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And steel was measured by the ell,

And trousers lined with leather ;
And jesters wore a cap and bell,

And knights a cap and feather.

Then single folks might live at ease,

And married ones might sever ;
Uncommon doctors had their fees,

But Doctors' Commons never ;
Oh! had we in those times been bred,

Fair cousin, for thy glances,
Instead of breaking Priscian's head,
I had been breaking lances !




TN the days of my great grandmamma,

I've been told,
There were persons of fashion and

taste, Who, in dresses as stout as chain armour of old,

The parties of Ranelagh graced : How high were their heads, and how high were

their heels, And how high were their notions and ways ! They moved in propriety's round like the wheels Of a warranted watch, in the days

Of my great Grandmamma!


Fashion then was so dull you could scarcely

discern The minute ebb and flow of her tides ;

And a Dowager's dress, though unturn'd, served

in turn Three or four generations of brides. Like the family jewels, the family gown

Was reserv'd for their Gala displays, And a ruffled old lady look'd placidly down Upon ruffled young girls, in the days

Of my great Grandmamma.

Oh! the men who for these female paragons sigh'd

Were unlike those who pester us now; They approach'd with a smile, and a sink, and a

slide, And a minuet step and a bow. They were laced, and embroider'd, and powder'd,

and curld, Like the men that we see in the Plays; And 'tis certain there's nothing so grand in the

world, Or so sweet as there was in the days

my great Grandmamma.



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ORD Harry has written a novel,

A story of elegant life;
No stuff about love in a hovel,

No sketch of a commoner's wife : No trash, such as pathos and passion,

Fine feelings, expression, and wit; But all about people of fashion,

Come look at his caps—how they fit!

O, Radcliffe ! thou once wert the charmer

Of girls who sat reading all night; Thy heroes were striplings in armour,

Thy heroines damsels in white. But past are thy terrible touches,

Our lips in derision we curl, Unless we are told how a Duchess

Conversed with her cousin the Earl.

We now have each dialogue quite full

Of titles—“I give you my word, My lady, you're looking delightful” “O dear, do you

think so, my

lord !! “ You've heard of the Marquis's marriage,

The bride with her jewels new set, Four horses, new travelling carriage,

And déjeuner à la fourchette."

Haut Ton finds her privacy broken,

We trace all her ins and her outs; The very

small talk that is spoken By very great people at routs. At Tenby, Miss Jinks asks the loan of

The book from the innkeeper's wife, And reads till she dreams she is one of The leaders of elegant life.




In tea-cup times of hood and houp,

Or while the patch was worn.
TN tea-cup times !” The style of dress

Would suit your beauty, I confess;

Belinda-like, the patch you'd wear;

I picture you with powdered hairYou'd make a charming Shepherdess !

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And Ino doubt-could well express
Sir Plume's complete conceitedness,
Could poise a clouded cane with care

“ In tea-cup times!”

The parts would fit precisely-yes :
We should achieve a huge success;

You should disdain, and I despair,

With quite the true Augustan air ; But . . could I love you more, or less,

“In tea-cup times ? "




ERHAPS you'll call me an old fool,
One not of the Modern School,

With a craze,
When I say the Universe
Seems to go from bad to worse


Married men once loved their wives,
Loved them dearly as their lives,

To their praise.
But the numberless divorces
Prove they take to other courses


Married women used to be
Models of propriety

In their

ways. But they cut their dresses low, Willing all they dare to show,


Women then did not admit
Double entendre in their wit;

Now it pays.

Conversation is not gay
If it be not hazardée,


Young men used to love a dance,
Never letting slip a chance :

Curious phase! If they deign to grace a ball, 'Tis not chic to dance at all


Men went in for early marriage :
Wives could do without a carriage.

Rumour says
On their backs girls fortunes carry ;
So the men decline to marry


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