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An Illustrated Magazine of SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ART,

Edited by R. A. PROCTOR. “KNOWLEDGE" is a Monthly Magazine intended to bring

Scientific, Literary, and Artistic matters before the public in terms free from all that is crude and technical.

Among the subjects for the year we may mention that arrangements are made or in progress for Papers on"The Religion of Science," by Mr. RICHARD A. PROCTOR. "Natural History," by Mr. GRANT ALLEN. “Microscopic Researches,” by Mr. H. J. SLACK. "Evolution, popularly dealt with,” by Mr. E. CLODD. "Coal," by Mr. W. MATTIEU WILLIAMS. 'Insects, “ by Mr. E. A. BUTLER. Astronomy and Mapping,"

by Mr. RICHARD A. PROCTOR. Geological Subjects," by Mr. W. JEROME HARRISON. "Optics, Natural Magic, and other Subjects,” by A FELLOW OF

THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY. "Social and Kindred Matters," by various writers. "Experimental and Practical Electricity,” by Mr. W. SLINGO. "Household Carpentery," by A WORKMAN. A Series of Twelve Star Maps, representing the Skies of the Southern

Hemisphere, by Mr. Proctor, will appear during the course of the

year. "Chess" will be continued by “Mephisto," and " Mogul ” has kindly

promised a series of papers on Whist." Other subjects will be dealt with by specially competent writers.

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Crown 8vo, price 5s. STRENGTH AND HAPPINESS. STRENGTH: How to get Strong, and keep Strong,

without Wasting Working Time; with chapters on
Rowing and Swimming, Fat, Age, and the Waist.

'Tis mighty plain
That the weakes' place mus' stan' the strain,
'N the way t’ fix it, as I maintain,

Is only jest

T'make that place as strong as the rest.-WENDELL HOLYES. HAPPINESS: A Study of the System of Morals in

which Duty depends on Happiness, and Fulness of Life in Self and others.

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