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p. 69 F.

Mitical Department.

Cornet &mith, from 99 F. with Ensign Barlton, h. Surg. Lomsworth, from 9 F. Surg. to Forces, vtce Cockel, dead

28 Dec. 1820

Dixon, from 70 F. reo. diff. with Ensign Hosp. Assist. Caverhill, Assist. Surg. to Forces,

Westenra, h. p. 94 F. - vice Savery, 1 W. I. R.

do. Surg. Rule, from 86 F. with Surg. Cunningham, H. I. Stuart, Hosp. Assist. to forces

do. h. p. Gleng. Fenc. J. Brydon, do. více Higgins, dead 11 Jan. 1821

Resignations and Retirements.

Lieut. Col. Master, 3 F. G.
Capt. Simson, 6 R. V. Bn. Town Major of Ports-

M.Neight, 22 F. mouth, vice Ashhurst, dead 4 Jan. 1821

Tucker, 29 F.

Capt. Gill, 46 F.

Burns, 80 F. Lt. Col. South, from 20. F. with Lt. Col. Ogilvie, Lieut. Baillie, 20 F. h. p. 8 F.

Cornet Gulston, 3 Dr.
Bt. Lt. Col. Lord C. Fitz Roy, from 55 F. with

Dep. Storekeeper-Gen. James Smith.
Major Mill, h. p. 27 F.
Fitz Simon, from 65 F. with Major

Dumas, h. p. York Chass.
Major Broomfield, from 16 F. with Lt. Col. Shaw, General Gwyn, 1 Dr. G. London 13 Jan. 21
22 F.

Lieut. General Monro, Bath

3 Jan. 21 Capt. Simson, from 6 R. Vet. Bn. with Bt. Major Major General Chester, late of Coldstream Gds. Spinluff, h. p. 18 F.


5 Jan. 12 Hadden, from 6 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt.

Hare, late of 22 Dr. Bangalore, on Irwin h. p. 20 Dr.

Staff at Madras

28 Aug. 20 Edgell, from 4 F. with Capt. Hovenden, Colonel Vise, W. de Serrant, late Irish Brig. h. 60 F.

F, A. L. Bar. De Arentsschildt, 3 Huss. Ginger, from 81 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Germ. Leg. Hanover

10 Dec. 20 Gordon, h. p. 6 F.

Lieut. Col. Handfield, Ro. Eng. London 8 Jan. 21 Stewart, from 82 F. with Capt. Meech, h.

Sir F. H. Flight Bt. Paymaster, Royal

Marines Barry, from 2W. I. R. with Capt. Parson Capt. Bates, 16 F. age, h. p. African Corps

Gray, 67 F. Camp near Mally, Bombay Lieut. Drake, from 7 Dr. Gds. with Lieut, Ever

8 June 20 ard, 24 F.

Roberts, Roy. Eng. Barbadoes 17 Nov. 20 De Lorentz, from 7 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Spence, h. p: 4 Gar. Bn. Londonderry 3 Oct. Bourke, h. p. 1 F. G.

Meister, h. p. 2 Huss. Ger. Leg. 2 Dec. Dobree, from 22 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Lieut. Way, 14 F. Meerut, Bengal 11 July 20 Potenger, h. p. 36 F.

Fowler, 14 F. Meerut, Bengal 9 June Crosby, from 45 F. with Lieut. Butler, h. Bennet 17 F. Bengal

10 July

Wilson, 46 F. Cuddapah, Madras 27 do. Colls, from 63 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Har

Wilton, 53 F. Mauritius ding, h. p. Rifle Brig.

Mackenzie, 8 Vet. Bn. Fort George, North Harris, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Britain

12 Dec. Maclean, h. p. 3 F. G.

Collins, R. Art. Plymouth Dock 29 do. Goodwin, from 89 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Hewerdine, Sou. Hants Militia, Lower PonKeith, h. p. 69 F.

ton, Lincolnshire

20 do. Cathcart, from 91 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Waldt, late 2 W. I. Gar. Comp. Fort NuBurne, h. p. 64 F.

gent, Jamaica

2 Oct. Cor. & Sub-Lt. Honeywood, from 1 Life Gds. with Cort. 2d Lt. & Ens. Waller, 21 F. Tobago Nov. 20 Ensign Fletcher, 45 F.

Gulston, late of 3 Dr. Cornet Hall, from 6 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Cornet

Browne, h. p. 92 F. FoxDaintry, h. P. 21 Dr. borough, Roscommon

24 Feb. 20 Dent, from 3 Dr. with Cornet Trollope 10 Paymnast. Nolau,11 Dr.Cawnpore,Bengal 29 June 20 Dr.

Robertson, Pembroke Militia 31 Dec. Ensign Brown, from 3 F. with 2d Lieut. Everard, Quar. Mast. Coghlan, late of 11 F. Gibraltar Dec. 20. h. p. Rifle Brig.

Horsington, h. p. Berwiek Fencible ('ameron, from 3 F. rec. diff. with Ensign


29 Aug, Burchell, h. p. 2 Prov. Bn. of Mil.

Surgeon Thomas, h. p. 3 Gar. Bn. Wandsworth Blythe, from 3 F. with Ensign M‘Nabb, h.

1 Nov. 20

Ollive, E. Midd. Mil. Holloway 8 Jan.21 Miller, from 3 F. with Ensign Piggot, h. p. Assist. Surg. Donnelly, Royal Eng. Barbadoes 7 W. I, R.

8 Nov. 20

p. 39 F.

p. 73 F.

28 Aug,

p. 94 F.


June 22. At Moreshedebad, Bengal, the lady of
Mr John Campbell, Civil Service, of a son.

Aug. 22. At Calcutta, the lady of George Swinton, Esq. Civil Service, of a son.

24. At Madras, the lady of Captain Tweedie, 2d regiment Madras Native Infantry, of a son.

25. At Cannanore, Madras, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert M‘Dowall, of a son.

Nov. 17. At the island of Madeira, Mrs John Keir, of a son.

Dec. 24. At Leicester, the lady of Major Dalzell of Glenae, of a son.

Jan. %. The Marchioness of Blandford, of a daughter.

- At Llynon, county of Anglesey, the lady of H. H. Jones, Esq. of Llyndn of a daughter.

3. At Upper Belgrave Place, London, Mrs Charles Graham, of a daughter.

- At Leith Mount, Mrs Glover, of a daughter. 4. At Dalkeith, Mrs Alexander Wilson, of a son.

5. At Canterbury, the lady of Robert Grant, Esq. of the Ith Light Dragoons, of a daughter.

At No. 8, Low Calton, Mrs Tyrie, an out patient of Dr Thatcher's dispensary, and wife of Mr Tyrie, shoemaker, of a son, being her first child, in the forty-eighth year of her age, and having been married 21 years. Both the mother and infant are doing well.

6. At Picardy Place, the lady of Major James Harvey, of a son.

7. Mrs Wishart, York Place, of a daughter. - At Nottingham Place, the lady of Robert Hartshorn Barber, Esq. of a son.

At Ruchill, the lady of William Baillie of Polkemmet, Esq. of a daughter.

8. The lady of Woodbine Parish, Esq. jun. of St James's Place, London, of a son and heir. 10. Mrs A. Clephan 15, Dundas Street, of a

At London, the lady of Major Moody, Roy. al Engineers, of a son.

At Stonefield, the lady of John Campbell, Esq. of Stonefield, of a daughter.

At Garry Cottage, the lady of George Fairholme, Esq. of a son.


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a son.

11. In Albany Street, Lady, John Campbell, of 16. At Morton-of-Pítmilly, Mr William White, a son.

Craigfoodie, to Ann, eldest daughter of John At 32, Bernard Street, London, Mrs Young, Adamson, Esq. of a son

18. At Rosehill-house, in Hampshire, James Mrs Bowie, Albany Street, of a daughter. Cruikshank, Esq. eldest son of James Cruikshank,

At Gayfield Square, Mrs Maccandlish, of a Esq. of Langley Park, in the county of Angus, to son.

the Right Honourable Lady Anne Letitia Carne12. At Maulesden, near Brechin, the lady of gie, second daughter of the Earl of Northesk. Colin Gib, Esq. of a son.

19. At Dunkeld, William Ranken, Esq. EskThe lady of J. N. Macleod, Esq. of a son. mount, to Janet Susanna, daughter of Robert 15. Mrs Mason, St John's Street, Canongate, of

Cargill, Esq.

21. At Edinburgh, W. Smith, Esq. to Miss 18. Mrs Trotter, Abercromby Place, of a daugh Jessy Hoy, daughter of the late Mr Wisliam Hoy, ter.

surgeon, New York. At Shivas, the lady of Alexander Forbes Ir 22. At Edinburgh, John Penistone Millbanke, vine, Esq. of a daughter.

Esq. of Halnaby Hall, Yorkshire, to Árs Eliza19. At Edinburgh, the lady of A. Maitland beth Gray, widow of Thomas Gray, Esq. M. D. Gibson, younger of Clifton-Hall, of a son.

- At Wytham Abbey, the seat of the Earl of At Great King Street, Mrs Thomas Kinnear, Abingdon, Charles John Baillie Hamilton, Esq. of a son.

second son of the late Archdeacon Hamilton and 20. At Bassendean, Mrs Hewat, of a son. Lady Charlotte Hamilton, to the Right Honour- At Holland Lodge, Newington, Edinburgh, able Lady Caroline Bertie, sister to the Earl of Mrs Colonel Walker, of a son.

Abingdon. 25. In Charlotte Square, the lady of the Lord 25. At Edinburgh, Robert Cadell, Esq. bookJustice Clerk, of a son.

seller, to Anne Fletcher, eldest daughter of George 26. At Duke Street, Mrs Paul, of a son.

Mylne, Esq. Howe Street. 28. At Edinburgh, the lady of John Scott, Esq. 26. At North Berwick, Mr John Cousland, of a daughter.

merchant, Haddington, to Ann, fourth daughter - At Baberton-house, the lady of Archibald of the late Mr Somerville, merchant, North Ber. Christie, Esq. of a son and heir.


- At Dundee, Mr John Cooper, Dalmeny, to MARRIAGES.

Margaret, daughter of the late Rev.John Scott, July 7, 1820. At Madras, Captain Duncan Kinelaven, and widow of Dr Power, of St John's, Ogilvie, 2d regiment of native infantry, to Jane, Newfoundland. daughter of the Rev. Dr Duncan, Ratho. At Madeira, in November last, on board his

DEATHS. Britannic Majesty's ship Esk, John Telling, Esq. April 11, 1820. At Hassingabad, of the jungle to the illustrious Lady Donna Juliana Leonora de fever, Lieutenant John Campbell, of the 10th reCunha Bella.

giment of Bengal native infantry. Dec. 7. At Auchnacraig, Mull, John MacLean, Oct. 22. At Braemar, St Mary's, Jamaica, WalEsq. of Ardow, to Christian, only daughter of ter Pollock, Esq. Alexander Campbell, Esq.

June 5. At Nagpore, in India, Alexander Muir - At St Pancras Church, London, William Campbell, assistant-surgeon on the Madras estaHendrickson, Esq. of the island of Nevis, to El blishment, son of the late Matthew Campbell, Esq. leanor, youngest daughter of the late William

Wigton. Fyfe, Esq. of the island of Jamaica.

At Surat, much lamented, Captain Robert 27. At London, William Fullarton Lindsay Campbell, of the Bombay army. He distinguishCarnegie, Esq. of Boysack, to Lady Jane Chris ed himself particularly in the late Indian war, and tian Carnegie, fourth daughter of the Earl of was brother to Captain Colin Campbell, of the naNorthesk.

vy, and Major John Campbell, late of the 55th re29. Mr Thomas Dickson, builder, Edinburgh, giment, who was severely wounded, being shot to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr John Bail through the body at Bergen-op-Zoom--the only lie, Edinburgh.

two surviving brothers out of seven brought up in 30. At Mellendean, Charles Abraham Leslie, the service of their country. eldest son of Sir John Leslie, Bart. of Wardes and Sept. 1. At Nassau, New Providence, in the Findrassie, to Anna, third daughter of Adam prime of life, Anne Susan, wife of LieutenantWalker, Esq. of Muirhouselaw, Roxburghshire.

Colonel Frederick Tomkins, and eldest daughter Jan. 2. At Inveresk-house, Joshua Henry Mac

of Commissioner Woodrift, of the navy; and, on kenzie, Esq. advocate, to the Honourable Helen the 4th of the same month, Lieutenant-Colonel Anne Mackenzie, youngest daughter of the late Frederick Tomkins, aged 42. Right Honourable Lord Seaforth.

Dec. 1. At E linburgh, Mr William Whyte, so4. At Aberdeen, George Wilson, Esq. younger licitor, Supreme Courts. of Glasgowego, advocate, to Agnes, second daugh 5. Mr Holmes, the musician. He was the first ter of William Dyce, M. D.

performer of his day on the bassoon; and if he 8. At Jessfield, John MacVicar, Esq. merchant, was ever equalled, can never be excelled, for Hamburgh, to Isabella, fourth daughter of the seience, skill, taste, and expression, on that inlate Robert Burn, Esq. architect.

strument. He was, besides, a most worthy man At Glasgow, William Wallace, Esq. to Ja in private life, and will be deeply lamented by all net Crawford, eldest daughter of Samuel Cooper, who knew him, for the unaffected simplicity, good Esq. of Ballindalloch.

sense, and benevolence of his character. He lived 9. At Great Baddow, in Essex, Major-General in Sloane-street, Chelsea, and as he was walking Robert Douglas, to Mary, eldest daughter of in apparently good health, he fell down suddenly William Packer, Esq. formerly of Charlotte Street, in Piccadilly, and expired in an instant. Bloomsbury:

13. At Burn of Aberarder, Mrs M‘Tavish, reAt Leith, Mr Alexander Simson, solicitor, lict of Duncan M‘Tavish of Garthbeg. to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Bar 20. At Sandymount, near Dublin, John Archiker, brewer there.

bald, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Hart, In10. At Edinburgh, Robert Haig, Esq. Dublin, specting Field Officer of the recruiting district to Eliza, youngest daughter of George Chaimer, there. Esq. lately of Westcombe-house, Somersetshire, 25. At Hutton-hall, Mrs Catherine Hume, wife and formerly of Madras.

of Robert Johnston, Esq. of Hutton-hall, daugh- At Montrose, James Smart, M. D. of the ter of the late John Hume, Esq. of Ninewells, Madras Medical Establishment, to Louisa, eldest and niece of the celebrated philosopher and histodaughter of Thomas Dougal, Esq. banker there. rian of England.

12. At Craig, the Rev. William Ramsay, mie - At Forthside, near Stirling, Mrs Wallace of nister of Alyth, to Mary, daughter of Mr M Ni Forthside, aged 85. coll, factor for the Earl of Airly.

At Castle Mary, Ireland, Lieutenant-Colonel - At Balaphetrish, in the island of Tyree, Longfield, of the city of Cork militia, and one of Neil Maclachlan, Esq. Mingary, Mull, to Mrs the Commissioners of his Majesty's Board of ExCampbell, widow of Malcolm Campbell, Esq. late cise. of Barmalloch, and eldest daughter of Colin 26. Mr Walter Davidson, of Rosebank, near Campbell, Esq. of Kilmartin.


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26. At Trieste, the celebrated Fouche, Duke of 14. At Bellshill, the Rev. John Brown, minister Otranto.

of the relief congregation in Falkirk, in the 41st - At Stockbridge, Alexander Edgar, Esq. late year of his ministry. Mr Brown was a man of a of Wedderly, Jamaica.

vigorous and discriminating mind; he had much 27. Suddenly, at Dalkeith, at an advanced age, general knowledge, and was an excellent biblical Mr Adam Young.

scholar. At her house, in Aberdeen, Mrs Elizabeth At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Forbes of Blackford.

Hill, of the Bengal artillery. At Edinburgh, Mr James Carmichael, poul 12. At his house in Brompton Grove, at an adterer.

vanced age, Sir John Macpherson, Bart. for many 29. At Cholmondeley-house, Piccadilly, Lon years a member of the Supreme Council at Bendon, the infant son of Colonel and Lady Charlotte gal, and afterwards Governor-General of India. Seymour.

13. General Gwynn, Colonel of the King's Dra At Bellfield, near Dalkeith, Mrs Marion goon Guards, and Governor of Sheerness. Simpson, wife of Mr Charles Sanderson, aged 56. At his house at the Bowling Alley, near

The Rev. Richard Smith, rector of Maiston, Nottingham, in the 77th year of his age, John Yorkshire, and chaplain to the Earl of Cathcart. Cramond, Esq. a native of Ardlair, in the county

- At Carpow, in his 14th year, James, the of Angus, North Britain, and formerly a captain eldest son of James Paterson of Carpow.

in the 4th, or King's Own. 30. At Lissau, Ireland, at the advanced age of 15. At Hamilton, the Rev. Dr Alexander Hut85, the Right Honourable John Staples, one of

chison. his Majesty's most honourable Privy Council. 14. At Boulogne, Lady Anne Digby, sister to

At his chambers in Clement's Inn, London, Earl Cassilis. Her ladyship survived her husband Colin M'Rae, Esq.

only five weeks. At Toulouse, south of France, James, infant 18. At West Grange, near Edinburgh, Charson of Captain Robert Boyle, 12d foot.

lotte, only surviving daughter of David Millar, 31. At his house, in Dominick Street, Dublin, Esq. of Ballumbie. William Walker, Esq. recorder of that city.

21. In London, Frances Anne, youngest daughAt Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Thomson, wife of ter of the late George Lawson, Esq. of KensingWilliam Bruce, merchant.

ton Gore. James Dickson, Esq. of Alton, merchant, At No. 12, Queen Street, Mr Pietro Lottini. Hawick.

He was highly respected as a conscientious teacher, Jan. 1, 1821. At Leith, aged 24, Mr Andrew and an upright man. Walker, teacher there a young man of the most - At his house, St John's Hill, Mr William promising abilities.

Bruce, late banker in Edinburgh, much respected. At Sanquhar, in the 88th year of her age, At Jamaica Street, Tobago Street, aged 85, and in the entire possession of her faculties, Mrs Mr John Ferguson, late merchant, Dalkeith. Nicolas Murray, relict of Mr James Leslie, who 24. The infant daughter of Mr Michael Anwas one of the ministers of Kilmarnock, and only derson. child, by his first marriage, of James Murray, - At his house, Warriston's Close, after a linEsq. formerly of Upper Inglestone, Glencairn. gering illness, Mr John Tod, flesher.

- At Edinburgh, after being delivered of a 22. At Portsmouth, suddenly, Sir George Campstill-born son, Mrs Catharine Rannie, wife of bell, G. C. B. Admiral of that port. Sir George John Swinton, Esq. of Broadmeadows.

had endeared himself to every individual by his 2. At Edinburgh, in her 87th year, Miss Grisel many amiable qualities, and the poor have to reGray, second daughter of the late William Gray, gret the loss of a most kind benefactor. Sir Esq. of Newholm.

George was 59 years of age; he entered the navy - In Rose Street, Edinburgh, Mr Alexander very early in life; he was made a Post-Captain Wallace, aged 80.

in 1781, Rear-Admiral in 1801, Vice-Admiral in - At Montrose, aged 76, Mrs Mary Gairdner, 1806, and Admiral of the White in 1814. He relict of William Douglas, Esq. merchant, Leith. was appointed Port Admiral at this station in

At Castle Howard, Ireland, William Parnell, 1817; his term would have expired in April next. Esq. M. P.

At his house, near Edinburgh, a few weeks At Edinburgh, John, third son of Coll Mac ago, the celebrated Herman Boaz, in the 84th donald, Esq. writer to the signet.

year of his age. Mr Boaz, by universal con3. At Glasgow, John Falconer, Esq. merchant sent, had long worn the chief laurels of legerdein Hamburgh.

main, being at once the most expert, most variAt No. 1, Hanover Street, Dr Peter Fair, of ous, and most graceful in the performance of his the Honourable East India Company's service. tricks. For nearly twelve years past he had been

At Bath, General William Monro, of An disabled by a paralytic affection, and though a posham-house.

pular and eminent performer for the greater por- At Sundrum, aged 82, John Hamilton, Esq. tion of his life, he had not been able to “ lay up" of Sundrum.

for his helpless and declining years, and it is un. 4. At Bath, Mrs Maria Maxwell, eldest daugh derstood that his family have been left unprovided ter of the late Major Hamilton Maxwell, Ardwell, for. Having frequently enlivened the masonic and widow of Adam Gordon, Esq. formerly Col meetings in this place with his stores of anecdote lector of the Customs, Portpatrick.

and song, he was attended to his grave by six of 8. At Borrowstounness, Elizabeth, daughter of the lodges in their regalia, and buried with masoMr Robert Henderson.

nic honours--and it is gratifying to learn, that, At his house, 16, Greenside Place, Mr Wil consistently with the true principles of that order, liam Murray, formerly wine-merchant, head of this was done less with a view to vain and idle paŅew Street, Canongate.

rade, than as the prelude to some exertions in be At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Boston, relict of half of his widow and family. the late Rev. Robert Paterson, Biggar.

At Paris, aged 60, M. Marietti, ex-convention9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Charlotte Johnston, re alist, who voted for the imprisonment of Louis lict of Mr Patrick Plenderleath, writer in Pitten XVI. weem,

At Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, in the 37th year 10. At St John's Street, Edinburgh, aged two of his age, Alexander Jaffray, Esq. of Kingswells, years and ten months, Mary Scott Ballantyne, Aberdeen. He is supposed to have fallen a vicdaughter of Mr James Ballantyne, printer. tim to his active humanity, while endeavouring to

11. At his house, in the Canongate, Mr John save a gentleman in whose company he was skaitMactavish, writer in Edinburgh.

ing. Both were unfortunately

lost. 12. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Megget, late Lieu. At Bombay, Colonel John Griffith, commandtenant of the 4th, or King's Own.

ant of the 20 battalion of artillery at that Presi- At his house, No. 12, Thistle Street, Edin. dency. burgh, very suddenly, Mr Robert Dick.

Feh. 7. At his house at Preesall, county of Lan14. At Craigtlower, Mrs Isabella Colvile of caster, Thomas Bourne, Esq. aged 41. Ochiltree, relict of the late James Wedderburn Colvile, Esq.

Printed by James Ballantyne and Co.




MARCH, 1821.


EXTRACTS FROM A LOST (AND FOUND) MEMORANDUM BOOK. Preliminary Letter Extracts_Strictures on Political Economy, wherein a Remedy for the Poor Laws is Divulged—Diary-Cockney Letter and Love Song—The Somnambulatory Butcher, an Episode Ailie Mushat's Cairn-Hore Sinicæ, No. II. Ode on the death of Yahmahsseero-Stanzas on Despair, and Thoughts on a New Conjugation.

To Christopher North, Esq. Sır,—While lately travelling through part of England, a thing which is customary with me twice a-year, for the transaction of business, I happened, in the stage between Bath and to meet with a circumstance, which is the occasion of my now addressing you.

As I do not happen to be of the melancholic temperament, and am rather fond, than otherwise, of society, it is not unusual for me, as I am a bachelor, and have the happiness or misery of travelling alone, when I fall in with a landlord of genteelish manners, and good nature, to ask him to a participation of my supper. By good luck, it fell out that I here found a man to my mind. After

supper was discussed, and our rummers charged for the second time, the spirit $. of my host began to expand ; and, in the midst of his hilarity, he let me in to

numerous anecdotes of his own; some of which might have been spared, and many of which were entertaining enough. I shall confine myself to that, which is the subject of my present epistle.

About two years ago, a military gentleman, of what rank he could not learn, except that his companions sometimes called him General, took up abode with him for eight days; and lived, during the whole of that time, to use a proverbial expression, " at rack and manger.” Every stranger that arrived within that time, at the inn, seemed to be of his acquaintance ; or, if they were unknown to him, a friendship was soon begun and cemented ; and ere they were a couple of hours together, one could have sworn that they had been born in the same village-educated at the same school or, to bring forward a still stronger link of association, which the author of Rob Roy has mentioned, “ had read from the same Bible at church.” Whoever was with him, whether the social :



4 G

or the serious, he regularly obliged them to sit till three in the morning, when he sent them, or, more properly speaking, led them, to their bed-rooms.

At length, having ordered breakfast one morning, he disappeared, and the landlord could never afterwards find one token or trace of him. He left behind him a green-net purse, (containing more than the amount of his bill,) and the chambermaid drowned in tears. He was remarkably tall, of rather a spare habit of body, wore neatly curled brown whiskers, a grey surtout, Wellington boots, with spurs, and a South-Sea cap, with a gold band. He had no baggage with him; and the only relique of his visit was a little book, which he had inadvertently left in his bed-room.

I begged a sight of this relique from my host, and was not a little struck with its contents. It is a small volume, in red binding, fastened with tapeon the back, in gilt letters, is marked “ Memorandum Book.” After looking over a few pages, I was highly amused with its contents, and expressed myself so to my host, who obligingly told me it was of no use to him, and that I was most welcome to it. Its contents are of a most miscellaneous nature, and written, in some parts, in a rather illegible hand. I have made one of my young men transcribe a piece from it, here and there, which you will receive along with this, and which you may make public if you please. Should I observe this to be the case, I may transmit you a few farther extracts from time to time. I remain yours, &c.

February 10, 1021.


No. I.



Insula, sole occidente, viridi, seculis plurimis elapsis, præclarus vir militaris apparebitque florebit. Ille non modo omni sapientiæ re, sed omni philosophiæ discet et docebit ; poeta etiamque celebris.

Frag. M.S. Vet. apud. Vatican. It is only of late years that political James Grahame, M'Culloch, Jeremy economy has raised itself to the digni- Bentham, and the writer of the prety of a science. Doctrines, that men sent article. believed to be as true as Father Paul's But what is the rising of the stocks history of the Council of Trent, were to him who has no capital ?--What is nevertheless neglected ; and other the- the question about the balance of trade ories, as unsubstantial as the morning to him who has no merchandize? And mist, though known and acknowledged what is the worth of our knowing the to be false, substituted in their stead, right principles, if we find it impossiand acted on. As Jeffrey said of Words- ble to act on them ?-It is of no use to worth’s Excursion, “this would never know the nature of the disease, if we do.” The chaff has been sifted from have not a plaster to apply, or a remethe wheat—the truth has been purifi- dy to prescribe. ed from the error and the facts that We cannot make as good silks in before were scattered, like the twelve England as we can get from India; tribes of Israel, over the face of socie nor can we afford to sell them as cheap, ty, have been brought together, and we want materiel. But then it would cemented into a regular and almost overpower the feelings of our humacomplete fabric; under the auspices of nity to ruin the 40,000 families, that Malthus, Godwin, Weyland, Say, are employed in that branch of manu

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