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The following attempt to set forth in a systematic and connected form the present state of the theory of the Motion of Fluids, had its origin in a course of lectures delivered in Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1874, when the need for a treatise on the subject was strongly impressed on my mind. Various circumstances have retarded the completion of the work in a form fit for the press; but as the delay has enabled me to incorporate the results of several important recent investigations, and altogether to render the volume less inadequate to its purpose than it would otherwise have been, this is hardly matter for regret.

I have endeavoured, throughout the book, to attribute to their proper authors the various steps in the development of the subject. The list of Memoirs and Treatises at the end of the book has no pretensions to completeness, and as it is to a great extent based on MS. notes which I have no present means of verifying, some of the references may possibly be inexact. I trust however that the list

may, in spite of these drawbacks, be of service to the student who wishes to consult the original authorities.

I am under great obligations to my friends Mr H. M. Taylor and Mr W. D. Niven of Trinity College for their kindness in correcting the proof-sheets and in generally supervising the passage of the work through the press.



May 16, 1879.

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