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Printed by His Majesty's Statute and Law Printers ;
And sold by J. BUTTERWORTH, Law Bookfeller, in Fleet-street.

1808. -


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،،،.. .، و به نها 4 Containing THE TITLES of all THE STATUTES, Paffed in the SECOND Session of the FOURTH Parliament


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland;


PUBLICK GENERAL ACTS. 1. A N Ac for regulating the issuing and paying off of Exchequer A Bills.

Page 1 2. An A&t for continuing to His Majesty certain Duties on Malt,

Sugar, Tobacco, and Snuff, in Great Britain ; and on Pensions and Offices in England; and for repealing so much of certain Acts as relate to certain Duties of Sixpence and One Shilling respectively on Offices and Penfions; and for re-granting the said Duties of Sixpence and One Shilling respectively, and the said other Duties, for the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight. 3. An Act for empowering the Governor and Company of the Bank

of England to advance the Sum of Three Millions, towards the Supply for the Service of the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight.

31 4. An Act to authorize the advancing, for the publick Service, upon

certain Conditions, a Proportion of the Balance remaining in the Bank of England for Payment of Unclaimed Dividerds, Annuities, and Lottery Prizes; and for regulating the Allowances

to be paid for the Management of the National Debt. 33 5. An Act for repealing an Act made in the Forty-seventh Year of His present Majeily, intituled, An Aa for fufpending the Operation of an Ad of the Thirty-fixth Year of His prefent Majesty, for the further Support and Maintenance of Curates within the Church of 'England, and for other Purposes in the said Ad mentioned, so far as relates to the Avoidance of Benefices by the Incumbents thereof having accepted augmented Curacies.

37 6. An Act to continue, until the End of this Session of Parlia.

ment, several Acts for carrying into Execution the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, between His Majesty and the United States of America.

Ibid. 48 Geo. III.


7. An

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