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The Books are all quite new, in extra cloth boards, unless described as bound; warranted perfect, and in every respect as good as when sold at full prices.



Books on the Fine Arts, Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Heraldry, Antiquities, Topography, Sporting, Pic

torial and highly Illustrated Works, &c., 8c.


fscp. 8vo, embellished with upwards of 60 8vo, with upwards of 350 fine wood-cuts, impl. beautiful engravings on steel by Beckwith and 8vo, largest paper, boards, (pub. at 21. 28.) reTopham, and hundreds of engraved borders, duced to ll. 118. 6d.

Newcastle, 1818 every page being surrounded by appropriate BEWICK'S Large Wood-cuts, viz. Portrait, Lion, wood-cut devices ; a most elegant bijou ; richly Tiger, Elephant, and Zebra, struck off on 4to bound in gilt cloth, (pub. at 188.) reduced to

paper, (pub. at 11. 58.) reduced to 78. 6d. 98.

Tilt, 1835

the same, on India Paper, (pub. at the same, elegantly bound in green 21. 108.) reduced to 158. morocco, appropriately tooled on back and sides,

the same, on vellum, (pub. at 51.) re(pub. at 11. 48.) reduced to 148.

duced to 11. 108. the same, India proof impressions, gilt “The matchless, inimitable Bewick. The delight cloth, (pub. at ll. lls. 6d.) reduced to 158. of childhood, manhood, decaying age!--a moral in the same, India proofs, morocco, (pub.

every tail-piece-a sermon in every vignette."-Pro

fessor Wilson in Blackwood's Magazine. at ll. lls. 6d.) reduced to ll.

BOOK OF GEMS, or the Modern Poets and “A beautiful volume, and one which we can cordially recommend. Its embellishments are charming."

Artists of Great Britain, 8vo, 50 exquisitely ARMES ET ARMURES, Meubles, et autres

beautiful line engravings after Turner, BoningObjets du Moyen Age et de la Renaissance, par ton, &c., &c., cloth, elegantly gilt, (pub. at Asselineau, containing 144 finely executed litho. ll. 118. 6d.) reduced to 158.

1844 graphic engravings of Armour, Furniture, Sculp

or in morocco extra, 11. 18. ture, &c., of the Middle Ages, folio, 24 parts, A work which, for beauty of illustration and ele

gance of arrangement, has seldom, if ever, been sursewed, (pub. at 71. 48.) reduced to 51. 108.

passed."-John Bull.

Paris, 1844 ARTIST'S BOOK OF FABLES, comprising a


CatTERMOLE, 8vo, with an exquisite portrait of Series of Original Fables, illustrated by 280 exquisitely beautiful engravings on wood, by Har

Raphael, a View of Hampton Court, and seven vey and other eminent Artists, after Designs by

very highly finished steel engravings of the celethe late James Northcote, R.A., post 8vo, por

brated Cartoons at Hampton Court ; superbly

bound in red turkey cloth, full gilt back, gilt trait ; elegantly bound in red turkey cloth, full gilt, (pub. at Il. 18.) reduced to 98.

sides, and gilt edges, (pub. at 158.) reduced to 1845 78. 6d.

1845 BECKER (G. G.) AUGUSTEUM ; ou Descrip

the same, royal 8vo, large paper proofs, tions des Monumens Antiques qui se trouvent

red turkey cloth, richly gilt, (pub. at il. ls.) à Dresde, 3 vols. folio, 144 beautiful plates of

reduced to 128.

1815 the celebrated Collection of Statues in the Dres

the same, printed in folio, engraver's den Gallery, half morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at

proofs on India paper, cloth bds. (pub. at 211.) reduced to 101. 108. Leipzig, 1804-12

21. 28.) reduced to 158. BECKFORD'S THOUGHTS ON HUNTING, BOOK OF SHAKSPEARE GEMS, a Series in a Series of Familiar Letters to a friend, fcap.

of Landscape Illustrations of the most interest8vo, Illustrated Edition, with four fine steel

ing localities of Shakspeare's Dramas ; with plates after Cooper, extra gilt cloth, (pub. at

Historical and Descriptive Accounts, by Wash88.) reduced to 38. 6d.


ington Irving, Jesse, W. Howitt, Wordsworth, BEWICK'S SELECT FABLES, with a Me- Inglis, and others ; 8vo, with 45 highly finished

moir and Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of steel engravings by Radcliffe, Woods, Hinchliff, Messrs. Bewick, 8vo, with several portraits of Varrall, Winkles, and other eminent artists ; Bewick, and upwards of 350 engravings on elegantly bound in red turkey cloth, very richly wood, original impressions, 8vo, bds. (pub, at and appropriately gilt on back and sides, (pub. 158.) reduced to 10s. Newcastle, 1820 at 11. 118. 6d.) reduced to 148.

1845 the same, impl. 8vo, largest paper, bds.

the same, in morocco extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 11. lls. 6d.) reduced to 11. 18.

11. ls,


64 highly finished line engravings of the most comprising the Armorial Bearings of the Prin. interesting Incidents and Scenery in Walter cipal Families of the Empire, with Pedigrees, Scott's Novels, executed on Steel in the best &c., 3 handsome vols. super-royal 8vo, with 146 manner by Heath, Finden, Rolls, and others, highly finished copper-plate engravings, comafter Pictures by Leslie, Stothard, Cooper, prising upwards of eight hundred Armorial Howard, &c., with illustrative letter-press, Bearings, extra red cloth, richly gilt, (pub. at 8vo, elegantly bound in red turkey cloth, ap- 41. 148. 6d.) reduced to 31. 38. 1844-46 propriately gilt, and uniform in size and binding “These are splendid volumes, comprising the armowith the Book of Gems, &c., (pub. at 11.118. 6d.)

rial bearings of we know not how many ancient

families, beautifully emblazoned, and accompanied reduced to 158.

1846 by brief pedigrees. The work is as curious as it is -the same, elegantly bound in morocco, magnificent, and no description can convey half as

exact an idea of it as five minute's examination." gilt edges, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 1l. 18. This is one of the most beautiful gift books yet BURROW'S ELGIN MARBLES, with an His

Literary Gazette. brought out. BRITTON'S CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF

torical and Topographical Account of Athens, LINCOLN, 4to, 16 fine plates by Le Keux,

8vo, illustrated with 40 outline plates, extra cloth, (pub. at 31. 38.) reduced to 11. 58. 1837

cloth, (pub. at 11.) reduced to 68. 6d. 1837

ANCIENT ARCHITECTURE - royal 4to, large paper, cloth, 11. 118. 60. CARTER'S This volume was published to complete Mr. Brit

OF ENGLAND, including the Orders during ton's Cathedrals, and is wanting in most of the sets. the British, Roman, Saxon, and Norman Eras; BRITTON'S Edition of Ferrey's Antiquities of also under the Reigns of Henry III. and Ed.

the Priory of CHRIST CHURCH, HAMP- ward III. ; illustrated by 103 large copperSHIRE, 4to. 20 fine engravings, cloth, (pub. plate engravings, comprising upwards of two at 21. 28.) reduced to 158.

1841 thousand specimens, shown in plan, elevation, royal 4to, large paper, cloth, (pub. at

section, and detail, by John BRITTON, Esq., 31. 38.) reduced to 11. 58.

royal folio, hf. bd. morocco, (pub. at 121. 128.) reduced to 41, 48.

1837 BROCKEDON'S ITALY, Classical, Historical,

"One of the most useful books the architectural and Picturesque ; accompanied by Historical and student can possess. Descriptive letter-press, impl. 4to, containing Mr. Puyin says of Carter,“We ne'er shall look upon 62 highly finished line engravings, by Willmore,

his like again." Cousens, &c., after drawings by Turner, Stan| CARTER'S ANCIENT SCULPTURE AND field, Roberts, Harding, Prout, and others,

PAINTING NOW REMAINING IN ENGLAND, complete in 20 parts, (pub. at 51.) reduced to

from the earliest period to the Reign of Henry 31. 108.

1842, &c.

VIII., consisting of Statues, Basso-relievos, the same, handsomely hf. bd. morocco

Sculptures, &c., Brasses, Monumental Effigies, extra, full gilt back, (pub. at 51. 158. 6d.) re

Paintings on Glass and on Walls; Missal Orduced to 41.

naments ; Carvings on Cups, Croziers, Chests, India proofs before letters,

Seals; Ancient Furniture, &c., &c., with His. complete in 20 parts, rare, (only three copies for

torical and Critical Illustrations by Douce sale) (pub. at 131. 28. 6d.) reduced to 87. 88.

Gough, the Rev. J. Milner, Meyrick, Dawson BROCKEDON'S (W.)

Turner, and John Britton, royal folio, with 120 PASSES OF THE ALPS, 2 vols. medium 4to, containing 109

large engravings, many of which are beautifully beautiful engravings by Finden, Willmore, and

coloured, and several illuminated with gold, other eminent artists, including maps of each

hf. bd. morocco, (pub. at 151. 158.) reduced to 81. 88.

1838 Pass, and a general map of the Alps by Arrow CARTER'S GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE and smith, hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 101. 108. in bds.) reduced to 41. 48.

Ancient Buildings in England, with 120 Views, 1828

etched by himself, 4 vols. square 12mo, hf. the same, large paper, India proof'im

morocco, (pub. at 21. 28.) reduced to 188. 1824 pressions, 2 vols. impl. 4to, extra cloth bds. CATLIN'S ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE (pub. at 201.) reduced to 61. 68.

MANNERS, CUSTOMS, AND CONDI. the same, 2 vols. hf. bd. morocco, top TION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN edges gilt, 61. 168. 6d.

INDIANS: in a Series of Letters and Notes, “One of the most valuable and interesting works written during Eight Years of Travel and Ad. of modern times. We have no hesitation in stating that a volume of more uniform excellence has never

venture among the Wildest and most Remark. been published in England. As the ornament of a

able Tribes now existing, 2 vols. impl. 8vo, library, a practical guide over the scene described, or a fifth edition, containing 360 engravings from pleasing fire-side associate it will be found all that

the author's original paintings, extra cloth, can be desired." BULWER'S PILGRIMS OF THE RHINE,

emblematically gilt, (pub, at 21. 128. 62.) reduced to ll. 108.

1846 8vo, embellished with 27 exquisite line engrav- “A unique work! a work of extraordinary interest ings after David Roberts, MacClise, and Parris, and value; we need not recommend it to the world, by Goodall, Willmore, and other first-rate for it is beyond all praise."--Athenaum. artists; richly bound in red turkey cloth, full

“Mr. Catlin is the Historian of the Red Races of

mankind: of a world fast fading away, and leaving gilt on back and sides, with appropriate devices, hardly a trace or a wreck behind. Eight years has he (pub, at 11. 118. 6d.) reduced to 148.

devoted to this memorable task, and with his pen and whole bound in morocco, gilt edges,

pencil has brought the existence of these wild and unci

vilized beings so vividly before our eyes, that we seers 11, 48.

to have accompanied him in his wanderings, seta

the same,

them, mixed with them, and impressed the recollec- , COESVELT'S PICTURE GALLERY, with an tion of their forms and features, their costume, strange customs, feasts, ceremonies, religious rites, wars,

Introduction by Mrs. JAMESON, royal 4to, 90 dances, sports, and other modes of life, distinctly upon plates, beautifully engraved in outline, India our minds. And it is impossible not to be led away proofs, hf. morocco extra, (pub. at 51. 58.) reby his devoted enthusiasm, and feel, like himself, a

duced to 31. 38.

1836 deep concern for these remaining children of the prairie and the forest, the last fragment of dying CONEY'S FOREIGN CATHEDRALS, Hotels nations, and, with all the errors of their condition, a

de Ville, Town Halls, and other remarkable splendid variety of the genus Man."--Literary Gazette. A faithful and well-authenticated declaration, not

buildings in France, Holland, Germany, and only of a most interesting portion of the globe, as it at Italy, 32 fine large plates, impl. folio, hf. mopresent exists, in a state of nature, but of a race of

rocco extra, gilt edges, (pub. at 101. 108.) reinnocent, unoffending men so rapidly perishing, that too truly may it be said of them,

duced to 31. 138. 6d.

1842 Apparent rari nantes in gurgite vasto!""


Quarterly Review. CATLIN'S New Work.

of 65 brilliant etchings, comprising picturesque


but at the same time extremely accurate repretaining Hunting Scenes, Amusements, Scenery,

sentations of the principal varieties of Shipping

and Craft met with in the British Seas and and Costume of the Indians of the Rocky Mountains and Prairies of America, from Draw

Rivers, from a Thames Wherry to a first-rate ings and Notes of the Author made during Eight

Man-of-war, royal 4to, elegantly bound in gilt Years' Travel among 48 of the wildest and

cloth, (pub. at 31. 138. 6d.) reduced to 1l. 118.6d. most remote Tribes of Savages in North America.

the same, India proofs, impl. 4to, hf. A series of 25 magnificent lithographic plates,

bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at 5l. 58.) re

duced to 31. 38. printed in tints by Day and Haghe ; accompanied by full and interesting letter-press de. COOKE'S LONDON AND ITS VICINITY, scriptions; imp. fol. hf. bd. mor. 51. 58. 1845

50 beautiful etchings after drawings by Calcott, the same, with the plates beautifully

Stanfield, Prout, Roberts, Harding, Stark, coloured, in the style of drawings; mounted on

Havell, and Cotman, royal 4to, gilt cloth, tinted cards : enclosed in a handsome portfolio,

(pub. at 51.) reduced to 11. 118. 6d. 101. 10s.

impl. 4to, India proofs, hf. bd. mo“ A unique work! a work of extraordinary interest rocco, (pub. at 61. 168. 6d.) reduced to 31. 3s. and value; we need not recommend it to the world, for COOKE'S THAMES SCENERY, 75 fine plates,

it is beyond all praise."-- Athenæum. CAULFIELD'S PORTRAITS, Memoirs, 'and

proof impressions, sm. folio, with the 8vo vol. CHARACTERS OF REMARKABLE PER.

of letter-press, 2 vols. hf. bd. morocco extra, SONS, from the Reign of Edward III. to the

(pub. at 101. 108.) reduced to 21. 128. 6d. Revolution, 3 vols. royal 8vo, 109 curious

the same, India proof impressions, sm. plates, illustrating Granger, &c., bds. (pub. at folio, with the 8vo vol. of letter-press, 2 vols. 41. 48.) reduced to ll. 88.


hf. bd. morocco extra, (pub. at 15l. 158.) rethe same, large paper, 3 vols. 4to. bds.

duced to 31. 38. (pub. at 61. 6s.) reduced to 21. 2s.

The etchings of W. B. Cooke have long mainCHAMBERLAINE'S IMITATIONS OF

tained the highest rank among the artistical productions of this country.

His association with Turner DRAWINGS from the Great Masters in the

in the “Scenery of the Southern Coast," and other Royal Collection, engraved by Bartolozzi and graphic works, has given the public so fine an example others, impl. fol. 70 plates, hf. bd, morocco,

of his powers, and has so thoroughly established his

reputation as an artist of taste, feeling, and execution, richly gilt back and gilt edges, (pub. at 121. 128.) that further eulogium must be unnecessary. reduced to 51. 58.


OF THE COUNTY OF CORNWALL, including T. DALE, 8vo, embellished with 12 large and

Historical and Descriptive Accounts, with Staextremely beautiful plates, elegantly bound in

tistical Relations, by Cyrus Redding, impl. gilt cloth, gilt edges, (pub. at 168.) reduced to

8vo, illustrated by 118 beautiful engravings on 108. 60.


steel and wood by Landells, Hinchcliffe, JackCHURCHES OF CAMBRIDGESHIRE, pub.

son, Williams, Sly, &c., after drawings by Creslished by the Cambridge Camden Society, viz., wick and Sargent, hf. morocco, cloth sides, Cherry Hinton, Trumpington, Histon, Harlton,

(pub. at 168.) reduced to 8s.

1842 Haslingfield, 7 parts, complete in 1 vol. impl. For sublime scenery, and picturesque antiquities, 8vo, with 20 fine lithographs, and numerous

Cornwall is undoubtedly the most interesting county wood-cuts, (pub. at ll. 18.) reduced to 108. 6d.

in England. The Ecclesiastical Remains of Cambridgeshire are

“ In the popular form of a tour, this delightfully hardly surpassed by those of any other county in

gossiping work leads us along from town to village,

from cromlech to abbey, through the most remarkEngland; the examples of the Decorated style especially, are very numerous, and usually of extraordinary

able English county, and one which lays claim to the

highest antiquity." --Athena um. merit; and as the history of the county is so little known, and its topographical and architectural illus- CORONATION OF GEORGE THE FOURTH, trations so meagre and imperfect, the above work will by Sir George Nayler, in a series of above 40 prove to be a contribution, not of mere interest to amateurs, but also of real value to scientific and pro

magnificent paintings of the Procession, Cerefessional men.

monial, and Banquet, comprehending faithful CLAUDE'S LIBER VERITATIS, a collection Portraits of many of the distinguished Indivi

of 300 engravings in imitation of the original duals who were present; with historical and Drawings of Claude, by Earlom, 3 vols. folio, descriptive letter-press, atlas folio, splendidly elegantly hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub. at hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges, (pub, at 521. 10s.) 311. 10s.) reduced to 107, 108.

reduced to 121. 12s.

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