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SINCE thefe Remarks were written, and fince this Sheet was firft printed off, there has appeared, in our Public Papers, a very remarkable tranflation of an order, firman, or letter, fent this year (1787) from the Grand Signior to the Grand Vizir, at the head of his army, committing unto him full power to act, and containing the final orders of the Porte; and accompanied with the prefent of a magnificent fabre, with which the Vizir was to be invested as a mark of favour and badge of office.

If thefe inftructions were really fent in this form, and the letter is truly authentic, it is fo aftonifhing a confirmation of the words of Daniel's Prophecy, that it would be unpardonable not to infert it on the prefent occafion; because it fhews how precifely the Mahometan Power is now going forth with great fury to root out and utterly to deftroy many.

And if it fhould chance not to be authentic, the inferting of it in this manner, and with fo much caution, cannot deferve cenfure; efpecially as the prefent operations of the Porte fpeak this language precifely, whatever their actual inftruments or orders may do.

The letter appeared in the Public Advertiser, December 15, 1787, and is as follows:


My Grand Vizir,

"To give you a fignal mark of my efteem, I have "fent you a fabre fet with diamonds, with which you must destroy our enemies. I fend it you by 514. "my Cadvergi-Bachi. As foon as you have girded "it on your mighty thighs, you will without delay "take the measures neceffary for the defence and VOL. II. " preservation


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prefervation of our empire. You will ftation the troops in the proper places. I trust to your care "the nobles of my empire, my foldiers, and fubjects. "You must juftify this confidence.

"I recommend you to the protection of the Moft "High, and have invefted you with unlimited power.

"The whole world knows the ufurpation the Ruf "fians have made in the Crimea, and the number of "their veffels on the Black Sea. What ought the fentiments of those who have any spark of our holy "religion left in their hearts to be upon this occa"fion? May the Supreme Being shower his graces "on you, my nobles, my foldiers, and myself! May σε the Ruffians, our perfidious enemics, be extermi


"The countries poffeffed by my ancestors have "been ufurped by the Ruffians, in violation of all "treaties in confequence of which, war has been "declared; and an oracle, iflued from the fanctuary "of laws, has confirmed that refolution. To fulfil "our duty in the war againft the Infidels, and to accomplish the laws of the Holy Prophet, I have publifhed my will throughout my empire. The preparations ought to be the first objects of our con


"I defire you, my Grand Vizir, who are animated "by the moft ardent zeal and justice, to make all the "neceffary difpofitions to depart immediately and "take the command of the army in perfon. I re"commend to you harmony and a good under"ftanding with all thofe who will be under you.

"Give the most rigorous orders that the officers "who make the campaign keep themfelves within "the bounds of their fituation, and in good œconomy, to avoid thofe diforders which happened in "the preceding wars by the too great number of guards.

"In fine, accomplish the deftruction of the Mufco"vites, the fworn and implacable enemies of our "faith; for which end I give you the most unlimited powers."

I have only to remark, that the word which is tranflated nobles can relate only to the immediate minifters and officers of the Porte; as there are no nobles, properly fo called, in the Ottoman dominions.

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