De kerk, school en wetenschap in de Vereenigde Staten van Noord-Amerika ...

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Page 91 - Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time; Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.
Page 55 - The pilgrim spirit has not fled : It walks in noon's broad light ; And it watches the bed of the glorious dead, With the holy stars by night.
Page 41 - Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall, And breathless darkness, and the narrow house Make thee to shudder, and grow sick at heart, Go forth under the open sky and list To Nature's teachings, while from all around — Earth and her waters, and the depths of air — Comes a still voice.
Page 245 - Holy Bible ! book divine ! Precious treasure ! thou art mine ! Mine, to tell me whence I came; Mine, to teach me what I am ; — 2 Mine, to chide me when I rove ; Mine, to show a Saviour's love ; Mine art thou to guide my feet ; Mine, to judge, condemn, acquit...
Page 72 - Let independence be our boast, Ever mindful what it cost; Ever grateful for the prize, Let its altar reach the skies. Firm, united, let us be, Rallying round our Liberty; As a band of brothers joined, Peace and safety we shall find.
Page 73 - And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion A home and a country should leave us no more ? Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps
Page 126 - CM To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom we adore ; Be glory, as it was, is now, And shall be evermore.
Page 48 - These are the gardens of the Desert, these The unshorn fields, boundless and beautiful, For which the speech of England has no name — The Prairies. I behold them for the first, ; And my heart swells, while the dilated sight Takes in the encircling vastness.
Page 42 - To the wild whirlwind's midnight cry, Breathe forth the language of thy power. God of the fair and open sky ! How gloriously above us springs The tented dome, of heavenly blue, Suspended on the rainbow's rings ! Each brilliant star, that sparkles through, Each gilded...
Page 42 - God of the rolling orbs above ! Thy name is written clearly bright In the warm day's unvarying blaze, Or evening's golden shower of light. For every fire that fronts the sun, And every spark that walks alone Around the utmost verge of heaven, Were kindled at thy burning throne.

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