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130 fine copper-plate engravings of the most SCOTLAND IN 1842, a thick and splendid interesting Views in Bedfordshire, Buckingham. vol. 4to, embellished with 50 most beautiful shire, Berkshire, Cheshire, Cambridgeshire engravings on steel and wood by the first artists, Cumberland (including the Lakes), Cornwall, elegantly bound in gilt cloth, (published by and Derbyshire; executed by Byrne, Landseer, Royal Authority), (pub, at 21. 28.) reduced to

and Middiman, after Drawings by Hearne, 11. 18.

Edinburgh, 1843

Farington, and Turner ; with letter-press dethe same, large paper, royal 4to, India criptions. The eight counties complete in proofs, (very few printed), gilt cloth, (pub. at 1 vol. oblong folio, fine original impressions, 41. 48.) reduced to 11. 168.

neatly hf. bd. uncut, with cloth sides, (pub. at LAWRENCE'S (SIR THOMAS) LIFE AND 171. 98.) reduced to 21. 58.

1806-18 CORRESPONDENCE, by WILLIAMS, 2 vols. Or in six separate parts, in old wrappers, if preferred, 8vo, fine portraits, cloth, (pub. at ll. 128.)

at same price. reduced to 163.


the same, large paper, proof impresL'ESPAGNE ARTISTIQUE ET MONU. sions, hf. bd. uncut, (only a few sets are for

MENTALE; Vues et Descriptions des Sites sale), (pub. at 301. 168.) reduced to 41. 4s. et des Monumens Artistiques les plus notables

Or in six separate parts, in old wrappers, if preferred,

at same price. de l'Espagne, 2 vols. impl. folio, complete in This tine Series of Old Views was published as pic24 parts, comprising 96 large and extremely turesque illustrations of Lysons' Magna Britannia; beautiful lithographic plates of the most inter

and includes directions for inserting the plates in that

work. Very few complete sets remain for sale, and esting specimens of Spanish Architecture and

these are offered at much less than paper and print. Ornament of the Middle Ages, (pub. at 251. 48.) LYSONS' MAGNA BRITANNICA, or County reduced to 141, 148.

Paris, 1843-45

History of Great Britain, 10 vols. in 8, 4to, the same, 2 vols. splendidly hf. bd.

plates, boards, (pub. at 271. 48.) reduced to 51. morocco, gilt edges, 161. 168.

MARRYAT'S (CAPTAIN) POOR JACK, illusThe advertiser having bought a large quantity of the above celebrated work on advantageous terins, is

trated with 46 beautiful wood-cuts, designed by enabled to offer them at the low price affixed. The Stanfield, 8vo, gilt cloth, (pub, at 148.) reduced impressions are in the finest possible state.

to 98.


ILLUSTRATA; or Graphic and Historical MARTIN'S CIVIL COSTUME OF ENGIllustrations of the most Interesting and Curious

LAND, from the Conquest to the present Architectural Monuments of the City and Sub.

period, from Tapestry, MSS., &c., royal 4to, urbs of London and Westminster, e. g., Mo

61 plates, beautifully illuminated in gold and nasteries, Churches, Charitable Foundations,

colours, richly bound in cloth, with the Arms Palaces, Halds, Courts, Processions, Places of

of Prince Albert gilt on the sides, 21. 128. 6d.

1842 early Amusements, Theatres, and Old Houses, MAXWELL'S LIFE OF THE DUKE OF 2 vols. impl. 4to, containing 207 copper-plate engravings, with Historical and Descriptive

WELLINGTON, 3 handsome vols. 8vo, emLetter-press, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, the top

bellished with numerous highly finished line edges gilt, (pub, at 261. 58.) reduced to 51. 58.

engravings by Cooper and other eminent artists, 1819-25

consisting of battle pieces, portraits, military the same, large paper, 2 vols. elephant

plans, and maps; besides a great number of 4to, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, the top edges gilt,

fine wood engravings; elegant in gilt cloth,

1841 (pub. at 377. 168.) reduced to 61. 68.

(pub. at 31. 78.) reduced to ll. 168. the same, plates only, for illustration,

the same, large paper, India proofs, gilt colombier folio, very few printed, half morocco,

cloth, (pub. at 51.) reduced to 31. 38.

* Mr. Maxwell's Life of the Duke of Wellington has top edges gilt, (pub. at 421.) reduced to 71. 78.

no rival. It is free from flattery and bombast, succinct The most interesting and curious graphic work of Old London extant.

and masterly. The type and mechanical execution are

admirable; the plans of battles and sieges numerous, LUMISDEN'S ANTIQUITIES OF ROME

ample, and useful; the portraits many and faithful; AND ITS ENVIRONS, 4to, illustrated by the battle pictures animated and brilliant; and the above 50 copper-plate engravings, cloth lettered,

vignettes of costumes and manners worthy of Horace

Vernet himself."--Times. (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to 11. 18. 1812 LYSONS' ENVIRONS OF LONDON, being


LUSTRATIONS OF ANCIENT ARMS AND an Historical Account of the Towns, Villages, and Hamlets in the Counties of Surrey, Kent,

ARMOUR, a Series of 154 very highly finished Essex, Herts, and Middlesex, within Twelve

Etchings of the Collection at Goodrich Court, Miles of that Capital, including the Middlesex

Herefordshire, engraved by Joseph Skelton, and Parishes, interspersed with Biographical Anec

accompanied by Historical and Critical Disqui. dotes, large paper, 5 vols. royal 4to, (pub, at

sitions by the possessor, Sir Samuel Rush 151. 158.) reduced to 31. 38.


with fine portrait, neatly hf. bd. morocco, TIES, 110 Etchings (many of which are colour

uncut, top edges gilt, (pub. at 111. 11s.) red.

to 41. 148. 6d. ed) of Churches, Castles, Old Houses, Ruins,

“We should imagine that the possessors of Dr. Tombs, Effigies, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Meyrick's former great work, would eagerly add Mr. Seals, &c., &c., with letter-press descriptions, Skelton's as a suitable illustration. In the first they 1 vol. royal folio, half morocco, (pub. at 61. 68.)

have the History of Arms and Armour; in the second reduced to 21, 58,

work beautiful engravings of all the details,—Gen1803 tleman's Magazine.

MEYRICK'S PAINTED ILLUSTRATIONS raliffe ; and the Casa de Carbon : accompanied

OF ANCIENT ARMS AND ARMOUR, a by letter-press descriptions, in 1 vol. atlas folio, Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour as it ex- original and brilliant impressions of the plates, isted in Europe, but particularly in England, half mor. (pub. at 421.) red. to 121. 128. 1813 from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of MURPHY'S ANCIENT CHURCH OF BACharles II., with a Glossary, &c., by Sir TALHA, IN PORTUGAL, Plans, Elevations, SAMUEL Rush MEYRICK, LL.D., F.S.A., Sections, and Views of the, with its History &c., new and greatly improved edition, cor. and Description, and an Introductory Discourse rected and enlarged throughout by the Author on Gothic Architecture, impl. folio, 27 fine himself, with the assistance of Literary and copper-plates, engraved by Lowry, half morocco, Antiquarian Friends (Albert Way, &c.), 3 vols. (pub. at 61. 68.) reduced to 21. 88. 1795 impl. 4to, illustrated by more than 100 plates,

" The royal monastery of Batalha is one of the inost

celebrated edifices in Europe. Its beautifularches are splendidly illuminated, mostly in gold and silver,

fretted and pinnacled and crocketed in the best style exhibiting some of the finest specimens existing of Gothic at its best period, and the graceful arching in England, also a new plate of the Tournament of the roof, unsupported by console or column, is unof Locks and Keys, neatly hf. bd. morocco, gilt

equalled. The Plantaganet cast of the whole building

conveyed home to my bosom a feeling so interesting, extra, full gilt backs and edges, (pub. at 217.) 80 congenial, that I could hardly persuade myself to reduced to 101, 108.

1844 move away."--Beckford. the same, 3 vols. superbly bound in NAPOLEON GALLERY, or Illustrations of the crimson turkey morocco, emblematically tooled Life and Times of the Emperor, in a Series of on the back, broad gold borders, and gilt edges,

Sketches by some of the most distinguished by Wright, 141. 148.

Authors, with 99 remarkably clever etchings on Sir Walter Scott justly describes this collection as steel by Reveil, and other eminent artists, from “the incomparable Armoury."

all the most celebrated pictures produced in “This most superb Archæological work is animated

France during the last forty years, thick post with numerous novelties, curious and historical disquisitions, and brilliant and recondite learning 8vo, extra red turkey cloth, full gilt, with Learning going to Court in the full, rich costume of appropriate devices, gilt edges, (pub. at ll. 18.) the Order of the Garter.--Plates as fine as the monuments of Westminster Abbey. Really and truly

reduced to 10s. 6d.

1846 the work is admirably executed, and deserves every NICHOLSON'S ARCHITECTURE, Prin. eulogy."-Edinburgh Reriew.

CIPLES AND PRACTICE OF, 3 vols. 8vo, fourth MILLINGEN'S ANCIENT UNEDITED MO. edition, 218 plates by Lowry, cloth boards,

NUMENTS; comprising Painted Greek Vases, (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to 11. 168. 1841 Statues, Busts, Bas-Reliefs, and other Remains The text book of the profession, the most useful of Grecian Art, 62 large and beautitul engray

gui to the architectural student, and the best com

pendium for the amateur. This work has always ings, mostly coloured, with letter-press descrip. been so highly appreciated, and its reputation is now tions, impl. 4to, half morocco, (pub. at 91. 98.) so well established, that quotations in its praise would reduced to 41. 148. 6d.


seem superfluous, but it may be permitted to adduce

the opinion recently given of it by an eminen: archiMOSES' ANTIQUE VASES, CANDELA. tect, who declared it to be “not only the most useful BRA, Lamps, Tripods, Pateræ, Tazzas, Tombs,

book of the kind ever published, but absolutely indis

pensable to the student," and added, that "he always Mausoleums, Sepulchral Chambers, Cinerary

kept a copy on his own table, as well as another in the Urns, Sarcophagi, Cippi, and other Ornaments, oftice for the use of his pupils.” 170 plates, several of which are coloured ; with NICOLAS'S (SIR HARRIS) HISTORY OF historical and descriptive letter-press, by Hope, THE ORDERS OF KNIGHTHOOD OF small 4to, cloth, (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to THE BRITISH EMPIRE; with an Account 11. 58.


of the Medals, Crosses, and Clasps which have MOYEN-AGE MONUMENTALE ET AR- been conferred for Naval and Military Services;

CHEOLOGIQUE. Vues, Details, et Plans des together with a History of the Order of the Monumens les plus remarquables de l'Europe, Guelphs of Hanover, 4 vols. impl. 4to, splendidly depuis le Vle jusqu'au XVIe Siècle, lithogra- printed and illustrated by numerous fine wood. phiés par les Artistes les plus distingués de la cuts of Badges, Crosses, Collars, Stars, Medals, Capitale, d'après les Dessins de M. Chapuy, avec Ribbands, Clasps, &c., and many large plates, l'Histoire de l'Architecture au Moyen-Age, par

illuminated in gold and colours, including full. DANIEL RAMEE, containing 282 finely executed length Portraits of Queen Victoria, Prince lithographic engravings of Architectural Monu- Albert, the King of Hanover, and the Dukes ments and Sculptures of the Middle Ages, folio, of Cambridge and Sussex, strongly boarded in 48 parts, (pub. at 141. 88.) reduced to 101. 108. cloth, with morocco backs, (pub. at 141. 148.) Paris, 1844 reduced to 51. 158. 60.

1842 This is a different work from the Moyen Age Pitto

the same, with the plates richly coloured resque, published in 1837, with 180 plates; but it is of the same character.

but not illuminated, and without the extra MURPHY'S ARABIAN ANTIQUITIES OF portraits, extra cloth, 31. 138. 6d. 1812

"Sir Harris Nicolas has produced the first compreSPAIN, representing in 100 very highly finished

hensive History of the British Orders of Knighthood; line engravings by Le Keux, Finden, Landseer, and it is one of the most elaborately prepared and plenG. Cooke, &c., the most remarkable Remains didly printed works that ever issued from the press. of the Architecture, Sculpture, Paintings, and

The Author appears to us to have neglected no sources

of information, and to have exhausted them, as far as Mosaics, of the Spanish Arabs, now existing in regards the general scope and purpose of the inquiry. the Peninsula, including the magnificent Palace The graphical illustrations are such as become a work of Alhambra; the celebrated Mosque and

of this character upon such a subject; at, of course, a

lavish cost. The resources of the recently revived art Bridge at Cordova ; the Royal Villa of Gene- of wood-engraving have been combined with the new


art of printing in colours, so as to produce a rich effect, | PICTORIAL GALLERY OF RACE-HORSES, almosi rivalling that of the monastic illuminations. Such a book is sure of a place in every great library.

containing Portraits of all the Winning Horses It contains matter calculated to interest extensive of the Derby, Oaks, and St. Leger Stakes durclasses of readers, and we hope by our specimen to ex- ing the last Thirteen Years; and a History of

cite their curiosity."-Quarterly Rericu. NOLLEKENS and his Times, comprehending his

the principal Operations of the Turf, illustrated Life and Memoirs of Contemporary Artists, by

by Portraits of some of its most distinguished J. T. Smith, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo, port.,

Members. By WILDRAKE (Geo. Tattersall, Esq.) cloth, (pub. at ll. 48.) reduced to 128. 1829

One large handsome volume, royal 8vo, conNUMISMATA. - Eckhel Doctrina Numorum

taining 75 beautiful illustrations, chiefly steel Veterum, 9 vols. 4to, complete, portrait and

engravings of Horses, after Pictures by Cooper, plates of coins, bds. (pub. at 131.) reduced to

Herring, Hancock, Alken, &c., engraved by 71. 178. 6d. Vindob. 1792–1826

Scott, Cook, and other eminent artists; also The best and most complete work on Ancient Coins ;

full-length characteristic Portraits of celebrated no collector can do without it.

living Sportsmen (“ Cracks of the Day") by O'NEIL'S DICTIONARY OF SPANISH Seymour; scarlet cloth, elegantly gilt on back

PAINTERS, 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, (pub. at and sides with appropriate devices, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 168. 1834 21. 28.) reduced to 188.


COLOURING in Landscape Painting, 4to, THAMES, in its Western Course, including plates, cloth lettered, (pub, at 158.) reduced to

particular Descriptions of Richmond, Windsor, 1810


RAY. Illustrated by upwards of 100 very highXV, XVI, XVII, et XVIII Siècles, recueillis

ly-finished wood engravings by Orrin Smith, par Ovide REYNARD, et gravés sous sa direction

Branston, Landells, Linton, and other eminent par les meilleurs artistes, containing 108 finely artists; to which are added several beautiful executed lithographic engravings of Ornaments,

copper and steel-plate engravings by Cook and Cups, Vases, Candelabra, Mosaics, &c., of the

others, one large handsome volume, royal 8vo, Ancient Masters, folio, 18 parts, sewed, (pub.

elegantly bound in gilt cloth, (pub. at 11. 58.) at 5l. 88.) reduced to 41. 48. Paris, 1844

reduced to 108. 6d.


AND COLOUR in Landscape Painting, illus- NERS AND COSTUME, including his Cartrated by Examples for the Amateur and Pro

nival, Banditti, &c., 27 plates, impl. 4to, fessional Student, third edition, oblong 4to, hf. bd. morocco, 158.

Rome, 1840 10 coloured plates, hf. bd. (pub. at 11. ls.) red. PINELLI'S AND COOKE'S VIEWS IN to 8s.


ROME, royal 8vo, containing 27 pretty plates, PICTORIAL HISTORY OF PALESTINE,

gilt cloth, (pub. at 108. 6d.) red. to 78. 6d. 1834 THE HOLY LAND, AND THE JEWS, PLOOS VAN AMSTEL'S IMITATIONS OF by John Kitto, editor of the Pictorial Bible,

DRAWINGS by the principal Dutch and Fle2 vols. super royal 8vo, with above 500 fine wood-cuts, elegantly bound in cloth, with new

mish Masters, consisting of 100 beautiful Endevices in gold on back and sides, (pub. at

gravings, executed in exact Imitation of the 11. 158.) reduced to 11. 58.

Originals, many beautifully coloured, accom

1844 A work which no family should be without. It will

panied by historical and descriptive letterinterest the child, and instruct the philosopher.

press, by C. Josi, of the British Museum, 3 “The engravings are beautiful little pictures, re- vols. in 2, impl. folio, elegantly hf. bd. mor. presenting actual scenery, costume, manners, monuments, and objects of natural history."--Spectator.

(pub. at 631.) reduced to 161. 168. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF NAPOLEON, by POTTER'S (T. R.) HISTORY AND ANTIG. M. Bussey, 2 vols. impl. 8vo, illustrated by

QUITIES OF CHARNWOOD FOREST, nearly 500 beautiful engravings by Horace

with an Appendix containing the Geology of Vernet; gilt cloth, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to

this extensive District, by J. B. Jukes, Esq. ; 11. ls.

Thomas, 1840 the Botany by the Rev. A. Bloxam; and the the same, hf. bd. mor. full gilt, 11. 48.

Ornithology by C. Babington, Esq.; royal 4to, PICTORIAL HISTORY OF FRANCE, from

with 33 beautiful engravings, including coloured the establishment of the Franks in Gaul to the

maps, &c., cloth, lettered, (pub. at 11. 108.) reduced to 108.

London, 1842 period of the French Revolution. By G. M.

This elegant and carefully executed volume of ToBussey and T. Gasper, 2 large thick vols. pography will interest all collectors. impl. 8vo, handsomely printed, and illustrated PRICE (SIR UVEDALE) ON THE PICTU. by upwards of 500 beautiful engravings on RESQUE IN SCENERY AND LAND. wood, elegantly bound in cloth, full gilt, (pub. SCAPE GARDENING, with an Essay on the at 21. 168.) reduced to ll. 58.

1813 Origin of Taste, and much additional matter, the same, hf. bd. mor. full gilt, 11. 88. by Sir Thomas Dick LAUDER, Bart. 8vo, PICTORIAL HISTORY OFGERMANY,during with 60 beautiful wood engravings by Montagu

the Reign of Frederick the Great, including Stanley, extra gilt cloth, (pub, at 17. 18.) rea complete History of the Silesian Campaigns duced to 128.

1842 and the Seven Years' War, by Francis KuG-PROUT'S CASTLES AND ABBEYS OF Ler, illustrated by Adolph Menzel, royal 8vo, MONMOUTHSHIRE, impl. folio, 30 lithowith above 500 wood-cuts, extra cloth gilt, graphic plates, with letter-press, hf. morocco, (pub. at 12. 88.) reduced to 128.

1845 (pub. at 51. 58.) reduced to 21. 58. 1838


POULSON'S HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES tiful wood-cuts of Hunting, Hounds, &c., extra

OF THE SEIGNIORY OF HOLDERNESS, cloth, elegantly gilt, (pub. at Il. 88.) reduced in the East Riding of the County of York, to 108. 6d.

1839 including the Abbeys of Meux and Swine, with This handsome volume is printed uniformly with the Priories of Nunkeeling and Burstall, com

Scrope's Deer Stalking, to which it is a suitable com

panion. piled from authentic Charters, Records, and the “ A book which ought to be in the hands of every forunpublished Manuscripts of the Rev. William hunter, and of every man who loves the Noble


-Bell's Life. Dade, remaining in the Library of Burton Constable, with above 200 copper-plate engravings RETZSCH'S OUTLINE ILLUSTRATIONS and wood-cuts, consisting of Views, Churches,

TO SCHILLER'S * FIGHT WITH THE Monumental Effigies and Brasses, Fonts, Ground

DRAGON,” royal 4to, containing 16 plates, Plans, Fac-similes of Charters, Deeds, Armorial

engraved by Moses, stiff covers, 78. 6d. Bearings, Seals, &c., &c. 4 parts, or 2 vols. 4to, RETZSCH'S ILLUSTRATIONS TO SCHILboards, (pub. at 31.) reduced to 1l. 18. 1841 LER'S FRIDOLIN, royal 4to, containing 8 large paper, 4 parts, or 2 vols. royal plates, engraved by Moses, stiff covers, 4s. 6d.

The ballads to these two beautiful series of outlines 4to, boards, (pub. at 41.) reduced to 11. 158. “ This is one of the most pains-taking Topogra

will be found in Mr. Bohn's Standard Library Edition phical works of modern times, full of Pedigrees, Monu

of Schiller's Works, price 3s. 6d., which is now at mental Inscriptions," &c., &c. PROUT'S SKETCHES IN FLANDERS AND REYNOLD'S (SIR JOSHUA) GRAPHIC GERMANY, impl. folio, 50 fine lithographic

WORKS, 300 beautiful engravings (comprising plates, India proofs, hf. bd. (pub. at 61. 6s.) nearly 400 subjects) after this delightful painter, reduced to 31. 138. 6d.

1833 engraved on steel by S. W. Reynolds, 3 vols. PUGIN'S EXAMPLES OF GOTHIC ARCHI. folio, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges,

TECTURE, selected from Ancient Edifices (pub. at 361.) reduced to 121. 128. in England, consisting of Plans, Elevations, REYNOLD'S (SIR JOSHUA) LITERARY Sections, and Parts at large; with historical

WORKS, comprising his Discourses, delivered and descriptive letter-press, illustrated by 225

at the Royal Academy, on the Theory and engravings by Le Keux, 3 vols. 4to, cloth, (pub. Practice of Painting, also his Journey to Flanat 121. 128.) reduced to 71. 178. 6d. 1838

ders and Holland, with Criticisms on Pictures PUGIN'S GLOSSARY OF ECCLESIASTI.

-Du Fresnoy's Art of Painting, in English CAL ORNAMENT AND COSTUME, setting

Verse, with the original Latin Text subjoined, forth the Origin, History, and Signification of the

and Notes-A Tabular View of Painters, from various Emblems, Devices, and Symbolical

the revival of the Art to the beginning of the Colours, peculiar to Christian Design of the last Century, to which is prefixed, a Memoir of Middle Ages, with especial reference to the the Author, with Remarks on his Professional Decoration of the Sacred Vestments and Altar

character, illustrative of his Principles and Furniture, formerly used in the English Church,

Practice, by HENRY WILLIAM BEECHEY, new illustrated by nearly 80 plates, splendidly printed edition, 2 vols. fscp. 8vo, with portrait, gilt in gold and colours by the new lithochromo

cloth, (pub. at 18s.) reduced to 108. 1846 graphic process, containing Examples of the * The precepts of Sir Joshua Reynolds will equally Ecclesiastical Costume of the Roman, English, enlighten the connoisseur and the practical student. French, and German Bishops, Priests, and

He teaches how to look at pictures, as well as to de

sign and colour them."- Monthly Review. Deacons; Altar Furniture, Embroidery, Diaper- * His admirable discourses contain such a body of ings, Bordures, Powderings, Floriated Crosses, just criticism on an extremely difficult subject, clothed Holy Emblems, Holy Monograms, Examples

in such perspicuous, elegant, and nervous language,

that it is no exaggerated panegyric to assert, that they of the Nimbus, Conventional Forms of Animals

will last as long as the English tongue, and contribute, and Flowers for Heraldic and Church Decora. not less than the productions of his pencil, to render tion, Funeral Palls, &c., &c., &c., also a variety

his name immortal."-Northcote. of Ornamental Alphabets of Church Text of RIGAUD, Vues de Palais, Chateaux, et Maisons various dates ; the details of many of the Orna

Royales de Paris, et de ses Environs, containing ments are given of the full size, the whole 121 large and curious plates of the old Palaces drawn, coloured, adapted, and described from

and Gardens of Paris and its Environs, (a great Ancient Authorities, by A. WELBY PUGIN,

number of which no longer exist), royal folio, Architect, Professor of Ecclesiastical Antiqui. hf. bd. red morocco, (interesting to Architects,) ties at St. Maries College, Oscott, new edition,

(pub. at 81. 88.) reduced to 41. 48. Paris, one magnificent vol. royal 4to, hf. mor. extra, RITCHIE'S (LEITCH) PICTURESQUE top edges gilt, the back and sides ornamented TOUR OF THE RIVER WYE, and Ramble with appropriate devices in gold, 71. 78. 1846 through South Wales, illustrated by Creswick, PUGIN'S GOTHIC ORNAMENTS, 90 fine small 8vo, with 12 exquisitely finished line

Plates, drawn on stone by J. D. Harding and engravings, extra cloth, (pub. at 12s.) reduced others, royal 4to, hf. morocco, 31. 38. 1844 to 68.

1841 PUGIN'S ORNAMENTAL TIMBER GA. “Studded with attractions,---poetical, historical, anBLES, selected from Ancient Examples in

tiquarian, and natural, -enow to make a large volume.

It is a charming guide for any excursion on the river, England and Normandy, royal 4to, 30 plates, and very pleasant to read anywhere else."--Literary cloth, 11. ls.


HUNTING, for the Use of the Rising Genera- 2 vols. 8vo, 41 plates, and 2 large maps, 2nd ed., ration of Sportsmen, royal 8vo, nearly 40 beau- cloth, (pub. at 21. 28.) red. to 10s. 6d. 1840


ROBINSON'S RURAL ARCHITECTURE, (in the British Museum), and others of almost equal

interest, enrich the collection. being a Series of Designs for Ornamental Cot

** To the historian and the antiquary, we consider tages, in 96 plates, with Estimates, fourth

this publication to be altogether one of the highest greatly improved edition, royal 4to, (pub. at order. The entire work is really a credit to all who 41. 48.) half morocco, 21. 58.


have been concerned in it-editors, artists, and pub

lisher."--Literary Gazette. NEW SERIES OF ORNAMEN SCLAVONIC, OR GLAGOLITIC GOSPELS. TAL COTTAGES AND VILLAS, 56 plates, -EVANGELIA SLAVICE: a singularly exact by Harding and Allom, royal 4to, half morocco, and beautiful fac-simile of a very ancient Manu21. 28.

1838 script of the Sclavonic Gospels, used at the ORNAMENTAL VILLAS, 96 plates, Coronation of the French Kings at Rheims, by half morocco, (pub. at 41. 48.) reduced to 21. 58. M. SILVESTRE, with a Latin translation oppo

1836 site, 4to, containing 63 finely engraved plates, FARM BUILDINGS, 56 plates, half coloured and illuminated, with a large plate of mor. (pub. at 21. 2s.) red. to Il. 11s. 6d. 1837 the Sclavonic Characters; olive morocco, richly

LODGES AND PARK ENTRANCES blind tooled in the old style, leather joints, and 48 plates, half morocco, (pub. at 21. 28.) red. tooled edges, 51, 58.

Paris, 1843 to 11. lls. 6d.

1837 Of this very interesting and remarkable volume only

100 copies were printed, and most of them were sent VILLAGE ARCHITECTURE, fourth

to Russia. edition, with additional plate, 41 plates, hf. bd., SCOTT'S (SIR WALTER) MARMION, Illusuniform, (pub, at 11. 168.) red. to ll. 48. 1837

trated Edition, 50 beautiful wood-cuts, splenROBINSON'S VITRUVIUS BRITANNICUS; didly printed on superfine drawing paper, 8vo,

or, Views, Plans, and Elevations of English richly gilt cloth, (pub. at 16s.) red. to 8s. 1840 Mansions, viz., Woburn Abbey, Hatfield House, SEYMOUR'S HUMOROUS SKETCHES, and Hardwicke Hall; to which is added, Cassio- comprising 86 exceedingly clever and amusing bury House, edited by John BRITTON, with a caricature etchings, on steel, illustrated by Alfred Descriptive List of the Plates, four parts in one Crowquill, 2 vols. in 1, royal 8vo, cloth extra, vol. impl. folio, containing upwards of 50 fine gilt edges, 188.

1843 large copper-plate engravings, by Le Keux and SHAKSPEARE PORTFOLIO; a Series of 96 others, half bound morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at graphic Illustrations, after Designs by the most 161. 168.) reduced to 31. 138. 6d.

1847 eminent British Artists, including Smirke, StotRUBENS, HIS LIFE AND GENIUS, trans

hard, Stephanoff, Cooper, Westall, Hilton, Leslated from the German of Dr. Waagen, with an

lie, Briggs, Corbould, Clint, &c., beautifully Introduction, by Mrs. JAMESON, square 8vo,

engraved by Heath, Greatbach, Robinson, Pye, elegantly printed, gilt boards, (pub. at 98.)

Finden, Engleheart, Armstrong, Rolls, and reduced to 68.

1840 others, in a case, with leather back, impl. 8vo, “ There is scarcely a gallery or nobleman's seat in (pub. at 81. 88.) reduced to 1l. 18. Britain but boasts some specimens of Rubens, and no

the same, French proofs, folio, in a work that Dr. Waagen could have written is more

portfolio, (pub. at 121. 128.) reduced to 21. 28. likely to win him English readers than the present, which Mrs. Jameson has edited and furnished with a

the same, India proofs, folio, in a portvery clever and discriminatory preface. With the folio, (pub. at 161. 168.) reduced to 31. 38. pictures of Rubens Dr. Waagen is well acquainted; he

SHAW AND BRIDGENS' DESIGNS FOR has seen all that are to be seen in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, and England; and his

FURNITURE, with Candelabra and Interior volume is especially valuable for its philosophic criti- Decoration, 60 plates, royal 4to, hf. bd. uncut, cism-a rare merit in these days."-Athenæum.

(pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to ll. 118. 6d. 1838 RUDING'S ANNALS OF THE COINAGE

the same, large paper, impl. 4to, the OF GREAT BRITAIN AND ITS DEPEN.

plates coloured, hf. bd. uncut, (pub. at 61. 68.) DENCIES, from the Earliest Period of Au. reduced to 31. 38. thentic History to the Reign of Queen Victoria. SHAW'S LUTON CHAPEL, its Architecture New and enlarged Edition, corrected and im- and Ornaments, illustrated in a series of 20 proved, with a Continuation to the Present highly-finished line engravings, impl. folio, half Time, and an entirely new Index to every Coin,

morocco, uncut, (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to 3 vols. 4to, illustrated with several thousand 11. 168.

1830 beautifully engraved figures of Coins, on 159

the same, India proofs, hf. bd. morocco, plates, many of which are additional; extra uncut, (pub. at 51. 58.) reduced to 31. 38. cloth, (pub. at 61. 68.) red. to 41. 48. 1840 "Luton Chapel was an exquisite specimen of the

As handsome and complete a book of reference to most florid period of Gothic architecture. Mr. Shaw's the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies as there elaborate history is now rendered doubly valuable by are materials in existence to frame.

the destruction of the magnificent original."--Morning "The text of Ruding has been judiciously retained Post. in its strict integrity, but much has been added in SMITH'S (C. J.) HISTORICAL AND LITE. the shape of notes throughout the whole, which have

RARY CURIOSITIES, consisting of Facgreatly augmented the intelligence of the text, and improved its value. There are also copious corrections

similes of interesting Autographs, Scenes of and elucidations of many doubtful and conflicting remarkable Historical Events and interesting accounts, which the editor has been enabled to bring forward since the previous editions appeared.

Localities, engravings of Old Houses, Ilumina"Among the new plates we observe some unique

ted and Missal Ornaments, Antiques, &c., &c., coins, and others of great rarity; and some which containing 100 plates, some illuminated, with have never been described. These include the Hexham treasure trove of Stycas; some extremely rare

occasional letter-press, in 1 vol., 4to, balf olive coins of Alfred and Edward the Confessor. One

morocco, uncut, Roxburghe style, reduced to unique piece of Horthacunt, a noble of Henry VIII.



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