The Holy Lives of the Azhv‚rs: Or, the Dr‚vida Saints

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G. T. A. Press, 1902 - Alvars - 226 pages
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Page xix - Of My hid Nature, ruling all which lives. Vain hopes pursuing, vain deeds doing; fed On vainest knowledge, senselessly they seek An evil way, the way of brutes and fiends. But My Mahatmas, those of noble soul Who tread the path celestial, worship Me With hearts unwandering, — knowing Me the Source, Th
Page xlvi - ... a work altogether allegorical, out of the Homeric poems? We have all heard of the ingenious idea of the anonymous writer, who in order to prove how easily we may pass beyond the truth in our wish to seek and find allegory everywhere, undertook with keen subtlety to prove that the great personality of Napoleon I. was altogether allegorical and represented the sun. Napoleon was born in an island, his course was from west to east, his twelve marshals were the twelve signs of the zodiac, etc. I conclude...
Page ii - union " of Plotinus, the vision of Porphyry, the conversion of Paul, the aurora of Behmen, the convulsions of George Fox and his Quakers, the illumination of Swedenborg, are of this kind.
Page 153 - God; so he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples' feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.
Page 73 - My servant draws nigh to me by pious works till I love him, and when I love him, I am his eye, his ear, his tongue, his foot, his hand, and by me he sees, hears, talks, walks, and tastes.
Page xxxix - We must lay hold of the best human opinion in order that borne by it as on a raft we may sail over the dangerous sea of life, unless we can find a stronger boat, or some word of God, which will more surely and safely carry us.
Page 192 - These souls would be thinly scattered in various places; but in the Dravida land they would be found in some numbers, living by the side of such -rivers as the Tamraparni, Kritamila, Payasvini, Kaverl the Koly.
Page lxxi - Indeed,' it is worthy of remark that several of the best Indian authors, whether Sanskrit or vernacular, have left no indication of their names. As it was the chief desire of an Indian sage to merge his individual existence in the universal existence^ so it appears to have been the wish of many Indian men of letters of the highest...
Page 44 - ... Then Bhava, Lord whom Gods adore, Grew kind and friendly as before, And every torn and mangled limb Was safe and sound restored by him. Thenceforth this bow, the gem of bows, That freed the God of Gods from foes, Stored by our great forefathers lay A treasure and a pride for aye. Once, as it chanced, I ploughed the ground, When sudden, 'neath the share was found An infant springing from the earth, Named Sita from her secret birth.
Page 189 - Son! whoso will turn to Me, Though they be born from the very womb of Sin, Woman or man; sprung of the Vaisya caste Or lowly disregarded Sudra — all Plant foot upon the highest path; how then The holy Brahmans and My Royal Saints?

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