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NORFOLK AND SUFFOLK, tending to il- TURE, Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Ro. lustrate the Ecclesiastical, Military, and Civil man, selected from different Collections in Costume of Former Ages, with letter-press Great Britain, with descriptions, by R. PAYNE descriptions, &c., by Dawson Turner, Sir S. Knight, impl. folio, 75 most beautiful en. Meyrick, &c., 173 plates, the enamelled Brasses gravings of Statues, &c., half morocco extra, are splendidly illuminated, 2 vols. impl. 4to, gilt edges, (pub. at 181. 188.) reduced to 51. 58. hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, 61. 6s. 1838 DODWELL'S VIEWS IN GREECE, 30 beau

the same, large paper, imperial folio, tifully coloured plates, royal folio, hf. morocco hf. morocco, gilt edges, 81. 88.

extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 181. 188.) 61. 68. COTMAN'S ETCHINGS OF ARCHITECTU. DODWELL'S Views AND DESCRIPTIONS OF

RAL REMAINS in various Counties in Eng- CYCLOPIAN OR Pelasgic REMAINS IN GREECE land, with letter-press descriptions by Rickman,

AND ITALY, including Architectural Construc2 vols. impl. folio, containing 240 highly spi- tions of a later period, royal folio, 131 large rited etchings, hf. morocco, (pub. at 241.) re- lithographic engravings, with 34 pages of letterduced to 81. 88.


press, hf. bd. uncut, (pub. at 61. 168. 6d.) re. CROWQUILL'S PICTORIAL GRAMMAR, duced to 11. 88.

1831 16mo, with 120 humorous illustrations, ex. cloth, DON QUIXOTE, Pictorial Edition, translated by gilt edges, (pub. at 58.) reduced to 28. 6d. 1844

Jarvis, carefully revised, with a copious origiCRUIKSHANK'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF

nal Memoir of Cervantes, illustrated by upFIELDING, SMOLLETT, AND GOLD- wards of 820 beautiful wood engravings, after SMITH, 41 very humorous and clever etchings, the celebrated designs of Tony Johannot, inwith letter-press descriptions, 12mo, extra cloth, cluding 16 new and beautiful large cuts, by gilt, (pub. at 128.) reduced to 6s.

Armstrong, now first added, complete in 2 D'AGINCOURT (SEROUX) HISTOIRE DE handsome vols. royal 8vo, cloth gilt, (pub. at L'ART PAR LES MONUMENS, depuis sa 21. 108.) reduced to Il. 88.

1843 Décadence au Quatrième Siècle jusqu'à son

a revised translation, formed on those Renouvellement au Seizième, 6 vols. folio, in

of Motteux, Jarvis, and Smollet, in one vol. 24 parts, with 325 plates, (pub. at 361.) reduced to 161. 16s.

8vo, with 18 fine large cuts, by Armstrong, and Paris, 1823

a selection of 32 of the larger subjects, by Tony ---the same, bound in 3 vols. half morocco

Johannot; in all 50 wood-cuts; cloth gilt, (pub. extra, gilt edges, 211. DANIELL AND CAUNTER'S SCENES IN

at 11. 88.) reduced to 158.

1842 INDIA, comprising 22 beautiful line engrav

the same, with only the usual 18 cuts, ings, after original Drawings by the late Wm. EGYPT AND THE PYRAMIDS.-Col. Vyse's

by Armstrong, cloth gilt, (pub. at 188.) 98. Daniell, R.A., with Descriptive Accounts by the Rev. HOBART CAUNTER, post 8vo, whole

Great Work on the Pyramids of Gizeh, con

taining a detailed account of his extraordinary bd. in green morocco, richly gilt, gilt edges, (pub. at 11. 18.) reduced to 78.

Operations and Discoveries on the opening of 1835

these interesting Monuments of Antiquity, with DANIELL'S ORIENTAL SCENERY AND an account of his voyage into Upper Egypt; to

ANTIQUITIES, the original magnificent edi- which is added an Appendix, by J. S. Perring, tion, 150 splendid coloured Views on the largest Esq. (the Engineer), on the Pyramids at Abou scale, of the Architecture, Antiquities, and Roash, the Fayoum, &c., &c.; 3 vols. impl. 8vo, Landscape Scenery of Hindoostan, 6 vols. in 3, with 125 plates, lithographed by Haghe, cloth elephant folio, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, with bds. (pub. at 41. 48.) reduced to 21. 28. 1840–2 full gilt backs, and gilt edges, (pub. at 2101.) EGYPT, PERRING’S 58 LARGE VIEWS reduced to 521. 108.

AND ILLUSTRATIONS of the Pyramids of DANIELL'S ORIENTAL SCENERY, 6 vols. Gizeh, Abou Roash, and to the Southward, &c.,

in 3, sm. folio, 150 plates, handsomely hf. bd. also Campbell's Tomb, the Rock at Gizeh, &c., morocco, (pub. at 181, 188.) reduced to 61. 68. drawn from actual Survey and Admeasure

This is reduced from the preceding large work, and ment; with Notes and References to Col. Vyse's is uncoloured. DANIELL'S ANIMATED NATURE, being

great Work, also to Denon, the great French

Work on Egypt, Rosellini, Belzoni, Burckhardt, Picturesque Delineations of the most interesting Sir Gardner Wilkinson, Lane, and others; acSubjects from all branches of Natural History,

companied by Remarks on the Hieroglyphics 125 engravings, with letter-press descriptions, 2

by S. Buck, Esq., of the British Museum, 3 vols. sm. folio, hf. mor. (uniform with the Ori

parts, elephant folio, (the size of the great ental Scenery,) (pub. at 151. 158.) red. to 31. 38.

French “ Egypte,”') in printed wrappers, (pub. DIBDIN'S BIBLIOGRAPHICAL TOUR IN at 151. 158.) reduced to 31. 38.

1842 FRANCE AND GERMANY, 11 plates to,

the same, hf. bd. morocco, (either in including portrait, engraved for the second edi- full size, or reduced to half the size by folding tion, not contained in the first, India proofs, and guarding the plates) 41. 148. 6d. impl. 8vo, (pub. at 158.) reduced to 108. 6d. EGYPTIAN ANTIQUITIES in the British Mu.

Cotman's Illustrations of Dr. Dibdin's seum, drawn by Arundale and Bonomi, with Bibliographical Tour in France and Normandy, letter-press descriptions by S. Birch, of the 37 plates, impl. 8vo, India proofs, with printed British Museum, royal 4to, containing several directions for placing them in Dibdin's Tour, hundred figures of interesting subjects, repre11. 78.

sented on 57 elaborate plates, many coloured ;

gilt cloth, with Egyptian devices in gold on back “ Flaxman's unequalled Compositions from Homer, and sides, (pub. 21. 128. 6d.) red. to 11. 18. 1844

Æschylus, and Hesiod, have long been the admira

tion of Europe; of their simplicity and beauty the A very elegant and interesting volume.

pen is quite incapable of conveying an adequate imENGLEFIELD'S ISLE OF WIGHT, being a pression.”—Sir Thomas Lawrence.

Description of its principal Picturesque Beauties, FLAXMAN'S ACTS OF MERCY.-A Series Antiquities, and Geological Phenomena, 4to, of 8 beautiful Compositions, in the manner of with 50 large plates, engraved by Cooke, in- Ancient Sculpture, engraved in imitation of cluding a Geological Map, cloth boards, lettered, the original drawings, by F. C. Lewis, obl. fol. (pub. at 71. 78.) reduced to 21. 58. 1816 hf. bd. mor. (pub. at 21. 28.) red. to 168. 1831

the same, hf. bd. morocco extra, full FUSELI'S LIFE, LECTURES ON PAINTgilt back and gilt edges, 21. 158.

ING, &c., the former written, the latter edited, FARINGTON'S VIEWS OF THE LAKES of by John KNOWLES, Esq., F.R.S. 3 vols. 8vo,

Westmoreland and Cumberland, with letter- portrait, extra cloth, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced press by the Rev. T. H. Horne; folio, map, and

to 158.

1831 43 fine plates by Landseer and Scott, proofs,

the same, 3 vols. 8vo, elegantly bound cloth, lettered on sides, (pub. at 121. 128.)

in tree-marbled calf, marble edges, by Clarke, reduced to 11. 58.



« Fuseli's Lectures have been stamped as the noblest

criticism extant on Art."-New Monthly. TIES, entitled Collections Historical, Genealo- GELL AND GANDY'S POMPEIANA, or the gical, and Topographical, for Bedfordshire;

Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pom117 plates, sm. folio, hf. bd. morocco, (pub.

peii, Original Series, containing the Result of at 81, 88.) reduced to 21. 28.


the Excavations previous to 1819, 2 vols. royal the same, large paper, royal folio, hf.

8vo, best edition, with upwards of 100 beau. bd. mor. (pub. at 101. 108.) red. to 21. 128. 6d.

tiful line engravings by Goodall, Cooke, Heath, The object of these engravings is to illustrate the Antiquities, rather than the Scenery of the County.

Pye, &c., in the original style of boarding, (pub. The subjects are for the most part inedited, and con- at 71. 48.) reduced to 31. 38.

1824 sist of Churches, Priories, Castles, Old Houses, Door- This charming book has long been very scarce, and ways, Monuments, Brasses, Tombs, Fonts, Crosses, only procurable by chance, and at a large price. The Ancient Sculpture, and Miscellaneous Antiquities.

present copies (only a small number) have been locked FISHER'S DRAWING ROOM SCRAP BOOK up since the time of publication, in the possession of FOR 1844, edited by Mrs. Ellis, containing

the author, who had determined that the work should

not be sold under the full price. 36 beautiful plates engraved by Cook, Goodall, GIL BLAS, translated by SMOLLETT ; Pictorial Challis, Willmore, H. Robinson, &c., after

Edition, illustrated by upwards of 500 beautiful paintings by Turner, C. Stanfield, McClise,

wood engravings, after the celebrated designs of Leitch, Poussin, Guercino, Allom, Bartlett,

Gigoux, 2 vols. royal 8vo, extra cloth bds. (pub. &c., medium 4to, gilt cloth, gilt edges, (pub. at

at 21. 28.) reduced to 11. 48.

1836 11. 18.) reduced to 128.

It is impossible to notice without unreserved adthe same, for 1845, extra cloth, (pub. miration, this beautiful edition. It will be, without at 11. 18.) reduced to 128.

doubt, the edition of Gil Blas; there is a spirit and FISHER'S WARWICKSHIRE ANTIQUI.

force in the groups of figures which have rarely been

excelled."-Athenaum. TIES.-A Series of Ancient Allegorical, His- GILPIN'S PRACTICAL HINTS UPON torical, and Legendary Paintings in Fresco, LANDSCAPE GARDENING, with some discovered on the walls of the Chapel of the Remarks on Domestic Architecture, royal 8vo, Holy Cross, at Stratford-upon-Avon; ancient

plates, extra cloth, (pub. at 11.) red. to 78. 1332 Seals, Stained Glass, &c.; 56 elaborate engrav. “A very interesting work. Mr. Gilpin's well-known ings, mostly coloured in imitation of the ori. labours, and their effect in advancing and refining the ginals; also, a View of the Guild Chapel, and

portion of our home enjoyments connected with the

garden, render it unnecessary for us to say more than the adjoining house in which Shakspeare lived. that this volume contains graphic embellishments Edited by John Gough NICHOLS, Esq.; royal which at once adorn the work, and illustrate its infolio, hf. bd. morocco, (pub. at 101. 108.)

structions."--Literary Gazette. reduced to 31. 108.

1836 GILPIN'S WORKS ON THE PICTURESQUE “ These ancient fresco paintings are especially curi- in Landscape Scenery and Gardening, viz.:ous, as having been executed in England in an age of

Northern Tour; Observations relative which, according to the opinion of Walpole, in his History of Painting, no specimens of the Art existed."

to the Picturesque Beauty of several parts of --Gentleman's Magazine.

England, particularly the Mountains and Lakes FLAXMAN'S HOMER-A Series of 75 beau. of Cumberland and Westmoreland, 2 vols. 8vo, tiful Compositions to the ILIAD AND ODYSSEY,

with 28 fine aquatinta engravings, bds. (pub. engraved under Flaxman's inspection, by Piroli,

at 11. 168.) reduced to 128. Moses, and Blake, 2 vols. oblong folio, extra

Scottish Tour; Observations relative to bds. (pub. at 51. 58.) reduced to 21. 28. 1805 the Picturesque Beauty of several parts of Great

ÆSCHYLUS, 36 beautiful Composi. Britain, particularly the Highlands of Scotland, tions from, obl. folio, extra bds. (pub. at 2 vols. 8vo, with 40 fine aquatinta engravings, 21. 128. 6d.) reduced to ll. ls.

1831 bds. (pub. at 11. 168.) reduced to 128. HESIOD, 37 beautiful Compositions

Western Tour; Observations on the from, oblong folio, extra boards, (pub. at Western Parts of England, relative chiefly 21. 128. 6d.) reduced to 1l. 18.

1817 to Picturesque Beauty, with remarks on the FLAXMAN'S CLASSICAL COMPOSITIONS, Picturesque Beauty of the Isle of Wight, 8vo,

viz. Homer, Hesiod, and Æschylus, 4 parts in with 14 fine aquatinta engravings, bds. (pub. 1 vol. folio, morocco extra, richly gilt, 61, 6s. at 11. 58.) reduced to 68.

GILPIN'S WORKS ON THE PICTURESQUE HAMILTON'S VASES.-Collection of Engrar. in Landscape Scenery and Gardening, continued. ings from Ancient Vases, mostly of pure

Southern Tour; Observations on the Greek Workmanship, now in the possession of Coasts of Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent, rela- Sir William Hamilton, with letter-press in tive chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, 8vo, with English and French, 3 vols. super-royal folio, 6 fine aquatinta engravings, bds. (pub. at containing upwards of 200 fine large engravings, 108. 6d.) reduced to 58.

capitally executed in outline by Tischbein, Observations on the River Wye, and Director of the Academy of Painting in Naples; several parts of South Wales, relative chiefly to stiff covers, with leather backs, (pub. at 15l. 158.) Picturesque Beauty, 8vo, with 15 fine aquatinta reduced to 21. 28.

Naples, 1791 engravings, bds. (pub. at 178.) reduced to 58.

HEATH'S CARICATURE SCRAP BOOK, on Essay on Picturesque Beauty and Land

60 sheets, containing upwards of 1000 Comic scape Painting, with 14 fine aquatinta engrav

Subjects after Seymour, Cruikshank, Phiz, and ings, 8vo, bds. (pub. at 158.) reduced to 58. "No man should write a tour, or fashion a garden,

other eminent Caricaturists, oblong folio, bound without reading the works of Gilpin. His object was

in cloth, with humorous devices in gold, (pub. to examine the face of Nature by the rules of pictu- at 21. 28.) reduced to 158. resque beauty: to adapt the description of natural

This clever and entertaining volume is now enscenery to the principles of artificial landscape, and to

larged by ten additional sheets, each containing numeopen the sources of those pleasures which are derived rous subjects. It includes the whole of Heath's Omfrom the comparison: and his design is executed with

nium Gatherum, both series; Illustrations of Demon. the hand of a master."-Price on the Picturesque.

ology and Witchcraft ; Old Ways and New Ways; GOETHE'S FAUST Illustrated by Retzsch, in Nautical Dictionary; Scenes in London; Sayings and 26 beautiful outlines, royal 4to, gilt cloth, (pub.

Doings, &c.; a series of humorous illustrations of

Proverbs, &c. As a large and almost infinite storeat ll. ls.) reduced to 10s. 6d.

house of humour it stands alone. To the young artist it This edition contains a translation of the original would be found a most valuable collection of studies; poem, with historical and descriptive notes.

and to the family circle a constant source of unerGOODWIN'S DOMESTIC ARCHITEC. ceptionable amusement.

TURE, a Series of New Designs for Mansions, HEATH'S ILLUSTRATED WORKS:Villas, Rectory - Houses, Parsonage - Houses ; PARIS IN 1841, by Mrs. Gore, royal 850, Bailiffs', Gardeners', Gamekeepers’, and Park- illustrated by 21 highly finished engravings, and Gate Lodges ; Cottages and other Residences, in an illuminated frontispiece, extra gilt cloth, the Grecian, Italian, and Old English style of gilt edges, (pub. at 11. 18.) reduced to 128. 1842 Architecture, with Estimates, new edition, with “The engravings are exquisite, and the letter

press is by Mrs. Gore, whose long residence in Paris 12 supplementary plates, 2 vols. royal 4to,

makes her one of the fittest persons for the task that 96 plates, cloth, (pub. at 51. 58.) reduced to could have been secured."-- Alhencaum. 21. 128. 6d.

1835 " A handsome and graceful guide, Twenty-one of with the plates coloured,

the most interesting Parisian subjects have been em

bodied by Mr. T. Allom; and the lively pen of Mrs. cloth, (pub. at 81. 88.) reduced to 41. 48.

Gore has illustrated them by pleasant accounts of the GRINDLAY'S (CAPT.) VIEWS IN INDIA, French capital, its cafés, and its social features."

Literary Gazette. Scenery, Costume, and Architecture, chiefly

AMERICAN IN PARIS during the on the Western side of India, atlas 4to, con

Winter of 1843, and the Summer of 1844, by sisting of 36 most beautifully coloured plates,

JULES JANIN, the two series complete in 2 vols. highly finished in imitation of drawings, with

royal 8vo, illustrated by 36 highly finished en. descriptive letter-press, richly hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 121. 128.) reduced to

gravings, extra gilt cloth, gilt edges, (pub. at

1843-44 21. 28.) reduced to 11. 48.

1830 81. 88.

“Every line of the letter-press is Parisian in its This is perhaps the most exquisitely coloured volume

piquancy: and thanks to the elegant and lively designs of landscapes ever produced.

of M.Lami, the work is truly Parisian in its illustrations, “A work of the highest class-its illustrations ex

It is ditlicult to do justice to the beauty, grace, and ceedingly beautiful--they are adinirable specimens of variety of its pages.

It is not the mere temporary art."-John Bull.

annual, but a real lasting view of men, manners, and GULLIVER'S TRAVELS, by DEAN Swift, circumstances, which may be referred to with pleasure Pictorial Edition, with Notes, Life of the

in after times. The subjects are of permanent value,

and the satirical dash in the style which brightens Author, &c., by Dr. W. C. Taylor, royal 8vo,

them, gives a tone to the whole, and adds to the relish." illustrated by upwards of 400 beautiful wood. -Athenaeum, cuts, cloth gilt, (pub. at 1l. 18.) reduced to


1841 MANTIC, in a Tour by Thomas Roscoe, royal 8vo, HANSARD'S ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF containing 16 beautifulline engravings, embossed

ARCHERY, being the complete History and cloth, gilt edges, (pub, at ll. 48.) red. 128. 1841 Practice of the Art; interspersed with nume. HOGARTH'S WORKS ENGRAVED BY rous Anecdotes, forming a complete Manual for HIMSELF, 153 fine plates, (including the two the Bowman; 8vo, illustrated by 39 beautiful well-known “suppressed plates,'') with elaboline engravings, exquisitely tinished by Engle. rate letter-press descriptions, by J. NICHOLS, heart, Portbury, &c., after designs by Stephanoff, atlas folio, elegantly hf. bd. morocco extra, full gilt cloth, (pub. at 11. lls. 6d.) red. to 10s. 6d. gilt back and gilt edges, with a secret pocket

the same, India proofs, gilt cloth, (pub. for the suppressed plates, (pub. at 507.) reduced at 21. 128. 6d.) reduced to lis.

to 71. 78.

1822 the same, India proofs, morocco extra,

The copies now offered for sale consist of an old full gilt, 11. 58.

stock found in the publisher's warehouse, in very fine

condition, and are greatly superior to those which have “The pictorial embellishments are some of the most of late years been seen in the market. Beside the two beautiful we have ever seen."-Art Union,

suppressed plates, every purchaser will be entitled to

the same,


a small snuff-box engraving of the same character, , HUNT'S EXAMPLES OF TUDOR ARCHI. which is not yet in any of the Hogarthian collections. It will not be sold separately.

TECTURE, adapted to Modern Habitations, HOLBEIN'S PORTRAITS OF THE COURT royal 4to, 37 plates, half morocco, (pub. at OF HENRY THE EIGHTH, a series of 80 21. 28.) reduced to ll. 48.

1836 exquisitely beautiful plates, engraved by Barto- | HUNT'S DESIGNS FOR PARSONAGE lozzi, Cooper, and others, and printed on tinted HOUSES, ALMS Houses, &c., royal 4to, 21 paper in imitation of the original and very plates, half morocco, (pub. at ll. 18.) reduced highly finished drawings preserved in the Royal to 148.

1841 Collection at Windsor, with Historical and Bio-HUNT'S DESIGNS FOR GATE LODGES, graphical letter-press by EDMUND LODGE,

GAMEKEEPERS' COTTAGES, &c., royal 4to, 13 Esq., Norroy King of Arms, F.S.A., &c., published by John Chamberlaine, Esq., late Keeper

plates, hf. mor. (pub. at 11. 18.) red. to 148. 1841 of the Royal Collection of Drawings and Medals, HUNT'S ARCHITETTURA CAMPESTRE ; impl. 4to, elegantly hf. bd. turkey morocco,

or Designs for Lodges, Gardeners' Houses, &c., full gilt, edges gilt all round, with glazed paper

in the Italian style, 12 plates, royal 4to, half to the plates, (pub. at 151, 158.) reduced to

morocco, (pub. at 11. ls.) reduced to 148. 1827 51. 158. 6d.


OF HENRY THE EIGHTH, the large Edi. the British Museum, square 8vo, with 24 borders tion, with eight additional and unpublished illuminated in gold and colours, and 4 beautiful portraits of the French Court, likewise engraved miniatures in the splendid style of the Middle by Bartolozzi; proofs, beautifully finished in Ages, richly ornamented binding, gilt edges, coloured tints; mounted on stout drawing (pub. at 11. 58.) reduced to 158. Cundall, 1846 paper, ruled with gold lines, atlas folio, hf. bd.

the same, bound in maroon morocco, morocco extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 521. 10s.)

in the old style, by Hayday, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 141. 14s.

reduced to ll. 58. another similar set, with an addition of a duplicate set of uncoloured engravings, proofs,

the same, splendidly bound in velvet, including the eight additional portraits, 2 vols.

massive gilt clasps and corners, silk linings, in folio, splendidly bound in morocco extra, (pub.

a morocco case, (pub. at 51, 58.) reduced to

31. 138. 6d. at 731. 108.) reduced to 311. 10s. A similar set to the present, but without the extra

“ This superbly decorated volume is unexcelled for French portraits, was lately sold by public auction for

exquisitely rich and curious illustrations of antique

Old Christmas Carols are the very themes to titty guineas. HOPE'S HISTORICAL ESSAY ON ARCHI.

justify lavish embellishment, and here they are carried

to perfection. The title page alone is a gem of the TECTURE, 2 vols. royal 8vo, third edition,

kind. The broad gold margin is filled with floral elewith General Index, 99 plates, cloth, (pub. at

gance and delightful animal life. The graceful deer,

the resplendent peacock, the solemn owl, the smaller 21.) reduced to 11, 88.


tribe of birds down to the very sacred wren, the fly, HOPE'S ARCHITECTURE, Analytical Index the butterfly, are all disposed with charming taste, and to, by E. Cresy, roy. 8vo, sewed, (pub. at 68.)

natural, though done in the gayest colours; whilst reduced to 48.

fruits of many sorts, and blossoms of every hue, charm

the eye, and afford material for long examination. HOPE'S COSTUME OF THE ANCIENTS, The four miniatures are in the same style of excellence, illustrated in upwards of 320 beautifully en

absolutely wonderful in their effects, and held up in graved plates, containing representations of

every light form an extraordinary study. The binding,

too, is of the richest, and altogether the volume is Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Habits and most honourable to the arts employed in its producDresses, 2 vols. royal 8vo, new edition, with

tion."--Literary Gazette. nearly 20 additional plates, bds., reduced to ILLUMINATED BOOK OF NEEDLEWORK, 21. 58.

1841 comprising Netting, Knitting, Crotchet, and An indispensable book to artists.

Embroidery, by Mrs. Henry Owen, preceded HOWARD (FRANK) ON COLOUR, AS A by a History of Needlework from the Earliest

MEANS OF Art, being an Adaption of the Ex- Ages, with an Account of the Ancient Historical perience of Professors to the Practice of Ama- Tapestries, edited by the Countess of Wilton, teurs, illustrated by 18 coloured plates, post embellished with numerous wood-cuts, and 18 8vo, extra cloth gilt, 88.

1838 finely coloured plates, in 1 thick vol. post dvo, In this able volume are shown the ground colours cloth, richly gilt, (pub. at 18s.) red. to 98. 1847 in which the most celebrated painters worked. It is very valuable to the connoisseur as well as the student | ILLUSTRATED FLY-FISHER'S TEXT in painting and water-colour drawing.

BOOK, a Complete Guide to the Science of “A pretty book, which we may recommend as giving the keys of harmiony in which different artists

Trout and Salmon Fishing, by THEOPHILUS wrought."-Atheneum.

South, Gent. (Ed. Chitty, Barrister), with HOWARD'S (FRANK) SPIRIT OF SHAKS. 23 beautiful engravings on steel, after paintings PEARE, nearly 500 plates, in the style of

by Cooper, Newton, Fielding, Lee, and others, Retzsch, 5 vols. 8vo, (pub. at 141. 8s.) reduced

8vo, richly bound in extra green cloth, embleto 37. 38.


matically tooled in gold on back and sides, (pub. HUGHSON'S LONDON AND WESTMIN.

at 11. 118. 6d.) reduced to 10s. 6d. 1845

“ The Fly-Fisher's Text Book is a splendid volume, STER, describing all the Public Buildings, &c. obviously written by a practical as well as a theoretical 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, upwards of 100 neat topo

angler, and is, moreover, an original treatise." graphical engravings, by Storer and Greig, extra ILLUSTRATED COMMENTARY ON THE cloth gilt, (pub. at 11. 88.) reduced to 98. 1817 SCRIPTURES, see Divinity,


GRESS TO SCOTLAND IN 1842, 4to, em- 8vo, 23 plates by Storer, cloth, (pub. at 15s.) bellished with 13 extremely beautiful steel reduced to 58.

1842 engravings, by Wilmore, &c., and 34 fine wood KENNION'S EXAMPLES OF TREES IN engravings by Landells, &c. India proofs, extra

LANDSCAPE, with Essays showing the Progilt cloth, (pub. at 11. 118. 6d.) reduced to 98.

priety and Importance of Characteristic Ex. Edinburgh, Constable, 1844 ITALIAN SCHOOL OF DESIGN, consisting

pression in this branch of Art, and the means

of producing it, with many large additional of 100

chiefly engraved by Bartolozzi, after the original Pictures and Drawings

plates, in all 60 large engravings of the various

Trees grown in Great Britain, including numeof Guercino, Michael Angelo, Domenichino,

rous details and elementary Lessons on their Annibale, Ludovico, and Agostino Caracci, Pietro da Cortona, Carlo Maratti, and others,

Foliage and Branches, impl. 4to, extra cloth in the Collection of Her Majesty, impl. 4to,

boards, (pub. at 31. 138. 6d.) red. to 188. 1815

Very useful for drawing schools. half morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 101. 108.) reduced to 31. 38.



the time of Constantine to the Fifteenth Century, with their Portraits after Sir Peter Lely and

with an Introduction and Text, impl. folio, other eminent Painters ; illustrating the Diaries

First Series, containing 40 beautiful and highly of Pepys, Evelyn, Clarendon, &c., second

interesting Views of Ecclesiastical Buildings in edition, considerably enlarged, with an Intro

Italy, several of which are expensively illumi. ductory Essay, and additional Anecdotes, 2 vols.

nated in gold and colours, elegantly hf. bd.

1843 impl. 8vo, illustrated by 21 beautiful Portraits,

morocco, 51, 58. comprising the whole of the celebrated suite of

the same, second and concluding Series, Paintings by Lely, preserved in the Windsor containing 41 beautiful and highly interesting Gallery, and several from the Devonshire, Views of Ecclesiastical Buildings in Italy, Grosvenor, and Althorp Galleries, extra gilt arranged in Chronological Order, with descripcloth, (pub. at 21. 58.) reduced to 17. 18. 1838 tive letter-press, impl. folio, hf. bd. morocco, “ This truly beautiful and splendid production is 51. 58.

1844 equally a gem among the Fine Arts and in Literature. Mrs. Jameson's diligence of research-her charms of KNIGHT'S (HENRY GALLY) SARACENIC style-the acuteness, force, and justice of her remarks

AND NORMAN REMAINS, to illustrate the - her characteristic touches-the racy and piquant manner with which she relates an anecdote, are too

Normans in Sicily, impl. folio, 30 large and well-known to require eulogy from us."--Court Journal. very beautiful engravings, several of which are “ An exquisite volume. It is the first time these

coloured, consisting of Picturesque Views, Arlovely portraits have been produced in a style worthy of the beauty and interest of the subjects, and it sup

chitectural Remains, Interiors and Exteriors of plies a desideratum in the Fine Arts. The accompa

Buildings, with descriptive letter-press now first nying Memoirs are so many specimens of exquisite added, half morocco, (pub. at 57. 58.) reduced composition of rare excellence and high value."--New

to 31. 138. 6d.


with the plates coloured like PRIVATE PICTURE GALLERIES IN drawings, half bound morocco, 87. 88. 1846 LONDON, containing accurate Catalogues ar

the same, mounted on card-board, atlas ranged alphabetically, preceded by an historical

folio, in a handsome portfolio, 101. 108. and critical Introduction, and an Essay on Art,

But very few copies are now first executed in this Artists, Collectors, and Connoisseurs, 1 thick expensive manner. vol. post 8vo, extra cloth, (pub. at 158.) red.

Of all the numerous lithographic folios of archito 78. 60.


tectural and scenic subjects which have of late made

their appearance, this is not only one of the best exe“This is not merely a Companion to Private Gal

cuted, but also the most interesting, especially to the leries, but a Collection of Thoughts and Pictures, going lovers of Architecture, on account of the accuracy of far to make the Private Galleries of Art,' every one's drawing which is evident in every detail, and the private galleries. Mrs. Jameson knows her subject judgment used in the selection of objects. Too many thoroughly, and is so skilful a mistress of language, travellers have passed over this interesting ground that few who care about painting will lay down the without discovering its riches in the Architecture of volume when once taken up; no matter whether at the Middle and Saracenic Ages. Grosvenor-House, or Stafford-House, at Penzance, or Berwick-upon-Tweed."-Atheneum.

KNIGHT'S ANTIQUITIES OF THE BRITISH “Pleasant to read, useful to consult, and valuable MUSEUM, containing 112 engravings of all as a vade mecum to the visitor.”—Spectator.

the most remarkable Statuary and Sculpture, JONES (OWEN) AND GOURY'S SCENERY

Egyptian Antiquities, Vases, &c., with letter. OF THE NILE, from Cairo to the Second

press on the reverses, mounted on cards, foolsCataract, from Drawings made on the spot;

cap 8vo, in a cloth case, lettered, (pub. at 98.) with Historical Notices the Monuments, by reduced to 48. 6d. SAMUEL Birch, Senior in the Department of Antiquities in the British Museum, and Hon. KNIGHT'S PICTORIAL LONDON. 6 vols. Mem. of the Egyptian Societies of Cairo, royal

bound in 3 thick handsome vols. impl. 8vo, folio, containing 30 large and very fine tinted

illustrated by 650 wood engravings, extra cloth, engravings, drawn on stone by George Moore,

gilt backs, very elegant, (pub at 31. 38.) reduced to ll. 188.

1841-44 (the artist of Gally Knight's Works) and a coloured frontispiece, half morocco, (pub. at

the same, 6 vols. in 3, elegantly hf. bd. 41, 48.) reduced to 21. 168.

1843 morocco extra, gilt backs and gilt edges, 3,

the same,

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