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HAD a little nut-tree, nothing would it bear

But a silver nutmeg and a golden pear;
The King of Spain's daughter came to visit me,
And all was because of my little nut-tree.
I skipp'd over water, I danced over sea,
And all the birds in the air couldn't catch me.

"HE King of France, and four thousand men, They drew their swords, and put them up again.



HE King of France went up the hill,

With twenty thousand men;
The King of France came down the hill,

And ne'er went up again.

LEASE to remember

The Fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know no reason
Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Over the



VER the water, and over the sea,

And over the water to Charley ;
Charley loves good ale and wine,
And Charley loves good brandy,
And Charley loves a pretty girl,
As sweet as sugar-candy.

Over the water, and over the sea,
And over the water to Charley;
I'll have none of your nasty beef,
Nor I'll have none of your barley;
But I'll have some of your very best flour,
To make a white cake for my Charley.

S I was going by Charing Cross,

I saw a black man upon a black horse ; They told me it was King Charles the First; Oh, dear! my heart was ready to burst !

IGH diddle ding,

hear the bells ring?
The parliament soldiers are gone to the King !
Some they did laugh, some they did cry,
To see the parliament soldiers pass by.

H 16id you hear the bells ring?


ECTOR PROTECTOR was dressed all in

Hector Protector was sent to the Queen.
The Queen did not like him,
Nor more did the King ;
So Hector Protector was sent back again.

HAT is the rhyme for poringer?

The King he had a daughter fair, And gave the Prince of Orange her.


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OOR old Robinson Crusoe !

Poor old Robinson Crusoe ! They made him a coat Of an old nanny goat,

I wonder how they could do so! With a ring a ting tang, And a ring a ting tang,

Poor old Robinson Crusoe!


HERE was a monkey climbed up a tree,

When he fell down, then down fell he.

There was a crow sat on a stone,
When he was gone, then there was none.

There was an old wife did eat an apple, When she had eat two, she had eat a couple.

There was a horse going to the miil,
When he went on, he stood not still.

There was a butcher cut his thumb,
When it did bleed, then blood did come.

There was a lackey ran a race,
When he ran fast, he ran apace.

There was a cobbler clouting shoon,
When they were mended, they were done.

There was a chandler making candle,
When he them strip, he did them handle.

There was a navy went into Spain,
When it returned, it came again.

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