A Catalogue of an Extensive and Curious Collection of Books in Every Language, and Class of Literature; Containing Two Entire Valuable Libraries, ... The Sale Will Begin on Monday, the 13th of February, 1792, by Benjamin White and Sons, ...

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1792 - 344 pages

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Page 54 - A Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the great Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the 49th of King Henry III. until these present Times, SK.
Page 124 - The Principles of the Doctrine of Life Annuities explained in a familiar manner, so as to be intelligible to persons not acquainted with the Doctrine of Chances ; and accompanied with a variety of new tables of the values of such annuities at different rates of interest, but for single lives, and for (wo lives; accurately computedfrom observations(\'j%^).
Page 249 - Mammuth : or, Human Nature displayed on a grand Scale: in a Tour with the Tinkers into the Inland Parts of Africa. By the Man in the Moon [= Thomson, William]. 2 Bde. [London 1789 — 90].
Page 120 - Horda : or a complete view of the Manners, Cuftoms, Arms, Habits, &c. of the Inhabitants of England from the arrival of the Saxons till the prefent time, 3 vols.
Page 4 - Luckombe's Genealogical Tables of all the Sovereigns of Europe, deducing their Defcents for two Centuries, with all their immediate and collateral Branches, as well as Intermarriages...
Page 140 - D'ARGENVILLE. Abrégé de la vie des plus fameux peintres, avec leurs portraits gravés, les indications de leurs principaux ouvrages et la manière de connoitre les dessins et les tableaux des grands maîtres.
Page 116 - Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England, from 1607 to 1677, &c.
Page 53 - Collins's Proceedings, Precedents and Arguments on Claims concerning Baronies by Writ and other Honours, new and neat, i8s - - 1734 1347 Carte's Hiftory of the Life of James Duke of Ormonde, 3 vol.
Page 206 - Method of the Native Plants of Scotland and the Hebrides, 2 "vol. with an Account of the Author by Thomas
Page 122 - Wife's Enquiries concerning the firft Inhabitants, Language, Religion, Learning, and Letters of Europe, Jewed, y.

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