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Page 529 - The Glasgow edition, containing, in addition, the prolegomena of Wolf, is a most beautiful as well as accurately printed work ; and the copies on Large Paper have a magnificent aspect.
Page 476 - ANACRÉON, SAPHO, BION et MOSCHUS, traduction nouvelle en prose, suivie de la Veillée des fêtes de Vénus et d'un choix de pièces de différents auteurs, par M. M*** C*** (MoutonnetClairfond).
Page 557 - Oratorum Romanorum CXXV fragmenta ab Appio inde Caeco et M. Porcio Catone usque ad Q. Aurelium Symmachum. Collegit atque illustravit H.
Page 619 - Geographical Illustrations of the Expedition of Cyrus and the Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, with the Plates, atlas folio, 2 vols. fol. and 4to, London 1816 ; A Treatise on the Comparative Geography of Western Asia, 2 vols.
Page 500 - This Is the very best edition of Celsus. It contains critical and medical notes, applicable to the practice of this country; a parallel Table of ancient and modern Medical terms, synonymes, weights, measures, &c.
Page 528 - Traité d'Hippocrate, des airs, des eaux et des lieux; traduction nouvelle, avec le texte grec collationné sur deux manuscrits, des notes critiques, historiques et médicales, un discours préliminaire, un tableau comparatif des vents anciens et modernes...
Page 535 - which is taken from no particular edition, is accompanied by very elaborate notes or commentaries, in which the beauty and force of particular passages are illustrated, in a critical and erudite manner. All the ancient and modern commentators have been carefully consulted, and whatever ability, ingenuity, and successful research are displayed in those copious stores of criticism, have been diligently and successfully collected by this indefatigable editor.
Page 536 - Title, 6s. cloth. TATE.-HORATIUS RESTITUTUS; Or, the Books of Horace arranged in Chronological Order, according to the Scheme of Dr. Bentley, from the Text of Gesner, corrected and improved. With a Preliminary Dissertation, very much enlarged, on the Chronology of the Works, on the Localities, and on the Life and Character of that Poet.
Page 534 - This is the greatest treasure of learn" ing bestowed on Horace; my learned and worthy friend, " Dr. Parr, one of the best classical scholars in this kingdom, " many years ago informed me of the distinguished merit of " this edition. It contains the observations and remarks on •' Horace, which were made by the great scholars of that il...
Page 590 - THE SECOND PUNICK WAR BETWEEN HANNIBAL AND THE ROMANS: The Whole Seventeen Books, Englished From The Latine of Silius Italicus. With A Continuation from the Triumph of Scipio, To The Death of Hannibal.

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