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HEN Little Fred was called to bed,

He always acted right;
He kissed Mamma, and then Papa,

And wished them all good night.

He made no noise, like naughty boys,

But gently upstairs
Directly went, when he was sent,

And always said his prayers.



WENT to the wood and got it;

I sat me down and looked at it; The more I looked at it the less I liked it ; And I brought it home because I couldn't help it.

[A thorn.


ICK-A-MORE, Hack-a-more,

On the king's kitchen door; All the king's horses, And all the king's men, Couldn't drive Hick-a-more, Hack-a-more, Off the king's kitchen door!


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S soft as silk, as white as milk,

As bitter as gall, a thick wall, And a green coat covers me all.

[A walnut.


ONG legs, crooked thighs,
Little head, and no eyes.

[Pair of tongs.

ARTHUR O'BOWER has broken his band,

He comes roaring up the land ;The King of Scots, with all his power, Cannot turn Arthur of the Bower!

[A storm of wind.

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