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23. At Belfast, Mr Peter Cumming, merchant,
At Naples, in the beginning of January, the Glasgow, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr James
lady of John Cumming, Esq. of a son.

Craig, merchant, Glasgow.
Jan. 11. At Springfield Cottage, Alverstoke, 24. Captain John Ross, of the honourable East
Hants, the lady of Captain Charles Menzies, R. M. India Company's service, to Miss Rose, eldest
Artillery, of a son.

daughter of the Rev. Alexander Rose, one of the
31. At Crook, near Stirling, Mrs Micking of ministers of Inverness.
Miltonis, of a son.

30. In Hill Street, William Moncrieff Taylor,
Feb. 1. At Aberdour Manse, Mrs Dr Bryce, of a Esq. of the 75th regiment, to Isabella, daughter of

the late Thomas Armstrong, Esq. of Glasgow.
2. At Enniskillen, the lady of Captain Ander 31. At Holm, Colonel J. F. Burgoyne, royal
son, 91st regiment, of a daughter.

engineers, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of Čo-
- Mrs Johnstone, No. 1. George Street, of a son. lonel Rose of Holm.

3. The lady of William Stothert, Esq. of Car Feb. 2. In London, Lord Viscount Cranborne,
gen, of a daughter.

son of the Marquis of Salisbury, to Miss Gas-
- At her mother's house, North St David's

Street, the lady of Captain George Simpson, E. I.S. 6. Mr William A. Lawrie, to Harriet Oakley,
of a son.

youngest daughter of the late Robert Beatson of
4. At Guernsey, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Kilry, Esq.
Kennedy, of a son.

At the Manse of Kirkpatrick-Juxta, the Rev.
5. At' Havre, the lady of William Davidson, John Bennet, of Ettrick, to Elizabeth, eldest
Esg. of a daughter.

daughter of the Rev. Dr Singer.
At Leith, Mrs Evans, of a son.

- At Dover, Captain Robert Deans, of the
- At 23, Forth Strcet, Mrs Alexander Brodie, royal navy, second son of the late Admiral Deans,
of a son.

to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Richard Clay,
8. At Ettrick Bank, the lady of William Ogilvie, Esq. of Gloucester Place, London.
Esq. younger of Chesters, of a son.

8. At Edinburgh, John Farrie, Esq. Greenock,
9. At Dundee, the lady of John Maxwell, Esq. to Helen, daughter of the late William M'Cor-
Tay Street, of a son.

mick, Esq. Dundas Street.
10. At Perth, the lady of Anthony Maxtone, - At Aberdeen, Thomas Lumsden, Esq. of the
Esq. of Coltoquhey, of a daughter.

East India Company's military service, on the Ben-
11. At Greenstead Hall, in Essex, the lady of gal establishment, to Miss Hay Burnett, youngest
Major Ord, royal artillery, of a daughter.

daughter of John Burnett, Esq. of Elrick.
- At Edinburgh, the laty of Sir James Dal. 10. At St George's, Hanover Square, London,
rymple, Bart. Park Place, of a son and heir. William Frederick Chambers, M. D. to Mary,

- Mrs Macintosh of Raigmore, of a daughter. third daughter of the late William Mackinnon Fra-

12. At Mayne, the lady of Colonel Hay of Wes ser, M. D. of Lower Grosvernor Square, and of
terton, of a son.

Balnain, Inverness-shire.
14. At Edinburgh, the lady of J. G. Lockhart, 12. At Langley Park, Alexander Cruickshank,
Esq. of a son.

Esq. of Keithock, to Mary, youngest daughter of
- Mrs Walter Dickson, Duke Street, of a son. James Cruickshank, Fsq. of Langley Park.

In Gloucester Place, London, the lady of 19. At Prestonpans, Mr Robert Hislop, to Ann,
John Lawrie, Esq. of a daughter.

second daughter of F. B. Sydserff, Esq. of Ruch-
15. At Albury Park, Lady Harriet Drummond, law.
of a son.

23. At Edinburgh, Alexander Burnet, A. M.
The lady of Major G. Cuningham, B. S. of Rector of the united schools of Jedburgh, to Mary
a son,

Ann, eldest daughter of the Rev. George Thomson
19. At South Richmond Street, Mrs Begg, was of Melrose.
sefely delivered of a boy and two girls; all of At Edinburgh, Mr William Steven, mer-
whom, with the mother, are doing well.

chant, Edinburgh, to Ann, only daughter of the
- At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Robert late William Stewart, Esq. of Perth.
son, 88th regiment, of a daughter.

24. At Morpeth, William Lawson, Esq. of Lang-
20. At 8, Maitland Street, Mrs Macalister of hirst Brocks, county of Northumberland, to John
Balinakill, of a daughter.

Hester, only daughter of the late Mr Clark of
- In Crawford Street, London, the Lady of Haddington.
Alexander M‘Innes, Esq. of the second regiment At Perth, Mr Alexander Thomson, barony
of Life Guards, of a daughter.

officer at Donvorist, Grandtully, to Grace, only
21. At St John's Street, Mrs Dallas, of a son. daughter of Mr Donald Cameron, merchant in

- At Great King Street, Mrs J. S. More, of a Aberfeldy.

26. At Glasgow, Joseph Ferrie, Esq. Blairtum-
22. At Lockerby House, the lady of Henry Dou mock, to Agnes, daughter of the late John Cochran,
glas, Esy, of a son.

Esq. Chapel, Fereneze.
23. At Hope Park, Mrs Menzies, of a son.

27. At Edinburgh, Mr James White, surgeon,
24. Mrs James Campbell, Northumberland to Rachel, eldest daughter of the late Major James
Street, of a daughter.

Douglas, Honourable East India Company's ser-
27. At Edinburgh, the lady of Major Menzies, vice.
42d regiment, of a daughter.

March 2. At Edinburgh, Andrew Fyfe, M. D. to
March 3. At Hopetoun-house, the Countess of Eliza, eldest daughter of Ambrose Charles, Esq.
Hopetoun, of a son.

late wine merchant, London.
Lately. At 39, Northumberland Street, Mrs Lately. By the right Rev. Bishop Low, the Rev.
Mackenzie of Strathgarve, of a daughter.

James Walker, to Miss Madeline Erskine.
- At the Commercial Road, London, the lady - At Dublin, the Rev. James Carlile, of the
of Captain Alexander Scott, of the Lady Lushing Scots Church, Mary's Abbey, to Jane, youngest
ton Indiaman, of a son.

daughter of William Wren, Kendala

Jan. 5. At Bonjedward, James Jackson, mer April 17, 1820. On board the honourable Com-
chant, Jedburgh, to Elizabeth, second daughter of pany's ship, Castle Huntly, off the Cape of Good
Thomas Caverhill, Esq.

Hope, Lieutenant Alexander Chisholm Robertson,
16. At Stornoway, Mr Thomas Thomson, R. N. of his Majesty's 24th regiment.
to Miss Isabella Laing, daughter of the late Mr July 11, At Trincomalee, of cholera morbus,
James Lairg, conjunct Depute City Clerk of Edin much respected and beloved, in his 18th year, Mr

Thomas, a midshipman of the Leander, and eldest
17. At Dudwick, Stewart Leith, Esq. to Jean, son of Sir George Thomas, Bart.
only daughter of Captain George Mar.

Aug. 9. At sea, (during a voyage from Bombay
22. At Bruntisland, Mr John Archibald, mer to Calcutta,) Lieutenant Donald Norman M.Don-
chant, Bruntisland, to Grace, daughter of the late ald, 10th Madras native infantry, third son of
Henry Murray, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh.

Colonel Alexander M‘Donald of Boisdale.
23. At Greenock, the Rev. William Ritchie Oct. 5. At Madras, Mr Robert Hunter Stuart,
Thomson, to Frances, eldest daughter of Mr John assistant garrison surgeon, eldest son of the late Mr

Archibald Stuart, surgeon, Kelso.

81st year.

24. At Kingston, Jamaica, Robert Fraser, son 3. The Rev. James Innes, minister of Yester,
of Mr Fraser, teacher, 24, St James's Square, be East Lothian, in the 88th year of his age, and 61st
ing the second son he has lost on that island in the of his ministry.
short space of five months.

4. At Pitcorthie, Fifeshire, Mr William Dods.
Nov. 15. At Berbice, George Gordon, Esq. after 5. At Kinell-house, Perthshire, the right ho-
an illness of a few days. Mr Gordon was président nourable Lady Ann Place, daughter of the late Ear)*
of the Court of Justice in Berbice.

and Countess of Aberdeen, and wife of Edward
17. At Barbadoes, of the yellow fever, Captain Place, Esq. of Skelton Grange, Yorkshire.
Thomas Roberts, of the royal engineers.

At Leith, Mrs Jane Stewart, wife of Mr Ro-
19. At Snowdon, Manchester, Jamaica, Dr Ro bert Liddell.
bert B. Wright, of Kensworth, in that island. 6. At Logiegreen, Charles Steuart, Esq. W. S.

Dec. 1. At Demerara, aged 21, Mr Thomas At Tranent, Mr Andrew Blair, corn-mer-,
Dickson Goldie, sixth son of Mr James Goldie, chant, aged 72.

At Edinburgh, John Stenhouse, Esq. W. S.
10, At Demerara, Thomas Martin, Esq. mer. At Sandygate, near Mid-Calder, Adam Turn-

bull, Esq. M. b.
15. In Jamaica, Jonathan Forbes of Waterton, 7. At Stobo Manse, Mr Alexander Ker, preacher
Master in Chancery, and Colonel of St Catherine's of the Gospel, eldest son of the Rev. Alexander

Ker, minister of Stobo.
26. At Campbelltown, Mrs Catherine M‘Callum, At Glasgow, Miss Abigail Fowles, eldest
relict of Talmash Muir Rowat, Esq. of Kilkivan. daughter of the late Alexander Fowles, Esq. Kil-*

31. At Killin, Perthshire, Patrick Douglas, marnock.
eldest son of Mr James Campbell, Catherine Street, - At her father's house, 23, James' Square, Eu-

phemia Craig, aged 19.
Jan. 4, 1821. At Edinburgh, in the 92d year of - At Stirling, Mrs Alexander Murray, in her
her age, Mrs Margaret Mary Nimmo, relict of the
Rev. John Gibson, late one of the ministers of St 9. In Hans Place, Sloane Street, London, the

Rev. Dr Nicol, minister of the Scots Church,
6. At Naples, after a long illness, Mrs John Swallow Street.
Cumming, eldest daughter of William Magee, Esq. - At Stewartfield, Cornelius Elliot, Esq. of
of Belfast.

7. At Limerick, in consequence of her head At Blackford, Miss Jane Trotter, of Morton-
dress taking, fire from a candle which she held in hall.
hand, the widow of Dr Kelley.

10. At Musselburgh, Isobel M‘Donald, wife of
14. At Hamilton, Mrs Húme, wife of Joseph James Vallance, mill-wright there, aged 21 years.
Hume, M. D.

Major James T. Cowper, of the royal ar-
- At Leghorn, George Oswald Sym, eldest son tillery:
of the Kev. George Sym, minister of New Kil. At Glasgow, Miss Ferrier, eldest daughter of

the late Archibald Ferrier Esq. W. S.
15. At London, Lewis Fraser, Esq. youngest At Edinburgh, Mary Crichton Kyle, wife of
son of the late Simon Fraser, Esq. of Ford, W.s. Hugh Watson, W. S.

16. At Tullymet-house, Dr William Dick of 11. At Richmond, aged 90, Dr Adam Walker,

the celebrated Lecturer on Experimental Philo-
18. At the Manse of Abercorn, Mrs Meiklejohn, sophy.

At her house, in Charlotte Square, the right
- At James Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Marjory honourable Lady Abercromby:
Ainsley, widow of the late Mr Henry Ainsley.

At Bogend, Robert, son of James Thomson,
22. Hooly-house, Surrey, Thomas Byron, late Esq. of Earnslaw.
lieutenant-colonel in the 3d regiment of guards. 12. At York, Francis Constable, Esq. of Button

At Baker Street, Portman Square, London, Constable and Wycliffe Hall.
Donna Maria Brigida

de Faria

e Lacerda, wife of 13. At London, Frederick, the youngest son of
Sir John Campbell, K. C. T. S. major-general in Sir George Clerk.
the Portuguese service.

14, At Edinburgh, John Campbell, Esq. Re-
24. At Inverness, William, eldest son of Lock ceiver-General of his Majesty's Customs for Seot-
hart Kinloch, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Inverness-shire. land.

At Arbroath, Mr David Kirkland, rector of At Aberdeen, George Gordon, Esq. of Spen-
the grammar school of that place, in the 33d year ziedale, Sutherlandshire.
of his age, and 55th of his incumbency.

15. The infant son of Major G. Cunninghame,
25. At Warrieston Crescent, James Rose, Esq. B. S.
Depute Clerk of Session.

- At Balcarras Mill, Mr Thomas Fowlis, aged
26. At Claremont Park, Esher, Colonel the
Baron de Hardenbrock, equerry to his Royal High 16. At Balcarry, Mrs Irving, wife of Lieutenant-
ness Prince Leopold.

Colonel George Irving.
At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, wife of At Edinburgh, Lady Dalrymple Hay, young,
Nicol Milne, Esq. of Faldonside.

er of Park Place.
At Merton Manse, Mr Thomas Duncan, aged 17. At Nether Currie, in the parish of Currie,
18, youngest son of the Rev. Mr Duncan.

(where he was born, and spent most of his days,/
27. At Dundee, Mr John Jolly, druggist. John Dawson, gardener, aged 100 years, all but a

At Banff, Miss Margaret Cross Young, third few weeks, being born 14th March, 1721. The
daughter of the deceased David Young, Esq. of placid and cheerful disposition of this venerable
Craighead, merchant in Glasgow.

old man rendered him interesting to all who knew
28. At Campbelton, Captain Donald Campbell, him. He was of religious, sober, and industrious
paymaster, Argyllshire militia.

habits, and evinced to the last that tranquillity of
John, the infant son of Mr William Alexan. mind which a well spent life only can shed over the
der, 59, Castle Street.

remotest period of old age. This parish has long
29. Át No. 10, Maitland Street, Miss Jane been remarkable for the longevity of its inhabí-

tants: William Napier, a native of it, died some
At Cheltenham, Patrick Maitland, Esq. late years ago at the advanced age of 113, and William
of Calcutta.

Ritchie at 105; and there are some old people be-
In Morton Street, Leith, Mr John Anderson, longing to it just now above ninety years of age.

20. At his house, in York Street, Portman
31. At Innervar, Glenlyon, Mr Donald Mac Square, London, Lieutenant-General William Pop-
gregor, aged 70.

ham, aged 81.
Feb. 1. At Panmure-house, Canongate, Mrs 21. At his mother's house, in York place, aged
Margaret Geddes, wife of Mr John Geddes. thirteen years and nine months, Rober, eldest son

2. At the Manse of Snizart, Mrs Mary Macleod, of the late Hugh Bairnsfather, Esq. W. S.
spouse of the minister of that parish.

23. In George Square, Mrs Small, much and
- At his house, No. 20, Bank Street, Edin- justly regretted.
burgh, Mr William Lawson, sen. plasterer.

26. Af Auchindinny, Mrs Crawford of Over-
- At Cupar, Fife, Katherine, eldest daughter ton, the Lady of Captain James Couts Crawford,
of Mr William Murray.

R. N.
3. At his house in Eaton Terrace, Lower Gros 28. At Carlisle, Mrs Elizabeth Bell, daughter of
venor Place, London, John Dunmore Napier, Esq. Mr James Pollock, teacher of dancing, much be-
of Ballikinrain, Stirlingshire.

loved and deeply regretted by her family and
At London, Mrs Miller, wife of William Mil friends.
ler, Esq. of Starr, Fifeshire.

82 years.


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the Grainpians, ib.-Hubert, or the Ve don's picture of Christ's entry into Jeru-
teran of India, 26_Daniel O'Rourke, salem, 219_zon Captain Parry's arctic
40, 156_Sonnet on the battle between pedition, 209_ on the literary charac-
Mendoza and Tom Owen, 63-A Bota ters of Bishop Warburton and Dr John-
ny Bay eclogue, 123-A sacrifice at Æ.

son, 243

on the writings and character
gina, 130_Song of the Bird, in Armi of James Barry, the historical painter,
da's enchanted garden, ib.The Branch 277-on domestic politics, 329, 443_on
ers, 141_The Bandsman's Ballad, 147

poetic inspiration, 362_n Brodie's in-
-Song, 169—The Arbour, ib.--Ana. troductory lecture, 419_on the lives of
creontics, 171--Moods of the Mind, No. Actors, 508_on Lord Carberry's letter
X. 175_Sketches of Village Character, on the late Cork county meeting, 562-
197,615_Stanza written ina Park in Sur on the state and prospects of the Whigs,
rey, 257_Prologue, spoken before a pri 564_on the meeting of Parliament, 585
vate theatrical performance at Manches on the British Gallery, 684_on the
ter, 258_Sir Harold, 288_Adeline, a conduct of the People to the King, 689
ballad, 289_Death, 290-Ballad of Chi. Remembered Beauty, 686
valry, 325_-Hans Heiling's Rock, 358 Responsive notices to correspondents, 10,
Ruins of the Castle of St Cervantes, 359 259, 363, 501
Fall ot' Don Roderick and Spain, 360 Review of Croly's Angel of the World, 20
The St John's wort, 361_Sapphic Ode, - Of Melmoth the Wanderer, 161-Of
381--Stanzas on Parting, 382-Auld, Chalmers's commercial sermons, 1786
Glena, 408_The Beggarman's Song Of Dalc's poems, 185_Of the works of

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