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The arrangement of the matter in this volume, as well as the authority under which it is published, differ from those of the former volumes of Statutory Rules and Orders in consequence of the passing of the Rules Publication Act, 1893, ss. 3 and 4 of which are as follows:

3.—-(1.) All statutory rules made after the thirty-first day of Printing, December next after the passing of this Act shall forth with numbering, after they are made be sent to the Queen's printer of Acts of statutory rules. Parliament, and shall, in accordance with regulations made by the Treasury, with the concurrence of the Lord Chancellor and the Speaker of the House of Commons, be numbered, and (save as provided by the regulations) printed, and sold by him.

(2.) Any statutory rules may, without prejudice to any other mode of citation, be cited by the number so given as above mentioned and the calendar year,

(3.) Where any statutory rules are required by any Act to be published or notified in the London, Edinburgh, or Dublin Gazette, a notice in the Gazette of the rules having been made, and of the place where copies of them can be purchased, shall be sufficient compliance with the said requirement.

(4.) Regulations under this section may provide for the different treatment of statutory rules which are of the nature of public Acts, and of those which are of the nature of local and personal or private Acts; and may determine the classes of cases in which the exercise of a statutory power by any rulemaking authority constitutes or does not constitute the making of a statutory rule within the meaning of this section, and may provide for the exemption from this section of any such classes.

(5.) In the making of such regulations, each Government department concerned shall be consulted, and due regard had to the views of that department. 4. In this ActStatutory rules ” means rules, regulations, or byelaws made Definitions. under any Act of Parliament which (a) relate to any court in the United Kingdom, or to the procedure, practice, costs, or fees therein, or to any fees or matters applying generally throughout England, Scotland, or Ireland; or (b) are made by Her Majesty in Council, the Judicial Committee, the Treasury, the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, or the Lord Lieutenant or the Lord Chancellor of Ireland, or a Secretary of State, the Admiralty, the Board of Trade, the Local Government Board for England or Ireland, the Chief Secretary for Ireland, or any other Government

department. "Rule-making authority” includes every authority authorised

to make any statutory rules.

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