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Page Even pigs on their hind legs would after him prance 96 So Doll and the cow danced “the Cheshire round"

97 He'll sit in a barn Merry are the bells, and merry do they ring

104 He rode till he came to my Lady Mouse hall

107 Tailpiece His mare fell down, and she made her will

115 Three pretty girls were in them then

118 Title (Riddles and Paradoxes) I went to the wood and got it

123 Arthur O'Bower has broken his band

125 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

129 Elizabeth, Elspeth, Betsy, and Bess

133 If all the world was apple-pie

135 The man in the wilderness asked me

137 Here am I, little jumping Joan

140 Title (Charms and Lullabies)

143 Cushy cow bonny, let down thy milk

145 Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper

146 Where's the peck of pickled pepper

147 Hush-a-bye, baby

149 Home again, come again

151 Title (Gaffers and Gammers)

153 There was an old woman lived under a hill

. 155 She had so many children she didn't know what to do 159


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He was dancing a jig
Title (Games)
There were three jovial Welshmen .
Here comes a candle to light you to bed .
The Five Pigs
Can I get there by candle-light?
Little Jackey shall have but a penny a day
This is the way the ladies ride
This is the way the gentlemen ride .
This is the way the farmers ride
Title (Jingles).
Went to bed with his trousers on
Hey! diddle, diddle
The fly shall marry the humble-bee
Title (Love and Matrimony)
Jack fell down, and broke his crown
A little boy and a little girl lived in an alley
Tommy Snooks and Bessy Brooks
Jack Sprat could eat no fat
Betwixt them both, they lick'd the platter clean
There I met a pretty miss
Here comes a lusty wooer
Title (Natural History)
I sent him to the shop for a hap'orth of snuff
Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been?

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Page Four-and-twenty tailors went to kill a snail

224 There was a piper, he'd a cow

2 26 A long-tail'd pig, or a short-tail'd pig

229 Dame, what makes your ducks to die?

231 Little Tom Tinker's dog

233 Pussy and I very gently will play

234 Lady bird, lady bird, fly away home

235 I had a little hen, the prettiest ever seen

237 Higgley Piggley, my black hen

238 He's under the hay-cock fast asleep

241 There I met an old man that would not


prayers 243 She whipped him, she slashed him .

245 Title (Accumulative Stories).

247 This is the house that Jack built

249 The old woman and her pig

• 255 Title (Relics)

261 Willy boy, Willy boy, where are you going ?

263 What are little boys made of ?

265 Girls and boys, come out to play

267 Daffy-down-dilly has come up to town

269 Barber, barber, shave a pig

271 Wished to leap over a high gate

273 Heading to Notes

275 Heading to Index of First Lines


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The Nursery Rhyme Book 1. Historical

Copyright 1897
by F. Marne & Co.

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