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SILVESTRE PALEOGRAPHIE UNIVER. and Vander Velde, and exhibit the known talents of SELLE.-PALEOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, ou

Mr. Stark, and of the able engravers employed, to the Collection de Fac-simile d'Ecritures de tous les STORER'S

greatest possible advantage."-Literary Gazelle.

CATHEDRAL ANTIQUITIES Peuples et de tous les Temps, tirés des plus OF ENGLAND AND WALES, 4 vols. Svo, Authentiques Manuscrits existant dans les Ar

with 256 beautifully finished engravings, ex• chives et les Bibliotheques de France, d'Italie,

tremely accurate in architectural detail, half d'Allemagne, et d'Angleterre ; par M. Silves

morocco, (pub. at 71. 108.) reduced to 21. 12s.6d. Accompagnés d'Explications, Histori

This very pretty work contains 28 Cathedrals, being ques et Descriptives, par MM. Champollion double the number published by Britton. Pugin says Figeac et Aimé Champollions fils, 4 vols. atlas

it is by far the most correct work on English Cathe

drals. folio, containing upwards of 300 large and most STOTHARD'S MONUMENTAL EFFIGIES beautifully executed fac-similes, on copper and OF GREAT BRITAIN, 147 beautifully stone, of the finest and most interesting manu- finished etchings, all of which are more or less scripts of every age and nation, drawn and

tinted, and some of them highly illuminated in painted by J. B. Silvestre, Calligraphist to the

gold and colours, with Historical Descriptions King of France, from the most authentic Docu

and Introduction, by KEMPE, folio, hf. morocco, ments, Missals, and other MSS. existing in

(pub. at 191.) reduced to 81. 88. France, Italy, Germany, and England, most

the same, large paper, imperial folio, richly illuminated in the finest style of art,

illuminated with extra splendour, (pub, at 281.) unbound, in parts, (pub. at 751.) reduced to

reduced to 121. 128. 521. 108.

Paris, 1841 STRUTT'S DRESSES AND HABITS OF the same, 4 vols. atlas folio, splendidly THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND, from the hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 901.) Establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the reduced to 601.

present time; with an Historical and Critical the same, 4 vols. atlas folio, splendidly

Inquiry into every branch of Costume: new bound in morocco, gilt edges by Wright, (pub.

and greatly improved edition, with Critical and at 1001.) reduced to 701.

Explanatory Notes by J. R. Planche, Esq., This is, perhaps, the finest book in the world, and the most interesting to the scholar and the man of

F.S.A., 2 vols, royal 4to, 153 plates, cloth, Three hundred fac-similes of the choicest

41. 4$.

1812 manuscripts in Europe, need no other recommenda

the same, the plates coloured, half tion than to state the fact. The work cost nearly twenty thousand pounds in getting up.. Only 250

morocco, top edges gilt, 77, 78. copies were printed, of which the King of France took

the same, the plates splendidly illumi. 66 for libraries in the various departments, and the nated in gold, silver, and opaque colours, in the remainder were subscribed for in Russia and Germany. It is believed that not more than than 10 copies were

missal style, 2 vols. royal 4to, half morocco, placed in this country. The advertiser has purchased top edges gilt, 201. all that remain, and pledges himself that the number No more than 25 copies have been executed in this

is only fourteen, which will quickly be disposed of. expensive manner, and but few of these remain unsubSILVESTRE'S GREAT WORK OF ORNA

scribed for.

STRUTT'S REGAL AND ECCLESIASTICAL MENTAL ALPHABETS. Collection d'Al. phabets Historiés et Fleuronnés, tirés des

ANTIQUITIES OF ENGLAND, containing diverses Bibliotheques de l'Europe, 60 beau

the most authentic Representations of all the

English Monarchs from Edward the Confessor tiful plates, many of which are coloured, atlas folio, (uniform with the same author's great

to Henry the Eighth; together with many of

the Great Personages that were eminent under work, the Paleographie Universelle), (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to 21. 28. Paris, 1843

their several Reigns: new and greatly improved SPORTSMAN'S REPOSITORY; comprising a

edition, by J. R. PLANCHE, Esq., F.S.A., royal

1842 series of highly finished line engravings, re

4to, 72 plates, cloth, 21. 28. presenting the Horse and the Dog, in all their

the same, the plates coloured, half varieties, by the celebrated engraver John Scott,

morocco, top edges gilt, 41. 48. from original paintings by Reinagle, Gilpin,

the same, the plates splendidly illumi. Stubbs, Cooper, and Landseer, accompanied by

nated, (exactly uniform with the dresses,) royal

4to, half morocco, top edges gilt, 121. 12s. a comprehensive Description by the author of the “British Field Sports,” 4to, with 37 large STRUTT'S SYLVA BRITANNICA ET SCO. copper-plates, and numerous wood-cuts by Bur.

TICA, or Portraits of Forest Trees distinnett and others, green cloth, richly gilt, with

guished for their Antiquity, Magnitude, or devices, (pub. at 21. 128. 6d.) reduced to

Beauty, comprising 50 very large and highly 11. ls.

1845 finished painter's etchings, impl. folio, half STARK'S PICTURESQUE VIEWS on the morocco extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 91. 98.) Eastern Coast of England, comprising the Ro

reduced to 41. 10s.

1826 mantic Scenery of the Norfolk Rivers Yare,

proof impressions on India paper, hf. Waveney, and Bure, consisting of 36 splendid morocco extra, gilt edges, (pub, at 131. 158.) engravings by George Cooke, W. J. Cooke, E.

reduced to 71. 178. 6d. Goodall, John Burnet, and other eminent en- STUBBS' ANATOMY OF THE HORSE, 21 gravers, with short descriptive letter-press, royal fine large copper-plate engravings, impl. folio, 4to, extra cloth, (originally pub. at 41. 148. 6d.) in boards, with leather back, (pub. at 41. 43.) reduced to 158.

reduced to ll. lls. 6.

1766 “An exceedingly beautiful and interesting volume. The original edition of this fine old work, which is The paintings combine in subject, composition, and indispensable to artists. It has long been considered detail, the united excellencies of Hobbima, Ruysdael


TAYLOR'S HISTORY OF THE FINE ARTS wood-cuts, cloth, (pub. at 21. 128. 6d.) reduced IN GREAT BRITAIN, 2 vols. post 8vo,

to ll. 58.

1840 wood-cuts, cloth, (pub. at Il. ls.) reduced to WIGHTWICK'S PALACE OF ARCHITEC78. 6d.

1841 TURE, imperial 8vo, India proofs, cloth, (pub. “The best view of the state of modern art."- United at 51. 58.) reduced to 21. 28. States Gazette. TOD'S ANNALS AND ANTIQUITIES OF

the same, morocco extra, reduced to

21. 128. 6d. RAJAST'HAN, or the Central and Western

Intended as a popular Introduction to all the varieRajpoot States of India, (commonly called Raj- ties of Architecture. pootana). By Lieut.-COLONEL James ToD, WILD'S ARCHITECTURAL GRANDEUR many years resident in Rajpootana as Political of Belgium, Germany, and France, 24 fine Agent, 2 vols. impl. 4to, embellished with plates by Le Keux, &c., impl. 4to, hf. morocco, above 50 extremely beautiful line engravings (pub. at 11. 188.) reduced to 188. 1837 by Finden, and capital large folding maps; WILD'S FOREIGN CATHEDRALS, 12 plates, extra cloth bds. (pub. at 91. 98.) reduced to impl. folio, coloured and mounted like drawings, 61. 68.

1829-32 in a handsome portfolio, (pub. at 121. 128.) - the same, with proof impressions of the reduced to 51. 58. plates on India paper, (pub. at 151. 158.) | WILD'S CATHEDRAL OF WORCESTER, its reduced to 71. 178. 6d.

Architecture, Ornament, and Sculpture, 12 VISCONTI, Musée Pie-Clementin, 7 vols.- highly finished line engravings, impl. 4to, (pub.

Musée Chiaramonti, 1 vol. — Iconographie at 31. 38.) bds. reduced to 148. Grecque et Romaine, ou Portraits authentiques WILLIAMS' VIEWS IN GREECE, 64 beaudes Empereurs, Rois, et Hommes Illustres de tiful line engravings by Miller, Horsburgh, and l'Antiquité, 4 vols.-together 12 vols. 8vo, con- others, 2 vols. impl. 8vo, hf. bd. morocco taining upwards of 1000 plates of highly in- extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 61. 68.) reduced to teresting subjects, neatly engraved in outline; hf. 21. 128. 6d.

1829 bd. uncut, (pub. at 201.) reduced to 51. 158. 6d.

or 2 vols. in 1, whole morocco, super

Milan, 1818-26 extra, gilt edges, reduced to 21. 168. WALKER'S ANALYSIS OF BEAUTY IN

India proofs, 2 vols. royal 4to, in 12 WOMAN; preceded by a Critical View of the parts, (pub. at 121. 128.) reduced to 51. 58. general Hypotheses respecting Beauty, by Leo

the same, 2 vols. royal 4to, elegantly nardo da Vinci, Mengs, Winckelmann, Hume, hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 121. 128.) Hogarth, Burke, Knight, Alison, and others; reduced to 51. 158. 6d. new edition, royal 8vo, illustrated by 22 beau

the same, 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to, whole tiful plates, after drawings from life by H. morocco, richly gilt, reduced to 61. 68. Howard, by Gauci and Lane; elegantly bound WOOD'S ARCHITECTURAL ANTIQUI. in gilt cloth, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to TIES AND RUINS OF PALMYRA AND 11. 18.

1846 BALBEC, 2 vols. in 1, imperial folio, conWATTS'S PSALMS AND HYMNS, Illustrated taining 110 fine copper-plate engravings, some

Edition complete, with Indexes of “Subjects," very large and folding, half morocco, uncut, First Lines," and a Table of Scriptures, 8vo, (pub. at 71. 78.) reduced to 31. 138. 6d. 1827 printed in a very large and beautiful type, em- YOSY'S COSTUME OF SWITZERLAND, bellished with 24 beautiful wood-cuts by Martin, 50 plates, beautifully coloured, 2 vols. superWestall, and others; elegantly bound in gilt royal 8vo, gilt cloth, (pub. at 31. 138. 6d.) cloth, (pub. at 11. 18.) reduced to 78. 6d.

reduced to 11, 88.

1815 embossed roan, gilt edges, 108.

the same, 2 vols. in 1, stout 8vo, half the same, morocco, elegantly gilt, 168. morocco, richly gilt back and gilt edges, (pub. WHISTON'S JOSEPHUS, Illustrated Edition at 41.) reduced to 11. 138.

of, complete ; containing both the Antiquities ZENTNER'S COLLECTION OF LAND. and the Wars of the Jews, 2 vols. 8vo, hand- SCAPES, from the best Old Masters, consisting somely printed, embellished with 52 beautiful of single Specimens of Fifty Painters, with wood engravings, by various artists, cloth bds. Portraits and Biographical Accounts, by THANE,

elegantly gilt, (pub. at 11. 48.) red. to 148. 1845 oblong folio, containing 50 line engravings, taken WIGHTWICK'S PALACE OF ARCHITEC. from the original pictures; also 36 portraits,

TURE, a Romance of Art and History, impl. old impressions, bds. (pub. at 5l. 58.) reduced 8vo, with 211 illustrations, steel plates and to 188,


the same,


DUKE OF WELLINGTON. Fine half-length | PLAYFUL PETS, a fine Mezzotinto Engraving

Portrait in Mezzotinto, by G. R. Ward, after by Zobel, after the Painting by W. Drummond.
the picture by Sir Thomas Lawrence, demy fol. Size, 112 inches by 12%.
Size, 9 inches by 11).

Prints, (pub. at 108. 6d.) reduced to 58.
Prints, (pub. at 11. 18.) red. to 38. 6d.
Proofs, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 58.

Proofs before letters, (pub. at 31. 38.)

of six very large and fine Mezzotinto Engravings, reduced to 78. 6d.

exhibiting the Evils of Intemperance, (on the

plan of Hogarth’s Harlot's Progress, Industry ECCE HOMO, the head of our Saviour crowned

and Idleness, &c.) viz., I. Invitation to Drink. with thorns; with the inscription, “ He was

II. Sick and Repentant. III. The Relapse. wounded for our transgressions,” beautifully

IV. The Ruined Family. V. The Expectant engraved by Bartolozzi, after Guido, delicately

Wife. VI. The Robber. The whole set beau. coloured, imperial folio. Size of subject, 16.3

tifully engraved on steel by S. W. Reynolds, inches by 13, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 78. 6d.

after paintings by Rippingille, imperial folio, in INDULGING, a most beautiful and very ex- a wrapper, at the following singularly low

pensively finished line engraving, by W. H. prices. Size, 18 inches by 13. Watt, after the Picture by W. Kidd, demy folio.

Prints, (pub. at 31. 38.) red. to ll. ls. Size, 11 inches by 9.

Proofs, (pub. at 51.58.) reduced to 17. 88. - Prints, (pub. at 10s. 62.) reduced to 58.

India proofs, (pub. at 77. 78.) reduced
Proofs, (pub. at 11. ls.) red. to 78. 6d. to 21. 28.
Proofs before letters, (pub. at 11. 118.6d.)

Coloured, (pub. at 61. 6s.) red. to 21. 28. reduced to 108. 6d.

This is a very striking and beautiful set of plates,

adınirably adapted to decorate the cottage, and at the This amusing picture represents a gentleman in an same time worthy of the nobleman's drawing-room. easy chair, taking a nap after dinner, while his valet is helping himself to the good things on the table.

THE HOLY FAMILY, a large and beautiful MARLBOROUGH GEM of the Marriage of

Mezzotinto, engraved by Carlos, after the Cupid and Psyche, beautifully engraved by

famous Picture by Sir Joshua Reynolds, demy Bartolozzi, and painted in bistre, folio, scarce,

folio. Size, 8 inches by 9}. at 21. 2s.) reduced to 78. 6d.

Prints, (pub. at 10s. 6d.) reduced to 58. This print used to be worth 21. 28.; it is often wanted

Proofs, (pub. at ll. ls.) red. to 78. 6d. in Bryant's Ancient Mythology, 4to, vol. ii. p. 392.

Coloured, (pub. at 11. ls.) red. to 78. 6d. ANDREWS' FIGURES OF HEATHS, with Gentlemen who accompanied the Expedition

Scientific Descriptions, second improved edition, the Mammalia, by Dr. Richardson ; Ornitho. 6 vols. royal 8vo. with 300 beautifully coloured logy, by N. A. Vigors, Esq. ; Fishes, by G. plates, finished equal to drawings, extra cloth, T. Lay, Esq., and E. T. Bennett, Esq. ; Crusgilt backs, (pub. at 151.) reduced to 71. 108. 1845 tacea, by Richard Owen, Esq.; Reptiles, by ARTIS'S (E. T.) ANTEDILUVIAN PHYTO- John Edward Gray, Esq. ; Shells, by W.

LOGY, illustrated by a Collection of the Fossil Sowerby, Esq. ; and Geology, by the Rev. Dr. Remains of Plants peculiar to the Coal For- Buckland, 4to.; illustrated by 47 plates, conmations of Great Britain, selected for their taining many hundred figures, beautifully colourNovelty and Interest, from upwards of a thou- ed by Sowerby, extra cloth boards, (pub. at sand specimens now in the possession of the 51. 58.) reduced to 31. 138. 6d.

1839 Author, and systematically described, with the BOLTON'S NATURAL HISTORY OF BRI. view of facilitating the Study of this important TISH SONG BIRDS, illustrated with figures Branch of Geology: including Remarks on the the size of life, of the Birds, both Male and Systems of Count Sternberg, Baron Schlotheim, Female, in their most natural attitudes; their Professor Martius, and Mons. Brongniart; also Nests and Eggs, Food, Favourite Plants, Shrubs, Communications from Professor Buckland, and Trees, &c., &c., new edition, revised and very other eminent Geologists, 4to. with 25 plates, considerably augmented, 2 vols. in 1, medium cloth boards, (pub. at 21. 10s.) red. to 15s. 1838 4to. containing 80 beautifully coloured plates, "I cannot but wish that studious attention were

hf. bd. morocco, gilt backs and gilt edges, (pub. given to the accurate and beautiful figures in Mr.

1845 Artis's Antediluvian Phytology."--Dr. J. Pye Smilli's

at 81. 88.) reduced to 31. 38. Geology.


MEDICA, or History of the Medicinal Plants tion of the most elegant Flowering Plants now of Great Britain, 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated by cultivated in the English Garden and Greenupwards of 200 coloured figures of plants, extra house, 6 vols. 8vo. with 81 beautifully coloured

cloth, (pub, at 31. 38.) red. to 11. 16s. 1845 plates of Flowers and Groups, green cloth, BATEMAN'S ORCHIDACEÆ OF MEXICO extra, (pub. at 41. 108.) red. to 11. 148. 1846

AND GUATEMALA, complete in 8 parts, A singularly cheap and elegant book, which must elephant folio, 40 magnificent plates, beautifully BROWN'S BOOK OF BRITISH BUTTER

command a ready sale. coloured, the letter-press embellished by splendid wood-ccts, sewed, (pub. at 161. 16s.) reduced


1837-43 to 121. 12s.

plete in 3 vols. 18mo. illustrated by 144 coloured This is without question the greatest botanical work

plates, in extra red cloth, richly gilt, (pub. at of the present age. Mr. Bateman has got it up per

158.) reduced to 78. 6d.

1834 fectly regardless of expense, and would be a consider- BROWN'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE able loser even had the edition been published at

LAND AND FRESH WATER CONCHO. double the price. Only one hundred copies were printed, which were all subscribed for.


LAND, with Figures, Descriptions, and LocaliTIONS OF THE GENERA OF FERNS,

ties of all the Species, royal 8vo. containing on in which the Characters of each Genus are dis- 27 large plates 330 figures of all the known played in the most elaborate manner, in a series

British Species in their full size, accurately of magnified dissections and figures, highly

drawn from nature, extra cloth, (pub. at 158.)

1845 finished in colours, after the beautiful drawings of

reduced to 108. 6d. Francis Bauer, Esq., Botanical Draughtsman

the same, with the plates beautifully to Her Majesty ; with descriptive letter-press

coloured, extra cloth, (pub. at 11.58.) red. to 158. by Sir William Jackson HOOKER, complete

This is the only work which gives all the British

species in their full size. in 12 parts, imperial 8vo. red. to 6l. 1838–42 BUFFON'S NATURAL HISTORY, 16 vols. the same, 12 parts bound in 1 large vol.

post 8vo. boards, (pub. at 51. 58.) reduced to impl. 8vo. hf. mor. extra, top edges gilt, 61. 68. 21. 128. 6d. BEECHEY. BOTANY OF CAPTAIN BURMEISTER'S MANUAL OF ENTOMO.

BEECHEY'S VOYAGE, comprising an Ac- LOGY, translated from the last German edition count of the Plants collected by Messrs. Lay by W. E. SAUCKARD, with considerable ad. and Collie, and other Officers of the Expedition, ditions, illustrated by 33 engravings on steel, during the Voyage to the Pacific and Behring's in which are represented above five hundred Straits, performed in Her Majesty's Ship Blos- subjects, chiefly generic distinctions, anatomical som, under the command of Captain F. W. sections, organs, eggs, larvæ, &c., 8vo. above Beechey, by Sir William Jackson HOOKER 650 closely printed pages, hf. bd. morocco, and G. A. W. Arvotr, Esq., illustrated by 100 (pub. at 1l. 18. in boards) reduced to 158. 1836 plates, beautifully engraved, complete in 10 parts, | BURROW'S ELEMENTS OF CONCHO. 4to. (pub. at 71. 108.) reduced to 51. 1831–41 LOGY, according to the Linnæan System. New

the same, the 10 parts done up in 1 vol. edition, 8vo. illustrated by 28 plates, containing 4to. extra cloth, 57. 58.

numerous figures, carefully coloured, cloth, (pub. · ZOOLOGY OF CAPT. BEECHEY'S at 11. Ils. 6d.) reduced to 188.

1840 VOYAGE, compiled from the Collections and

the same, with the plates plain, cloth, Notes of Captain Beechey and the Scientific (pub, at 168.) reduced to 88.

CHARLESWORTH'S MAGAZINE OF 8vo. second edition, with wood-cuts and Plans

NATURAL HISTORY, (Zoology, Botany, of Farm Buildings, cloth lettered, (pub. at 128.) Geology, Mineralogy, &c.) 4 thick vols. 8vo. reduced to 38. 6d.

1846 numerous wood-cuts, and plates by Sowerby,

“ It is not too much to say, that to the practical man

this book will be found by far the best treatise on bds. (pub. at 51. 58.) red. to 11. 108. 1837—40 This work forms a sequel to Loudon's Magazine,

manures that has appeared. The chapter on grasses but is at the same time quite a distinct and com

shows a thorough acquaintance with the subject both plete publication. It has not hitherto been sold under

botanically and agriculturally; and it contains much price; and as there are but few copies for sale, it must

that interests the gardener as well as the farmer. soon become scarce. All the leading Naturalists of

The two chapters on farming are most valuable."the day appear to be contributors, and among them,

Loudon's Gardener's Magazine, April, 1842. Lyell, Mantell, Westwood, Yarrell, Hope, &c. It is

DON'S GENERAL SYSTEM OF GARDEN. especially rich in geological communications.

ING AND BOTANY, containing a complete CURTIS'S FLORA LONDINENSIS ; revised enumeration and description of all Plants hitherto

and improved by George Graves, extended and known; with their Generic and Specific Characcontinued by Sir W. Jackson HOOKER ; com- ters, Places of Growth, Time of Flowering, prising the History of Plants Indigenous to Great Mode of Culture, and their Uses in Medicine Britain, their Uses, Economy, and various and Domestic Economy, &c. founded upon interesting Particulars, with Alphabetical, Lin- Miller's Gardener's Dictionary, and arranged næan, and other Indexes ; the Drawings made according to the Natural System, 4 vols. royal by Sydenham Edwards and Lindley, 5 vols. 4to. numerous wood-cuts, cloth,(pub. at 141. 88.) royal folio, (or 109 parts), containing 647 plates, reduced to 11. 118. 6d.

1831–38 exhibiting the full natural size of each plant, These four large volumes comprise above 3250 closely with magnified dissections of the parts of fruc

printed pages, illustrated with wood-cuts of sterling

and very valuable botanical information, not to be tification, &c. all beautifully coloured, (pub. at found in any other similar publication. It is founded 871. 45. in parts) reduced to 261. 58. 1835 on that once popular work, “ Miller's Gardener's Diethe same, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, top

tionary;" but every article has been accommodated to

the present advanced state of knowledge, and thereedges gilt, 301.

fore retains but few traces of its original basis. The This is the only extensive work on the Indigenous work was undertaken by several of the most sagacious Botany of this country, which gives well-coloured re- and influential houses in the London trade, and at presentations of the plants in their full natural size. first bid fair to be prosperous, but its enormous cost,

The three grandest Indigenous Floras ever pub- and the growing taste for cheap literature, entailed lished are the present, the Flora Danica, and Sib- the loss of many thousands upon its spirited prothorp's Flora Græca.

jectors. The actual paper and print of each copy vas CUVIER ET ST. HILAIRE, HISTOIRE upwards of 81., yet it has become reduced without

NATURELLE DES MAMMIFERES, 3 vols. any reason as regards the intrinsic excellence of the royal folio, complete, with 360 exquisitely

book, but simply the march of circumstances. coloured plates of Animals, hf. bd. green mor.

HORTUS CANTABRIGIENSIS; extra, gilt edges. (pub. at 471. 58.) red. to 241.

or, an Accented Catalogue of Indigenous and DE LA BECHE'S SELECTION OF THE

Exotic Plants cultivated in the Cambridge GEOLOGICAL MEMOIRS contained in the

Botanic Garden, with the additions and im. Annales des Mines, written by Brongniart,

provements of Pursh, Lindley, and Sinclair, Humboldt, Von Buch, &c.; together with a

13th edition, brought down to the present time,

1815 Synoptical Table of Equivalent Formations, and

by P. N. Don, 8vo. extra cloth, 158. Table of the Classification of Mixed Rocks, DONOVAN'S NATURAL HISTORY OF translated, with notes and additions, 8vo. illus

THE INSECTS OF INDIA, new edition, trated by 11 folding plates, including a Geologi

considerably enlarged, brought down to the cal Map of France, extra cloth boards, (pub. at

present state of the Science, with Alphabetical 188.) reduced to 78. 6d.

1836 and Systematic Indices, &c. by J. O. WESTDENNY'S MONOGRAPHIA PSELAPHIDA

wood, Esq. F.L.S. 4to. with 58 plates, conRUM ET SCYDMÆNIDARUM BRITAN- taining upwards of 120 exquisitely coloured NIÆ; or an Essay on the British Species of

figures, extra cloth boards, elegantly gilt, (pub. the Genera Pselaphus of Herbst, and Scyd

at 61. 6s.) reduced to 21. 58.

1842 mænus of Latreille, in which all the Species

NATURAL HISTORY OF THE hitherto discovered in Great Britain are ac

INSECTS OF CHINA, new edition, con


siderably enlarged, brought down the curately described and arranged, 8vo. with 14 coloured plates, containing 40 figures of Beetles,

present state of the Science, with Alphabetical extra cloth boards, (pub. at 1l. 18.) reduced to

and Systematic Indices, &c. by J. O. WEST128.

Norwich, 1825

wood, Esq. F.L.S. 4to, with 50 plates, conMONOGRAPHIA ANOPLURO.

taining upwards of 120 exquisitely coloured RUM BRITANNIÆ, OR BRITISH SPE- figures, extra cloth boards, elegantly gilt, (pub. CIES OF PARASITE INSECTS. Pub- at 61. 68.) reduced to 21. 58.


“ Donovan's works on the Insects of India and lished under the patronage of the British Associ.

China are splendidly illustrated and extremely use ation, 8vo. Numerous beautifully coloured plates ful."--Naturalist. of Lice, containing several bundred magnified The entomological plates of our countryman Dofigures, cloth, ll. lls. 6d.


novan are highly coloured, elegant, and useful, espe

cially those contained in his quarto volumes (Insects DONALDSON'S TREATISE ON MANURES,

of India and China) where a great number of species their Nature, Preparation, and Application ; are delineated for the first time."---Swainson. with a Description and Uses of the most ap

WORKS ON BRITISH NATURAL proved British Grasses, a Miscellaneous Article HISTORY, viz.-Insects, 16 vols.- Birds, 10 on Farming, and an Estimate and Description vols.-Shells, 5 vols.— Fishes, 5 vols.-Quadof an Example Farm of three hundred Acres, rupeds, 3 vols._together 39 vols. 8vo. contain

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