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mose guerre d'Alessandro magno. FARCES, see COLLECTION, No. Roma, Silber, 1521. 4°. 7329 FAMIN, A. and A. GRANDJEAN. Architecture Toscane, ou palais, maisons et autres édifices de la Toscane. Par. 1806. large fol.

12 numbers, each of 6 plates (at 4 fr. On Dutch paper 8 fr., lavé et color. 30 fr.). FANCIULLO, see ALCIBIADE. 7330 FANELLI, Fr. Atene Attica descritta da suoi principii sino all' acquisto fatto dall' armi Venete nel 1687. Ven., Bortoli, 1707. 4°. with plates.

7331 FANT, Eric. Mch. Scriptores rerum Suecicar. medii ævi. Ex schedis præcipue Nordinianis collectos, dispositos ac emendatos edidit. T. I. Ups. 1818. fol. (11 d. 16 gr.)

There are to be 3 vols. 7332 FANTI, Sgm. Triompho di fortuna. Ven., Agst. da Portese, 1526 (other copies 1527). fol. 148 leaves.

7336 FARIA y Sousa, Man. Epitome de las historias Portuguesas. Madr., Martinez, 1628, 4°.

An expurgated copy of this edition is in Dresden. But none of the erased passages are wanting in the following editions, Lisb. 1674. 4°. Brusselas, 1677 or 1730. fol. with plates (the last on large paper also). The last time, Brussel. (Lisboa), 1779. fol. (2880 rees).

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1681. fol.
7340 FARINATOR, Mth. Liber
moralitatum elegantissimus magna-
rum rerum naturalium, Lumen Ani-
mæ dictus. AV., Ant. Sorg, 3
Sept. 1477. fol. Gothic letter, 369
leaves, without signatures, catch-
words, and pagination.

Africa Portuguesa. Lisb.


The first edition of a book important on account of the intelligence which it contains respecting Theophilus the presbyter, the pretended discoverer of oil-painting; see Fiorillo artist. Schrr. I. 197 not. cording to Lessing's works, VIII. 360. the art is older than Farinator, and was only reduced into a mere convenient arrangement by him.

This scarce and curious book, consisting entirely of woodcuts, excepting the 16 leaves of preliminary matter, contains answers, astrologically calculated, to 72 questions given at the beginning. The first 3 leaves of the woodcuts are unnumbered, the rest have the numbers I-128. At the end is the colophon of one leaf. FANTIN, see DESODOARDS. 7333 FANTONI detto Labindo, Gi. Poesie. Pisa, 1800. small 4°. with Fantoni's portrait. 7341 · Odi. Italia (Genova), 1799. 4°. Splendid edition.-Poesie colla giunta dell' odi Oraziane. Fir. 1817. 8°. (3 paoli). ib. 1817. 18. 2 voll.-Poesie inedite. Pisa, 1819. 8°.


7334 FANTUZZI, Gi. Notizie degli scrittori Bolognesi. Bol. 1781-84. large 4°. 9 vols.

Collected with exemplary industry and accuracy, and altogether in Mazzuchelli's style.

7335 FARCE nouvelle de deux sa-
vetiers. Without place or date
(Par. about 1530). narrow fol. Go-
thic letter, 4 leaves.
See also PATHELIN.

without place (AV., Gth. Zainer?), ult. die Dec. 1477. fol. half Gothic letter, 348 leaves with 43 lines.


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without place (Eustadii, G. Reyser), 1479. fol. Gothic letter 268 leaves of 44 lines.

7343 FARINGTON, Jos. The lakes of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and Cumberland, delineated in 43 engravings from drawings by Jos. Farington. With descriptions by Th. Hartwell Horne. Lond. 1816. 4°.

(81. 8s. First impressions 121. 128.)

See also BOYDELL, No. 2889. 73448 FARKAS, J. Ungarische Grammatik für Deutsche. Umgearb.

von P. Szlemenics. 9 Ausg. Wien. Gerold, 1816. large 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.) 7344b FARLATI, Dn. Illyricum sacrum. Ven. 1751-1819. fol. 8 vols. with plates.

A supplementary volume ought still to


7345 FARNESE, Octav. Quæstiones definitæ ex triplici philosophia, rationali, naturali, morali, in Parmensi academia publice triduum disputatæ ab Octav. Farnesio, Seren. Ranutii, Parmæ, Placentiæ etc. Ducis IV. filio. Parma, Viotti, 1613. fol. 374 pages.

This piece is remarkable, besides being the largest disputation which perhaps exists (it contains not less than 2370 theses), as being the disputation of the son of a prince, then only 14 years old; it has also a separate interest on account of the figures of men, beasts, and other objects, engraved on wood, and merely composed of writingstrokes, with which it is ornamented at the beginning of every book and chapter, and in which not only great variety, but even a kind of expression prevails, of which such a trifling production would not be thought capable. The artists have mentioned themselves in the following manner, Brondulus inven. Ferrarius incid. The author, who possessed the affection of the people, ended his days in a horrible prison, in which his unpitying father suffered him to languish


7346 FARQUHAR, G. Dramatic and poetical works. Lond. 1742, or 60, or 72. 12°. 2 vols. 7347 FARSETTI, Tom. Gius. Biblioteca manoscritta di Tom. Gius. Farsetti. Ven. 1771-80. 12°. 2 voll. Catalogo de commedie italiane raccolte da Farsetti. ib. 1776. 12°. Catalogo di storie generali e particolari d'Italia, quanto a città, luoghi e famiglie, raccolte da Farsetti. ib. 1782. 12°. Catalogo di libri italiani raccolti da Farsetti. ib. 1785. 12°. Catalogo di libri latini raccolti da Farsetti. ib. 1788. 12°.

All these catalogues were drawn up and furnished with observations by Jac. Morelli. The prefaces are by Farsetti. The last catalogue contains additions to the earlier


primum continetur concilium Basiliense, quod Æneas Sylvius conscripsit. Insunt præterea summor. aliquot viror. epp., libelli, tractatus et opuscula, numero LXVI. (ed. Ortuinus Gratius). Without place (Col., Quentel), 1535. fol.


a mendis repurgatus una cum appendice s. tomo II. scriptor. veterum. Op. et st. Ed. Brown. Lond. 1690. fol. 2 voll.

Enlarged with an appendix of 77 pieces, mostly unprinted before. An important collection of sources for the history of that period. It is deserving of more accurate investigation whether Gratius really was the editor or not. The former opinion Clement maintains in Bibl. cur. VIII. 244 etc.; the latter, Götze Merkwürd, der Dresdn. Bibl. III. 518. and Denis Garell. Bibl. 494. The final decision is also especially important to the future editor of the Epistolæ obscur. viror.

7350 FASCICULUS temporum, omnes antiquorum cronicas complectens, autore quodam devoto Carthusiensi (Wern. Rolefink). Col., Arn. ther Huernen, 1474. fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts, 73 leaves, without signatures.

Considered to be the 1st edition. At the beginning 8 leaves, table of contents, in 3 columns. The colophon in red.

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7351 (Col.), N. Gotz de Sletzstat, without date. fol. Gothic letter. A very scarce edition. 2 leaves, prolog. (leaf 2a, col. 2, the printer's name and symbol), and 280 numbered pages, then 35 leaves of index. Without signatures, catchwords, and pagination. It extends as far as 1474, and was printed at the same time as the above edition. There is also an edition continued on to 1478 by the same printer. (Col.), Cr. de Hoemborch, 1476. fol. Gothic letter. 7353


Lovanii, J. Veldener, 4 Cal. Jan. 1476. fol. Gothic letter. Vallière had 2 copies, in one of which the last leaf was reprinted, and enlarged with notices from 1474 to 1476.

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Ven., G. Walch, 1479.

7348 FASCICULUS rerum expetendarum ac fugiendar. In quo fol. Gothic letter.

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With the signatures a-m iiij, each layer of 8 leaves, excepting the first and the last, each of which has 7 leaves. After the colophon is an index of 5 leaves in 3 columns. There is a copy of this hitherto unknown edition in the library of S. Geneviève at Paris. Also, Genève, L. M. Cruse, 1495. fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts. Par., N. des Prez, 1505. fol. with woodcuts. 7360 das Bürdlin der Zit. Bas., Richel, 1481. fol.

Without catchwords and signatures, but with pagination. At first 13 leaves of index in 2 columns. Also, without place or date (1492). fol.

7361 hier eyndet dat boeck dat men hiet fasciculus temporum, inhoudende die Cronijken van ouden tijden. Utrecht, J. Veldenar, 1480. fol. Gothic letter.

Veldener was the translator, who added a 2nd vol. of his own production, which appeared again by itself, Leiden, 1650. 4°. 7362 FASTORUM anni Romani a

Verrio Flacco ordinator. reliquiæ ex marmorear. tabular. fragmentis Præneste nuper effossis collectæ et illustratæ cura et st. Pt. Fr. Fogginii. Romæ, 1779. fol. with plates (3 scudi 60 baj.).

Reprinted in the Suetonius by Wolf. J. van Vaassen Animadvv. historico-criticar. ad fastos Romanor. sacros fragmenta, digessit et præf. est Cp. Saxius. Traj. ad Rh. 1785. 4°. See also ALMELOVEEN.— Nuovi frammenti dei fasti consolari Capilolini illustr. da Bm. Borghesi. Parte I. Milano, 1818. 4°.

wohlgeschrieben Fragment einer Chronik von der Stadt vnd den Herren zu Limpurg an der Lohne. Gedruckt bey Gotthard Vögelin, 1617. 8°. 8 leaves, 123 pages, and 2 leaves.

The first, extremely rare, edition of a chronicle, very interesting on account of the many old verses and notices of old German lyric minstrels which are contained in it, and especially important for the history of German civilization and costumes: it extends from 1336 to 1402. The first author was probably the town-clerk Tillmann († 1400), who carried it down to 1399. J. Gensbein (about 1473) transcribed it, and added some additions and supplements to the years 1299, 1317, 1369, 1456, and 1461. This first edition, superintended by J. F. Faust, contains only Tillmann's work. Consult Koch Compend. der deutsch. Literaturgesch. I. 53. II. 349. Allgem. litt. Anzeiger Jahrg. 1800, p. 1261 etc. and 1704. Jahrg. 1801, p. 88 and 1100 etc. Bouterwek Gesch. der Poesie u. Bereds. IX. 292.

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Modernized in the language, and enlarged with J. Gensbein's additions. It contains also Faust's dedication.


Fragment von einer alten Chronik, worinnen verschiedentliche Geschichte von dem J. 1347-71 beschrieben seynt, auss einem alten MS. zum Drucke geben von G. C. N. Auban. (G. Cp. Neller, Aubanensi). Without place, 1747. 8°.

An edition of the same chronicle printed from another MS. Has it any real differences?-G. Emmel († 1538) and Ad. Emmel (still alive in 1561) prepared, after Gensbein, a farther continuation. J. Mech

tel embodied the entire chronicle, with all its continuations, in his Chronicon Limpurgense, extending from 909 to 1610 (in Hontheim Prodr. hist. Trevir. p. 10461166).

FATICHE d'Ercole, see BASSI. FATTI di Carlo Magno, see PULCI. 7367 FAUCHET, Cl. Recueil de l'origine de la langue et poésie fran7363 FASTI Limpurgenses d. i. ein çoise, ryme et romans: plus les noms

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7369 FAUJAS de Saint-Fond. Recherches sur les volcans éteints du Vivarais et du Velay. Grenoble, 1778. large fol. with plates. 7370 histoire naturelle de la montagne de Saint-Pierre de Maestricht. Par. an 7 (1799). large 4°. with 54 plates (So fr., on large vellum paper in fol. 160 fr.)

7371 FAUST, J. (vielmehr Georg). Historia von D. J. Fausten, dem weitbeschreyten Zauberer vnnd Schwartzkünstler. Ff. a. M., J.

Spies, 1588. 8°.

This book, even if it should not be the first edition, appears to contain the original tradition; at least it is different from Widmann's edition. If an edition, Berl. 1587. 8°. really existed, it certainly concerned this book, and not Widmann's, as is gene. rally considered.

7372 historie von D. J. Fausti, des ausbundigen Zäuberers vnd Schwartzkünstlers Teufelischer Verschreibung, vnchristlichen Leben vnd Wandel, seltzamen Abenthewern, auch vberaus gräwlichem vnd erschrecklichem Ende. Jetzt auffs newe vbersehen vnd mit vielen Stücken gemehret. Without place, 1589. 8°.

Is it the same as the preceding? 7373 — erster Theil der wahrhaftigen Historien von den greulichen u. abscheulichen Sünden u. Lastern, auch von vielen wunderbaren u. seltsamen Abentheuern, so D. J. Faustus, ein weltberufener Schwarzkünstler u. Erzzauberer, durch seine Schwarzkunst bis an sein schreckliches End hat getrieben; mit nothwendigen Erinnerungen u. schönen Exempeln, menniglichen zur Lehr u. Warnung, aussgestrichen u. er

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klärt durch G. Rdf. Widmann. Hmb., Hm. Moller, 1599. 4°.

Lipenius, who is not to be depended upon, has Hmb. 1598-1600. 4°. 3 vols. But it is certain that the first vol. was really published in 1599. Widmann's book is often falsely taken for the first work embodying this tradition.

das ärgerliche Leben u. schreckliche Ende dess vielberüchtigten Ertz-Schwartzkünstlers D. J. Fausti, erstlich vor mer vielen Jahren fleissig beschrieben von G. Rdf. Widmann, jetzo auffs neue übersehen u. mit Erinnerungen, Fragen u. Geschichten vermehret durch J. N. Pfitzerum. Nrb., Endter, 1674. 8°. 635, 96, and 40 pages.

Widmann's text dressed up afresh by Pfitzer. Also, Nrb., Endter, 1695 and 1717. 8°. Nrb. 1681, 85, 1711, and 1726. 8°. are also quoted.

7375 des Erzschwarzkünstlers u. Zauberers D. J. Fausts mit dem Teufel aufgerichtetes Bündniss, Lebenswandel u. Ende, aufs neue übersehen, zusammengezogen u. zum Druck befördert von einem Ff. and Christlich Meynenden. Lpz. without date. 8°.

Also, Cölln am Rhein, or Nrb. without date. 8° An abridgment, without date, in Reichards Bibl. der Romane, I. 81-96. A new edition, Faust's Leben, Thaten u. Höllenfahrt (by F. Mx. Klinger). Lpz. 1799. 8°. with plates (1 d. 6 gr.). Others by Göthe, Schink, Mahler Müller, Schreiber, etc. 7376 - Hexen (oder Höllen-)zwang. Passau, 1605. 12°.; also, ib. without date. 8°. and in (Adelung's) Gesch. der menschl. Narrheit, VII. 365 etc.


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(trad. de l'allemand par Victor Palma Cayet). Col., Marteau (rather Bruxelles, Backer), 1712. 12°. Other accredited editions of this translation are, Ed. III. Rouen, Oisselet, 1604. 12°. Par. 1673. 12°. Rouen, Malassis, 1667. 12°.-Dramatized in English by Cp. Marlow, about 1600.

7379 die Historie van D. J. Faustus, die eenen uitnemenden groote Toovenar ende swert Constenar was, uit de Hooch-Duytschen oversien ende met figuren verclart. Delft, 1607.- Dat anderde deel van D. J. Faustus Historien, daar in beschreven wordt Christoffel Wagenaars Leven etc. uit den Hooch-Duytsche overgesedt ende met figuren verciert. ib. 1607. 8°. 2 voll. Also, without place, 1608. 4°.


The first vol. at first, Emmerich, 1592.

Concerning the magician Faust, see Historische Remarquen über D. J. Faustens geführtes Leben u. dessen Ausgang.Zwickau, Höfer, without date (172 .). 4°. 36 pages. Hannov. Magazin Jahrg. 1758, S. 146370. Jahrg. 1759, S. 609-622. Marchand Dictionn. I. 249 etc. (J. F. Köhler) Hist. krit. Untersuchung über das Leben u. die Thaten D. J. Fausts. Lpz. 1790. 8°. Koch Compend. der deutsch. Literaturgesch. II. 237 etc. Berlin. Monatsschr. 1810, Juli, S. 17 etc. C. L. Stieglitz's treatise in Schlegels deutsch. Museum, II. 312 etc. As a supplement to the information given in these places and in the Cat. Bunav. T. I. vol. II. p. 1237: Scheibens freimüth. Gedanken, I. 52 etc. Bouterwek Gesch. der Poesie u. Bereds. IX. 422. Allgem. litt. Anzeiger 1799, S. 2029. Concerning his place of birth, see Kusteri Marchia lit. Spec. 18. Paragr. 14. and Allg. litt. Anz. 1797, S. 472. Concerning him, as a student at Cracow, see Wiener Lit. Zeit. 1816, P. 414. Anecdotes of his abode at Erfurt in Motschmann's Erfordia lit. continuata, art. 3. p. 372 etc. There is an important passage concerning him, from Tritheim's letters, in Nov. miscellan. Lips. II. 122 etc.

âtre. Par. 1763-72. 8°. 10 vols. with plates.

At the end of the 10th book La belle Arsenne ought to be found. A selection, Par. 1810. 8°. 3 vols. and another by Didot in 3 vols. in 18°.

7382 FAVOLIUS, Hugo. Hodoporici Byzantini libri III. Lovan. 1563. 8°. Histoire de

7383 FAVYN, And.

Navarre. Par., Sonnius, 1612. fol. 7384 FAXARDO Saavedra, Diego. Obras politicas e historicas. Madr. 1789-90. 8°. 11 vols. with plates.

Containing Corona gotica, castell. y austr. 4 parts in vols. Empresas politicas, 3 voll. Republica lit. 1 vol. Previously, Amberes, 1678, or 1708, or 1739. fol. 3 vols. with plates. Die Republ. der Gelehrten. Jena, 1808. 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.)


corona Gotica, Castellana y Austriaca, politicamente ilustrada. Parte I. Munster, J. Janson, 1646. 4°. Also, Amberes, Verdussen, 1658. 4°. and Madr. 1658. 4°.

It was formerly so scarce and sought after, that count Bünau purchased the 2nd edition at Ludwig's auction for 12 dollars. In the edition Madr. 1670-78. 4°. 3 vols. the 2nd and 3rd vols. are the sorry production of Alonso Nuñez de Castro. 7386 FAYETTE, Marie de la Vergne, comtesse de la. Œuvres. Amst. 1786. 12°. 8 voll.

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7387 œuvres complètes des mesdames de la Fayette et de Tencin. Neuv. édit. revue et augm. Par. 1804. 8°. 5 voll. 6 copies on vellum paper.

7388 la princesse de Montpensier. Par., Renouard, 1804. 12°. with plates.

10 copies on vellum (one of which sold for 157 fr. in 1810), and 8 on rose-coloured paper. Her romances in German by F. Schulz. Berl. 1789–94. 8°. 3 vols. (2 d. 20 gr.)

No. 4134.

FAUST, J. F., see FASTI Limpur- 7389


7380 FAUSTINI presbyteri, scriptoris seculi IV, opera (cum notis). Ox., th. Sheld., 1678. 8°. Also in Gallandi Bibl. PP. VIII. 441-474. 7381 FAVART, Charl. Sim. Thé

FAZELLUS, Th. De rebus Siculis Decas I. Criticis animadvv. et auctario illustrav. Vitus Mar. Amico et Statella. Catanæ, 1749. Decadis II. libri VII. ib. 1751. Decadis II. libri III ultimi. ib. 1753. fol. voll. 3 At first, Panormi, 1558. fol.; and with

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