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and all communions the aims of the Ne more or less decided which results partly ence of a regenerate partly from the amel tened spirit of the however, are still som we therefore subjoin ter of the forces" that our notice. "The C Church numbers 321 which the communit 2250 souls; that at B at Halle, 160; at Stett berstadt, 200; at Fr Oder, 390; at Spand Ruppin, 45; at Erfur 45; at Potsdam, 390 200; at Mühlhausen, bus 30."Another the number of chur

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that at Königsberg the
lic Church numbers
about a third of the
tion of the town; at D
bers, children not in
Posen, 600dw sh
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for extending in the w
of the principles of th
tion, its chief men see
their special duty at
ment to take steps for
churches already gar
ingly, questions of pr
such as the forms t
baptism and in the
the Lord's Supper-a
ed attention, and to a
satisfactory results.
occupied with the pre
Catechism, which i
completed. We sha
if this work does not
answer the extravaga

tion made in this co
nions, as if he were
verge of an anti-supe
ism. We have lately
that three Scotchmen
the German Catholic
view to ascertain thei
have been pleasingly
tone of doctrine whic
valent. How far
likely to gain preva
who maintain the o
doxy, we cannot say


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