The English Reports, Volume 4; Volume 143

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Page 35 - consequence thereof by the owners : Act of God, Queen's enemies, restraints of princes and rulers, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation, of whatever nature and kind soever during the said letting and hiring always mutually
Page 154 - all actions and prosecutions to be commenced against any person for anything done in pursuance of this act, shall, in England or Ireland, be laid and tried in the county where the fact was committed, and shall, in England, Ireland, or Scotland, be commenced within six months after the fact committed, and
Page 311 - lawful for the ship to proceed and sail to and touch and stay at any ports or places whatsoever and wheresoever, with leave to discharge, load, unload, re-load, sell, barter, exchange, and trade all or either goods and property upon the coast of Africa and African islands, and with any vessel or vessels, boat or boats, factories,
Page 156 - Act, 9 & 10 Viet. c. 95, enacts that, in actions and prosecutions to be commenced against any person for anything done in pursuance of the act, notice in writing of such action, and of the cause thereof, shall be given to the defendant one calendar month at least before the commencement of the action. In Booth v. Clive,
Page 498 - within the 57th section of the statute. The learned Chief Baron adopted this view, and thereupon directed a verdict for the defendant, with leave to the plaintiff to move to enter the verdict for him, if the court should be of opinion that the defendant was liable under the demise of the 3rd of October, 1861.
Page 510 - of parliament and the provisions of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1848 (8 & 9 Viet. c. 18), and the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845 (8 & 9 Viet. c. 20), which were incorporated therewith," and further reciting the claim of compensation, and the appointment of the arbitrators, proceeded as follows
Page 250 - The learned Baron directed a verdict to be entered for the plaintiff, subject to leave reserved to the defendant to move to enter a verdict for him if the court should be of opinion that the affidavit of the execution of the bill of sale was insufficient, upon the ground above stated.
Page 421 - Under the direction of the learned judge, a verdict was entered for the plaintiff, leave being reserved to the defendants to move to enter the verdict for them, or a nonsuit, if the court should be of opinion that the action was not maintainable. A rule nisi having accordingly been obtained,
Page 85 - shall be incorporated with such act ; and thereupon all the clauses and provisions of this act with respect to the matter so incorporated shall, save so far as they shall be expressly varied or excepted by such act, form part of snch act ; and such act shall be construed as if the substance of
Page 192 - (a) upon any land in search or pursuit of game, or woodcocks, snipes, quails, landrails, or conies, such person shall, on conviction thereof before a justice of the peace, forfeit and pay such sum of money, not exceeding 21., as to the justice shall seem meet, together with the costs of the conviction.

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