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In presenting the following compilation to the public, the writer

tenders his grateful acknowledgments for the kind assistance

of his friends.

It has been his endeavour to bring within the reach of the profession, either in terms, or substance, all the statutes and

general rules which regulate the practice of the Court of Common

Pleas at Lancaster ; and to particularize such of the proceedings

as differ from those of the superior Courts at Westminster.

Selections have been made from the manuscript notes of the

Prothonotary, as well as the official Books and Records of the

Court : and some of the latest decisions are given relative to

such points of practice, as have been most affected by the new

rules, and the statute 4 & 5 W. IV., c. 62.

The Treatise is divided into five Books. The first comprising

certain preliminary matters, such as the jurisdiction of the

Court, its Judges, Officers, Records, and Returns.

The second

Book contains a detail of the proceedings in an action, from

its commencement to the trial.

In the third, the practice

relating to judgments is considered. The fourth treats of pro

ceedings in particular actions, and against particular persons.

And the fifth comprises such miscellaneous matters of practice,

as could not well be introduced under any preceding title.

Fully sensible that errors may be found in this, his first work,

the Author throws himself upon his readers' indulgence, for the

pardon of them; and hopes that notwithstanding its imperfec

tions, the publication may be found in some degree useful, at

the present period.

Should this expectation be realized, the

labours of the writer will receive an ample recompence.

Chapel Walks, Preston,

June, 1836.

[blocks in formation]

and costs.


Payment of money into Court.


Oyer of Deeds, &c.

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