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100 Crabbe 155 Johnson 136 Goethe 105

224 233 154

213 Browne 194 Mackay 237

Lover 70 een Elizabeth

179 Cowley 236 Mackay 23


32 Bryant 142 Small

43 frist Montgomery

13 Ben Jonson

Burns 137 irty-fifth Birthday Dr. Johnson 138

Saxe 175 Kennedy 176


208 Athelwold


225 Milman Cowper 56

196 ghty-seven

233 Mrs. Barbauld 230


85 Godfrey Saxe 152 the Adoration of the

French 17 Mrs. Hunter 113

76 Mes.

Browning 161

Ben Jonson 198 Age

Peacham 176



P. Fletcher

86 98


2 I



Bishop Mant

PAGE Butler, Samuel, Death of

211 Byron's Birthdays

144 Change

Young Change in the Spirit of our Birthdays

Moore Characters of Youth

Young 97 Chatterton


59 Chaucer's Death-bed Verses Childhood.

Alexander Smith Children's Birthdays

Lamb Christmas in Scotland


33 Christmas Carol for Children Christmas Morning

Heber 4 Christ's Nativity, On the Morning of

Milton 7 Churchyard, Thomas, at Eighty Coleridge, Hartley, To


57 Commencement of Later Life.

178 Commencement of the Voyage .

Béranger 44 Counsel for Middle Life

94 Cradle Song

49 Dangers of the Voyage before us

Cowper 102 Desolated Home

Jean Ingelow 198 Devotion to Truth in Manhood Sir William Jones 156 Dirge

Mrs. Hemans 153 Disraeli, Isaac, On a Studious oid


178 Division of Time in Middle Life

Sir William Jones 156 Dream of Home .

Moore Dream of the Future, A

Campbell 161 Dryden on Life

143 Early Death

Ben Jonson 64 Early Tears

63 Earth is Full of Love, The

24 Edgeworth, Maria, Death of, at Eighty-four

233 Eldon, Lord Chancellor, to his Wife . Emblems

James Montgomery 87 End of Life Welcome to the Poor, The Burns 198 Epigram on an Eightieth Birthday

Pope 227 Eplgram on Life

Dr. Doddridge noi Epigram on Sir Kenelm Digby's Last Birthday

132 Epithalamion, The

Spenser 109 Faith in Later Life Fame, Folly of Trusting in

Ann Killigrew 199 Family Union

136 Farewell Life Favourite Song of Charles II.

Shirley 133 Fireside Comforts

Burns 3 Following Departed Friends

Mrs. Hemans 184




Heber 192

Hood 154

PAGE 100

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Folly of Regretting Youth

Crabbe 155 Friendship

Dr. Johnson 136 Future, The

Goethe 105 George the Third, Birthdays of

224 Goethe, Death of, at Eighty-four

233 Goldsmith's Wish to Die at Home.

154 Good Shepherd, The

213 Good Wishes

Browne 194 Great-Grandfather

Mackay 237 Happy Youth


70 Hatton, Lord Chancellor, the Lover of Queen Elizabeth at Fifty

179 Hobbes, Ode to, at Ninety-two

Cowley 236 Holly Bough


23 Home and Friends

137 Home Joys

32 How to Live

Bryant 142 Hymn for the Opening Year


43 Hymn of the Angels at the Birth of Christ Montgomery 13 Hymn on the Nativity of my Saviour Ben Jonson Impromptu on Mrs. Riddle's Birthday

Burns 137 Impromptu to Mrs. Thrale on her Thirty-fifth Birthday

Dr. Johnson 138 I'm Growing old

Saxe 175 In Praise of Age

Kennedy 176 Jean Paul Richter's Birthdays

92 Johnson's, Dr., Birthdays

208 Joy


3 Jubilee for Jubilee

225 Incarnation of Christ


14 Infancy and Childhood

Cowper 56 Lament of Tasso

196 Le Brun, Elizabeth, Death of, at Eighty-seven

233 Life

Mrs. Barbauld 230 Light of the World, The . Lines for a Birthday Gift

85 Lines on my Thirty-ninth Birthday Godfrey Saxe 152 Lines suggested by a Picture of the Adoration of the Magians

French 17 Lot of Thousands, The

Mrs. Hunter 113 Love

76 Love and Death

Mrs. Browning 161 Love at Fifty

Ben Jonson 198 Love, Honour, and Renown in Age

Peacham 176


P. Fletcher


Herbert 103

PAGE Love's Happiness

Kobell 112 Lover to his Mistress on her Birthday, The Campbell 83 Man-at-Arms, The Aged

223 Man the Image of his Maker Mary Queen of Scots' Wedding Gift to Queen Elizabeth

Buchanan 123 Masque Songs and Dances

Ben Jonson

27 Memory

Hepworth Dixon 141 Mendelssohn's Birthdays

91 Middle Age

Hedderwick 158 Milton, Death of

211 Milton on the Anniversary of his Blindness

134 Milton to Manso

215 More's, Mrs. Hannah, Death at Eighty-nine

233 Natal Genius, The .

Moore 82 Never Despair

106 New Clothes on Birthdays of the Last Century Thackeray 128 New Year, The


41 Ode on the Death of a Lady who Died on her Hundredth Birthday

Cowper 238 Ode to Aurora on Melissa’s Birthday

Dr. Blacklock 115 Ode to Sir William Sidney on his Birthday Ben Jonson 72 Oh! would I were again a Child

Hendrike 96 Old Age and Death . Old Age and Experience Old Courtier, The

31 Old Man's Song, The

Monckton Milnes 213 On Her Majesty's Birthday, An Ode (1630) Ben Jonson 123 On Life

Mrs. Barbauld 235 On my Mother's Birthday

Mrs. Hemans 65 On New Year's Day

Burns 40 On the Body after Death On the King's Birthday

Ben Jonson 126 One-and-Twenty

Dr. Johnson 74 Open Door of Death, The

Gerald Massey 154 Otway on the Author of “Hudibras" Petition to Time, A

Barry Cornwall 134 Poet's Bridal-day Song, The

Cunningham 117 Poet's Fate, A

Goronva Camlan 61 Poets in Early Youth

Wordsworth 60 Prince of Wales, On the Birth of the

52 Princess Alice, On the Birth of the

Leigh Hunt

55 Prize Poem on the Centenary of Burns's Birthday

Isa Craig 147 Prosperity, Folly of Trusting in

Waller 174
Goethe 173

Milton 214


Leigh Hunt

Lee 190


PAGE 127 202



Moore 113

2 II

185 185

15 Peele 199



Queen, To the

Sir W. Davenant
Queen Elizabeth, Death of
Queen Elizabeth, Lines to

Sir Philip Sidney 122
Queen Philippa keeping Birthdays
Raleigh's, Sir Walter, Last Lines

203 Regret for Follies past

J. C. 180 Retrospection and Anticipation


95 Ringing-in the New Year


25 Road before us, The

Barry Cornwall 160 Rogers, Samuel, at Ninety

235 Rose of the Garden Scott, Sir Walter, Death of, at Sixty-one Self-examination on Birthdays

Young159 Serenade

Thomas Haywood 77 Shakespeare, Death of, on his Birthday Shakespeare, Three Sonnets by . Shakespeare, To the Memory of

Ben Jonson 187 Shepherds Adoring, The

Sixty-second Birthday of Queen Elizabeth
Song of January

Webb and Rowley 26 Sonnet on his Twenty-fourth Birthday Milton Sonnet to a Young Lady on her Birthday Cowper 81 Sorrow, The Value of

William Smith 62 Soul's Birthday.of Good Deeds, The

Pinney 140 Southern, To Mr. Thomas, on his Eighty-first Birthday

Pope 229 Spencer on Sir Walter Raleigh's Strange Reverses 203 Spiritual Beings around us

Milton 213 Star of Bethlehem, The

White 16 Success in Failure

'Browning 151 Successful Ambition unenjoyed Frances Browne 195 Summary of the Birthday

Laman Blanchard 157 Summer

140 Sunny Days of Winter

Macarthy 174 Sweet Baby, Sleep

George Wither

46 Teachings of the Morning of Life

Vaughan 92 Tea, a Royal Birthday Beverage

Waller 128 Terraughty, on his Birthday, To Thorwaldsen, Death of Thought and Deed

Kennedy 159 Thought for the New Year, A. Adelaide Proctor Three. Periods of Middle Life, The

142 Thurlow, Lord, Boyhood of

Cowper 58 Thy Days go on

Mrs. Browning 191 Time in Youth, Importance of

Young 64

Burns 219



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