Hon.

do. Lt. do.

Grey, 20 Lt. vice Otter; prom.

26th do Lt. and Capt. Barnett, Capt. and Lt. Col.

Medical Department.
by purch. vice Col. Hamilton, ret. do.

Assist. Surg. Gilder, fm. 67 F. Surg. to the Forces,
Ens. & Gossip,
Lt. & Capt. by purch. do.

vice Nicoll, prom.
J. R. Barker, Ens. & Lt. by purch. do.

9th Nov. 1820

Ramsay, fm. h. p. Assist. Surg. to the IF. Lt. Billing, Capt, vice Galbraith, 4 R.V.B.

19th do.
Forces, vice French, 67 F.

19th Oct. Ensign Bruce, Lt.


Hosp. As. White, fm. h. p. Hosp. As. Forces, vice
W. H. Church, Ens.

Trigance, 17 F.

2d Nov.
Lt. Hair, Capt. vice Williamson, & R. Vet.


Ensign Proctor, Lt.

do. Bt Col. Ponsonby, from 12 Dr. rec. diff. between J. B. Dalway, Ens.

do. full pay Cav. and full

pay Inf. with Lieut. Col. 10 J. Le Merchant, Ens. vice Lord S. Len Brotherton, h. p. 22 Dr.

26th do. Major Bishop, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Bt. Lieut.. Ensign Cornwall, fm. 38 F. Lt. by purch. Col. Bailey, h. p. 1 Pro. Bn. of Mil.

vice Brooksbank, 26 F. 19th do. Bt. Lt. Col. Wilby, from 90 F. with Capt. Paget, Lt. Stewart, Capt. vice M'Laren, 8 R.V.B. h. p. 31 F.

9th Nov. Capt. Grenfell, from 7 Dr. rec. diff. with Captain Ens. Dickson, Lt.

do. Towers, h. p. 21 Dr. B. F. Noyes, Ens.


Goldsmid, from 12 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt. 28 Capt. Magennis, fm. 37 F. Capt. vice Mor. Craufurd, h. p. 60 F. iarty, h. p. 71 F.

19th do.

Hervey, from 22 F. with Capt. French, 82 F. Ensign Mountsteven, Lt. vice Wilkinson, Burton, from 33 F. with Capt. Rist, h. p. dead

26th do.

37 F. Lord S. Lennox, fm. 10 F. Ensign Cox, from 37 F. with Capt. East, h. p. 30 F.

25th do. Lieut. Manners, from 1 Life Gds. with Lieut. J. 33 Bt. Lt. Col. Grant, fm. h. p. 11 F. Major Hall, h. p. 6 Dr. vice Phillott, cancelled 16th Nov.

Hughes, from 3 Dr. Gd. with Lieut. Mer37 "Capt. Barallier, fm. h. p. 71 F. Capt. vice

cer, 70 F. Magennis, 28 F.

19th Oct.

Burne, from 3 Dr. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. 39 H. Grimes, Ens. vice Cornwall, 24 F. do. Carrol, h. p. 22 Dr. J. S, Torrens, Ensign, vice Vassall, 50 F. Baghott, from 3 Dr. with Lieut. M'Queen,

26th do. 80 F,

nox, 28 F.

Capt, L'Estrange, from 7 F. with Ricketts, h. p. Capt. Wilsonn, h. p. Indep. 2 F. G.

Friedericks, h. p. Ger. Leg. 25th April 1820 Boyd, from 11 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Leschen, h. p.

19th Feb. M'Crummin, h. p. 78 F.

de Brandis, h. p.

28th Jan. Ball, from 22 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Green,

Struver, h. p.

29th June h p.

Ocheme, h. p.


11th May Gray, from 25 F. with Lieut. Wall, h. p.

Baker, h. p. 63 F.

8th Sept. 40 F.

Lieut. Wilkinson, 28 F. Corfu. Cornwall, from 24 F. with Lieut. Keppel, Howard, (adj.) 59 F. Berhampore, 11th Cape Corps.

May 1820 Blackwell, from 25 F. with Lieut. Dunne, Higginbotham, 69 F. Bangalore

11th May h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.

Dunlevie, 87 F. Dinapore

15th April Foulkes, from 40 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Grant, h. p. 52 F.

9th do. Crabb, h. p. 58 F.

- Mitchell, h. p. 89 F. Bombay 4th June 1819 Perceval, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Anderson, late 2 Vet. Bn.

May 1820 Douglas, h. p. 68 F.

Maclean, late 6 Vet. Bn.

do. Payne, from 75 F. with Lieut. Baldwin, h.p. Stuart, late Gar. Bn.

21st June 14 F.

Wellwood, he p. 82 F. Pittiver, Fifeshire, Forbes, from Rifle Brig. rec. dift. with Lt.

7th July Rochfort, h. p.

Eversfield, h. p. 11 Dr. Cornet Whitmore, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Cornet

Leech, h. p. 12 Dr. Wathen, h. p. 21 Dr.

Leavach, h. p. 21 F. Ensign Stafford, from 27 F. with Ensign Ogilvie, Adderley, h. p. 35 F. 87 F.

Roddey, h. p. 38 F. Satterthwaite, from 35 F. with Ensign Meagher, h. p. 43 F. Dickens, h. p. 34 F.

M'Quarrie, h. p. 71 F. Mackay, from 51 F. with Ensign Estridge, Swayne, h. p. 97 Ē. 65 F.

Primrose, h. p. 98 F. Carroll, from 86 F. with Ensign Ussher, Snowden, h. p. 3 Pro. Bn. of Mil. h. p. 53 F.

Nichols, do. do. Assist. Surg. Magrath, from 61 F. with Assist.

Hon. W. Leeson, h. p. Indep Surg. White, h. p. York. Chass.

Spreebach, h. p. Ger. Leg.
Davy, from Staff Assist. Surg. with Wilding, do. do.
Assist. Surg. Lloyd, h. p.

Cornets of Ensigns.
Resignations and Retirements,

Bingham, 17 F. Bombay

23d April 1820 Col. Hamilton, 3 F. G.

Fearon, h. p. 1 F.
Lieut. Col. Werge, 17 Dr.

Blood, h. p. 22 F.
Colquitt, Gren. Gds.

Pollman, h. p. 78 F. Hanover 27th Sept. Major Weyland, 16 Dr.

Wallis, h. p. Ind. Co. Captain Ferguson, 6 Dr. Gds.

Rose, h. p. 86 F.

Beardsley, 51 F.

Luders, h. p. 20 Dr.
Bowles, 81 F.

Brock, h. p. 55 F.
Ensign Douglas, 59 F.

Gauthey, h. p. 59 F.
Enery, 72 F.

Stent, R. p. 79 F.
Appointments Cancelleda

Making, h. p. 4 W. I. R.
Major Phillott, 33 F.

Fricke, (cornet) ha p. Ger. Leg.

230 April Ensign Torrens, 50 F.

Sander, h. p. Ger. Leg.

19th Feb. Surtees, 4 Vet. Bn.

Adjut. Bernell, h. p. Oxford Fen. Cav. 17th Mar. Surg. Stewart, 65 F.

1820 Ardley, 17 F.

Simon, h. p. Frazer's Fen.
Quart. Mast. Hill, Rifle Brig.

Qua. Mast. Smith, h. p. 4 Dr.

Tarleton, h. p. 18 Dr. 2d Nov. 1820 Dep. Assist. Comm. Gen. Brander.

Wheeler, h. p. Wagg. Tr.

Commissariat Department.
Lieut. Gen. Glasgow, R. Art. Lon. 28th Oct. 1820 Dep. Ass. Com. Gen. T. Harvey, at Sea.
Maj. Gen. Barrow, of late 5 W. I. R. at Paris, Do. do. do. Fleming, Montreal, Canada
16th Aug.

11th July 1820 Victor, Baron Alten, late Ger. Leg.

Medical Department. Hanover,

25th do.

Dr Wright, h. p. Physician Col. Sir W. Robe, R. Art. Shooter's Hill, Kent,

A. Thompson, h. p. Dep. Insp. 5th Nov. 1820

Dr Walker, h. p. Assist. Surg. 71 F. Paris 2d Nov. Lieut. Col. De la Douespe, 69 F. Bangalore, 19th April 1820

1820 J. Blair, Hosp. Ass. Jamaica Tomkins, Nassau, New Providence,

4th Sept.

Forsyth, h. p. Assist. Surg. 41 F.

Shaw, h. p. Assist. Surg. 101 F.
Major Doherty, 13 Dr. Bangalore, 12th June 1820

M‘Mullen, h. p. Assist. Surg. Roy. African Corps
White, h. p. 6 Gar. Bn,
Burn, late of Royal Marines, Maidstone,

Norris, h. p. Hosp. Assist.
13th Oct.

Miscellaneous, Captain Livingston, h. p. 13 F.

Dr Fruster, late Chaplain 90 F. Bathwick 20th Doig, h. p. 21 F.

June 1820
Morrison, h. p. 113 F.

Marshall, late Chaplain 80 F.
Forbes, h. p. 9 F.

Playfair, do. 83 F.
Grimstead, h. P.
York. R.

W. Tongue, Dep. Judge Adv. at Jamaica 12th July

20th Aug. 1st April 12th Aug.

lith Aug

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At Edinburgh, the lady of William Fergu ter of the late Archibald Montgomerie Campbell, son, Esq. of Kilry, a son.

Esq. of Upper Wimpole-street, London. The lady of Robert Scott Moncrieff, Esq. 15. Mr John Kidd, to Jessie, fourth daughadvocate, a daughter.

ter of the late Mr Thomas Denholm, writer, Edin. 12. At 16, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the Honour burgh. able Mrs Wardlaw, a daughter.

17. At Edinburgh, Peter Ramsay, Esq. banker, Mrs Craufurd, Picardy Place, Edinburgh, a to the Hon. Susan Mary Hamilton, second daughson.

ter of the: late Right Hon. William, Lord Bel13. At Foss-house, Mrs Stewart, a son.

haven and Stenton. - At Teddington, the lady of D. Borland, In 21. At the Manse of Cairney, Aberdeenshire, spector of Army Hospitals, a son.

John Thurburn, Esq. late of Messina, in Sicily, to 15. At New Laverock Bank, Mrs Wm. Swinton Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. John FinMaclean, a daughter.

later, Cairney. 16. At Bath, the lady of Sir Alexander Hood, 22. At Clifton, by the Rev. Henry Kirby, the Bart. a daughter.

Rev. Edward Litchford, rector of Boothby PagAt Balthayock, Perthshire, the lady of Adam nell, Lincolnshire, to Margaret Isabella, third Ferguson, Esq. of Woodhill, a son.

daughter of the late Captain Abraham Bunbury, 17. At Dunottar-house, lady Kennedy, a son. 62d reg. of foot. 21. At Rose Bank, Mrs Dunbar, a son.

- At Edinburgh, John Ramsay, Esq. writer in - At Coates-house, the Right Hon. Lady Eli Edinburgh, to Ann, daughter of the late George bank, a daughter.

Ogilvy, Esq. of Westhall. At Stevenson Mains, East Lothian, Mrs Wil 23. At Laurieston-place, the Rev. James Harper, liam Bogue, a son.

North Leith, to Barbara, second daughter of the At the Hague, the Countess of Athlone, a son Rev. Dr Peddie, Edinburgh. and heir,

- At Edinburgh, Mr Gilbert Sanders, account. - At Denlugas, Mrs Leslie of Denlugas, a ant, Glasgow, to Margaret, youngest daughter of daughter.

Mr William Rankin, South Union-place. 22. In Upper Berkeley-street, London, the lady Dec. 1. At Edinburgh, Mr William Glen, mer of James Saunders, Esq. a daughter.

chant, to Jessie, youngest daughter of Mr James 23. At Ormond-house, near Bath, the lady of Pillans, printer. Major-General A. C. Jackson, a daughter.

Lately, At Edinburgh, William Lambie, Esq. of -Mrs Hunter of Thurston, a son.

the island of Jamaica, to Elizabeth Dundas Crich27. The lady of Robert Montgomerie, Esq. a ton, daughter of Mr Chrichton, Gayfield-square.

At the residence of the British Ambassador at 28. Mrs Millar, North Frederick-street, Edin Paris, General Vatier, in the service of his most burgh, a son.

Christian Majesty, to Fanny, only daughter of the 30. At Leith Fort, Mrs Major Campbell, a daugh late Walter Boyd, jun. Esq. ter, who survived but a short time.

Lately. Mrs John Gibson, Dundas-street, Edinburgh, a son.

Aprü 19. At Ryepoor, of a fever, occasioned by

fatigue on service, Lieutenant Richard Fraser, 5th MARRIAGES.

Bengal native infantry, eldest son of the late Mr

Donald Fraser, writer in Inverness. Nov. 1, At Clifton, Major Macinnes, of the Ben June 9. In camp, near Ballary, in India, Captain gal establishment, to Mary Elizabeth Milward, Stewart of Stenton, 3d native infantry, Madras es. youngest daughter of the late Bedingfield Pogsoo, tablishment. Esq. of the island of St Christopher.

Aug. 4. At Balogna, within an hour of each other, 2. Colonel Douglas Mercer, of the 3d Guards, to George Meek of Campfield, Esq. and Mrs Janet Miss Rowley, second daughter of Sir William Row Meek, his wife. ley, Bart. M. P. for Suffolk.

13. At Hamilton, after a long and severe illness, 3. At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Callendar, sur

Katharine Farquharson, daughter of the late Alexgeon, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Mr John ander Farquharson, Esq. of Balfour, and wife of Porteous.

Mr Robert Valentine, supervisor of Excise. 4. Jasper Lutzow Hagermann, aid-de-camp to

Oct. 5. Harriet, the wife of Lieutenant-Colonel the King of Denmark, to Harriet, daughter of the Hogg, of Emers Down Cottage, Lyndhurst. late Hon. George Vere Hobart, and sister to the 8. At Sea, on the passage to Quebec, Captain Earl of Buckinghamshire.

Murdoch, of the brig Jane of Ayr. 6. Captain Charles George Stanhope, son of the 9. At Tradeston, Glasgow, Mrs Park, widow of late Rear-Admiral Stanhope, to Jane, eldest daugh. Captain Charles Park of Parkhill. ter of Sir James Galbraith, Bart. of Urney Park, 10. At Broughty Ferry, Lieutenant James Begcounty of Tyrone, Ireland.

bie, late of the Apollo frigate. 7. At Holmhill, Dumfries-shire, Adam Mosman, 13. At her brother's house, in York Place, Lon Esq. of Liverpool, to Harriet, eldest daughter don, Miss Isabella Douglas. of the late Captain William Douglas, 11th regiment

19. In Glenurchy, Argyllshire, Captain Archiof foot.

bald Campbell, half pay, 91st regiment. At Dumfries, William Drysdale, Esq. writer

25. At his pen, in Salt Ponds, Jamaica, Peter to the signet, to Mrs Copland, Dumfries.

Grant, Esq. Sergeant at Arms to the Honourable 8. At Edinburgh, Mr James Davidson, mer. House of Assembly, son of the late Sir Ludovick chant, Dundee, to Isabella, youngest daughter of Grant of Dalvey, Bart. Nr Hutton, Whitehill, Fifeshire.

26. At Monte Video, the Hon. Captain Henry 9. At Parkhouse, Banffshire, Patrick Steuart, Finch, R. N. Esq. of Auchlunkart, to Rachel, only daughter of -At his house, Union-place, Edinburgh, Mr the late Lachlan Gordon, Esq. of Park.

Alexander Thompson, writer. - H. T. Liddell, Esq. eldest son of Sir T. H. - Robert Stewart, Esq. of Garth, aged 80. Liddell, Bart. of Ravensworth Castle, Durham, 28. At Bankhouse, near Dundee, Sir John Ogils to Isabella Horatio, daughter of Lord George Sey vy, of Inverquharity, Bart. mour.

29. At Dingwall, Mr Angus M‘Donald, late mere - At London, D. J. Ballingall, Esq. eldest son chant, in Edinburgh. of Major-General Ballingall, to Dorcas, daughter 30. At Inverkeithing, Mr George Beveridge, of the late Thomas Ward, of Sandhurst, Kent, Collector of the Customs there, in his 42d year. Esq.

Nov. 1. At Dunkeld, George, and on the 2d of 10. At Carnegie Street, Edinburgh, by the Rev. same month, Robert, sons of the late Mr Smyttan, Dr Peddie, Mr James Sanders, jun. of Leith, to

surgeon, R. N. Miss Aitken of Dunbar.

At Cliffdale, in Orkney, Mrs Balfour. 11. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert Young, mi At London, Lieut.-Gen. George Glasgow, of nister of the Episcopal Chapel of St Andrews, to the royal artillery: Margaret, second daughter of the late William At Farleigh-house, Hants, in the 85d year of Dawson, Esq. of Graden.

his age, Admiral Sir Benjamin Caldwell, G. C. B. - At St Paul's Chapel, Edinburgh, Thomas At her house, in Clarke-street, in the 73d year Hamilton, Esq. brother of Sir William Hamilton, of her age, Mrs Janet Richardson, relict of the late Bart. to Miss Ann Montgomery Campbell, daugh Mr Charles Beid, baker in Edinburgh.

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